Petition Asks White House to Recognize Second Amendment Does Not ‘Give’ a Right

You’d think with all the support received from gun owners they’d know better than to keep this holdover from the Obama administration on their website.

U.S.A. – -( Wednesday’s AmmoLand article correcting a pro-gun writer on his presumption that the Second Amendment grants the right to keep and bear arms resonated with most of the readers commenting so far. They appear to share the clear understanding that no one in government gave us that right so it is not theirs to take away.

Surprisingly though, a Facebook colleague has alerted us to a source that just doesn’t get it: The White House.

Per its explanation of the Constitution:

“The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms.”

A facepalm is in order. Especially after all the fine words on the right to keep and bear arms from President Trump:

“[Y]ou have an administration fighting to protect your Second Amendment, and we will protect your Second Amendment,” he promised NRA members. “Your Second Amendment rights are under siege, but they will never, ever be under siege as long as I’m your president.”

We can argue about how sincere we think he was later. Right now, let’s focus on the White House statement. As suspected, the language is a holdover from the Obama White House.

It’s disappointing that staffers didn’t catch this. But I’m willing to stipulate this is one of a million things the president never knew about, and with all his priorities he probably never would unless someone called it to his attention.

So let’s call it to his attention and let him know it’s something he can correct, literally in 10 seconds, simply by telling an aide to fix it.

So how can we get his attention?

I just got done creating a White House petition.

“Recognize that the government does not ‘give citizens the right to bear arms,’’ it asks, further explaining and requesting:

“The White House website section on the Constitution instructs ‘The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms.’ This is exactly wrong and contradicts the very nature of unalienable rights, the clear intent of the Founders and the understanding of the right as articulated by the Supreme Court.

“Privileges are granted. Rights are inherent to the condition of being human. The Second Amendment didn’t create a right to keep and bear arms — it acknowledged a right that was already assumed and accepted at the time of ratification. Nobody in government gave us that right, so it’s not theirs to take away.

“Please correct your website description and make an announcement about the change.”

I’m asking readers here to help by signing the petition and recruiting your gun-owning friends to do the same. It’ll take less than a minute, probably less time than it takes to post a comment here.

I don’t know if this will attract the number of required signatures, 100,000 by July 27, to get a White House response or not. My experience has been that expecting most gun owners to do anything (besides anonymously complain in comments) generally results in disappointment. Maybe it won’t take that many.

The president is also very active on Twitter, and I intend to send him the link to both the petition and this column and to ask readers to do the same.

For do-nothings who are still inclined to naysay, all I can counter with is that you sometimes can get the mountain to move. 12 years ago, with no help (but with plenty of hindrances) I was able to persuade the George W. Bush administration to issue a correction to Federal Aviation Administration spaceflight guidelines withdrawing its characterization of the Second Amendment as a “collective right.”

It can be done.

The petition ends asking the White House to make an announcement when they’ve made the change. Hopefully, they will see political value in taking an effortless action that will cost them nothing, will generate publicity gaining them goodwill with gun owners, and that will publicly stick a finger in the eye of the Democrats.

Why not help and be a part of this admittedly small — but nonetheless positive — change? As enemies of the right to keep and bear arms show us practically every day, increments matter.

About David Codrea:David Codrea
David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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2A does NOT give anyone the right to keep and bear. You already have that right. 2A guarantees that the government will recognize that natural right and will guarantee it is enforced.

George Steele

Quite surprising how much ignorance of the history of founding of our republic, the meaning of our Constitution, and the difference between unalienable rights and mere privileges is on display in the comments here. It’s an indictment of our civics education and the competence of our public school system. The US was founded on principles that form the basis of our government. The most fundamental principle is that governments are founded and instituted to serve the citizen – not vice versa. The Declaration that separated us from Great Britain was explicit in identifying that all of mankind possesses unalienable rights… Read more »

The Revelator


Vanessa McCoy

It’s amazing how many liberals her posting on this. The fact of the matter is liberals have the reading comprehension of a five-year-old. The Second Amendment is very plain shiny hair the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed the fact is back then when this was originally written the militia was the people that’s anybody who can bear arms nothing’s changed. It is a right of the people and we will never surrender that right once you’ve done that you might as well wipe your butt with the rest of the Constitution because you cannot… Read more »

The Revelator

Wow, Two smart women in a Row.

Vanessa and Michelle. A round of applause for these two speaking up.

Vanessa, Thank you for your comment

Michelle C.


Rexford G Beardsley

Your wrong

Michael Moorleghen

In what way is the author wrong? The Constitution and Bill of Rights places limitations on government not the Citizens.


You’re wrong too


How is he wrong please explain?

The Revelator

@NoneYa Rexford G. Beardsley made a few mistakes. First, he did not signify what was wrong, or reply to an existing comment. Therefore the default is that he directed it at the author. Mr. Codrea was correct factually on what he said. Therefore, if Rexford is telling someone who is factually correct they are wrong, it is in fact Mr Beardsley that is wrong. If that is not easy enough to understand, here is a history lesson. Our founders wrote that we as individuals receive our Rights from God/natures Creator, and that government is subservient to and only empowered by… Read more »

Justin Bowen

I think that if we enact a literacy test as a requirement for owning a firearms then we might be able to solve the gun violence epidemic in this country.

Dave in Fairfax

You’re a Democrat!
Know how I know?
Literacy tests are straight out of the Jim Crow Playbook.
Next it’ll be paying the gov to be allowed to own a gun.
Oh Wait, That would be the NICS cost and taxes.

Justin Bowen

You’re a Republican! Do you know how I know? You oppose laws that bar criminals and known threats from owning weapons.

Odysseus M Tanner

“I think that if we enact a literacy test as a requirement for owning a firearms then we might be able to solve the gun violence epidemic in this country.”

That’s quite racist, considering half our murders are black on black. What is wrong with you?

William R Wile

I am neither a criminal or a known threat, but rest assured that I will be if any attempt at serious infringement takes place.

Charles Moore

JB; Laws FORBID them from owning them. Show me a law that PREVENTS (bars) them from owning or getting them – without interfering with the good guys (and gals) and I’ll support it wholeheartedly.

Dave in Fairfax

Justin, I notice that you didn’t address what I said about Jim Crow or the history of the Democrat Party. You went directly to assumptions. You are wrong, I am an Independent, Originalist, Conservative. Further, you are wrong about what laws I oppose. Criminals already are not allowed to own guns. I don’t oppose that. Known threats are an undefined group. If they are breaking the law, they should be in jail. If they have shown themselves to be a danger they can be held for a mental health evaluation. Barring those things, they DO have the right to own… Read more »

The Revelator

@Dave in Fairfax “Known Threats” This has to do with Red Flag laws because of where the impetus for them came from. Prior to Red Flag laws, or ERPO’s, the left attempted to use the system of hidden courts based on “Terrorism” charges, more specifically the no fly list that absolutely violated due process. When that failed, they instead chose to use slightly less hidden courts with the same level of violation of Due Process, and unsubstantiated “Threats” as a means of confiscation and denial. When Justin says “Known Threats” what he is referring to the fact that we support… Read more »

Get Out

In 1965, with the passage of the Voting Rights Act, it became illegal to use literacy tests as a way to disqualify voters who were otherwise qualified. You wouldn’t want to enact an illegal literacy test as a requirement for owning a firearms would you?
IMOA, We might be able to solve the gun violence epidemic in this country if we held the criminals accountable instead of always attacking law abiding citizens with BS unenforceable gun control laws, restrictions, confiscations etc.

Rex Urbani

What part of shall not be infringed do you people not understand! We will not comply with any of your legislation to restrict in any way our ownership of guns or ammunition


Have you or anyone else bothered to look at the previous president”s voting record or are you just regurgitating things you’ve heard others say? Obama, as senator and then as president, voted against the federal government infringing in the second amendment, and voted for each state to determine it’s legality.

Dave in Fairfax

Of course. If the 2nd Amendment were FEDERAL and applied to all the states, then Bright Red states wouldn’t be able to restrict it. Luckily the Bill of Rights only applies in federal territories, right? It does, doesn’t it?

Charles Moore

The 2nd Amendment’s LEGALITY??!!?? it’s one of the only thing that is TOTALLY legal and determines whether anything else is legal !

Rock R

YES I HAVE LOOKED AT IT !!! You haven’t !!! You and your Commie-Socialist-Domorates are trying to re-write History again…. LET ME refresh your memory just a little … It was your OBAMA that produced and signed the Presidential Executive Order that banned thousands of Veterans and SS participants from owning guns because of “POSSIBLE” mental problems because they needed help with the finances !!! Are you STUPID enough to think it would stop there if it would have been allowed to stand ???? I wish you people would STOP trying to run down Trump and say how bad he… Read more »


Good Luck trying to come and get my weapons. I would not want to be on the side of the door trying to come in. I, as an American, have the right to protect my family, say the Pledge of Allegiance, and smoke when and wherever I like. These things have almost been totally taken away from Americans and we must fight back to regain our nation.

Morri Namaste

Nobody wants your guns. Just register them.

Dave in Fairfax

Odd how all the leading Dems have said that they DO want to take them. Registration leads inevitably to confiscation. Study a minimal amount of history. If Bloomberg will allow that.


True. Just look at all the other things that we have to register and need licenses for; cars and driving, boats and fishing, hunting… All of these things can be taken from us if they want. Not a damn one of them should; be registered or need a license for. Gums are next. Washington state just defined semi-automatic weapons. That’s the next step in confiscation. Mandatory registration is next. They are going to make criminals out of law abiding citizens. All gun sales will be private sales soon, just to avoid govt. interference. I will use my guns to protect… Read more »



Dave Farren

Keep your nose put of gun owners business. Registration would allow people like you to later go down your list of registered gun owners and go door to door with military police. Why? For the purpose of stripping us of our weapons and second ammentment rights.



Larry R. McKAY

Hi I’m Larry Mckay an if you read the second amendment at the bottom it says something that mean that if you do go against this amendment that you are committing treason an an act of war 4 people have died an defend it sence are country started. So you got no honor or respect 4 those who protected you an those who protect you to day. Get off my land . 4 I can not violate your rights an you can not violate mine. If you dont like it leave . or be free. An don’t be telling any… Read more »


Yes, go back to school…please.


You have the freedom to use public (social) education. Please use it. Your grammatical errors are figuratively painful.


He’s better than the last President and no one in the socialist party is an option as that group Will take your guns away any means necessary.


Coby Dean

Their is no one takeing my guns in less they put me down.. The socialistic democratic goverment in Washington will if not left in check , disarm the American people to impose their social goverment . So vote Republican if you love God and country because the other loves neither just want their pockets lined.They try to take my guns body bags better come a lot for them and one for me.


Our Rights as outlined in the Constitution need no explanation…. They are given by God, not men, and are incapable of being taken away by government. Shall not be infringed, cannot be any clearer than the way it is written… Meaning No regulating of said Right! An inch was given, and surprise my ass they went for a mile??? Freedom was a dream for some, a threat to others… Many paid in blood to protect the dream, signed away their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor…. Now an email petition is all you can muster for the same?… They… Read more »


God didn’t write the Constitution?? Actually, since people did, they can be taken away. See also: prohibition

A Constitutional Amendment can make it illegal to own firearms and you know it. Or is God coming down to straighten this whole thing out

Coby Dean

Well then let the dems take on the gun owners and the United States millitary who done said that they no matter who’s in office will carry out that order and will fight to defend the 2nd admendment ment this admendment is no to be infringed upon its so that a people can have a defense against goverment that over steps it’s bounds and if you don’t defend your constitutional rights and fight for them your a pussy. Period

Wild Bill

@Westy, Apparently you have read no S. Ct. decisions on arms ownership. As to the Volstead Act… see the violence and crime that brought us?


Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The demorats and socialists do not want anyone to own any type of gun so as like others have said too make as many people as they can to be completely dependent on the government so they can control everything and anything we do. Hitler, Stalin and others did it and we all know what happened there. If you come after my guns you better be ready for a shoot out. Criminals don’t live by the law so what makes you think their going to turn in any of the guns they have.

Dave in Fairfax

Odd you should almost exactly quote Justice Storey’s statement to Hamilton. There have been forces attempting to destroy this nation since before its inception.
If you read the BoR, you’ll notice that the rights came from our creator, they were merely written down by men. The government has no legitimate power to modify or restrict those rights. They only have the power as long as the people allow it.

Charles Moore

Weston: The Bill of Rights was to be inviolate and not subject to amendment. The Constitution was not deemed to exist and be valid until they were added so that they were enumerated as existing and unchangeable. OTHER things can be changed by the amendment process, but NOT THOSE!


So sad that weston…. Knows not God or Rights…. If he were real enough to try to take my Rights, he’d be well and good to meet God… And finally realize his sorry state of existence….

Morri Namaste

God has nothing to do with it. Are your guns registered? Or are you a member of a non-regulated militia?

Ed Warr

There’s no law saying you have to register your guns. I know none of my guns are registered with the government.


We’re all members of the militia. If we know how to march without stabbing each other with out bayonets we’re well regulated according to the definition at the time the amendment was written. Not that it really matters to our right to defense of self and state.

Charles Moore

Morri: “Regulated,” in this case means “skille,” as in “able to shoot.” Wouldn’t be a very effective militia otherwise, would it?


We need to have this done it would only take a stroke of the pen… Please let’s get takeout to rest

Douglas Goree

Signed and registered so maybe I can keep informed about all I need to know.

James W. Rose



As I have often noted on various blog posts, although that dastardly 2nd Amendment is appreciated, it is NOT required in order for me to exercise my “Unalienable Right,” granted by my “Creator,” to exercise self-defense of myself or mine, by ANY appropriate means, ANYWHERE! If this over officious, bloated sow of a government has some intent to make me a felon, I simply refer them to my hero’s, Dr. Susanna Gratia Hupp, testimony before Congress, decades ago:

Pay particular attention, near the end, for whom she blames for the deaths of her parents. Petition signed!


“a surprising source that just doesn’t get it: The White House.”
Unfortunately proven to be the default case when it comes to screwing the voters who supported him into office.

Guesty McGuesterson

Trump undoubtedly doesn’t maintain the WH Gov website, and it was likely provided by an intern to an IT employee for posting. It’s incorrect and needs to be addressed, but it’s not Trump himself.

John Rector

If the 2nd Amendment is not a right, how come it is one of the first Ten Amendments which are named ( By Our Forefathers) and called the Bill of RIGHTS? Seems like it was deemed a RIGHT by our forefathers to me.

Guesty McGuesterson

The Amendment is a declaration to the Fed Gov that WE THE PEOPLE have a natural right to bear arms. It doesn’t grant anything…it recognizes a natural right that already existed long before the U.S. ever existed.

Dustin Yetman

No one said it wasn’t a right. The article clearly states that it is a right. Rights are not granted, privileges are.


President Trump unfortunately is no friend to gun owners.He like all other politicians will say anything to gain votes on the campaign trail. Once a politician gains office, he betrays those who put him there. We the gun owner are left with
picking the least objectionable alternative. President Trump has done this to the Americans who cherish the second amendment.

Dave C

He is a helluva lot bigger friend than the previous president!!!

Some dude

Trump pales, compared to Obama, as a gun salesman. When nothing shows more support for the right to keep and bear arms than actually buying guns and carrying them, ironically, Obama did more to activise people to keep and bear arms than Trump has, so far. Trump would have to actively encourage or otherwise incentivise people to buy guns to possibly compete with Obama’s record… His ban on bump stocks and seeming support for a silencer ban are steps in the wrong direction that might help get him there.

Coby Ryan Dean

Dude that’s a bull shit statement Trump loves America he isn’t getting paid . He is fixing shit and this will be two trust me he loves guns .


Can we petition Trump to reorder ICE to crack the invaders heads on the roundup vehicles door jamb like he told them to do years ago?
That was the Trump I like best not this wishy washy gun grabber throw rights in the trash guy making criminals out of people for their possession of property they lawfully own while saying criminals don’t obey laws but here are some new ones for you good bootlickers since you like to be lawful and will comply to just about anything but hey if you don’t want to comply then don’t. Looool.

John Andrew Kociuba

IDear Citizens ~
t is ILLEGAL for any Democratic-Socialist aka “Menshevik Communist (SEDITIOUS Conspiracy) to hold public office in the United States! A Communist cannot take “oath of office” in good faith ️

Jim Mackey

The idea behind the 2nd Amendment is as old as time for European Americans. From the work “Germania” written by the Roman Senator Tacitus on the Germanic people (including but not limited to Anglo-Saxons, who founded England): “They transact no business, public or private, without being armed.” This work presents interesting insights into an earlier time in Europe, it is worth a read. We have always been armed, it is a part of our cultural identity. A part of our spirit. It’s easy to see through history where the 2nd Amendment comes from. It is not a freedom bestowed upon… Read more »

rich z

The government CAN’T take away something they DIDN’T give US.

Green Mtn. Boy

If the president only had a working foundation of the Constitution,he would/could be a better leader of the republic,if wishes were fishes.


I signed, went to my mail and verified like instructed, but my vote did not change amount for some reason.


Well that’s odd I have the same exact problem when I vote.

Dave in Fairfax

It’s a two part process. You have to sign and then go to your e-mail and verify that you signed in the e-mail link they send you. Check your e-mail and your spam box.

Michael J

The problem we face in this country are democrat politicians and those that elected them who have absolutely no idea what the Constitution is or what they swore under oath to protect. Instead, once in office they pretty much do what they damn well please. They all seek to destroy the 2nd Amendment bit by bit by imposing laws that don’t work on the law abiding. Only term limits can keep these vipers in check and end career politicians who ignore the will of the people.

Dr Timothy-Allen Albertson

The right to keep and bear arms is based on natural law and is one of, as President Kennedy said in his inaugural address, “the rights of man (that) come(s) not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God.” The Second and Fourteenth Amendments prohibit Government infringement of that right.

elsie vergara


Kevin Purdy

So basically its a petition that means nothing and achieves nothing, Mealy mouthed Liberals just have to squawk over little sh!t because there is nothing they can do. Just except the fact that Trump is President and will be re-elected. Please quit reading and supporting this utter nonsense and ask your congressman to GOVERN this country.


you lost me at “except the fact”

I can not accept that you except facts

the opposition excels at manipulating minds by manipulating words. this is an attempt to point that out to the BBMFIC.


Not sure if you’re understanding this one or not. Or why you think it is the work of “mealy mouthed liberals”. Please tell us how our members of congress will “GOVERN”. My bet is that it will be through legislation, since that is literally their job. And how to they legislate? Through creating bills to be passed into laws. Those are things that are written documents with words on them, which I assume you would like to be written about things that are favorable to us and our beliefs to defend our liberty. Am I close? Well, the words used… Read more »


@ Kevin Purdy
If I am reading, correctly, what you write is that you want your congressman to assume all responsibility for determining your future. If that is what you meant then you are just a troll trying to drum up some comments.
For too long we have relied on congress to “govern” this country and they have turned it into a liberal shithole.



steve stratton

Why does Trump have no idea of rule of law or respect for the will of the majority which is the premise of a democracy/ republic? Why did towns like Dodge City, Tombstone, and others hire law enforcement to take guns from folks while in town.? There’s a reason people got tired of lawlessness and shootings maybe you should study history.

Dave C

Well Said!

William Napier

Make sure you go to the email account you provide when signing the petition and confirm. If not, your signature is not valid.


I did exactly that, and was told my vote was successfully added, but
the total number of votes in the top right hand corner did not change
unless it takes a while to post like on here sometimes.


I would want it to read something like this…..The Second Amendment forbids and bans the Government from infringing on or denying the rights of the citizens to keep and bear arms.
Feel free to tweak it as you feel appropriate.


I like that, makes it crystal clear. I think too many think the way it’s written is a little vague, it surely was not vague to the Founders that came through the American Revolution.

Dave in Fairfax

It was written so that normal people could understand it. then the lawyers got involved and started arguing about the placement of commas.
There’s a reason that lawyers were forbidden to be in some of the colonies. Now they’re everywhere, it’s called entropy.


Signed it.

HMLA-167 Warrior

Have you looked at the response rate from the White House specifically in regards to the petitions which actually have garnered enough votes to “require” a response? It is abysmal at best. The vast majority of the completed petitions have gotten zero response from the White House, some even after several years. It is not an effective means of affecting change at all.


Almost as if it is intentionally planned to be as it is.


Well done David! If the White House can’t get it right, then who can? Given this POTUS inconsistency regarding our 2A rights, I remain suspicious of his intentions. He needs to be reminded of his responsibility!

It’s a good thing we know what the reality is within the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. The revisionists would have us believe otherwise, therefore easily marshaled into subservience and enslaved – one changed word at a time.

Lifetime Member
Oath Keepers


Yeah, in my state they’re putting in machines like ATM’s to dispense these documents on a leased basis to use temporarily but all we keep getting out of the machine is blank paper.

Hal Jordan

The National Archives website has it right:
“The Second Amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms.”
I didn’t find a similar page in the George W. Bush White House archives.


Good job Codrea and I would like to add that prior to Trump being elected he emphatically stated the right was not granted by gov therefore it couldn’t be taken by gov and I printed his first original statements concerning the right from his first Presidential website and his words are in my desk drawer right now but I gotta tell ya that based upon many things I honestly believe he has been pretty well compromised on 2A due to their is so much more he could do to put an end to unlawful gun laws yet he elects not… Read more »


I’ve signed the petition but you folks really need to audit how and where you share links to important action items (and sales for that matter) within your articles. Please hyperscript important items within the first paragraph. Please have company logos actually link to relevant sites. It will make it easier for me and others looking to support the cause.


Where can I sign this petition

William Quire

Thanks for putting up a link it was real simple


Anyone that read this story would know it is about the third paragraph or so, right under
how do we get his attention, White house petition.

No Filter

David, this anonymous commentor’s opinion is that gun owners are uninformed, just generally speaking, as to the idiocies contained in the White House. It may also be that as a group, we are NOT lazy or could care less about defending our rights as gun owners. It just might be that there is a general wariness about putting our name to any petition or list, only to have it used against us later, perhaps in the form of confiscation, denial of rights or due process, or a denial on a NICS check. Hey, call me paranoid if you want but… Read more »

No Filter

read about it! It!


Yeah good point but I already learned long ago that every post you place on the net has your name and address tagged to it even here on Ammoland so you nor anybody else is hiding. They actually yell at me all the time for my posts. Come by the house even. But yeah good point but sorry to bust your cherry with hard facts. Your safe go ahead and sign it they know all about you. This is a situation of that you’re either in for the whole deal or not in at all and you’re in because it’s… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax

Agreed. I’ve signed, but I started using computers in the late ’60’s, so I’m well aware that nothing you say ever goes away. Ask Ollie.
EVERYTHING you put out electronically is archived in several places. Add in the scraper programs that the gov employs, and you can forget about anonymity.


Yup, they like my posts so much they come to my house and actually it is mind boggling that they’re really nice. They tell me they are hostile too and almost as hostile as myself and we laugh. In today’s political climate measured hostility is a good thing. Gotta stay sharp, ya know.

William C. Oborne

I’m in! Always have been, always will be!


We knew we could count on you brother.

Oscar James III