Thousands Sign Petition to Impeach WA Governor, Atty. General over Gun Control

Thousands Sign Petition to Impeach WA Governor, Atty. General over Gun Control
Thousands Sign Petition to Impeach WA Governor, Atty. General over Gun Control, photo from

U.S.A.-( Only days after Ammoland News reported new gun control proposals in Washington State, tens of thousands of residents have signed an on-line petition calling for the impeachment of Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson, both proponents of strict gun control, in the latest chapter of what appears to be a conservative insurrection.

The petition, started by a man identified as Austin Thornhill of Kennewick in the Tri-Cities area in Eastern Washington, is posted here. It declares:

“We the people of Washington State are calling for the impeachment of Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Governor Jay Inslee for not upholding the Oath of Office and protecting our State and Federal Constitution.

“Our Second Amendment has been under constant attack from these two elected officials and now they want to tell us what kind of weapons we can or can’t have and how many rounds we can hold in a magazine! Enough is enough it’s time for action before it’s to (sic) late.

“It’s time we take a stand against our Government and give it back to the people of our great state.”

The petition, which has no force of law, was launched Thursday, Dec. 12 and by the following Monday morning, had garnered more than 65,500 signatures, with more pouring in by the minute.

While Thornhill’s campaign can’t remove Inslee or Ferguson from office, it signals the growing frustration of Evergreen State gun owners, and beleaguered taxpayers angry over a separate issue involving $30 car license plate tabs and other taxes. This tax measure was passed overwhelmingly in all but a handful of counties.

Separately, the campaign to qualify Initiative 1094, which would repeal gun control Initiative 1639—passed in 2018—continued its momentum over the weekend with volunteer signature gatherers busy at several venues across Washington State, gathering thousands of signatures. Backers of that measure need at least 300,000 valid signatures by Christmas in order to qualify for presentation to the State Legislature next month.

Inslee and Ferguson have supported gun control measures in the past. Last year, in the early days of the I-1639 campaign, Ferguson endorsed the measure, which denies young adults the right to purchase semi-automatic rifles of any kind, requires registration and proof of training, a background check and invented a crime called “community endangerment.” It also created a definition of a “semiautomatic assault rifle,” which Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich declared earlier this year is a firearm that does not really exist.

Ferguson and Inslee last week announced their newest gun control proposals, which include a ban on the sale of so-called “assault weapons,” essentially affirming a Knezovich prediction.

Last winter, when fury over passage of I-1639 was just beginning to build, Knezovich told reporters the only reason to create a definition that is now included in statute was to make it possible to try banning such guns at some future date. It appears Washington gun owners didn’t have to wait long for that shoe to start dropping.

Ferguson and Inslee will also back bills to limit magazine capacity and require background checks for ammunition sales.

With Democrats in full control of the legislature and governor’s office, chances are good the legislation will pass, and even if it doesn’t, the Seattle-based Alliance for Gun Responsibility—a billionaire-backed gun prohibition lobbying group—could launch another initiative calling for such a ban.

The Alliance has backed a trio of gun control measures since 2014. Two of them, I-1639 and the earlier I-594, are blamed by many gun owners for the decline of monthly gun shows conducted by the Washington Arms Collectors and others around the state. Over the weekend, signature gatherers were busy at the WAC gun show, held at the Puyallup Fairgrounds.

Grassroots Second Amendment activists are planning lobbying and protest activities at the Capitol in Olympia Jan. 15-17. The event is being called “Patriots Occupy the Capital 2020.”

Washington is one of two states where gun owners have taken the offense against anti-rights politicians. In Virginia, scores of counties have declared themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuaries” in reaction to threats from the incoming Democrat majority in the legislature to press several new gun control proposals with anti-gun Gov. Ralph Northam eager to sign them.

One Virginia Democrat Congressman last week even suggested that Northam could call up the National Guard to enforce any gun control laws passed in Richmond next year. It only infuriated gun owners that much more, with the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms ripping Democrats for demagoguery.


WA Attorney General Ferguson Announces Sweeping Gun Control Agenda

About Dave WorkmanDave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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Deplorable Bill

Maybe, hopefully, they will get the idea BUT Bloomberg’s money goes a long ways. When I was a boy, my father told me how to test people for who they really are. He said; You give them enough rope to hang themselves with. Since this has already been done and in both people they have been found wanting….. Treason has a price. The courts should be put to task. Those who commit treason should be arrested, tried and put to death. This should be done as publically as possible to dissuade the other traitors of their evil deeds. IS THERE… Read more »


How many times did Bloomberg vote?


What’s it to ya?


He at least asked a valid question. lol

Heed the Call-up

Superman, I assume you are taking Kryptonite in the false belief you can develop a tolerance to it, but it appears you have started with too high a dosage; it’s killing your last few remaining brain cells.


How do you keep 12 Liberal progressives out of the state house? Hang one in the front.

Wild Bill

@DB, I agree, but I think you mean betrayal, rather than treason.


DeplorableBill: You’re another person who has no idea why the Second Amendment was placed into the Constitution. You believe the spoon-fed NRA pablum that it was put in place to protect us from a crooked government. It wasn’t. Meanwhile, NO ONE has committed treason!


It’s no coincidence that democrats are the leftist communists that have infiltrated government at every level. Their message is the same, disarm the American people and use any means to do it.
These vipers have turned our Constitution into a menu of pick and choose and only when it suits their agendas.
Term limits are necessary to eradicate lifetime career politicians from staying entrenched in our
system of government as evidenced today. This I believe is the reason there are so many anti-Constitution politicians. Its been said, “diapers and politicians need to be changed out for the same reasons”.


Guess who could bring up and vote on term limits–the same people in both parties that would be limited by them. The only thing that could change this disaster never intended by the founders is an amendment to the Constitution–but guess what bunch of elected people guide that process? We are stuck with these career politicos and in the case those like of Adam Shit and his Nazi legal type actions.


Article V The Convention of States would give the States power to change the Constitution. It takes 34 States to call for this, and any changes to the Constitution would have to be ratified by 38 States. So changes such as term limits could be imposed. Even possibly all laws limiting the 2nd amendment. It is a slow process but it is going on now with 15 States so far passing the resolution. It would be faster but we have our Government fighting against the States actually changing Government.


a Convention of States is VERY dangerous thing… are you s naif as to think the commie types would NOT go into hyperdrive to subvert such a move, and make the changes THEY want, defeating the ones WE want? Term limits won’t fix a thing.. witness the “squad” of freshman lawmakers. HOW could the voters elect such garbage? BEcause they are comatose, that’s why. One problem with limits is that once we DO finally manage to get a Good Guy in office, they’re gone in two terms. Thin Ron Paul consider all the good he was able to do after… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Blue, not quite correct. The states vote for a Constitutional Convention, and then their part is over. The Congress at that time would run the Constitutional Convention, and could do away with the BOR entirely. Too big of a risk.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Firearm.


Friend, your elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top does it? A Convention of the states would destroy the country overnight! How? the same reason that Washington state has gone to hell in a handbasket, same for Oregon and California, same for New York State, same for New Jersey, overwhelming population centers of Hardcore socialist who control the meme via the mainstream media, and the bureaucracies of those States! A Convention of the states would be controlled by the hardcore left population centers, fly over country would be utterly forced into nothingness! Second Amendment gone Fourth Amendment gone… Read more »

Wild Bill

, DJT, chased out about 40 rinos out of the last USHoR election. If, by the grace of God, we could capture the USHoR, this next election then we could make election fraud reform a reality. MC and a HNF.


Washington is ruled by the liberal population density of the Puget Sound area, which comprises three of the state’s 39 counties. Win those counties, and the rest of the state is under it’s control. If only the officials elected by the Puget Sound area would go after truly illegal activities and prosecute them to the fullest, including the death penalty (which has been taken off the books), lives would be saved. Now that the second amendment appears to mean little or nothing across the country, we can only assume that the first amendment (freedom of speech, religion, press, etc.) will… Read more »


this dynamic duo fail to remember their assigned tasks as public office holders. AtG is tasked with managing the judicial branch of government MAKING law is NOT in his bailiwisk. Da Guv is in charge of the executive branch, charged with ENFORCING the law enacted consistent with the United States and State of Washington constitutions. He does not MAKE lw, either. And NONE of the laws they are pushing down our throats are conssitient with either of those two documents.


Under democrat control, the petitions will go nowhere, they will be thrown out. What appears to be happening is the rise of democrat politicians against the people simply because they think they have the power to do so and believe the people will simply crumble under the weight of the democrat/communist power. The communists and the religion of peace have formed alliances before to take over the world, but failed in 1945. Then they failed in 2016, but they are now working to undo the political process here in this country before the next elections to gain the power of… Read more »


Vern, you are not only a gun nut, but a religious nut!


If you can look at the world and think you are the only one who has the truth of what brings peace and harmony through being a lefty, then you are a member of the religion of “know nothingism.” The know nothingism crowd are just as well armed as those on the right side of the Constitution of the United States of America. The know nothingism crowd believe the communist manifesto to be their bible and most of that crowd are completely ignorant of what is in their bible. They have been told they must vote for anything their masters… Read more »


@DBill, great post! I agree with every word. The problem with feeding anything though the court system is most of them are filled with treasonous judges! We keep hearing about all the Federal judges Trump has appointed (where are they), but every time a case is heard it’s outcome seems to be against the American people and the Constitution! SCOTUS doesn’t want to hear anything that puts them on the spot either. I believe if Clinton had won the election 2016 the Las Vegas shooting would never had happened! This was a deep state (CIA) act to put her agenda… Read more »

Wild Bill

@GUNS, Good news, brother! DJT has appointed 165, Constitution believing, new federal judges. He is draining the judicial swamp. DJT has appointed nearly a third of the 9th Circus with new, young, Constitution Supporting judges. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Firearm.


Guns R us: No judge is treasonous and to think so demonstrates how your mind has become polluted. Good Ole Days my ass!

Wild Bill

@andre, Technically correct. It is betrayal, not treason. Betrayal of the American people and the Constitution, and there are many of judges doing it. DJT is making great strides toward remedying that.

Ryben Flynn

The Governor cannot use the State National Guard to enforce civilian laws. See this article. Posse Comitatus Act and Related Matters: A Sketch www dot history dot navy dot mil/research/library/online-reading-room/title-list-alphabetically/p/posse-comitatus-act-and-related-matters-a-sketch.html Willfully Execute the Laws. The Act is limited to “willful” misuse of the Army or Air Force. The Senate version of the original Act would have limited proscription to “willful and knowing” violations, 7 Cong. Rec. 4302 (1878); the House version had no limitation, 7 Cong. Rec. 4181 (1878). The compromise which emerged from conference opted to forbid only willful violations, but nothing in the legislative history explains what the… Read more »


So exactly what good will a petition do? The next gov. and AG will be elected by the same leftist majority that elected these two clowns, and the same crap will continue to fester. Leftists have a majority in Washington State, Oregon, California, etc. and no matter what is done, that majority will continue to elect these anti-American, anti-Constitution asshats!


Be informed watch the (Convention of States 2019 summit). I have tried to leave a link four times to this but am not allowed to. Mark Levin is a Constitutional Scholar and Conservative. Make up your minds with this knowledge


Here in Colorado in order to rid ourselves of crooked politicians, a petition is circulated throughout the offenders jurisdiction for any reason or cause whatsoever… once the signatures reach a majority of those who elected him, he is instantly terminated. We last did it to the President of the State Senate back in 2013. It’s the law here. Instant Recall. ~JT


Add my entire family’s names to the list! That’s seven of us.


YES! It’s up to 75K now, I’m sending the link to anyone I know. Of course it will go nowhere, as the rule of law is all but eradicated from WA. The only law upheld here is by the kangaroo court system.


I am sorry, I am totally confused as to how these people were elected in the first place. I guess the majority were asleep at the wheel?

This is something I am very afraid of here in Florida. I am doing my best to wake everyone I can up. I just hope the samething will not happen here.


HOW were these twodeadbeats elected? Simple.. Lying media, big bux behind them from Bloombiurg and local billionaires add a large ration of comatose voters distract with petty side issues lots of dead people voting multiple times, due to refusal to clean up ancient voter registration rolls vote harvesting, particularlly amongst the homeless who plague Seattle and Olympia This election was simply a matter of progressing the corruption as time rolled on. We here well remember a few governors back when a decent guy won, but the queen candidatenwhined, pouted, threatened, demanded a recount, caused huge cartons of mail in balots… Read more »


I was born in Ballard, raised in the Everett Edmonds area, and graduated with my ba out of Western. Gone are the days of Dan Evans and Dixie Lee Ray, What we have now or nothing less than Stone Cold Marxists in charge in Olympia. I was raised a Scoop Jackson Democrat, by a couple of FDR Democrats who came of age during the Great Depression. The Democrats of that time have become Republicans or Independents of this time, because we reject the Marxist Tyranny of the modern Democrat Party. Unless there is a Virginia style Revolt by the majority… Read more »


The fact is that the Liberals target the populated areas.. Such as Seattle, and other large cities where the overwhelming majority of voters reside… They do this each and every election you just have to watch and see… It comes down to 99% of the state by area opposes these Liberals, but they know all they need is to carry 1, 2, or 3 of the most populated cities to win the election… This is a tried and proven tactic of the Liberal Democratic Party… By the time people realize the mistake of electing these turds, they have done decades… Read more »


and that is precisely what the clowns did in 2016.. south crapafornia surge after the surge in new dork.. cesspools trying to outvote Real Americans, damn near made in work.. trying desperately to pack the supremo courto and remove the Electoral College in order to turn the USA into another communist trash dump..


He appears to be brain dead already.


They would be smart to contact Tim Knight (former NRA board member and the guy who started the successful recalls in Colorado and the Colorado based gun industry Shults PR firm that helped make it all happen.)


As soon as some of these tyrants heads turn into pink mist, THEN “they” will start to get the message. Until then…we are like whipped house dogs, snapping at our “masters” but quickly retreating with our tails between our legs when he picks up the rolled up newspaper. We need to pick up our pitchforks and storm Frankestein’s castle. That will send a serous message to the psychopathic control freaks EVERYWHERE. Or was there another reason I’m unfamiliar with that the 2nd amendment was put in the Constitution? If you think so, maybe you need to review the reason in… Read more »


CourageousLion: You have no idea what the Second Amendment is about, and why it was put in the Constitution!


explain it wise one


RattlerJake: The activity of the governor and the AG are NOT anti-American and anti-Constitutional.


well maybe in gay Paris andre, but in the USA any legislation that dismantles/modifies the constitution is ANTI American.. too bad three counties of communists cowards rule an entire state. Good thing the federal elections are protected by the Electoral College or we would have more communist $luts in the house then we have now.. the other protection is that the house hore’s silly impeachment will fall to the wayside as it enters the Real American majority of the senate.. have a great constitutional day brought to you by the sacrifices of our superb military and the NON cowards in… Read more »


You obviously know nothing about which you speak Andre