NRA Supported Case Calls for Suspension of Illinois’ FOID Act

[New Jersey we are coming for you next.]

Illinois FOID Cards Top 2,000,000 Gun Owners
NRA Supported Case Calls for Suspension of Illinois’s FOID Act

Fairfax, VA – -( Grassroots Illinois-based Second Amendment organization Guns Save Life filed an important NRA-supported case challenging the very foundations of Illinois gun law.

Following an early adverse ruling the group filed an expedited appeal asking the Illinois Supreme Court to put aside the lower court's ruling and suspend the state's Firearm Owner’s Identification (FOID) Act. NRA has supported and been involved in this case as they are in cases all over the state. The FOID Act requires law-abiding Illinois citizens to obtain and pay for a license from the State before they are allowed to posses or purchase any firearms and ammunition.

“Law-abiding citizens should not be required to obtain government approval before exercising a constitutionally protected right,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of NRA's Institute for Legislative Action.

The case of one Guns Save Life member, mentioned in the organization’s complaint, shows how drastically the FOID Act infringes on that right. In compliance with the Act, the member recently sought to renew his FOID card. But the police denied his application and revoked his card, claiming to have “suddenly” found a battery conviction in his record. The problem is he has no such conviction, and the courts have no record of one. Nevertheless, because he no longer had a FOID card, he was forcibly disarmed.

Yesterday's motion asks for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction to put the Act on hold while litigation is underway.

“Illinois is one of only two states[New Jersey] to impose such extreme gun control restrictions upon law-abiding citizens,” continued Cox. “The men and women of the National Rifle Association are pleased to join Guns Save Life in this fight to protect the Second Amendment rights of Illinois gun owners.”

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

  • 32 thoughts on “NRA Supported Case Calls for Suspension of Illinois’ FOID Act

    1. The government is using passive force to gradually take away all our rights. The Constitution gave us the right to bear arms to protect us from a rogue government that desires to take complete control of our lives. What you see in Illinois is what is going to happen to everyone else unless something is done to stop it.

      1. To say the Constitution gave us our 2nd amendment rights waters down our actual rights. The 2nd amendment only affirms our rights that are granted by higher powers, and is the government’s recognition of those rights and those higher powers. To say that a piece of paper gave us those rights would mean that a piece of paper can take those rights away and nothing more can be further from the truth.

    2. Think about this, I wear a t shirt that says it all. If guns kill people then forks make people fat , cars drive drunk , and pencil misspell words. Think about it anti gun people. THINK.

    3. First, the FOID act has been law for 50 years. It’s been unconstitutional from day 1, and now that someone else has done the heavy lifting the NRA wants to share the spotlight…..FUCK THEM!!! To little to late.

      Second, I would like to see how quickly the FOID would disappear if it were for voting instead of firearms. So it’s ok to require a membership card and fees to exercise my 2A rights, but God forbid if we required a voter ID card to prove citizenship before voting there would be riots in the streets.

      It is The People’s Repbulic of Illinois, where your rights don’t matter, only your bribes.

    4. To say that when you comment a crime you can’t ever be a law abiding citizen again is wrong on many levels. Just another way to take our guns. If I’m not a law abiding citizen then why am I allowed to walk and work and pay taxes amongst. All you law abiding people. Kiss my butt law abiding citizens and the government. I should be able to carry right along side of you. History shows when you pay your debt and they let you out they give you back your horse and gun until the next time. Wouldn’t you want to see a felon coming? Here is what’s going to happen if shtf felons will be hiding behind trees cars whatever and when the chance comes along we will hit you in the head and take your guns. I shouldn’t be required to be in fear of law abiding citizens

    5. Guam, a U.S. Territory, requires all gun owners to have a Firearms ID ($100+) and register each firearm at the Police Station ($40 registration fee + $9 inspection fee). All these collections are rolled into the General Fund…nothing to benefit gun owners at all. Concealed carry has been a “shall issue” for only a few years.

      1. Guam holds a significant and high value in regards to strategic military importance, it is a nation with sugnificant risk if an uprising. Is this strict law not to be expected?

      2. I wonder how many of these gun grabbers know that they are violating Federal Law, if they don’t have a military style fire arm. The militia act as amended, and modified by the SCOTUS decision MILLER v U.S. requires every man and woman over the age of 17 to have a firearm of the type in use by the military and sufficient ammunition for it. In todays day and age that that is full auto or as the politicians call them “ASSAULT WSEAPONS”. So that when called to duty they appear ready for duty. BTW there is a fine for not having one.

    6. Law is nothing more than the opinion of a politician backed by the force of arms

      The FOID card is such a law. We should have never had such a stupid law. Innocent people have been imprisoned had their lives destroyed by this stupid law.

      1. Dan, like you I left Illinois (15 yrs ago). Moving to and living in AZ was (is) like someone releasing a death grip on my throat.
        Unless you have experienced the freedom of living in such a great state, such as this, words won’t – can’t – discribe the release.

    7. FOID, CCL and now I have to be vetted, take training and pay either $300 or $1500 per yearor the ability to use my Federal Firearms License that I have had since 1992. I hate the asshole Democrat mobsters running this state.

    8. I grew up in Illinois and had to apply for one of these every few years. I always thought it was a waste of time and my money. Did I mention that you had to spend time and money on a passport sized picture to send in with the application too. Thank goodness I moved to Kansas 18 years ago where they don’t have these stupid requirements.

    9. The way our Concealed Cary Law is written we MUST have a valid FOID to have a valid CCL – if they somehow invalidate the FOID – wouldn’t that invalidate my CCL as well? I hope some more thought is put into this before pulling thr rug out from underneath us!!!

    10. Illinois FOID card just like the card coming in California is simply a new expression of Jim Crow public policy. Gun control is people control. People control is racism.

      1. I have yet to read anywhere in the Constitution where alienable rights as spelled out therein applies to “law abiding” citizens.

        ALL rights apply to ALL citizens until such time one engages in lawlessness, which then consequences attach, upon due process being fulfilled.

        Whenever government violates the rights of one citizen, regardless of status, it violates the rights of all citizens!

      1. That’s no lie Ive done everything they wanted me to do all I get is some bull shit to go through im getting tired of Illinois bull shit and with all the new taxes they just inacted on us ive had it im getting out of this damn state

    11. Not that I am pro gun..but I think anti gunners are more concerned with the method of the death ..then the actual death its self..” It is scary to die from a gun shot opposed to falling down stairs to your death!!
      Just my 2©

      1. Mr. b, the anti gun folks are not concerned about other methods of death because those deaths do not promote their agenda, which is taking firearms from gunowners. If any of your friends own guns go target shooting with them. You will become “pro gun”.

    12. Current stats to time of this post since Jan1, 2019.

      1,040,059 Lives saved using a firearm.
      5485 Homicides using a firearm.
      19,510 Traffic deaths.

      Gun control is a scam.

      1. Center for dease control yes the CDC was ORDERED by President Obama to do a study on DEFENSIVE Gun use. The CDC study show’s over 2.5 MILLION annually.

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