Newspapers Resort to Projection, Ridicule to Swindle Virginians out of Their Rights

If we’re to believe bubble-dwelling, anti-gun opinion columnists, involved citizens ensuring their representatives resolve in favor of their rights are the ones living in the fantasy world. (Wise County Supervisors enact Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution. Photo: ©Steve Jensen, used with permission.)

U.S.A. – -( “Let’s talk reality and fantasy in Virginia,” Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak instructs her readers in a Monday opinion piece that does exactly that, although, not as she intended (at least with those informed enough to recognize who’s projecting magical thinking). Naturally, she has to ease into her thesis with a few horror stories, just to get her marks properly primed.

So Dvorak tells them about a motorist whose car was hit by celebratory New Year’s Day gunfire shot off by criminal morons who ignore police warnings. She recounts a woman shot in a “domestic dispute”—but fails to mention the “alleged” perp was a convicted felon and “prohibited person. She similarly fails to mention that the “alleged” cop blaster fleeing a traffic stop “has a long record of being pulled over—and arrested.” And unsurprisingly, when recounting the tale of the Lynchburg McDonald’s attack, suffice it to say she did not see fit to remind readers of all the “gun laws” the suspect disregarded.

“Shattered glass, shattered bones, shattered lives,” Dvorak “solemnly” intones with faux moral authority. “This the reality of gunfire in Virginia. Yes, Virginia, you have a gun problem.”

Really? Virginia is the headquarters home of the National Rifle Association, and a cursory scan of the news feeds turns up no evidence of any of its five million heavily-armed yet peaceable members shooting guns in the air, or at their wives, police officers or fast-food workers (and you know there’d be screaming national headlines if they had). It would seem, at least to someone grounded in reality, that Virginia’s problems are not with the “progressive” fantasy that guns cause anything.

Dvorak presses on, raising the tired old “developed world” canard that cherry-picks countries to exclude those with restrictive disarmament edicts and high rates of violence. She also seems to think her case is bolstered by mentioning the Virginia Beach massacre, all the while ignoring the gun owner victim who wishes she had listened to her instincts instead of obeying the city’s “gun-free zone” mandate.

Instead, she represents Bloomberg Astroturf as grassroots and praises the infringements being enabled by elitist money and politically manipulated immigration demographics, including:

“There are measures to ban assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, bump stocks and silencers. There are proposals to require background checks on all firearms sales and transfers, as well as limit handgun purchases to one a month. And there is a move to adopt the same kind of ‘red flag law’ in at least a dozen other states that allow law enforcement to temporarily remove guns from people deemed a threat to themselves or others, thwarting domestic violence shootings and suicides.”

You know, effectively neuter the militia of the whole people, supposedly guaranteed by the federal and Virginia constitutions and deemed “necessary to the security of a free State.” That and go full Queen of Hearts (What could be more preposterously un-American than “Sentence first. Verdict afterward”?).

“It’s pretty common sense,” Dvorkak absurdly insists. Plus, she gives a nod to farmers and Fudds, while advancing the indefensible meme that the Founders risked it all to hunt ducks.

But we gun owners are the ones not living in reality, she charges.

“The gun guys are scared out of their minds that someone’s going to come and take their guns. (Again, fantasy),” she asserts.

I know professionally trained and experienced colleagues who are rightfully concerned about gun-grabbers who don’t know when to quit and who are trying to cow us into surrender, but to dismiss that as being “scared out of their minds” would be a most critical miscalculation. And how many more indicators do we need, from “Hell, yes!” Beto to a retired SCOTUS judge calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment to conclude insistence that “No one is talking about taking your guns” is a lie? Sure they are, and they have been for a long time. Only a liar, an ignoramus or both would claim otherwise.

“They live in a make-believe world where they are the heroes and the patriots under attack,” Dvorak sneers. By “they,” assume she means Americans who, along with their forebears, built this country and have always tried to be patriotic, law-abiding and productive, but now see themselves being portrayed as “deplorables,” as “haters,” and even as “terrorists.” Meanwhile, newly-emboldened and unreconstructed socialists, abetted by a salivating DSM, egg on usurpers to deny what Founder Tench Coxe recognized as “the birthright of an American.”

And of course, the U.N. wants our guns but just currently lacks the means to force the issue. They say so openly and speculations by a handful (but attributed to all of us) on trucks being routed for delivery don’t change that. But at this point, Dvorkak has descended into full Alinsky Rule 5 Ridicule and relieves us of any obligation to meet her point-for-point.

Our “sanctuary cities” are populated by “extremists,” to provide “safe spaces for imaginary cowboys,” she sneers. “Good guys with a gun” are a myth, she insists, in spite of example after example where that has proven exactly what was needed, as recently seen again in a church in Texas.

One wonders what Dvorak or her snotty WaPo colleagues would be prepared to do in a like situation. At a minimum, they’d prove capable of being even more useless.

“They are people who want a culture war, a fight, a reason to feel powerful and superior to the people who are in hospitals, doctor’s offices and funeral homes living with the reality of an unhealthy and irrational obsession with guns,” the self-styled superior Dvorak accuses. Actually, the culture war is being initiated by those attacking a uniquely American culture that has made this the go-to location the rest of the world is desperate to get into. The “irrational and unhealthy obsession” comes from those who reject the most egalitarian power-sharing arrangement yet devised, and instead demand a totalitarian “monopoly of violence.” And as for doctors, some yet exist who have the right prescriptions to heal bodies as well as the body politic.

But her job is done. Dvorak’s got the mighty Washington Post to amplify her voice. Any rebuttal – like this one – will be on a much smaller platform and mostly relegated to the echo chamber. And she’s not the only one, because the rest of the media is piling on using the same technique of ridicule, trivialization, and dismissal, such as “Don’t believe the scaremongering on gun legislation” in The Roanoke Times.

How paranoid is it to take exception to others, whose edicts are backed by force of arms, and who presume to limit your rights by dictating how much of them you may claim at any given time and prescribing where you may not claim them at all? That’s exactly what “one handgun a month” and a patchwork quilt of “local gun ordinances” that supplant “the supreme Law of the Land” do.

“Dan Casey knows a little bit about a lot of things but not a heck of a lot about most things,” the screed author’s profile statement tells us. “That doesn’t keep him from writing about them, however.”


“So keep him honest!” readers are encouraged.

“Comments disabled,” they are then informed.

Look for further such manipulative efforts to dominate the media, especially as “Lobby Day” approaches and as more Virginia communities make their determinations to defy infringements known. And don’t discount the potential for an escalation in hostilities as tensions increase from the deranged and hate-filled fantasists of the left. Remember that with “progressives,” every day is Opposite Day, and the projection is strong in them. Their accusations of fantasy and reality denial notwithstanding, we know with whom the delusional disorder resides.

Interesting times lay ahead and we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Let’s hope no one here shrinks from continued preparation for them or loses heart due to insulting rants from yapping and clueless media dwarfs.

“These are the times that try men’s souls,” Thomas Paine observed in The American Crisis. Chances are we may soon find out who among us are mere “sunshine patriots,” and more importantly, who are not.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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OK, time for a laugh or two. Stupid crap democrats say: 1, Sandy Sheedy “A lot of people have been shot by unloaded guns. That is why we have to ban them”. 2. Don Lemon “I walked into a gun show and bought an automatic gun, an AR15, and can shoot all the bullets in an instant.” Don went on to say he showed NO I.D. and filled out NO paperwork. 3. Gov. Bill Weld “With an AR15, you can remove the pin and it becomes an automatic weapon..” 4. Dianne Feinstein “ is legal to hunt humans”. 5. Rat… Read more »


@Ttj – funny as they are, there is an element of truth to some of these. 1) when I hear about accidents, seems someone is usually claiming* gun was unloaded. Keep them loaded for safety, or (gasp) follow basic safety rules as presented by EVERY responsible gun owner. 5) suicide is leading cause of fatal GSW. Nonfatal defensive gun use is far more common than either. Suicide is a completely separate issue. 9) where do I get one? 10] weight of an AR isn’t all that much less than 10 moving boxes – as long as they are empty… Rather… Read more »


There is an element of truth to all effective propaganda. The folks in the Progressive New Left know this. By cherry picking some relevant facts and eliminating others they can create a defensible statement that will deceive the majority of the population. The Soviets became a joke to their own people because they forgot this simple truth. The New Left, and that is who these people are, have learned those lessons and will not repeat them. It is our task to provide context and a complete fact set to refute not necessarily the facts or assertions presented by leftists but… Read more »

Gern Rockler

Hyperbole and insult are a very effective counter battery to the ignorant. That is why it is used so often in politics.


You can fool all the people some of the time,
and some of the people all of the time,
and generally that is sufficient.


Yes indeed, and in addition, it is much easier to fool a person than it is to convince the person that he has been fooled.


#4. Hey F**Kstein, come on…. IF it was legal to hunt humans, there would be a nation wide OPEN SEASON on Dems, Libtards and Socialists… #1 thru #10 PROVES there NEVER been “legal human hunting”, these quotable IDIOTS are still alive and still putting BULLSHIT and LIES out there for the stupid to believe…

Wild Bill

, If it were legal to hunt humans, there would be safaris to Washington, DC., a grand slam would be a Congress person, a Senator, a bureaucrat, and a S. Ct. justice; and taxidermists would be the richest people in America!



jack mac

tete: Our mastering public servants would settle for unarmed civilians for now. Anything not citizens.


“Washington Post columnist Petula Dvorak…” another useless piece of shit.


: ” “Washington COMpost PROPAGANDIST columnist ‘petula dvorak’….” another USEFUL IDIOT.” – – to be disposed of when the time is right.


Not useless…dangerous!


i agree lets talk reality vs fantasy. Fantasy is government can be trusted to protect us. Reality government in the 20th Century murdered 262 million of its people – sans war dead. Reality – not one of those mass murderers allowed the people they ruled over own firearms. Reality no country that allows unfettered access to firearms has had their government mass murder its citizens. Reality, this idea that the government should be deciding what our rights are and what we will be allowed to buy own and sell is a government that owns us.


None of this is new thinking. The vast majority of gun owners spend their time on positive, productive things and do not have the time and energy to focus on writings and speeches of leftist boobs who do none of the aforementioned. That being said, I did have a unique opportunity to spend five years studying these clowns and the foundations of their “thought” courtesy of your tax dollars (Semper Fi). Here is your return on that investment. The Progressive New Left is the enemy in this fight. The Progressive New Left long ago convinced itself that it was both… Read more »


nrringlee – I’ve been looking for a quote that sums up the philosophy of the new Progressive Socialist Democrats for years and I finally found it here. I worry we are at the brink of destruction and your words describe the source of that concern succinctly.
Thank you for taking the time to draft it.


If firearms are a symbol of power, then they belong in the hands of a free citizenry. ‘Nuff said.

Will Flatt

Leftist mainstream media ARE THE ENEMY PROPAGANDA CORPS. Of course they’re gonna lie, project, exaggerate, and assert a false narrative!!


Will Flatt

Yes, Mockingbird.


This is a moral crusade by Hoplophobes who feel weapons are immoral, and anyone who has one or wants one is wicked or evil.

The Left have become the new Moral Majority.


Nope. It is about the communist democrats who must disarm their future slaves.
Watch a DNC convention, you will learn a lot. It is ALL ABOUT the democrats demanding a totalitarian government.


– hard to argue their point. One you attempt to refute a single point, you are automatically relegated to irrational, evil and borderline insane – thus to be tolerated rather than listened to. No matter how reasonably you speak, every word is taken to support their existing point of view.


Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals at work. They don’t debate. They derail debate by debasing counter thought.


Liberals seek to persuade.

Radicals seek to impose.

Those who refuse to comply get executed or interred.


Can anyone here define an assault weapon?

Justice Potter Stewart famously said he could not define hard-core pornography but “I know it when I see it.”

This is why I’ve been saying for years these are Porno Guns.

Obscene in the eyes of Progressives.


The Progressive New Left has claimed to be Moral for over 50 years. Their propaganda and take over of public education is now taking its toll on critical thinking in America. On all issues. Just ask a kid why guns are evil. Or how many genders there are. Or whether or not the Founders were evil people. Or whether or not socialism is good. And the beat goes on.


; When the HoploFAUXbes believe in a LIE, they are the IMmoral majority. However, in America, there are still MILLIONS of patriotic Citizens – not SUBJECTS. The problem IS – – – getting these Americans off their BUTTS and go VOTE for Representatives who will REPRESENT WE the PEOPLE who want to continue with the American Constitution which OUR Forefathers FOUGHT to GIVE US!!!


In 2016, only 43% of Republicans voted.
I guess the other 57% of Republicans were just too busy to vote for liberty & freedom.
If they will NOT vote, they will certainly do nothing more aggressive.


Government Supremacists.

We are sovereigns, not salves.

Try saying this to the Left:

“I will never be a slave to your false god – the state.”


“We are sovereigns, not slaves.”

Caught my typo.


The REAL enemy that we are up against is COMPLACENCY ! I will be attending the VCDL Lobby Day event in Richmond Va on January 20.. I have been trying to recruit gun owning friends to join me and have had very few (1) willing to do so. I get excuses and platitudes like “ I have to work “ ( it’s on a holiday!) I’m too old to be doing stuff like that “ I got a wife and kids to look out for “ This is just a sample of the excuses I’m getting! Yet, they all talk… Read more »


In 2016 ONLY 43% of Republicans voted for president.
I guess beer and Cheetos was more important than voting for freedom.
57% of Republicans DID NOT vote in 2016.
If they will not vote, you can be sure they will be the first to hand in their guns when told to do so.


Everyone was raili g that Obama was taking people’s guns, when in REALITY, Trump has done NOTHING to protect gun rights of Americans ….

jack mac

Rowboat: The upmost of the real enemies are those few who master our public servants into becoming more of our masters. These are the few who possess most of the wealth of our country. These are the same few who own and dominate the communication medias, the mass and individual. This VCDL gathering is to remind public servants of their duties of being such. This gathering is not a muster to arms. This is not the time to be berating citizens for not showing. It is not the time to reveal our potential reactions to enemy attacks. It is best… Read more »

Ej harbet

Some of us would like to get it over with,however that turns out. We’ve fought this fight all our lives with these anti liberty viruses.if we win we breath free air for awhile and if we lose it no longer matters to us.

jack mac

Ej: It will matter to the living with our blood lines and beliefs. All of us here writing will die with or without the assistance of others. We will fight more ferociously for those not yet here. Not many of us still living have so fought the anti-liberty virus that is growing within our nation. Our public servants are being allowed to oppress us with acts of suppression laws against our freedoms, and violating our Constitution. As this oppression becomes more unbearable we will be forced to fight or forced to submit. The anti-liberty virus can only be put into… Read more »

Autsin Miller III

Thank you for the information Mr. Codrea, it is a reminder that as constitutionally minded people under attack, we all need to be serious and thoughtful about how we spend our money and what companies we choose to do business with. We can no longer afford to let ANY anti 2A companies slide because it is more convenient for us to do business with them. We need to keep sharing lists of and reminding folk who is out to disarm us. Money talks. If every person who owns a gun boycotted the Washington Post, it would make a difference. If… Read more »


‘Slaves’? So the employees are being FORCED to work? Since when?


Crawl back in your hole, democrat stooge.


Faster than a speeding bullshit! Able to leap the truth in a single bound! Look, down in the sewer! It’s a turd without a brain it’s SUPERMAN!

jack mac

Super(?): Find someone who would employ you and find out.


David often refers to Superman from Bizarro World.


Since there is virtually no private business any more, and people still have to eat. Forced by arms, or by hunger, force is force, N’est-ce pas? What did you think that wage slave meant? That they pay walmart and mcdonald’s to work there? 🙂




The newspaper in my town used to be conservative, but just like anything used by the left is just a instrument of propaganda. I consider printed media worthy of being ignored much as television is. Even the tabloids had slivers of truth in them.


quote: “Virginia Beach massacre, all the while ignoring the gun owner victim who wishes she had listened to her instincts instead of obeying the city’s “gun-free zone” mandate.” Small potatoes but as I recall it, SHE can no longer wish anything. Her surviving spouse wishes she had listened to her instincts, the ones she told him about the night before she went to work for the last time. And THAT is the problem with these nasty top half of front page “shootings’ (more accurately called murders) They are, 94+% of them, in “certified defenselss victim zones”. But these are the… Read more »


want to know who really tried to influence the 2016 elections? WELL HERE’S YOUR SIGN!




I have one question; Why?


Because it gives me 2 chances to vote the anti-gun people out, once in the primary and then in the general elections.
If more pro gun people switched to the Democrats party we would have a greater chance to get rid of the anti-gun people.
Some of them only make it by a few thousand votes in the primary.

It’s called playing all the angles.


Because most elections have more on the table than gun rights. For many that’s number one, for some there’s more at stake. Does he believe in single player health care? How about where he stands on border security or even Social Security? How about education reform? Taxes? I’m not commenting on the right or wrong of his potential choices, only showing there’s more than one item on most ballots. How do you choose? Alas, in my district/state the liberals are way out in front.


As long as you are not a Progressive.

jack mac

You guys had some mighty fine machines. Mine were and are more suitable for demolition derbies.


No offense USA, but you are doing exactly what democrats love to do, change the subject and get people thinking about and talking about some completely different subject, thus controlling the conversation. how about using your skill on leftist websites and change the topic to pro-2A subjects??


I had a ferrari red 1972 AMC Javelin with the 360 four bbl. It would run apx 90 in the 1/4 with an ETA of about 14 flat. It too, would shoot and scoot… Pretty hot for a Rambler. Few even knew what model of car it even was.

Wild Bill

@USA, What did you do for the suspension to support that kind of speed?


Uhhhhh.. USA, based on the kinds of cars you were supposedly hopping up, that all happened backk before they even HAD concrete centre dividers on the highways. Keep it believable man, if youre gonna be spinning big ones.


Besides which, permanent concrete islands go wayyy back. They took them OUT of where I live (the official middle-of-nowhere) in 1970! They had been there since before I was born in 1960.
I think you might be confusing yesteryear’s permanent concrete barriers with today’s temporary “K” rails. THOSE weren’t around in the 1950s, that IS correct.


few years back I bought an enclosed car hauler trailer. It has one of those on the side of it. The former owner of the trailer raced iit, and the graphics on the side are of that car, in action, and a boatload of race equipment stickers finished out the sides. People stare at that big picture of the car.. must be about five by fifteen feet… and wonder what IS that thing? Looks FAST. Yeah, I guess it was


I think it was late 1960’s in Long Beach, California, a guy had a little 1959 Triumph TR3 he had pretty well stripped out. Made it real light. He built a later 2.2 litre 3B engine for it, rewired the overdrive to work in all forward gears, put in a really tall final drive pumpkin, ported and polished the head, cut the flywheel, and put in a VERY strong mid-range cam, oversized valves, fitted a pair of two inch SU carburetters, VERY open exhaust….. etc. He’d bring it down to the Long beach drag strip and enter in the stock… Read more »


Then there was the helicopter mechanic I met up in Vancouver BC who had a 1959 Jag 2.2 saloon. Nice sleek coachwork on those, one of the prettiest English saloons ever. Engine was getting tired, he took it outl decided he loved the car enough to make it fun. Happened to have a Ford 390 twin overhead cam race engine, built that, fitted a pair of turbochargers to it, finished with a pair of 2 1/2 inch exhaust pipes one on each side ending just before the back bumper, tucked up high. Left the stock Jaguar four speed with Laycock… Read more »


AMCs were actually really good for hotroding. Mostly high end Mopar parts, since they mostly couldn’t afford to make all parts themselves. The first thing that went in the trash off mine was the shitty motorcraft four barrel. They bought parts from Fomoco too.
No Chevy parts though, at least none that I ever found.


Yup, those were the days alright; if you acted like an ignorant, immature idiot.


Poor superpooper…all you have is hate and a democrat’s ignorance.
Get back to cleaning your LGBT toilets.

Gern Rockler

Who among us have not been ignorant and immature?


Only the liars and deluded. But I repeat myself.