Open Letter From a Concerned Fellow NRA Ring of Freedom Member

We the People of the NRA
Open Letter From a Concerned Fellow NRA Ring of Freedom Member

USA – -( My name is Marita Dell’Aquila. I am a Patriot life member of the NRA, a Founding Member of the Hunter’s Leadership Forum, a member of the Women’s Leadership Forum, and a member of the Ring of Freedom Heston Society. I write this as a concerned member who is seeking your help to enact leadership change at the NRA.

No doubt you have read the recent reports of the organization’s unnecessary spending and misuse of donor funds. My husband and I, as well as a multitude of other donors, members and “trusted Board Members“, feel betrayed by the very people who were given the fiduciary responsibility to spend our contributions wisely to defend our Second Amendment rights.

Private jets to the Bahama’s and over $240,000 of Italian suits purchased at a Beverly Hills boutique is not what any of us imagined was transpiring behind the scenes at the NRA!

Additionally, it is alleged that one or more top executives at the NRA are “double dipping.” That is, they are receiving payment in the form of kickbacks or some other compensation in return for sending business to Ackerman-McQueen, the Mercury Group, etc. [and now the Brewer Lawfirm at a $1,000,000+ a month]. This behavior is outrageous, unethical, and could very well be illegal!

My husband and I are spearheading a grassroots effort to force a much-needed change of leadership. Wayne LaPierre must realize that the good of the organization and the ultimate survival of the NRA transcend the personal ambitions of any one person, including his own. We have contacted numerous donors – such as you[both big and small] – who have named the NRA in their estate planning; made significant cash contributions; are corporate sponsors; and/or advertise in NRA publications. Money is the motivating factor and we strongly believe that waiving the “carrot” that we all hold will be instrumental in our efforts to demand the change that we seek. Some have already changed their estate planning documents, some have withheld cash donations, and some have bailed out altogether until the NRA cleans up their act!

The plan is to write a pointed letter to every board member, outlining these changes, and listing the donors who demand the changes, and indicating the donor contribution amount that will be withdrawn if the following demands are ignored:

  • Wayne LaPierre, Executive Directors, Managing Directors, Officers resign & Josh Powell is fired;
  • Chris Cox is immediately re-instated and elevated to CEO and Executive Vice President;
  • The board of directors is reduced in size from 76 to 30 members;
  • Carolyn Meadows (President), Charles Cotton (First Vice President) and Willes Lee (2nd Vice President) resign from these positions;
  • Lt. Col. Allen West is appointed President;
  • All Presidents (past and future) of the NRA are restricted from remaining on the board of directors;
  • The September board meeting currently planned in Anchorage, Alaska, which includes a cruise, is immediately canceled and the location moved to NRA headquarters or a city in the central United States.

We believe the only way to stop this madness is to threaten to withdraw our planned giving and cash donations unless and until there is leadership change at the top. I am writing to ask if you agree. And, if you do, may I ask for your support in this effort? May I add your name to the list of donors who are willing to continue to donate to the NRA but ONLY if the changes outlined above are implemented?

Please visit the website that we created:

It summarizes the above and includes a petition that we will send to the Board of Directors.

This is all so sad for all of us. But, thankfully there are other organizations who will fight for our 2nd amendment rights and use our money judiciously should our plea for a change and re-righting of the ship falls of deaf ears.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. My hope is that we can turn this around and save the NRA from its own demise.


Marita Dell'Aquila

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    1. Microsoft just become the world’s most value company. How many members on the Board of Directors? I count 14 ( How can the NRA justify the number of BOD members they have now? Are the positions honorary? They have certainly failed to oversee the executives. They are also not performing their fiduciary duties to ensure the money is spent wisely.

      The current number of board members is ridiculous. The proposed change to 30 is a vast improvement. If can a trillion dollar multi-national company has only 14 members, how can the NRA justify more members?

      1. I wonder if scumbag Cox was ‘problem solving’ when promoting highly unconstitutional ERPO’s (Red Flag Laws) ! Was he leaving the 2A ‘more secure than he found it’ while calling for bump stocks to be banned ? Several years ago Cox tried his best to sabotage Open Carry in Texas too. That SOB is a legend in his own mind !

    2. POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY, I am a NRA Life Endowment member and have not a will not donate any money to the NRA until they have changed their Washington political ways!! All of them need to leave with no compensation at all!! They have allowed themselves to be corrupted by the same SWAMP CREATURES THEY SAID THEY WERE GOING TO FIGHT!! I now support GOA and I am now a Life Member with them and MAY THEY NOT BE CORRUPTED AS WELL!!

    3. If she were to replace Chris Cox’s name with Jeff Knox’s name I would give her proposal more attention.

      As it stands one must ask, for how many years did Chris Cox watch Wayne LaPierre drive NRA into the ditch and say nothing?

      President Jimmy Carter once asked something like “If being a Christian was a crime, would a prosecutor be able to collect enough evidence to convict you? In the case of both LaPierre and Cox, the evidence to convict them of being RKBA supporters just isn’t there.

      Further, when are we going to hear a credible explanation of Mr. LaPierre’s “kept” intern?

    4. Considering how crucial these times are for defending law-abiding citizen’s gun rights, you would believe we are being sabotaged. Our opponents are gloating.

      1. It’s a shame that LaPierre and Cox we’re allowed to destroy the NRA and betray its members and the 2A. The GOA is actively working to reverse the damage the NRA caused and created to our 2A freedoms. GOA will get the bump stock ban reversed that was fully supported by the NRA. The GOA is involved in litigation around the country to rid us of ‘Red Flag Laws’ that directly violate the constitution,due process concerns. Again,ERPO’s was fully supported by the NRA. etc.,etc. Join GOA !

    5. Marita,
      Thank you for taking the initiative. The organization needs to be saved. Who ever heard of some of these benefits? Lapierre sounds like hitler or ede amin. No more funds period. I am a 50 year lifer so I can’t cancel but it is time to empty the trash and move forward.

    6. Had me interested right up to the point of “Chris Cox is immediately re-instated and elevated to CEO and Executive Vice President”
      Chris Cox not only supports but advocates for Emergency Risk Protection Orders (ERPO) better known as RED FLAG LAWS. He has no place in the fight for the 2nd amendment (or any other gun rights) if he pushes for these highly unconstitutional assaults on the Bill Of Rights. WLP may be a crooked and shady as a congressman, but Cox is an enemy of the POTG and The Constitution of The United States.

    7. @ GMB I agree with you, not one penny more until they get this act together and do away with the current band of misusers. I have donated enough during the years to be able to say this. I won’t contribute if they leave the voting to only life members, either. I never became a life member because I don’t know how long life is, it could end tomorrow. I received my second notice for renewal but it went the same place the first notice went.

    8. 5 million (or 4, or 3 or 2?) NRA members and then there is the “I’m pissed OFF committee ” of a hundred or so that regularly spouts their choice words, or not so choice words, on forums like this one for the rest of us. I could quote the constitution or the Bible on this page and these same “concerned “individuals would find something about it to complain about.

      THE NRA has become so relevant because it became a political player. If it had not, no one would give them the time of day. With politics, you have sides and you have issues. In politics, you never get all you want because both sides have to get something. Politicians choose and plan their battles wisely .

      This proposal from Marita Dell’Aquila has merits and should be considered. If the issue is with Chris Cox, with new checks and balances and a more “open” leadership protocol should alleviate our concerns. He is more than qualified to pick
      up the pieces and continue in the work that a political organization needs. Besides, he may not even want the job.
      Internal fighting has been a strategy for enemies of nations, institutions and organizations for as long as there has been people on this planet. It started with Cain and Able.

      Yes, there are other gun groups and they are doing good work but it would take decades, if ever, for them to establish the same level of name recognition and lobbying influence as the NRA. In organized sports, in military might, in any just cause, a united front is what wins. A revitalized and reorganized NRA would send a powerful message to opponents of liberty and freedom around the world that we, members of the NRA, are here to stay and together we will keep fighting.

      1. @BM, I want to say up front that I am not complaining or anything, but I am wondering which enemy nation was backing Cain, and which enemy nation was backing Able? Did the one backing Able get their money back?

      2. There are differences of opinion in every large organization, that is to be expected, especially so in one with as large and diverse a board as the NRA. However, seeking to remove and neuter board members with valid governance concerns, particularly regarding potential impropriety does not pass the smell test. If everything was being done above board and on the up and up, all of this idiotic secrecy, palace intrigue, and nefarious tactics wouldn’t be necessary. The usual line issued by the board to shut up dissent is that they are trying to keep Bloomberg and his goons at bay. They have used this reasoning time and time again to consolidate power and add additional barriers to the members ability to effect change to the leadership and on the organization, Well they can’t use that reasoning this time. The board members they have chosen to attack include some of the most politically active grassroots activists on the board, people who have gone up against Bloomberg and his minions time and time again. Apparently the new approach they are going to take to get the membership to “shut up and go away” is that trying to fix the problems in the NRA that have led to numerous AG’s opening investigations is apparently “divisive,” because milking the NRA like a big fat cash cow isn’t “divisive” I guess. In the plain light of day these actions by the cabal are not those of well intentioned or above board governance. They are clearly trying to squash dissent by disimpowering the people WE elected to represent US.

    9. I like most of the plan, especially getting rid of LaPierre. Good luck and when LaPierre is gone, I, along with hundreds of thousands of others who stopped supporting his NRA B.S., will be back.

    10. We need a pitbull to be the spokesperson for the NRA. No names come to mind now, but there are many qualified for the job. Wayne needs to be forced out at this point…the pleasantries are done…kick his ass to the curb and bring in the reinforcements…and the new mantra at the NRA should be “TAKE NO PRISONERS”

            1. The only way Wayne leaves is with some form of payout(extorted), plus a large group of benefactors(donors) holding the NRA for ransom, including the board members(pussies) putting their foot down.

              It will get messy before we see any improvement. Wayne is still in the power tripping mode, but reality will set in soon.

            2. @Renov8, Yeah, why didn’t I think of that. Instead of forcing him out, just bribe him to leave. No fuss, no muss!

            3. How do you suppose to bribe him ? Check out his golden umbrella . He keeps getting what he is getting now plus becomes a consultant . The only guy I ever heard of who got better than that was the crocked CEO of the utility I retired from . He had a rider that the company would pay for any expenses resulting from any and all law suits involving him . When the company tried to sue him , they ended up paying his expenses as well as their’s .

    11. Cox is as bad as LaPierre and he needs to be kept out of and away from the NRA! Make Col. West the CEO/EVP, he has the leadership and organizational experience!! Then DRAFT Josh Brownell as NRA President!!

      1. The way the NRA is behaving these days, it is transforming to become the National Socialist Workers Party. Everyone has to obey the Dear Leader or be purged.

          1. I am a GOA member. I am also a member of the SAF and the FPC. I am also an NRA Endowment Life member.

            This discussion is about changing the NRA! Withholding funds until they do seems to be the best approach.

            We need to have the discussion about what we do when Wayne and his clan leave the building and we need to have this discussion now.

    12. Ok Everybody. As more come here I wanted to offer an idea about reforming the board.

      I have this warning sounding in the back of my head about a direct member vote for president. “Mob Rule.” If we go that route, then as more and more idiots join(Especially from states like California) who favor a little bit of gun control, the left could come in and take over the NRA in an instant just by joining. So what about this?

      How about a 25 member board.
      1.Each board Member covers two states(Concurrent), and is elected from members resident in those states.
      2.Term limits are set at 5 years(2 maximum), with 20 percent being elected each year.
      3.Executive and leadership positions are term limited to 3 years, with two terms max
      4. salary caps for any leadership position set at $200K for the next 20 years no matter what reason
      a. President has a $150K cap (It shouldn’t be about the money, make em take a pay hit to weed out some of the idiots)
      b. The board after the 20 year raise ban may only adjust raises once per term, and only by 3% increments.
      c. The Board may not institute a Raise for itself or future boards. Raise proposals(3%) if there is any Salary must be presented to life members to vote up or down based on performance, and once every five years the Life Members can vote in a pay cut(up to 10%). (Make the board more directly accountable hitting them where it hurts
      5.To act as the Silent leader of the board, a position held voted in by all Members, Auditor of the NRA Keeping tabs records, and presenting information about Spending use of Dues for a single 5 year term.

      It’s not perfect, but it may offer a way to hold the board accountable, limit its size to a manageable and directly accountable number, and place more power back into the hands of the membership without setting up a system that may self implode in a few years. And it is based on the Constitutional principles we are fighting for.

      1. I agree that a direct vote for NRA Officers is stupid, but for a different reason. It leads to pure populism. I still think that the members should be involved, though, through Board elections.

        The NRA Executive Vice President hasn’t been truly elected for quite a while. Wayne LaPierre just got his “unanimous” approval by his sycophants on the Board. Similarly, the NRA President hasn’t been truly elected for quite a while. He was selected by the same sycophants on the Board. Let’s not just replace the sycophants on the Board by big donors.

        As for the common argument of needing safeguards against an attack from within, that is exactly what the NRA Board is supposed to do. It is called oversight. The NRA Board has the power to fire any NRA Officer.

        NRA Board members should never be paid by the NRA nonprofit organization that they are supposed to oversee to avoid conflicts of interest. Travel reimbursement is a different thing. NRA Board members should be held accountable in elections and a recall option should exist in the bylaws.

        The geographical representation is a tricky issue. Should the NRA Board provide geographical representation, or should there be geographical representation through NRA Officers? Should each state even have its own NRA chapter?

        In any case, these discussions are important and need to be held now!

          1. @Vanns40

            Been saying it for a while now, Chris Cox and Wayne Lapierre go together like index and middle fingers. Cox was one of the main ones pushing for issues like Red Flag legislation and advising Trump on his unconstitutional implementation of his executive authority on bump stocks by use of bureaucracy.

            Absolutely no Chris Cox!

        1. @Charlie Foxtrot

          That’s why I’m trying to get people to start thinking and brainstorming. I completely agree with you that there should be no pay incentive involved, but lest it work its way in why not have a suggested 20 year cap to limit any proposals for such by having people already thinking about them being non existant or limited from the start and not to mention the biggest suggestion I made.

          No Salary can be passed for the position of the group passing it, and the members are in control over levels and cuts right from the start, whether that is $0 or up to the limit. I listed it for a reason even though I don’t want it.

    13. Chris Cox reinstated ? That’s ludicrous ! Cox and LaPierre are two sides of the same coin and have destroyed the NRA. Remember Cox touting and embracing Red Flag Laws ? Cox reinstated ? I think not. My money goes to GOA !

    14. It’s a good start, but I disagree with bringing back Chris Cox, as he has tainted himself with the joint statement on bump stocks and his video on supporting red flag laws.

      I especially disagree with big donors deciding who leads the NRA. If voting members have no voice in this and only big money speaks, we are just back to the good old NRA and its corruption as usual.

      I actually agree with bringing in Allen West, because he actually spoke up, publicly. However, he may not be available for that job as he is exploring running for the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

      No matter who will lead the NRA after the LaPierre clan has left the building, it likely needs to be an interim management that enacts reforms and transitions the NRA, such that the members have a voice, the Board actually provides oversight, and Director and Officer positions are term limited. This may be Chris Cox, but he will have a hard time convincing anyone that he is not just the new king.

      1. @CF, I agree. What we need at NRA is someone that is guaranteed honest. No “players”, perfumed princes, or party hacks. And that describes about four million of the five million NRA members.

        1. That NRA 5 million member magic number has been around for years now. I really doubt that while we speak it’s anywhere near that,assuming it ever was. NRA membership and donations is in absolute nose dive. Join GOA !

          1. @Will, Ok, perhaps I should have written, “What we need at NRA is someone that is guaranteed honest. No “players”, perfumed princes, or party hacks. And that describes about eighty percent of the NRA members, how many ever there might be.”

            1. @WB,I wasn’t attacking your comment at all. I guess you could say I was speaking in general terms.

            2. @Will, I took no offense. Your comment caused me to pause and think of a better way to express myself. There are so many honest and selfless NRA members that we need not put up with the people that are in the power positions, now. I am sure that we could find new leadership among the members, what ever the numbers or percentages of the total might be.
              Well, gentlemen, tomorrow is another work filled day.

            3. @WB…Looks like you have weather headed in . Good luck keep your powder dry and a boat tied to the front porch . We finally dried out enough around here to harvest wheat , and put hay down yesterday . Hope it stays dry long enough to get it out of the field . I dumped a measured 30 inches of rain out of the guage from may 5 to june 5. Good luck

            4. @OV, Yes, we got hit hard. Minor structure damage, but some of the peach trees got snapped off. Strange because we got the peaches in last week and the trees were not as vulnerable as when they are heavy with fruit. No animal or staff injuries. Cat refused to leave the barn for three days. Mice most distressed.
              Regards to Sammy.

      2. @Charlie Foxtrot

        Stated the Same sentiment to another individual over a week ago. Even referenced Chris Cox as one of the individuals in the NRA pushing for Red Flag legislation.

        The problem is many of the same players want to keep familiar and “Friendly” faces with whom they can cooperate with.

        If they removed Chris Cox from the demand list, I’d visit their site. What I would actually like to see though is unlikely to happen.

        1. After seeing Cox’s video promoting Red Flag laws, I am hard pressed to support anyone who wants him back. Make me wonder what are Marita’s thoughts on the matter.

      3. Yeah, Cox is just LaPierre II.

        As for who else, I say go all the way and give Knox the job (or at least someone who will consult him heavily). He and his dad have been at this the longest, and Knox knows who needs to go, what needs to be fixed and what needs to be axed.

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