Anti-Gunners Are the New Social-Minority Group

Opinion by Dan Wos
Author – Good Gun Bad Guy
How many Social-Minority groups does the Left have to create before they can control society?

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Anti-Gunners Are the New Social-Minority Group – iStock-1129178528

USA – -( When will the anti-gun crowd realize that their fear of guns has been cultivated through a consistent diet of scary gun rhetoric and propaganda over the course of decades?

When the political-right seeks election victory, they look for votes from those who want a traditional America. In exchange they promise those voters that they will uphold traditional American values; a strong economy, gun-rights, religious rights, freedom of speech, a strong military and all the things our country was founded on. Whether or not they deliver on those promises, is another story. It’s different on the left.

When the left needs votes they pander to minority or social-justice groups because they know that if they can generate enough support, they can out-vote traditional Americans. You’ll know this is true because around 2011, Democrats abandoned the white, middle class, blue-collar voter in favor of anyone else. Not only did the white, middle class get ignored, they got demonized. Racist! White Privilege! Bigot! …etc.

In modern times, minority groups are not only defined by color or race. Minority groups have been created based on social values as well; Climate-Activists, Socialists, abortion supporters, Anti-Gunners, multiple genders, and the list goes on. The goal, for the Left, is to capture as many people as possible by appealing to as many individuals, emotionally-driven causes as possible. That may be why they have added so many letters to the gay community? LGBTQ… More identities equal more potentially displaced members of society. The more groups the left can carve out of the American culture and make feel victimized, the better chance they have of pulling votes from the Republican/Conservative pool because the chance of minority or social group voters with values that overlap the Republican voter block becomes greater as these groups become more plentiful. Whatever happened to the “melting pot?” The Left figured out that more “individual identities” brings more division. The division creates competition. Competition equals votes if they can be given a team to join. Plus, there’s a certain level of righteousness in being the victim or oppressed.

What if we could all be “Americans?” …Sorry, that ship has sailed.

The reason it is possible to pull voters is because most often, the emotional causes trump rational thinking. There is more likelihood that voters can be picked from the Republican pool, if more personal causes can be given a group-identity that the Left can pander to. An example would be, a non-gun-owning Republican. If that non-gun-owning Republican can be scared into anti-gun-ism, the left awaits him with open arms. His gun-fear, regardless of how illogical and fabricated it may be, might outweigh his party loyalty causing him to vote for the politician that promises to keep him safe. On the left, however, party loyalty typically holds the highest position of hierarchy.

Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself why it is that the left-wing media and politicians are the only ones out there screaming for their causes and demonizing anyone who doesn’t agree with them. There is a whole lot of hysteria around climate change, gay rights, abortion, and those scary guns. It’s because they have done the math and they know that the more people they can isolate and enrage, the more voters they can pull to their side, as long as they have a corresponding minority group to place them in or protest group they can associate with.

The left’s gun-fear campaign has been successful in gathering people who may have never given guns a second thought in the past. There was a time when non-gun-owners weren’t scared to death of guns. What changed? Knowing that fear is the strongest human emotion, the left propagates gun-related attacks and convinces those who don’t know any better that they could be next if they don’t get on board with the gun-grab. This is why Democrat politicians will say things like, “We have to get these weapons of war off the streets of our communities.” It brings the fear close to home, in the hopes of pulling votes from the Republican pool.

Our Founding Fathers may not have envisioned some of the strategies these enemies of traditional America would use, but they knew the gun-grabbers would be coming. That’s why the 2ndAmendment was written. So, although we don’t have to worry about Beto O’Rourke physically coming for our guns, we should be very concerned with the ideology of the Left because it is dangerous. Many have lost sight of what this country is all about. Many of them are young enough to have never had real American values to begin with.

Dan Wos
Dan Wos

About Dan Wos, Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

Dan Wos is an American entrepreneur, author, musician, and NRA member. He is the founder and President of House Detective Inc., a home inspection and appraisal company serving many markets across the United States. He is also an active real estate investor.

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Alan in NH

What a great piece. Most of these issues may come and go according to the political winds, but if they take the gun control thing too far, their hoplophobia would become a self fulfilling fear. I think the time for respectful debate about the 2nd amendment with the radical left has passed.

Commiefornia Sucks

Wow, damn good article. You nailed it on the head. Very sobering realities are happening right now and have been for some time. I will try to share this article with sheeple i know, as well as Patriots i associate with. Thanks!


LGBT people should keep in mind that under Sharia they could be stoned to death. “”Hoplophobia” may have different causes for people: maybe the gun related of a loved one, or being a victim of armed assault. Andrew Pollack whose daughter, Meadow, was murdered at Parkland says: “blame the shooter; not the gun”. He, though mostly ignored by liberals, has written a book “Why Meadow Died”. We must be sympathetic and gently try to explain why armed school employees make more sense than gun bans, Pacifists might be encouraged to view :Hunting Emma”. It’s an interesting movie in which her… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

As a Pacifist, I took your recommendation. I just watched that movie. It was good. It is on Amazon, if you have Prime, it’s free. One interesting part, most of the one’s that used firearms appeared to actually know how to properly handle them. It appeared Glocks and Berettas were the most common handguns in the movie. I believe the shotgun was a Mossberg. Not only are Democrats in favor of abortion, Governor Northam even stated he believes in late term abortion at least several days *after* delivery. The sick part is Democrats are against capital punishment because an innocent… Read more »


Again, great, logical writing but like always, you and every other contributor is preaching to the church choir. I have to wonder how many soccer moms from Jersey read Ammoland News. How many foggy brained granola crunching Sandle wearing hipsters from Seattle read this? Not many I guess. This is what we call an echo chamber.
People we have to be out there among them, facing and preaching to our brainwashed brethern.
I’m not downing your work at all, it’s all sadly true but fortunately most here already know this, or should. This is Jordan Petersen and D’nesh D’Sousa 101.


We need to be wearing publicly so they can get used to those scary looking guns. After all, the police wear publicly and frankly you are more likely to get shot by one of them then a terrorist.


Frankly, only if you are a criminal that does something stupid.


That last sentence hits the nail on the head to drive it home. The teachers and profitessors in public schools, colleges and universities paint a bad picture of America and its history. They get paid to teach their students about something that will give them a craft or trade to give them and future family a livelihood and keep the nation running on all levels of society. Instead, these teachers and profitessors give them a future filled with poverty and death under communism. The only so-called utopia is reserved for the ONE at the top, no one else. Communism has… Read more »


MOST are simply ignorant people who have been brain washed by their seriously dangerous and pathological “leaders” and the media. It is not too complicated.


The root of the change, wherein emotion tends to drive things, is straight out of Alinsky’s boo Rules for Radicals.. his key plan was this” divide into factions, set one faction against another, wait until chaos reigns, then step in with the “final solution’, which is total domination, do what WA say because WE are right. “Factions” ? What are those? Well a number of them were named above. guns/no guns, sodomy/straight. race. (pick any two skin colour or race or people groups) and set THEM against each other. how about pot, (yes/no/tax/regulate/completely uncontrolled) energy (petrochemical, nuclear, solar, wind, hydro),… Read more »


I can see the cause and effect in force and effect. Since civics hasn’t been taught since the 1970’s, Marxism has been pushed for years in the guise of equality. So today we are reaping what was sown when the 10th plank was implemented those many years ago. Free education for all children in government schools. And paid for by the 1st plank. Abolition of all right to private property and the application of all rent to public purpose. You know, the rent you pay on the home you “think” you own every year for the purpose of the “free”… Read more »


Truth is there are many who are still voting for the Kennedys out there. I was a registered dem for over thirty years, mostly for local reasons but I saw the party leave me and other moderate thinkers behind in a race towards who knows what…socialism, communism or any “ism” but Americanism. The Kennedy voters are starting to die out, but have instilled in their children that loyalty to the democratic party that the republicans cannot equal.