The Next Generation of Second Amendment Supporters Is Emerging

Students Gathered At The Tucson Trap And Skeet Club
Students Gathered At The Tucson Trap And Skeet Club

United States – -( One of the most important things Second Amendment supporters can do to preserve freedom is to make sure that respect and support for our freedoms is passed down to future generations. Thankfully, there is a new generation of Second Amendment defenders arising, thanks to the work of a number of organizations.

Students for Concealed Carry has been one of these organizations. Perhaps the most prominent voice to come from it – albeit not without some controversy – is Antonia Okafor. When anti-Second Amendment extremists are trying to paint defenders of the Second Amendment with certain terms, Okafor can readily shoot that down, and has the potential to make those extremists look like liars, but also could provoke them into doing something stupid.

In fact, Ms. Okafor is just part of something we are seeing in some other groups that support the Second Amendment, notably Turning Point USA: The next generation of Second Amendment defenders is diverse. We’re seeing African Americans like Ms. Okafor, Candace Owens (former communications director at TPUSA), 2018 and 2020 U.S. Senate candidate John James, rapper/fashion designer Kanye West, and NRATV’s Colin Noir. Hispanic Americans like TPUSA’s Anna Paulina and NRATV’s Gabby Franco are also prominently defending the Second Amendment.

Even the Washington Post had to acknowledge that there are members of the LGBTQ community who support our right to keep and bear arms. Just the fact that one member of that community works on the NRA’s social media will start conversations, and those are opportunities to change minds.

To put it bluntly, Turning Point USA has been doing very well in providing a platform and a voice that is getting a message that includes support of the Second Amendment out to people in communities that traditional Second Amendment advocacy has had difficulty connecting with. In this sense, they have put the NRA to shame.

This organization is also proving that getting the message to those walks of life is possible. It takes hard work, hustle, patience, and sacrificing preconceived notions and perceptions, but it is very doable. The NRA would be well served to poach some of TPUSA’s talent in this field, not to mention hiring some translators to reflect the current reality of multi-lingual ballots. The failure to develop effective outreach in those communities is something Wayne LaPierre and NRA brass need to be held accountable for.

This is not to say NRA has been ignoring the next generation. NRA University is quietly establishing a presence on campus, even as it has been overshadowed by Students for Concealed Carry and Turning Point USA. This helps prepare young activists to defend the Second Amendment. The National Rifle Association also features the NRA Collegiate Coalition and employs Campus Coordinators. While many of those involved in these programs are not household names like Ms. Okafor yet, you can bet they will be involved in the defense of our freedoms in the future.

Defending the Second Amendment in school can be a tough row to hoe, and you can bet hostile administrators and teachers will look for excuses to wreck the future of a high school or college student for supporting the Second Amendment (the method may be something unrelated and way in the past). However, looking over these groups of young pro-Second Amendment activists, it is safe to assume that that the fight for the Second Amendment is in very good hands for the future.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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Jonathan Lemaire

Scared white Christian Fox News viewers on the right, thanks for all the profits buying overpriced guns every time a Democrat is in office! Thanks for believing the bovine excrement the NRA spews, it’ll pay for my kids college! Thanks for being skeered that Liberals are coming for yet guns, keep watching Fox and slurping up the lies Trump vomits daily upon our Constitution! Oh and make sure you open carry so those of us who conceal know who to Target first!!

Mr. Walkker

A quick trip to the wood shed will straighten this matter out. When does the trash truck arrive here? Anyone?


I am a gun owner, support 2A and RKBA, and additionally believe that the right to keep reasonable arms for home defense is an unenumerated right protected by the Ninth Amendment. As to the concerns outlined in this article, I would advise to focus pro-RKBA efforts toward non-partisan organizations, which are almost non-existent right now. You see, I am also a liberal Democrat, and for reasons beyond the scope of this discussion, will never vote Republican nor support a right wing organization. All of the organizations mentioned in the article are right wing, and that includes the NRA. The NRA… Read more »


The John Brown Gun Club is the hyper-violent wing of the terrorist organization known as Antifa. They stalk and threaten to kill people with the guns they carry. They aren’t exactly an organization anybody should openly admit to supporting unless you want to join a very short and special list.


They, along with Antifa, claim that they engage in community self-defense against violent white supremacists. I don’t like violent white supremacists, and my enemy’s enemy is sometimes my friend. White supremacists are constantly in the news for murder and assault. How often do you hear the same about the JBGC? My opinion is that you should worry about proven criminals with guns rather than wring your hands over those whose politics you disagree with. But your opinion is noted. OK, fine then, exclude that one group that I mentioned. My main point still stands. There are numerous of us on… Read more »

wayne aslesen

I’m with you on the second amendment but I think Trump is stumbling on it a little bit I don’t know if I trust him all the way.
The other thing I always find humorous is anti 2A people always refer to the word HUNTING and it has nothing to do with hunting. I also feel that law abiding citizens should be allowed to have as much fire power as military.

Charles Hall

I’m a firm believer in the second amendment ,it’s like this in ww2 Japanese general yomamoto is said to say Japan could not invade the US because there would be someone with a weapon behind every blade of grass.That is why this is why we have not been invaded yet.

Fred Atencio

I am a firm believer in the second amendment. I am also not Republican nor am i Democrat. I am an individual who likes to know all the facts. I do not blindly follow any political party. Neither does the second amendment. It is written for all Americans to protect themselves. It also keeps our shores safe from foreign invasion. As long as we are able to protect our family and communities we need not worry about sneak attacks from our enemies

S Turner

The 2nd amendment was written at a time when a lot of people lived in rural areas where there not organized police forces or military close by to protect them. They also hunted for food. The founding fathers never would have dreamed of the vicious weapons we have created today. I don’t have a problem with a handgun or hunting rifle. I do have a problem with private citizens having military grade weapons. Your assault rifle is not going to be a deterrent to foreign missiles or Russian planes dropping bombs. Nearly all of the shootings in the US have… Read more »


I find it quite ironic that you say American citizens shouldn’t own military weapons then list ones not available to the public (bombs and nukes)
You then ask where are we with our guns when… Then list gun-free zones

The founding fathers wrote the 2nd so Americans could protect themselves from ALL enemies, foreign and domestic.

The 2nd protects the rest.

And most of those white men you’re talking about where liberals, and happened in gun free as zones. There’s nothing in the 2nd amendment or the Constitution about hunting. The thing you seem to forget is when they wrote that, is they had just gotten out of a war with a foreign power. They needed the 2nd amendment to protect Future generations, that’s us.


“The founding fathers never would have dreamed of the vicious weapons we have created today.” Wrong, they tried to purchase the closest thing they could to them, but were deterred by cost. Commonly firearms rights advocates will respond to claims such as yours with mention of either the Puckle Gun or the Girandoni Air Rifle. The Puckle Gun is a poor example because it is a manually operated revolving action, was developed 50 years prior to the Revolutionary War and there is no evidence it was used in battle at all, let alone ever even present on the North American… Read more »


If you knew half as much as you claim about the 2A you would realize that the 2A was more about protection from domestic enemies in a corrupt government that anything related to foreign invasion or even self defense from criminals.

William McAtee

Ever notice that the main stream media and leftists treat 2A supporters exactly like they do Christians? Both groups are demonized and to roughly the same extent.

Jeff Davis

The 2A s a god given right. No support necessary. You can’t legally take that right away! You could say a new generation of pro U.S. Constitution youth are growing. Or, since those against the U.S. Constitution are communist politicians, communist lawyers, and communist useful idiots, you could say a new generation of anti communists are growing.


To those young and upcoming defenders of our GOD GIVEN RIGHT(S) 2A must beware of the people who want to take our rights away:


TRUMP 2020 TRUMP2020 TRUMP2020


That’s ironic, a 2A supporter who supports the president who’s done more to remove our 2nd Amendment rights than any of the above mentioned groups.

Trump is not a pro 2A President, and if he continues to attack our 2nd amendment rights he’ll lose the election.

You should remove your hypocritical statement.

Jeff Mehl

Trump is anti-2A? Really? He may not be an activist but he’s certainly not anti-gun! If he did nothing else, his appointing Conservative justices on the federal bench, not to mention the last two Supreme Court justices, will serve us well for the next generation. I understand the “slippery slope” concept that if you’re not furious over the bump stock ban then you’re a Fudd, but that’s way over-used and not the way things are done politically – and that’s the world he’s in, so give him a break. I have two questions for you: 1) If you’re not going… Read more »

Gregory Romeu


wayne aslesen

I’m with you on the second amendment but I think Trump is stumbling on it a little bit I don’t know if I trust him all the way.

Barry Hirsh

They’re trap and skeet shooters. Are they Fudds?

‘Cause Fudds aren’t Second Amendment supporters. Not really.

If you don’t support owning, carrying and using handguns, DAILY, you ain’t no Second Amendment supporter.

Not really.

Barry Hirsh

Disregard. I get all knee-jerk whenever I see over-under shotgun shooters represented as ‘core’ 2A advocates. But after I got my knee under control, I read the whole article.


They rescinded the Harvard admission of Kyle Kushev, the Parkland shooting survivor who is pro 2 A.
Yet the Parkland pencil neck geek who is anti 2 A has a spot at Harvard.
In spite of grades so low be got accepted nowhere else.
I worry for the future until I look at my kids and their friends.
You will never see a better mannered, well dressed, gun shooting, fishing, lacrosse playing, snap chatting bunch of kids.
All headed to University or the Navy.
These are the future leaders of America.
Along with the kids pictured above in the article


Even if 100 percent committed they are going to be further outnumbered. With each generation or every ten years the support for the Constitution is further diluted.

Guesty McGuesterson

That’s some nice fatalism, there, Jason. Should we all just give up, then? Did the Founders allow the British to roll over them forever?

The sheep in the proverbial “two wolves and a sheep discussing dinner” anecdote is also outnumbered, but keeps the wolves at bay. Remember that in this political battle, we’re the ones who are armed.

Wild Bill

@Jaybird, Lets give them some help. Lets get pro-Constitution legislators elected; pro-Constitution Judges appointed; new and more fun shooting games created; and reduce the number of purpose subverting officers in our Second Amendment defending organizations.

Jack A Furbush

Your 100% wrong. The real Americans in this country vastly out number the pukes that are doing thire best to destroy the world’s greatest nation. The impression that the left tires too give Americans is they are the majority and the future of America. BULLSHIT. I’ve raised my son’s and Grandson to be Americans. Millions of us are doing the very same thing. Just because the liberal left owns the media and educational system for the moment don’t mean they own America. I don’t watch the view or read the New York Times, nither does anybody else I associate with.… Read more »

Jonathan Lemaire

Sorry bubba but Trump is the fascist party, the rest of us are antifascist, hell my grandad killed fascists he didn’t vote for them! Look up the definition of fascism, and us liberal gun owners lol at the skeered old undereducated Fox news viewers, y’all believe anything!!

Geary Mcdevitt

Most of the growing firearms owners are 20 to 30 crowd from what I have seen. The biggest problem is getting them active, and getting them to vote. The left has always been good at recruiting, although with lies, and victimization, but they get out the vote.

Jonathan Lemaire

All the best gun collections I know of are owned by Democrats! You talk lies, while Trump spews hundreds daily…

Richard Zakosky

One thing about everything is that try to appeal your conviction and don’t fall in a set up trap like I did where a judge Cash in a favorite for the VA hospital in San Diego CA.

henry bowman

Yeah, show my how they vote and let that be the determination of if they are supporters of the 2nd Amendment.


Yeah, like the next generation that wrote legislation to take away our rights in Oregon. Like the generation who would have elected Bernie if it hadn’t been for election meddling by Hitliary Klinkton. Like the generation who’s bullying has brought about mass murders in their schools..and they want to lower the voting age to 16. It’s gonna take more that a couple of small groups of 2A supporters to educate the “next generation”. I say re-instate the draft!


Draft is reinstated as of March 1st and it includes women this time since they demand rights and equality.
More info to come out later. Active draft pending as clock winds down.
Shhh, don’t let anybody know what I just told you it’s a secret.
But yeah DRAFT EM!


I would agree with the draft in the days of past. The draft aged people now are so mommyfied they would end up making babysitters out of drill sergeants and the upper classes of military. Don’t forget, Trump put a stop on gays and transgenders. That lowers the field of choice, in other words not as many available for the draft.


Draft gays and trannies before they transition and feminists since we are witness to their destructive qualities dispatch them to hostile countries like Iran. They say they have more rights by those laws so we’re going to see if they can survive.


Drill Sergeants are already half wat to being baby sitters with the “stress cards” todays recruits have. Basic training is SUPPOSED to be stressful. Before reintroducing the draft, we need to return the Drill Sergeants “guts.” (No disrespect intended to Drill Sergeants. The changes are not their fault.)