Walmart Caves to Anti-Gun Groups

Walmart Caves To Anti-Gun Groups , iStock-494315703
Walmart Caves To Anti-Gun Groups , iStock-494315703

U.S.A.-( Walmart has given into the anti-gun movement and will stop selling handgun ammunition, and .223/5.56 caliber ammunition. They have also asked their customers to stop open carrying in their stores.

The decision came after weeks of pressure from anti-gun groups who used the shooting in an El Paso, Texas Walmart as an excuse to push their agenda on the retail giant. According to Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, the chain will also put pressure on Congress to change gun laws.

“It’s clear to us that the status quo is unacceptable,” McMillon said in a memo to employees on Tuesday.

McMillon said he was avoiding alienating customers on both sides of the gun debate. A goal that gun-rights activist said the company has severely missed.

“We will treat law-abiding customers with respect, and we will have a very non-confrontational approach,” McMillon said. “Our remaining assortment will be even more focused on the needs of hunting and sport shooting enthusiasts.”

Gun owners do not see Walmart’s decision as treating them respect. By pushing the Government to take away its customer’s rights, it seems that Walmart is disrespecting their customers.

Walmart sees its decision as a way of balancing their customer’s rights with the safety of their customers and workers. Walmart did not go into any detail on how stopping the sales of certain ammunition keeps customers and employees safe.

Gun Owners of America Senior Vice President Erich Pratt thinks those that decided to stop selling the ammunition do not understand guns and firearms usage. The leadership at Walmart ignored the defensive usage of firearms and incorrectly use the term “SBR” in multiple places leading many to wonder if the company knows what is an SBR.

“It is disappointing to see WalMart ignoring the fact that guns are used more often to save lives than to take life,” Pratt told AmmoLand via email. “Their decision to restrict gun and ammunition sales will have the opposite effect and will not make people safer.”

“Moreover, their statement that they are discontinuing the sales of ‘short barrel rifle ammo’ is just amateurish, because there is no such thing as ‘short barrel rifle ammo.’ There is just ammunition. And any ammo that can fit in a ‘long-barreled rifle’ can also fit in a ‘short-barreled rifle.'”

“Speaking of ‘short-barreled rifles,’ any rifle that has a barrel of less than 16″ is considered an SBR (a Short-Barreled Rifle) and is HIGHLY REGULATED by the Federal Government under the NFA (National Firearms Act). I believe that I can accurately say that there is NO WALMART IN THE NATION that is selling SBRs. So, it seems that the people making the policy decisions at Walmart have virtually no familiarity with firearms or ammunition.”

Walmart currently sells 20% of all ammunition in the country. The companies own forecast has this number dropping to 6% to 9% once the stores deplete their current stock.

Walmart will also stop selling handguns in Alaska. Alaska is the only state that Walmart still sells handguns. In the Alaskan wilderness, residents see handguns as a necessity to remain safe.

In the months after the New Town shooting, Bloomberg-backed, anti-gun groups pressured Walmart to stop selling the ever-popular AR-15 sporting rifle. Gun-rights advocates see the Walmart decision as bending to the pressure of well-funded anti-gun lobby groups.

Walmart did not return AmmoLand’s request for comment.

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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Ansel Hazen

We need an in your face pro gun pro constitution pro right wing values retailer. Anyone who does it could easily grow as big as WalMart or Amazon.And while we are at it someone should code a search engine for all of us that blocks hits from fake news sites. Let’s start playing their game and see how they like it.


OK. That’s it. No more Walmart…..Unless the pressure they put on Congress is to change gun laws to expand gun rights.

I agree that the status quo is unacceptable, but the antis’ proposals are even more so.

Wild Bill

According to Tucker Carlson, Walmart cost American 400,000 jobs, ruining small stores and gutting small towns all across America. That in itself should be enough to never go into a Walmart.
Ninety-one percent of Walmart merchandise is made in China. That in itself is enough to never go into a Walmart, again.
Walmart acts against our Second Amendment enumerated and enshrined civil rights/ privileges/ immunities/liberties. That is enough to never go into a Walmart, again.


Another added to the “DOES NOT EXIST” list on my fridge…. WalMart does legal background checks, none the shooter(s) have purchased their weapons at Walmart, NOR their ammunition… WHY SCREW YOUR CUSTOMERS ? So Walmart now caters to the left……… Yeah, they are DONE as far as I (or my family) am concerned.


Will Walmart now stop selling tires to prevent drunk driving deaths?

Wild Bill

@OV, Yes, ban dive boat violence! If even one reveling partier would be saved, etc, etc.


Walmart does not offer anything that I cannot find elsewhere. They do have nice prices on some things but I don’t care.

They have made the decision to be Dicks.


I just contacted their website and informed them I would take my business else-where..any-one else care to?

Wild Bill

@free, That is a hell of a good idea!


I went to the page of a discontinued product, In the brand I put Hornandy, for the UPC code I just run the number sequence for 12 digits, then I left my comment!

Autsin Miller III

I did the same thing yesterday. Everyone needs to go the website, customer service and let them know there are consequences to their bottom line! Thanks freewill, I’m with you.


It’s been said: If we dont hang together, we’ll certainly hang

Rock R

Walmart has hurt a lot of “American” businesses and since they stopped the “Buy American products” years ago, has become nothing more than China Headquarters, and Sweet Shop Haven… In case anyone just crawled out from under a bolder today, you can get ammo and guns online a lot cheaper than Walmart… Which is probably why they want to give up selling them anyway cause the manufacturers would not put them on their shelves on consignment and at a cheaper price than they sell to everyone else, the two requirements that Walmart always wants sellers to do… One thing you… Read more »


I know in NH the 5.56 ammo at Walmart is cheaper a little less than online and I don’t pay shipping and haz-Mat fees

Rock R

There is no hazmat fees on complete ammunition, can’t send it on an airplane, but they ground ship all the time… Only hazmat fee is on Gun powder and maybe primers but i buy them together most of the time and only pay one hazmat fee… Sportsman Guide will sell you one box or a ton of ammo, never paid a hazmat fee and always beat Walmart when I even looked in Walmart… Plus with membership and discounts and a lot of times free shipping, I always have come out better than my local Walmart years ago when I even… Read more »


watch for the deal of the day on this site, better prices than walmart with free shipping!…scroll up to toward the top, 2000 rds 115 gr 9mm less than 300 bucks


This is not surprising. They have to much cash just like Dicks, Amazon and the NRA. The big problem here is that the people they rely on for sales are the people they are coming out against. They estimate their sales of ammo will go down to 9% but they forgot to figure how much their other products will go down. No guns on premise means the same thing as a no guns sign. Are they going to willingly pay the survivors when some crazy shoots the place up? No safety in going in there. That’s ok we don’t need… Read more »


I only started to shop at Walmart on a regular basis about a year ago. Well, guess what? I control how I spend my hard-earned money and it will NOT go to spineless corporate execs. They made a decision to exclude me from shopping there and I will comply. There are other stores that have a wide selection of products, and many more of them are American-made. I am taking my business elsewhere, even if my drive is a little farther.

Good bye, Walmart, and good riddance.

The other Jim

No more Levi’s, no more Dick’s Sporting Goods, no more Walmart. You can’t get all your Prescription Medication at Walmart anymore either; Walmart Executives decided most medical doctors don’t know what they are doing and are not qualified to write certain medication prescriptions so they no longer sell all the medications one may need. I had to change my pharmacy so between copays and insurance Walmart is loosing $4,000 per year or so, but much more as I use to drop another $50 to $100 in food and specifically these most popular ammunition’s. By miss management and chasing away it’s… Read more »


“In the Alaskan wilderness, residents see handguns as a necessity to remain safe.” No kidding. Guess what? The people in the rest of the country need handguns to remain safe as well, and the inexpensive practice ammo that we used to be able to get from Walmart. Thanks for leaving us out in the cold, Walmart. Thanks for not giving a crap about anyone but your leftist masters and their pistol-armed security personnel. No more purchases from Walmart for my family. You are done, as far as we are concerned. But we will remember you, when the time comes.

Capn Dad

Like Dick’s Walmart will never see my cash again. I see where Kroger’s has also banned open carry in its stores. I for one do not open carry as I don’t feel the need to advertise my business to low lifes who shop the same places I do however the list of anti America businesses is going to grow because of this. In the end we all know where all this is going so the inevitability looms large. After much thought I always arrive at the same conclusion….prepare.


I know a lot of people think that complaining to Wal Mart won’t get you anywhere on something like this but if you don’t speak up you’ll never be heard. This is how the gun grabbers get it done. Go to Wal Mart’s web site, click contact us, click contact stores then click on the email customer service link and type a clear concise non-threatening complaint about how WalMart’s new ammo policy is wrong and hurts Americans. When you receive their reply, and you will, use their own words against them. Liberal gun grabbers inundate corporate emails and messengers until… Read more »

Wild Bill

@ed, the same amount of guns and ammunition will still get sold. It will, just, be purchased from other vendors. This should help the local gun store and every gun show.


Never liked Walmart. I’ve seen it put a lot of locals out of business when they put a store in a small community and in one case in New Mexico, the locals banned together and prevented a Walmart from opening. In Texas, I reviewed a report for the state on a new Walmart that received Federal Funds to buy land and build a new store! I questioned this and was told there was nothing Texas could do about it as it was Federal funding. Walmart being funded by the Federal government? Big business in this country isn’t about Capitalism, which… Read more »

Wild Bill

@JPM, Look on the bright side. If Walmart gets out of the firearms and ammunition business, then that should help “Mom and Pop” gun stores and gun shows. Everything that Wallmart gets out of should, in theory, help local business and small towns.


Just makes it better for online and local gun shop owners! I never got that much from Walmarts anyway!


Well America, let’s see how “Wally Mart’s” profits benefit from sales to “food stamp” holders only! Maybe “WIC” can keep their profits up! Boycott hell, just plain don’t go!


A great day for all the gunshops as Walmart could sell ammo for less than the shops could buy it.


they have done this before and caved in under a year…. $$$$$$$ talks and BS walks and the anti crowd is full of it….

Ryben Flynn

I reload my ammo, so haven’t bought any at Walmart. Over 1500 rounds of .22LR from last year Black Friday at Bass Pro. Last year I bought a Savage/Stevens 20 Gauge because it was only $130. Before they changed the age policy I bought a few rifles from them but no longer have those. Sold them to buy parts to build ARs. Anyway, the closest 3 Walmarts to me are 40 to 50 mile round trips, so local or online shopping from now on. I guess Amazon will be getting more business from me, free shipping in most cases and… Read more »


Ryben, yes, reloading is the way to go.

Wild Bill

@RY and 52, Yep, I buy my materials at the gun show … with cash.


Mybe we should go in and every Chinese label ends up on floor,accidentally, Bring on the tariffs.

Wild Bill

@USA, it is just another proof that gravity exists academically speaking.


China has the worlds largest population, Billions of people, that lead paint didnt hurt their kids any, just sayin

Wild Bill

@free, presuming that Chinese kids get toys destined for the American market, we would never know if Chinese kids were being harmed by lead based paints.


They say the Chinese are very wise, its very possible they could send select toys here, theyre very patient too!..but I would sooner think if they make them they would sell them there also


@Oldvet, ..Tax foreigners not us!..before Roosevelts new deal, one had to be wealthly to buy something from China,now you have to be poor to buy all that cheap sh%#


@Oldvet.. we imported alot of firearms from China back in the 1980s, I joked around about them selling us guns that dont shoot so they can invade 🙂


I fail to see the reasoning in stopping selling guns and ammo. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. If the depraved mind set is to kill someone they can get their gun elsewhere.


This is what started Kmarts down fall!..we stuck together an boycotted them when they stopped selling ammo due to the columbine shooting!

Dave C

Some here have misread Wal-Mart’s article. Open carry is NOT allowed, Licensed (if state requires) CONCEALED CARRY IS ALLOWED. They have this posted on the front door of our Wal-Mart.


Never shopped at Walmart much, just went there for the quality of people watching. The quality of their products suck. Closed the Walmart CC account today.

Wild Bill

@founded, Good for you, brother!


The best thing to do is order online anyway.. the sales tax is much cheaper and mainly a flat rate.. and the competition and selection is endless..

Wild Bill

@OV, I think that management goes to a special school for that. No one could be that dumb on their own!


We need Walmart about as bad as we need the Squad!!!
I think we need to start another political Party by the name The Patriot Party.
All the Pro Gun Republicans and Pro Gun Democrats and Pro Gun Independents would be Welcome.
Anyone found in the new Patriot Party to be Anti Second Amendment would be Hanged on Public Square.


You will still have people shopping there. As for me, there are other places. I haven’t shopped at Wally World for about 5 years


So riddle me this, Batman. If I, as a ccw holder, go into Wal-Mart wearing my G19 in a holster on my belt with a snug T-shirt over it, will that upset the Wal-Mart folks? Because anyone looking at my right side will be able to tell that I am carrying a firearm and yet it will be “concealed.” Or suppose that I wear the same set up with my shirt tucked in and a jacket over the firearm to conceal it. And then I reach up to get something off the top shelf and it becomes momentarily exposed; will… Read more »


Oldvet, 10 4 on that.


For a number of years now my carry gun is my LCP which rests in my back right pocket with a spare mag in the left front pocket.. Those were scenarios which could fit anyone, including me carrying a larger firearm.


At what point does/do Americans finally understand Walmart is a Deep State asset ? It will produce any narrative as if it’s legit. Known & proven long ago as Sam Walton’s history as a Freemason & rigged agenda. WOKE YET ?


I know in NH they have to post the door with no guns allowed and even then it is only saying they can ask you to leave. I open carry all the time as it is more comfortable for me than concealed carry. so I will continue to do so until they post the entrance. When they do I will get my bulk paper towel elsewhere. Target said the same thing a little while back but unless they do it for every store in the country then they can’t do it at one store.


I never got that much from Walmarts anyway! Here is another good article on this to read!