Mistrail in MN Shooting Case Where Bumper Sticker Used for Probable Cause

Alexander Weiss

Arizona -(Ammoland.com)- – In January, 2018, 25-year-old Alexander Weiss shot 17-year-old Muhammed Rahim in a claimed act of self-defense. Muhammed died. The case captured the attention of people in the gun culture because the prosecutor used the fact that Weiss' car had a political bumper sticker on it as probable cause to indict Weiss. The bumper sticker made a statement about gun control. I wrote about the case in 2018.


Weiss was threatened by two 17-year-old young men who were accompanied by two teenage girls.

The surviving male said he and Muhammed had not touched Weiss before the shot was fired. Weiss stated that Muhammed had tried to get the pistol from him and that Muhammed pushed him during the confrontation.

Weiss had a concealed carry permit. Weiss immediately called 911 after the shooting.

Sixteen months later, after a jury trial, a mistrial was declared. The jury could not reach a unanimous verdict. From krocnews.com:

A mistrial has been declared in the Alexander Weiss murder trial.

Olmsted County Judge Joseph Chase made the determination after the jury in the case resumed deliberations after reporting they were at an impasse in the mid-afternoon following about 10 hours of deliberations. The apparent hung jury declaration came about two hours later.

The jurors began their deliberations Monday evening following the presentation of closing arguments over the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Mohammed Rahim by the 26-year-old Weiss in January of last year. The shooting occurred during a confrontation that erupted after a minor traffic crash and resulted in a second-degree murder charge against Weiss, who claimed the shooting was an act of self-defense.

I have not seen what the jury saw. The car driven by Muhammed had gone out of control and had a low-level crash into a curb.  Weiss originally stopped to see if the people in the other car needed assistance. Then his car had was hit by the car driven by Muhammed when Muhammed backed up. Video evidence showed the car driven by Muhammed backing up and hitting Weiss' car. From postbulletin.com:

In the video, Rahim’s vehicle can be seen traveling down East River Road Northeast, turning and hitting the curb. Weiss’ car arrives, stops at the stop sign and is backed into by the Cavalier before the Cavalier moves to the parking lot driveway.

There was a confrontation.  The two young men threatened Weiss. Some of the passengers in the car driven by Rahim said they had taken Xanax before the drive.

In testimony before the jury, Weiss said he had no choice but to shoot in self-defense. From kimt.com:

Weiss, the defendant in the second-degree murder trial, told jurors that he had no choice but to fire a gun.

Weiss testified that he was on his way to officiate a basketball game Jan. 14, 2018, when the victim’s vehicle came around a corner and hit Weiss’ vehicle.

Weiss claims the first person who got out of the vehicle, a witness to the shooting, was acting weird and became very aggressive.

After saying he was going to call police, Weiss said the man became enraged and threatened to beat him up and kill him.

At that point, Weiss said he went back to his vehicle to grab his phone and his gun, a 9mm.

Weiss testified that he told the witness that he had a gun and that person retreated. Then, Ramin got out of the vehicle and became aggressive, Weiss said. Weiss said at that point he was fearful of getting jumped and killed.

Minnesota is one of the states that have a duty to retreat. This means a potential victim is required to retreat from a situation if they can do so safely before they are justified in using deadly force in self-defense.

Using a gun in self-defense is a life-changing event.

It may be many more months before the case is resolved.  Weiss' Church members support him and say he has been a popular volunteer.  The 17-year-old, Muhammad Rahim, shot by Weiss, was an immigrant from Iraq who came to Minnesota with his family six years before the shooting.

The prosecution in Olmsted County has said they intend to have another trial of Weiss in the case.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30-year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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    1. IMOA the prosecutor never should have introduced that Weiss had the bumper sticker on his cars bumper was the motive for the shooting as it had no bearing in the case. Fact was according to one of the occupants in the car they took Xanax before the drive. Fact the men became confrontational when the car driven by Muhammed had gone out of control and had a low-level crash into a curb. Fact Weiss originally stopped to see if the people in the other car needed assistance. Fact Then his car had was hit by the car driven by Muhammed when Muhammed backed up. IMOA Weiss should have gotten back in the car and waited for LEO’s to respond, he had the means to defend himself if needed. Once they threatened and attacked him he was well within his right to self defense.

    2. So they wanted to disregard the Islamic assailants and focus on a bumper sticker which has ZERO relevance. Nice MN. Remind us again about the 1st 2nd and 4th amendment’s please. Then remember we have been at war with Islam\Muslims for more years than anyone can recall. (Because it’s been since 614 AD). I thank Mr Weiss for his courteous nature but this exact reason is why he should have just tried to render aid by talking through a window.

      What’s worse is the legal system in MN is Iian Omars and she’s allowing Islamic terror cells form and receuit there freely. That’s why the American man who is 100% American was treated hostile by the court, but the law just doesn’t permit bumper stickers to provide motive.

    3. The real problem will come when these bloody mooslimes take over the state….and then the country with their BS.
      Then WE will be hunted and slaughtered by them.
      IF….IF we LET that happen.
      These are our REAL ENEMY in this country

      1. Muslims are the largest group of facist racist bigots know to the civilized and uncivilized world. They contribute only to world wide slaughtering, no contributions to science (except making pressure cooker IEDs) no medical science contributions. (patching up leaking wounds done by their own does NOT count). Amd they have rendered nothing to humanitarian aid but donating casualties.

    4. Who made up the jury?..I bet there was muslims that voted to convict..If it was “not” self defense, Then prove it wasnt, from what I,ve read, it was self defense!!..case closed

      1. No! The lawyer used the bumper sticker as pretty much a character witness against the shooter. Anyone with such an attitude on display was surely just waiting for the chance to shoot another human.
        Why it amounted to premeditated murder!!!

        1. You are an idiot. I used to have a bumper sticker that read “Gun control is hitting what you aim at.” I’ve never owned a gun and never thought about killing anyone. But that was a long time. Things have drastically changed. People need to protect themselves.

          1. @C4, Twisted Leiter Hosen thinks that an inanimate object can be a witness. Can it say who put it on the vehicle? As to that cheap and shoddy attempt to silence speech, we are not buying it. That ignorance of the rules of his society makes TLH a perfect candidate for slavery.

            1. @WB …Good idea . Sound like prosecutor’s car needs to be targeted for same bumper sticker . Ah W T H spread the wealth put them on any and all CSD’s cars !!! (for future ref. CSD= CommieSocialistDemo) . It even sounds like a social disease .

            2. I think you all need to have your sarcasm meter recalibrated. LHTwist is sending up the prosecution for their stupid argument.

    5. Back in the day it was common practice for blacks to hit your vehicle then rob and murder you for stopping and getting out to exchange info. Know a set up when you’re being set up.

    6. Hummmm, Wiess is a jewish last name.
      Hummmm, he went back to the car to get the gun…not to flee for safety.
      Hummmm, shot a muslim with no weapon.
      Hummmm, Mistrial!!!

      1. He went back to car to get phone to call cops. Was feeling threatened so he grabbed gun also. Threats escalated, so he gave verbal warning – then Ramin escalated from there with predictable results. Would you wait for cops like he did, or flee – which would get you charged with hit and run?
        Often it doesn’t look like violence is imminent until it arrives. At close range, from peaceful to beaten to death is very fast.

        1. It’s not about religion, it is about ideology. The law of this land is the Constitution, Islam is completely anti-constitution and anti-human rights, so anyone with that ideology or claimed religion has no business in this country.

        2. Islam the political Nazi genocide machine of the Beast system.
          Muslims were Nazis under Hitler 3rd Reich and have not changed. Can go look up thier pictures wearing Nazi uniforms praying on their silly little carpet in Nazi Germany but this was never taught in school for obvious reasons. And besides they’re fags (gay misspelled backwards) led by Barry and his tranny man wife so they can go throw themselves off the roof while we watch and laugh. Will save on helicopter fuel.

    7. Another immigrant that should have been left in Iraq! So far Muslims have killed more people in the US that in the war. Sorry the Killed was taking drugs, didn’t know how too drive and was showing off his Sharia rights too his girlfriend, and proving his arrogance by being an Asshole!

        1. Boston bombing, Gay bar massacre, 9/11 3 prevoius attempts were made on those towers dating 15 years as well. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire in an attack at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. Hassan killed 13 people and wounded over 30 more. a Muslim man named Ismaaiyl Brinsley brutally murdered two New York City police officers. Police believe Brinsley was seeking revenge for the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown at the hands of police. Muslim man killed four U.S. Marines in attacks on military recruiting facilities in Chattanooga, Tenn. Palestinian Liberation Organization terrorists open fire on a busload of pilgrims killing Barbara Ertle of Michigan and wounding two other Americans. TWA Flight 841, flying from Tel Aviv to New York, made a scheduled stop in Athens. Shortly after takeoff, it crashed into the Ionian Sea and all 88 passengers were killed, including 32-year-old Steven R. Lowe, husband Jeremiah Michel and wife, Kathrine Hadley Michel of Poughkeepsie, NY, Frederick and Margaret Hare of Bernardsville, NJ, Ralph H. Bosh of Madison, CT, Seldon and Etan Bard of Tuckahoe, NY, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Stohlman of Newton, MA, Don H. Holiday of Mahwah, NJ, and Jon L. Chesire of Old Lyme, Ct; all of which were American citizens. An investigation of the crash conclusively established that it was caused by explosives set in the rear cargo department of the plane. February 26, 1993 A massive van bomb exploded in an underground parking garage below the World Trade Center in New York City, killing six and wounding 1,042. Four Islamist activists were responsible for the attack. Ramzi Ahmed Yousef, the operation’s alleged mastermind, escaped but was later arrested in Pakistan and extradited to the United States. Abd al-Hakim Murad, another suspected conspirator, was arrested by local authorities in the Philippines and handed over to the United States. The two, along with two other terrorists, were tried in the U.S. and sentenced to 240 years. The list goes back to the 50’s want me to continue to list the murders of what the cult of peace has done…

    8. I don’t know any muslims and I would just as soon keep it that way but I am trying to figure out why they can come to this country, live off the fat of the land and be belligerent to the people born in this country. Does our government give them the impression they are better or is it just their rude normal behavior? They need to be in their own sand pit and leave the rest of the world alone. From what I’ve seen, I would not call any of them pieceful or willing to become part of our culture. They only want to change our culture to the dog eat dog sand trap they come from. I’m sure Minneapolis has had enough of them also. Look at all the trouble the congresswoman from the area has been in and it continues with her having to pay fines and paybacks. I think locking her up would be a great service to the country.

      1. Because the gov is paying them cold hard cash to come and cut our heads off so therefore I say ban Mohammed if they want to ban something not our 2A.
        Strap em onto a rocket and shoot them back to wherever they came from. Let em cut their own heads off.

      2. There are a lot of Muslims in the area where I live, a couple even in my office. I have no problem with them — other than the fact that I have *never* heard any American Muslim denounce the actions of Muslim religious extremists (as I would denounce a supposedly-Christian extremist, like someone who bombed abortion clinics or shouted hateful things about anyone).

        The Muslims I *do* have a problem with are the extremists, anyone who says bad things about people of other faiths, or of course, the violent jihadists.

        1. If there book of extremism says they must cut my head off then there aren’t any good ones. Americans have not moved to their country demanding they adopt the Constitution and surrender their lives to western culture therefore perhaps they should go home. It was less of an issue to me until they started saying they are going to cut my head off in my homeland and for the record I don’t think so. Not so fast. Just because gov and NRA have tried to disarm America and failed dramatically these extremist ideologies will not prevail. We will not capitulate to Islam in America but nice try.

      1. Hard to get past stupid mistakes for a detail-oriented reader, isn’t it? This article concerns a court case with several quotes, so proofreading is assumed, but one must wonder, eh?

    9. I am a CCW and 2nd supporter. A lesson from this, free speech aside, is that slimy prosecutors will use your yard signs, bumper stickers, and social media posts to hang you.

      1. My instructor who is a judge said do not put those signs in your yard or on your vehicle because some could say premeditated murder if your had to shoot someone.

    10. The problem with a hung jury is that the prosecution gets to have a retrial, if they choose.
      The article says they do indeed plan a retrial.
      The defendant has been impoverished by putting on the best defense he can afford.
      Pretend it cost $100,000
      Now he has to mount another defense, and the prosecution will use a different argument this time.
      Pretend he can raise another $50,000.
      There is a huge difference between a$100,000 defense and a $50,000 defense

      1. Someone up there needs to set up a Go Fund Me page for Mr.Weiss. The prosecutors have the vast power and money of the state behind them. They are political animals and will play to their political base. Legal cost can bankrupt people even if they are found not guilty. Many times a prosecutor will try to seek a plea deal base on fear that a defendant could go to jail and/or deplete their bank accounts even if found not guilty. Prosecutors only care about convictions and scoring points for re-election. Its a rigged game. We need to adopt a system where losers pay–even if it is the state that has to reimburse a defendant for legal fees and court cost if found not guilty. We need to stopped prosecutor abuse. Remember the Duke Lacrosse players. Their lives were ruined by and overzealous, politically driven prosecutor.

        1. Its all a rigged game. It depends on what side of the fence your on !!! There is no such thing as justice only who can get away with what !!! The real justice will only happen come judgement day !!!

    11. The idjits in minneapolis had better keep their drugged up third world islamist thugs down there, or send ’em back to afghanistan. Those of us in the sane part of the state have no patience with ’em.

    12. Ok, Dean, can you provide any evidence other than the complaint that repeats a line the police sgt. wrote in his report that the bumper sticker was the cause of the prosecution? Would you have even written this story if the sticker had said “Boycott Israel”? How about if it had been a “Clinton 2016” sticker?

    13. If Weiss would have went back to his vehicle and locked the doors and called Police, he would have followed his State’s Law. Whether he could have retreated further by backing up the vehicle, the article is absent of this option.

      Either way, if Ramin would have tried to escalate the encounter, trying to get to Weiss, one would be I think, fearful for ones life at this juncture and justified to defend oneself.

      A hung jury is not a conviction or exoneration, as such, the prosecutor has discretion to retry. The problem the prosecutor has however with a second trial, the defense knows exactly, absent any new evidence, what the prosecutor will present, and will be in a better position to obtain that exoneration.

      Bottom line now, a young man lost his life and another will relive daily the taking of life.

      1. Youre making an assumption he had the ability to go back to his car and lock his doors. Normally, in a typical traffic accident people get out and speak with each other to exchange information, but if confronted by two aggressive males, he may have been left with no choice.

        1. Your manifest ignorance regarding his going to his car can be cured by reading the article. Reading some of the comments about this article I swear I hear banjo music.

        2. But the article stated that he went back to his vehicle to get his gun. And in his state he has the duty to retreat, which personally I think is BS, in my state we used to have this also, and well, what are you supposed to ask any attacker to wait until you retreat till you’ve reteated yourself into a corner?

      2. Why even bother getting out of bed in the morning if you can’t defend yourself? ‘Retreating further’ my azz. PLEASE make my day and tell me you have not reproduced.

        1. It used to be that both sides were armed in order to dual. Now its ok to be a punk lone gunman and do whatever you f-n please to defenceless individuals. What would your ancestors say about this? Oh, what was that term? ‘You Yellow belly !’

    14. Everyone needs to be able to respond to situations that require less than lethal force. Learn a REAL fighting discipline like BJJ (most “martial arts” are really dance classes). If you don’t get hurt practicing the “fighting discipline” you are dancing. Also, there is no reason to not carry a small canister of pepper-spray; the same stuff available to the police is available to the public (except in states that hate their own citizens like, I believe, New York). 99.99% of violent or threatening encounters do not require deadly force. But it amazes me how many people who are utterly unable to defend themselves in a fight carry a pistol; they have prepared for the least likely form of violent encounter and ignored all the rest.

      1. How about I’m too old, and too beat up from years of hard work to defend myself, or even run, against a younger attacker, nevermind multiples of them. 25 yrs ago, I spent lots of time in the dojo and ring. It’s because I know what I know, a gun is the answer.

        1. Absootootly! My father-in-law, after retiring as a BIG equipment service tech and foreman, liked riding his Honda 500 motorcycle around the hills of the Blue Ridge mountains. He sometimes would run into large convoys of motorcycles from some club or other. Having only lived most of his life away from the large metropolises, he only ‘knew of’ motorcycle gangs like the Hell’s Angels, but knew they could be violent. One day, the old man now in his 70’s, said to me: “You know, bak-in-the-day, I could take care of myself a bit better than average, but today, if anything went wrong, well, I’d just have to shoot’em! He carried one of those Colt 1911 .45’s on his motor. Deal was, even at 70+ he still enjoyed shooting small rocks off of the porch banister from about 20-25 feet ‘without scratching’ the wood! There was NO backup built into him either. Time was, one of his ‘acquired’ kin had said he was on the way over to kill the old man – well the old man simply sat down in his chair, that faced the door, with that .45 in his lap. When his ‘kin by marriage only’ appeared, only the old man’s wife, by getting between them was able to save “her kin!” I do agree, however, if you opt to GO ARMED, there will be times you might have to appear the coward by NOT introducing that lethal force into some confrontation. That said, when that ‘confrontation’ is directed at you, with the possibility of life threatening, there is NO backup required – as they say, better judged by 12 than carried by 6! I’m currently at the stage of my deceased FIA, too old to run, and too old to spend my grandchildren’s meager inheritance paying some lawyer to keep me outta jail, and you can take that any way you like – ANYBODY still believe there is “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW?”

          1. I agree with you 100%. I am a 69 yr old female. I would probably appear to be an easy target. However my husband has taught me self protection, I carry a Lady Smith 38 special. I pray never to have to use it but if I am in fear of my life well… it won’t be me that’s gonna be the victim. I live in the blue ridge mountains too, must be a southern thing. We know how to take care of ourselves, call 911 and see how long it takes. Enough said.

      2. @Steinke
        Right. My grandmother should get a black belt (or whatever they call it) in BJJ (did you make this up?), so that she can defend herself against two young men.
        You are a fool.

        1. I think BJJ is Brazilian jujitsu. It’s a fighting style that depends on alot of submission holds from on your back on the ground. Think MMA ultimate fighting. Not a style that lends itself to the old,disabled,or just our of shape. The reason alot of people carry is because it’s a great equalizer and that point seems to be missed by that poster

          1. The issue for me, even were I in Chuck Liddel’s class, is it has been proven, time and time again, that ONE punch in the right way can end life as you have known it, either death or some permanent disability, and a lot of the time you never see it coming! On the street, you are NOT engaging in the manly art of self-defense governed by the Marquess of Queensberry Rules, lose there, and it could be permanent! You should have a plan and the mind set, however, that you might have to FIGHT your way to your gun, or at least be able to get the distance necessary to employ it….BG’s are not going to be standing at your pistol target distances, waiting for you to shoot them, they will appear at your elbow, or from behind before letting you in on their “game!”

      3. You ignore a number of factors.
        #1) Aggressive teens.
        #2) Drugs (obviously ignored by the prosecutor)
        #3) The islamist belief that infidels are contemptuous and must defer to “superior” muslims
        #4) The option to use less than lethal force is moot when there is more than one antagonist.
        #5) Threats communicated by the “victims”

      4. Not everyone can do as you suggest, although I think everyone should be as highly trained as possible and I live my life that way. Using lethal force is never a substitute for non-lethal force , and the law is pretty specific on that, so your statement is moot.

      5. Even in the early days of UFC there were ‘rules’ against using options you have in a street fight. Eye gouging, groin strikes and attacks, brass knuckles, slapjacks others small weapons, knives. Go ahead and rely on your ju jitsu or whatever ‘real’ martial art on the street.

        1. Had an incident in a major southern city, a few years back, where a man and his wife were in town driving their convertible ride. The guy was reported to be at least a black belt in something. At whatever point when they were forced to stop, a carjacking took place. The capabilities of the driver, wether attempted to be employed or not, became null and void once the carjacker put a bullet in his brain box! Never did find out if the jacker was provoked into the shooting by the actions of the car owner; however, even with having the capabilities of a Chuck Liddell, going after someone having a gun on you, and you are UNARMED, except for “hand speed,” I don’t call that clear thinking, UNLESS it is obvious the gunny is intent on shooting you anyway….

      6. All the comments below are accurate, and I would add that there is at least one very good reason to NOT carry alternate less-lethal items, such as pepper spray or an electronic device or whatever; the prosecutiom will use that as evidence against your self defense claim. “Look, members of the jury, he (she) was armed to the teeth with multiple ways to injure, maim, and kill; he (she) was loaded for bear, obviously seeking a confrontation, looking for trouble, armed with multiple weapons of aggression; nobody needs this many vicious incapaciting weapons for self defense, yada, etc.” Your desire and intention to use the minimun force required, to do minimal injury to another in self defense, will be turned into your being a “Rambo” type out to kill, kill, kill.

        1. Why even bother calling police in the event a person has to defend themselves all Americans are doing by calling police is being held accountable to a hundred thousand unconstitutional laws which leads me to conclude the law is at least an equal threat to America as the criminal if not actually a greater threat. Criminals don’t call police when the kill you so why call police on yourself if you defend yourself America? This is why my Attorney says half his cases come from people who dialed 911 and he does not advise calling because Americans are under no legal obligation to provide evidence against themselves. They sure got you suckers trained well to rat yourselves out.

      7. I’m a 72 year old 100 % disabled vet I don’t think martial arts would help me in a fight. There is only option dealing with drugged crazy people and he used it

      8. Many comments on your suggestions regarding fighting skills. Want to address your pepper spray idea – it has uncertain effectiveness. Spray someone in the fac3 in situation like in the article, they may stumble into traffic and be killed more certainly than they would by bein* shot — conversely they may not react at all. I’ve experienced pepper spra6 two times i’m Aware of… 1st time I walked into a residual cloud and it was unpleasant 2nd time I had an entire bottle empty itself in my pocket but didn’t even notice the liquid running down my leg. Hardly an effective tool to stop a determined attacker. No longer bother carrying pepper spray for loose dogs – they can just approach close enough to be mauled by my pups.

      9. Took some pretty serious hand-to-hand stuff. Never got hurt myself, but did hurt some instructors and partners. (I go for survival skills, not to have fun.)

        I agree with your other points as well; many mainstream martial arts programs are too choreographed. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the most useful disciplines for practical self-defense.

    15. How many damn Muhammed’s are there in this world. Seems like everyone involved in this incident made mistakes but one of them is dead, All involved are going to suffer consequences, The worst one is the damn liberal piece of shit prosecutor!

    16. The true lesson here is that we can clearly see we have already lost our First Amendment Rights !!!!

      ” because the prosecutor used the fact that Weiss’ car had a political bumper sticker on it as probable cause to indict Weiss.”
      That is the thing that the Judge should have thrown the case out for before it ever started….. Every one else can “decorate” their vehicles and everything else with anything and any statement they want whether it is hateful or not, but don’t dare let a Second Amendment supporter express anything as there will be repercussions !!!!!
      this prosecutor should be fired and dis-barred !!!! Next time he is going to prosecute some one for some crime that isn’t a shooting just because they have a gun with them !!!! These people need to be STOPPED !!!!

      1. It was one line in the complaint which repeated the police report. No other evidence had been provided that the bumper sticker was the root of the prosecution.

        1. @Gentlemen, The disconnect between a bumper sticker and probable cause is that no one knows who put the bumper sticker on the vehicle, or what the meme means. Maybe it came with the vehicle, maybe it was meant to be good humor, maybe it was covering up a scratch or dent, maybe the driver had nothing to do with it. I think that the street level bureaucrats and the prosecutor were overreaching.

          1. The socialists could be “over reaching” again when they say to kill white people driving white vehicles because they are racists and that is my perfect description but I added American Flag decals just to be sure I attract them. It’s like fishing but more a lot more fun.

      2. Amen and Amen my brother you are right in that by law no matter who did what this case should have been thrown out because our first amendment has been trampled upon. Period. Or it means nothing. You have said the whole crux of the matter when you said the liberal prosecutor and judge. It is all moot from the point of the First Amendment. Keep the faith and the constitution. Boo yah!!!

        1. @PPP good to hear from you again. Yep, the jury should have invoked nullification. Not guilty because I don’t like the way the police jumped to conclusions. Not guilty because I don’t like the way the prosecutor is applying the law. Not guilty because I don’t trust the judge. Not guilty because this is not the way the system is supposed to work.

      3. Which is why MY vehicle has NO stickers adverts, logos, symbols….

        the BIG trailer hitch ball, the BIG deer dent on the side, and the smashed grille from a runaway parked car that the driver failed to put int o the P gear are the only things distinguishing my plain vanilla ride from every other one of the thousands like it out there.

        And I like it that wat.
        Some places, an NRA sitcker or S&W logo will get you lit up and harrassed. Other places it will get you ignored, or let off with a friendly warning from the local constabulary.

        Neither is right. So I simply refuse to participate.
        Same with my clothing… I don’t advertise for much with what I wear.

        1. I wear camos and fly the American Flag and have it decaled on my truck and yeah it’s gets em riled and I wouldn’t have it any other way that’s why I’m USA.

    17. First, I’m a PRO a 2A concealed carry individul and firmly believe I have the right to defend myself and my loved ones. Having said that I see at least one opportunity for Mr. Weiss to have de-escalated this situation and avoided having to use deadly force. I haven’t seen the video mentioned in the article but it sounds like there was several instances when Mr. Weiss could have returned to his car, locked the door and called the police. It’s easy to to either praise or criticize Mr Weiss for his actions, but I wasn’t there and have no idea how aggressive Ramin was to Mr. Weiss. However, I believe the prosecutor was way out of line using a bumper sticker as the basis for taking Mr. Weiss to court.

      1. Yup, just sit in the car and wait for the police. Now you are trapped in a fishbowl and easy pickings. For your sake and the sake of your family, you should all just remain in the basement (be sure to turn out the lights).

    18. This is why you need insurance. Weiss will not be able to counter sue a gang of Iraqi’s who spend their money on Zanax and crap cars to get his legal fees back. My bet is he is out over 100 grand in legal fees. Make sure you have personal defense insurance. This case happened in a Blue Utopia where gun owners are guilty until proven innocent. I wonder if there is a civil rights case here against the prosecutor for misconduct. Invoking a statement made in defense of an enumerated natural right as evidence of criminal guilt has to be made illegal.

      1. And pedophila don’t leave out they are pedophiles and worship a pedophile. They are very low IQ thugs who think virgins are real. Allah is a tranny that wears green spandex.

    19. I am not sure what happened but if the jury was hung then he should be a free man & no other trial should be held… I’m glad the gunman had the chance to use his gun for self defense muslims from Afghanistan are so ignorant of American values they truly don’t have a right to be in our country IMO THEY ALL NEED TO GO THE F-‘K BACK WHERE THEY CAN ACT LIKE #INBREDED #RETARDS

      1. After reading the article and your response I have to say you sound like the pot calling the kettle black.

        Beyond that, it sounds like he operated outside the law in that jurisdiction. I have said it on this site before; you have to know the law and operate within it if you wish to avoid getting in trouble. It really is just that simple.

        1. He who? Weiss? What, he should have run away screaming like a little soy boy Libtard? Or maybe waited around until the beating was well and truly started, while he explained that violence never solved anything? This was a case of him or a couple of jacked up thugs. He did what he had to, screw the Liberal rules for self destruction! @Roy D sounds like the type to sit around and wait for the Government to fix “it”, when SHTF and the wheels stop turning. Or, one of the many who will be picked over by the buzzards and coyotes.

          1. Or he could have got in his car and driven away. He had time to walk to his car to get his phone and gun. He had time to leave. Using a bit of discretion does not mean a person is coyote bait. But hey, 16 plus months of legal jeopardy is better than driving to a safe spot and calling the cops. Really Gunner, your post indicates you are probably a anti-gun plant, or a really scary internet tough guy.

            1. How about just someone fed up with all the PC, kiss a foreigner’s ass nonsense. You weren’t there either. How about he armed himself to defuse the situation but the D-bag wouldn’t ease up. Got all bad ass.
              Blow me, Chris M.

            2. That would be illegal. It is called leaving the scene of an accident. Did you forget that the drugged up muslim backed into his car?
              The so called victim was described by his friend as a big tough guy that liked to intimidate people.

            3. Weiss had time to return to his vehicle and retrieve his gun and a phone. That means he had time to retreat, at least to his vehicle, in compliance with state law, and call 911. (And if he’d had to shoot Rahim while he, Weiss, was in his own car, and Rahim was either entering or attempting to enter it, he never would have been charged. He also may have had time to drive away, and if he had, it wouldn’t be “leaving the scene of an accident,” since he was compelled to do so by a legitimate concern for his own personal safety. You don’t have to leave driveable vehicles in situ if doing so causes a hazard to life or property. That’s why you move crashed vehicles off the highway.
              I’m not in favor of duty-to-retreat, since they’re too ambiguous (how far is enough?), but it is the law in Minnesota, so if you’re in Minnesota you’d better do it.

        2. Yes, know the law and submit to it no matter how unjust. Tell those Baptist ministers to stop and pay toll before they cross the Selma Bridge. Unjust law is the result of a failing culture. Failing cultures resort to passing any manner of unjust laws in the name of safety and security. The duty to retreat doctrine is one such law. That concept can only come from someone who has never been in a good school yard fight much less a confrontation with an angry, drugged up mob.

            1. Two people on one equals a disparity of force. Maybe not a mob, per se, but a valid reason to draw.

            2. The story I read said there were two MALES, the ones outside the car getting huffy and abusive and threatening, and TWO FEMALES also in the car that had not come into active play yet. And don’t try and convince me the females were just window decorations for the mozzie punk’s beatermobile. Look at that piece of work that district recetnly elevated to the status of congresscritter. She is one nasty bad wench. I’ll la high stakes and long odds if she got provoked enough (whicn might not be that hard to do) she’d be a formidable opponent in a brawl.

              SO, FOUR against one,

        3. If you believe it “is just that simple”, you have no business carrying. If you are not prepared for may eventualities, you are too arrogant to be armed.

        4. ‘You have to know the law and operate within it if you wish to avoid getting into trouble’. You mean like having a bumper sticker on your car? THINK before you post.

          1. Yeah the bumper decal thing and don’t leave the 5A right to not self incriminate by providing evidence against ones self by calling police on yourself because there is really no clear logic as to why to call police on dead people of no threat to ones person. What does a dummy want police to do to dead people that has not already been done to them.

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