Cowardly Virginia Democrats Ban Guns From Capitol Buildings ~ VIDEO


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Newly elected lawmakers in the Commonwealth of Virginia voted to ban firearms carried by the public in the state Capitol buildings on Friday, but not for their armed bodyguards. iStock-983223912

Richmond, VA-( Newly elected lawmakers in the Commonwealth of Virginia voted to ban firearms carried by the public in the state Capitol buildings on Friday, but not for their armed bodyguards.

This move comes ahead in what will be a hard-fought battle between pro-gun and anti-gun politicians and citizens. On Monday, January 20th, 2020, the Virginia Citizens Defense League will be holding its annual Lobby Day. This action by the Democrats in the legislature seems to be a preemptive move in response to the gun rights rally.

Virginia is at the forefront of the national gun-rights battle. In the last election cycle, Bloomberg backed groups dumped millions into supporting anti-gun candidates. With control of all both chambers of the legislature and the Governorship, Democrats have introduced extreme gun control measures such as an “assault firearms” ban, banning of non-government owned indoor ranges, universal background checks, and red flag laws.

Gun owners have turned out in droves to local city and county council meetings to demand that they declare themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

Hearings have gone on for six to eight hours and late into the night. At this point, over 120+ jurisdictions have passed resolutions stating that they will not enforce the Unconstitutional gun laws. That equals roughly 96% of the state.

VCDL estimates 120,000 gun owners are coming to Richmond for lobby day. Full buses are coming from all over the state and as far away as Connecticut.

“Our focus here is to keep everybody safe,” [read: especially us] said House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn. “These are policies and rules that should have passed a long, long time ago.”

A hot mic caught Filler-Corn and Dave Marsden discussing gun owners. The pair decided not to respond to any of the gun owners at a meeting in Fairfax County. Marsden went as far as calling gun owners “little kids” and, in a follow-up email, said that gun owners are mentally deranged.

House Majority Leader Charniele Herring claimed that Capitol Police suggested the new rule.

“I just have to say that this is something that’s been recommended by our Capitol Police. And I think there are times when we sort of have to trust what our law enforcement officers are telling us,” Herring said.

The Capitol Police denies that it made the recommendation.

Capitol Police Col. Anthony Pike went on record stating that the department never suggested that gun owners should disarm to enter the building. Herring refused to address the contradicting statements.

Republican members took issues with the new rules. Del. Kirk Cox was outspoken about the change to the rules.

“That was a deliberate misrepresentation,” said Cox. “There’s just no way around that.”

These rules are not laws. Police will deny entry to the Capitol buildings but will not arrest the gun owners. Previously anyone with a concealed handgun permit was allowed to carry inside the Capitol buildings. Some gun-rights activists suspect the rule is to cut down on gun owners visiting the Democrats in office. They hope that it encourages more people to show up and speak with the Democrats about what they feel is violations of their rights.

While the new rules ban guns from inside the building, they do not apply to the surrounding areas. The Governor is the one official that can issue a ban on firearms on Capitol property. So far, the Governor has been reluctant to ban guns on Capitol property. Gun activist has already been working out how to store guns with other gun owners and enter the Capitol.

Lobby Day will take place on January 20th. Speakers will include Phillip Van Cleave, Erich Pratt, Antonia Okafor, Stephen Willeford, Dick Heller, Cam Edwards, Delegate Nick Freitas, and many others.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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Will Flatt

This will go hard against the tyrants, since this ban also targets active LEOs such as Sheriffs & deputies. Obviously they are trying to punish everyone who is not a part of their Praetorian Guard, for daring to signal that they would not enforce unconstitutional non-laws.


I have a NEWSFLASH for them its going to be worse than HARD on them if they KEEP pushing US.


John is spot on when he says Virginia is at the forefront of national gun rights. If everyone does not help Virginia fight this, Bloomberg and Democrats will continue this attack on civil rights one state at a time.

I live in SC, but have joined VCDL and donated to support them. I hope that all who can afford any amount will do the same. VCDL is fighting hard and working their tails off. Please help them by joining in what is everyone’s fight.




Virginia is the current focus since it’s so close to Washington D.C., but the exact same fight is being fought in Washington State, New Mexico, Colorado and other states right now. If you can afford to help those in Virginia, by all means do so, but you need to look to your own state first and make sure your own rights are secure at home. Join and contribute and work to defend your 2nd Amendment rights in your own state first and then if you can afford it, help other states and then, and only then, contribute to a national… Read more »


Texan here donated to the cause,you hit my brothers you hit me.


If you were on the fence about renewing with NRA, this is the time to put your money to better use than helping Wayne with his chartered flight to get another new suit.

South Texas

We have never been under fire like this! The 1980’s was when Florida passed the first “post civil war” concealed handgun permit law. At that time, no southern state I am aware of allowed the carrying of a concealed handgun. Texas had strict laws on the carrying of handguns. To and from the range or hunting, traveling across 2 or more counties was only a “defense from prosecution”. Long guns could be carried nearly everywhere. The 1980’s Florida law had the news networks promising mayhem in the streets. I admit that I wondered what was going to happen. The 1980’s… Read more »


Sadly we disappointed them, besides building the country we still know how to act like adults instead of criminals like they are.
ST, as a Texan also,I remember it when l got my CCP in ’95 as soon as the classes started,the restaurants and shops all put up signs saying NO GUNS allowed
(Before 30:06).
When they started losing a LOT of business,and people telling why they were not going to eat or shop there anymore, and they saw people were acting exactly as before the CCP bill was passed, the signs CAME DOWN.


Minor detail: Original law was CHL Concealed Handgun License. Later includes open carry and is simply LTC License to Carry. Was never called CCP.


I submit that the term “little children” may more appropriately be applied to the person(s) calling gun rights activists and owners that. Typical liberal tactic to resort to name calling when there is no logic to use, or when there is insufficient knowledge to speak intelligently on a subject. To wit, a little child.


Ever notice how the left uses name calling, censorship, and demonization in place of facts and logic?


Yes because like Bloomberg we are too SIMPLE minded to care for ourselves.


Wasn’t the SS formed to be Hitlers personal body guards ?
Aren’t Northams personal bodyguards the State Police?
Aren’t all other law enforcement denied carry in the Capital buildings?
Who is “Coon man “ afraid of ?

Ansel Hazen

Governor BlackFace and all of the gunsnatchers that share his flawed thinking are afraid of > US <. The question I have asked on occasion here is just what are these oathbreakers doing that warrants such fear of an armed citizenry that has the power to replace it's leaders?


“Marsden went as far as calling gun owners “little kids” and, in a follow-up email, said that gun owners are mentally deranged.” The typical mentality of psychopathic control freaks. He thinks he is “better” then the ordinary person because he is one of the 1%. However, in my mind, BEING a psychopathic control freak shows quite the opposite. The only REASON these slime balls haven’t been taken out is because normal people typically believe in self DEFENSE and not aggression. And it is obvious to any thinking sentient being that the derangement statement especially applies to him.


What a FARCE these DemoNAZIS are. I support the People of Virginia who ARE the GOVERNMENT. These “elected” NAZIS by FRAUDULENT means and EXTERNAL FUNDING by other NAZIS from other states need to be REMOVED!!!!


More gun owners need to get out and vote. Liberalism is a disease that is spreading fast and we need to let this governor know we won’t stand for his confiscation plans but we also need to execute a pre-emptive strike by not even allowing him to into the government to make laws that compromise the 2nd Amendment. .


Pre-emtive strike? What was Mandalay Bay shooting up the country music fans October 2017? Or June 2017 Alexandria, VA. at a baseball diamond? Not to stir up violence, but they’re begging for it.


Vegas?,they still don’t say because they were in on it,the second the FBI took over it died

Deplorable Bill

At least one of those events, the Las Vegas concert event, was a joint antifa/isis hit that was/is designed to force the politicians into banning firearms. I cannot tell you how I know that. You might want to ask questions such as; Where is the different cell phone the extra charger is for? Or, can you find any selfies taken at the front door of the hotel the next mourning? If your good at it, you can follow that one from Australia, to Oakland Ca., to Germany, to Oakland Ca. then to Vegas. You might remember that antifa IS funded… Read more »




Al (or is it AI), you are exactly right. 124 million gun owners in the U.S. We can take the country back, and all we have to do is VOTE in every election at every level. And remember even that Democrat who runs on statements about his support for the 2A is still a Democrat. Once in office, he no longer regards the public as his boss, but rather the DNC.


Governments have NO power to possess firearms. It is NOT in the Constitution. (there is always some douche that will say “what about the Army”? Talking about governments as a whole and their agency parts). Why do the uneducated always think they are clever? The Constitution treats average Americans and government officials/employees very different. The Founding Fathers KNEW all governments, over time, would garner and amass power unto themselves. They knew governments would oppress and murder the People. As they said “Government is a useful servant, but a fearful master”. ALL governments in the United States, city, state & federal,… Read more »

moe mensale

“As they said “Government is a useful servant, but a fearful master”.”

That quote or various forms of it has never been officially attributed to any of the Founding Fathers.


@moe mensale The founder it is most often linked to is George Washington. As much as I disagree with tetejaun on many things, as a matter of consistency I must stick up for him here. Considering the original came from a sermon over a hundred years before The Constitutions’s ratification and the office of President, the quote being ascribed to him also happened about a century after his death. Now we know that George Washington was a devoutly religious man. It is extremely likely that he would have heard a sermon very similar to the original, both before and after… Read more »


Yes, I did recall it off the top of my 68 year old brain.


@tetejaun Again, you said something that was linked to history, and as such integrity required that such a statement be defended on a factual and reasoned basis. That said, there are still a few real Americans left. They do not advocate for bloodshed, they do not call for violence, but they are also not afraid nor will they hesitate to defend themselves according to the Constitution. For real Americans, the Constitution is the measure they use In examining not just the government but also their and others’ actions in response to it. They do not blindly vote for one party… Read more »


Yeah, didn’t think you would have much more of a reply than a down vote for that one. You’re predictable if nothing else.


You expose your lack of education of the quotes of the Founding Fathers.
How easily you believe the revisionist democrats.

Will Flatt

Actually the original treason was in 1913 when Congress unconstitutionally ceded their money-making powers to the private Federal Reserve banking cartel, while simultaneously establishing what most American THINK is an income tax; but is ACTUALLY a tax on the USE of Federal Reserve Notes INDEXED ACCORDING TO ONE’S INCOME. As such it is not a blatantly unconstitutional tax but rather a user fee collected by the IRS working on behalf of international bankers. The switcheroo between FRN’s and US Notes is the key. See my pic below showing the subtle change from lawful money backed by metals to fiat “legal… Read more »

Mark 2nd

There are many of us Will and yes, there will be civil war. We are training combat units and snipers. We have assets unknown to the communists. Interesting times indeed.


@mac 2nd
Hopefully it wont come to that(I believe that either a civil war or splitting up of the country is inevitable at this point) but if it comes down to combat, we must make sure the communists make the first move. They really, really want to see us break and start first so they can legitimize everything they have wanted to, and that which they have tried to accomplish thus far.


ANY ‘LAW’ not in 100% harmony with the Constitution is null and void.


I DO those things. I train Boy Scouts, FFA and 4H kids on firearms safety and accurate shooting and the Constitution. I educate all the time, with the obligatory yellow coward snivellers that refuse to believe America was born of revolution and that the American People ARE THE MASTERS, chiming in, in contravention. It is a shame that so many believe the lies of the internet. JFK started printing money on the U.S. Treasury. It cost him his life. The European banks called the “Federal Reserve” were not going to allow anyone to take away, at that time, about a… Read more »


Violence could be what they want. They hate the law and love mahem and destruction. So later they can swoop in and say “See, See! I told you so!”


Our country was created from revolution.


Bloomberg bought and paid for the Virginia democrats, now they can only think and do as he paid for them to do. If the citizens allow it to go any farther they also will be owned by Bloomberg.


I read he will buy a brokered convention.

The American Thinker:


Great article, thank you. The globalists know how to use money in the games they play with humanity in their quest to gain more money and expand the amount of power they can gain through the money they have to buy people. Buying people is what they are doing, just like the slave owners of yesteryear. It would seem that democrats and those who vote democrat make good slaves, up to a point. Then they need people who are willing to work, that’s why they need to subdue people on the right, so they have people who KNOW how to… Read more »


This FINE Governmental Ass PAID by the taxpayers, say’s Virginians are “JUST LIKE LITTLE KIDS”. You self righteous smarmy bitch I DARE you say that to their faces you are a prime example of why some animals EAT THEIR YOUNG.


Maybe surround the Capitol Police lines with snipers stationed behind their snipers… Not suggesting insurgency at this point, just watching the watchers. We can not sit by and allow another Las Vegas false flag.


Good idea Q, Watching the watchers should be a priority with as many cameras setup ideally now. With maybe half of the state showing up in just over a week they should be stationing lookouts all over the town ASAP to keep an eye on what the people could be walking into and if they do start setting up positions, mark the locations. I was going to add that it could turn into a false flag event “The crowd started firing on us so we had to fire back” type scenario in my other post but I didn’t want to… Read more »


If people aren’t thinking and discussing these scenario’s they are potentially walking into a trap. A huge yawning PR trap.


When tyrants realize that citizens are not stupid, they themselves reveal their true intent.


I’m sure most saw this coming, especially people in Virginia. This northham guy is most likely scared and dribbling in his pants. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t show up and a tv was setup so he can Skype or similar action. I’m also going to guess the place could possibly be either like a war zone with snipers on top of buildings, heavily armed guards surrounding the people and their people scattered in the crowd gathering information ,or all the above hidden.
We all know how out of touch with reality the left is, anything is possible.


You can bank on that.

Will Flatt

As someone who worked for another state (uniformed, not plainclothes) I can guarandamntee you that any large event with several thousand people or more is going to have plainclothes officers seeded into the crowd for intel gathering and rapid response. There will be snipers. There will be quick reaction forces and SWAT on standby, nearby. Cameras, facial ID, fusion centers, command posts ALL online.

Make your attendance plans accordingly!


Stuck, you are right. I hope there are enough Virginians there armed with telephoto lens cameras getting pics of the governor’s snipers and jack booted thugs surrounding the bought and paid for legislators.


“Capitol Police Col. Anthony Pike went on record stating that the department never suggested that gun owners should disarm to enter the building.”

125 jurisdictions have said they will not comply. Numerous law enforcement heads have said they will not comply. Now the capitol police are saying they’re out too?

The little tyrants have been invited to the big party on Jan. 20th but they know the grownups are just gonna humiliate them make fun of them. What are our democrap masters supposed to do?


Put it to a vote Virginia. These unconstitutional legislators speak for the elite.

Deplorable Bill

I seem to remember that Hitler and his ilk did these very same things — “and the world lived happily ever after”. I have no idea as to how to prevent that which is so obviously coming. I guess that Jefferson was right after all. SOON it will be time to refresh the tree of liberty. I hope it can be put off till summer but I have no idea as to how this could be accomplished. It’s not up to us, it’s up to them so, just as it happened at Lexington back in 1775, let THEM start it.… Read more »


April 19, 1775 at Concord Green. On April 19, 1971 I walked that walk from Lexington to Concord.
When the government agents, the Red Coats, said “Turn in your arms” the patriots gave them the bullets, first.
Arm up and train.


Damn, now I cannot bring my belt feed 245 into their stupid capitol–the bastards!


Jan. 20th is gonna be a long day. You’ll just get tired carrying that stuff around. But I would help you carry it if you do!


Here is the actual Policy directly from the VA General Assembly:



See this from above:

“The open carrying of any firearm or the possession or carrying of any concealed firearm by any person is prohibited in legislative branch offices or spaces. Entry upon a legislative branch office or space in violation of this prohibition is expressly forbidden. This prohibition does not apply to law-enforcement officers, authorized security personnel, or military personnel as defined herein. ”

But the definition for ‘military personnel’ excludes the Virginia National Guard!


This statement is from the Virginia House minority leader, Todd Gilbert:



any bets it violates the state constitution….


Any law not in 100% harmony with the U.S. Constitution is null & void.


Gomer Pyle hit it on the head about this “Surprise, surprise surprise!”


The rule specifically says lawmakers wont be searched. So, the lawmakers will still be carrying. The rule is just for the serfs…


The same thing happened when the dirty D’s took full control of the state legislature and governorship in New Mexico (2016). Until then you could carry anywhere in the capital building.

“When you disarm the people, you commence to offend them and show that you distrust them either through cowardice or lack of confidence, and both of these opinions generate hatred.”
― Niccolò Machiavelli

“Therefore the best fortress is to be found in the love of the people, for although you may have fortresses they will not save you if you are hated by the people.”
― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince


The whole premise aggravates me with the concept that these lawmakers can declare the “Statehouse” a gun/ammo free zone. To be specific, the lawmakers are just mere employees/representatives of the people and the Statehouse belongs to the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The people paid for the construction, upkeep/maintenance and the salary of the employees there. How dare they declare themselves superior over the people they are supposed to represent and the rule of law/Constitution. Abraham Lincoln said, “The people — the people — are the rightful masters of both congresses, and courts — not to overthrow the constitution,… Read more »


@Quagmire – Seems to me that federal charges are in order. Attempting to instigate armed insurrection – for that is what they are doing by goading upstanding Virginian civil rights supporters.


Iran’s Ayatollah sides with the communist democrats EVERY time they attempt more anti-Constitutional ‘gun controls’.
The Ayatollah says “DISARM, America, DISARM!”
It could only be worse if it was 1944 and Herr Adolph, the darling of the anti-America activist democrats, was saying the same words.


Oh dang that will stop criminals NOT; “IT’S THE CRIMINALS STUPID”


They plan to ban them in the whole state, this is just step 1.


Also of note, while the Bill of Rights specifically prohibits the government from infringing on our right to keep and bear arms, the Constitution lays out what powers the federal and state governments do have, and reserves all other power to the people. Nowhere in the Constitution is any level of government granted the authority to disarm citizens. Federal and State gov are simply assuming this power. They used legislative gymnastics to tax and regulate firearms via the commerce clause and interstate sales, in order to enforce the NFA. As a tax! We must withdraw consent to be governed in… Read more »


Maybe it’s time to start showing the government in Virginia who the real bosses are? Is it the citizens, or the government?

Wild Bill

@V, And if the citizens lose, then government really will be boss. Better think things all the way through before beginning that contest.