Minnesota Carry Soars; Everytown, Brady Groups Endorse Biden

Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov
Joe Biden IMG whitehouse-gov

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- The Minneapolis Star Tribune is reporting a surge in carry permits with a record 301,268 now active in the state, with more than 51,400 issued in 2019, while on the national scene, Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety has endorsed Joe Biden for president, cementing his anti-gun credentials.

Biden won the Minnesota primary March 3.

In Minnesota, the current number of carry permits is more than double the number reported in March 2013, when there were 125,300 in circulation, according to data in the Star-Tribune. It seems to reflect a trend that has been happening in other states where new gun controls are either being proposed, or imposed, either by state legislatures or—in the case of Washington State—billionaire-backed gun control initiatives.

Increasing numbers of citizens, including those in Minnesota, are obtaining permits and licenses to carry. (Dave Workman photo)

Out in the Evergreen State, the Department of Licensing reported 650,825 active licenses, up more than 3,500 in just the past month.

Over the past 12 months—since March 2019—the number of active Washington State CPLs climbed more than 37,900 and so far this year, 4,481 new licenses have been added. Yet, Washington is considered a “blue” state, dominated by the vote in liberal Seattle and along the I-5 corridor. The farther away one gets from that stronghold, the more red one finds the political landscape in the Evergreen State.

It remains to be seen just how far Everytown’s Biden endorsement will bring often-lethargic gun owners into the fray. According to the Associated Press, the endorsement is “the latest sign that Bernie Sanders’ spotty record on guns may be weighing him down in the presidential primary.”

Biden’s record isn’t “weighing him down” at all with the gun control lobby, it appears. Instead, it seems to be joining them at the hip, according to rights activists.

As noted by Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, “Everytown President John Feinblatt told the Associated Press that Biden’s gun control record is clear. Biden supported the Brady Bill in 1993, he opposed the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, and he’s backed every gun control measure to ever come along.

“Joe Biden has never been a friend to gun owners or the Second Amendment,” he added. “Everytown’s endorsement cements Biden’s Second Amendment assault credentials.”

As noted by the Associated Press, “Biden also has run ads highlighting his work on gun control measures, and on Sunday he received the endorsement of another gun control group, the Brady Campaign.”

Biden has made a habit of telling audiences, “I’ve taken on the NRA and defeated them twice.” It’s become part of his “I’m the only guy on this stage who has” argument for his candidacy.

These are the kinds of endorsements that should have a negative impact on the growing number of citizens who are licensed to carry, and that goes in states other than Minnesota, where the primary was held March 3.

Like Minnesota, Washington gun owners have been facing a variety of new gun controls, most of which did not pass. However, lawmakers did create a new “Office of Firearm Violence Prevention,” which critics worry will become a taxpayer-funded gun control bureaucracy.

In Minnesota, according to the newspaper, lawmakers are considering so-called “universal background checks” and “red flag” laws. If those measures pass, gun control history suggests anti-gunners will come back for more.

Democrats will gather for their 2020 nominating convention in July. Between now and then, there is little doubt Biden will continue expanding his gun control horizons. That bothers Second Amendment advocates like Gottlieb.

“There is nothing subtle about this endorsement,” he said of the Everytown announcement. “When Bloomberg left the campaign trail, and subsequently threw his considerable wealth behind the former vice president, the writing was on the wall that Bloomberg will do everything in his power to put Joe Biden in the White House. As we saw in Virginia last year, buying elections has become Bloomberg’s stock in trade, except when it comes to his own failed candidacy.”

Everytown’s Action Fund announced earlier it will spend $60 million during the 2020 election cycle to put more gun control candidates in office. It will come down to a significant grassroots effort to counter that, and in a pinch, gun owners have been known to pull it off.

Meanwhile, Sen. Bernie Sanders should not be discounted. He may be behind, but he can wield considerable influence, and his faithful followers may be in no mood to take another back seat as they had to do in 2016.


Beto Will Be Biden’s Gun Grabbing Point Man; ‘It’s War,’ Says CCRKBA

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books #add on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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Will Flatt

Seeing as I don’t own any AR-14’s, or AR-16’s (ROFL), Joe can kiss my butt he aint getting anything of mine!

Here’s a photo of one of Joe’s AR-16 MurderDeathKill Machines with high capacity MAGA hat!


Oh boy. I may not sleep tonight.




Pretty picture. However aren’t the laser and front sling mount incompatible with 2-point sling use? Personally I prefer short barrel with single point, but our individual preferences are a KAG thing. KAG = Keeping America Great


As Pres. Trump stated not to long ago…” There will not be a socialist president in the White House”…it appears instead we will have another “Deep State” New World Order Elitist knocking on our door.


Biden is a socialist, as all the Democrat candidates were. The major difference between them and Bernie is that Bernie admits it.


Is THAT a finger gun! Red Flag his behind. Felons are not allowed to hold federal public offices!


“Felons are not allowed to hold federal public offices!”
I wouldn’t bet on that. Alcee Hastings was one of the judges impeached by the Senate and went on to become a congressman.

Deplorable Bill

There was a grade school kid who made the same finger gun sign recently. Biden should be made to face the same consequences.

Arm up, carry on.


Someone should, in a public forum, ask Biden’s proposed “gun control czar” about Biden’s home defense recommendations: double barrel shotgun fired into the air and shoot through the door. The answer would be a no-win for O’Roark and for Biden.


One of Biden’s supporters said yesterday on the radio that Biden isn’t suffering from dementia or early onset Alzheimer’s syndrome. He said he’s known Biden for 40 years and he’s always been this way! I took it to mean that he’s always been an idiot and a brain-dead liberal with a low I.Q.; basically the perfect Democratic candidate.


Anyone else see the cognizant dissonance in Biden claiming to be a unifying candidate and telling us how he will “heal” the nation and bring us down – while simultaneously shifting most of his positions closer to Bernie – and bringing Robby O’Rourke into his campaign? Far as I’m concerned he could not have found a more devisive politician. How does any of that suggest that he will bring us together or that he’s willing to hear voices of the Americans he’s planning to trample on?

Wild Bill

@Finnky, None of what the libtards say is truthful, consistent, or logical. They just say what ever the useful idiots want to hear. It is a quest for power.


@WB, Quite right.


Biden would do better searching for a nursing home that takes imbeciles rather than dreaming about being a gun confiscating president. It will serve him better after his devastating defeat at the hands of President Trump.


We need to keep continuous pressure on all politicians to know and understand the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These documents and the brave men that have fought for it are what has kept this country great. The First and Second amendments are at the top of the Bill of Rights because the founders knew how important each of them are.

Arm up, and Carry on.


I fear ultimately that pressure will and must be LEAD.


Love this photo of Biden. For what he is doing elementary school children get police brought down on their young heads, expelled from school, ad nauseum! So, call the cops and kick him out of the human race.


@DaveW – Cops prefer to pick on those too weak to put up any defense. If cops went after Biden they would have to face Jill.


We continue to see huge increases in concealed carry permits issued and record setting NICS background checks. How is it, given those stats, that gun control types continue to be elected that will put an end to both of those actions?


@Dave – I certainly grew up in such a household. If you want something positive about M O’Rourke, he “woke” me and outed his entire party. Hopefully he got through to others with his demonstration of the existential threats we face as a country. Many I’ve spoken with do not weigh gun rights as heavily as I do, and many of them simply do not believe these proposals apply to them. For example an apolitical coworker who recently bought a mossberg shockwave and in response to comment about AWB told me it doesn’t apply to him because he doesn’t have… Read more »


Mao Tse Tung,only murdered 20 million of his own people.

Deplorable Bill

“The RIGHT of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.’ The answer to your question is votes (or lack of votes), money, influence, greed and just plain evilness. IF, IF, every gun owner got of his butt and voted to keep the rights the LORD gave us, we could and would defeat any/every anti gun bill ever made. Past that you have people with money, power and influence who want nothing more that to see the U.S.A. disarmed. This because it would/will be much easier to destroy our freedoms, rights and our lives LITERALLY. The day… Read more »


Major URBAN MAX ethnic poor POPULATION CESSPOOLS always under BLUE power.


And now Sleepy Joe Biden is an out-and-out liar too, as he just told someone from the audience when told that he was anti-second amendment, that we was “Full of shit!” IF you don’t know where Joe Biden stands on this issue, then just go back to sleep because he has yet more lies he wants to sell you by saying whatever it takes to get elected.


@StWayne – Anyone else catch his response to being reminded that he would be working for us?
Whether one agrees with what trump does and regardless of his need for self aggrandizement – he also seems to recognize that he’s working for us.
Biden’s response to this comment should disqualify him from any office – even if he were otherwise qualified.


Now, if only Minnesota would offer some measure of reciprocity with Missouri, I wouldn’t have to disarm at the Iowa border.

Wild Bill

@laughing Jack, Your situation is exactly what the founders intended to avoid. The Second Amendment enshrines a NATIONAL preemption against all governments attempts to disarm us.


I just love how government (made up of psychopathic control freaks) converts a right into a privilege and then charges you for the exercise of the right. Massa….may I pleaze hav permission to carry a gun to protect myself and family? May I massa? Please don’t charge me too much so Iz can’t afford it pleaze massa? Enough to gag a maggot. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED is so simple but the psycho control freaks just can’t get it can they? Time for a major reset…where is the button?


Anybody who votes for any Democrate better get ready for the revolution that will over take this country if Biden gets in or anyone like him, We aren’t sitting back and waiting on the courts any more
Trump 2020


Wonder what TRUMP will ban or be against when he most likely is reelected? Hand guards? Fast trigger fingers? I don’t trust ANYONE that wants to be my “leader”. I don’t need a leader. Never have, never will.


Being a registered Democrat and, a gun owner, will see this as a very stressful year.


With friends like you, who needs enemies?


I didn’t know we were friends, as long as you vote for keeping America great now that it is again, we could probably be friends. Trump!! 2020!!!!


Just letting him know I am not on his side.


Will, a jackass has more sense than he does!


From what I have been reading, I thought he was the RESULTS of an enema…


Being a registered gun owner isn’t me, I was talking about those who are democrats.
Trump! 2020!!!


Glad you corrected that.


It is my personal opinion that there are more Democrats who own guns than there are Republicans and or Libertarians combined..During my younger days I was a Democrat…All my hunting buddies and friends were Democrats…Unless times have changed this is what I currently perceive…I am no longer a hunter because of age nor am I a Democrat having become some years ago a staunch Republican…I believe that under the 2nd Amendment “we the people” have the right to own and bear arms…That includes AR15’s and other semi-automatic weapons regardless whether they are black or pink in color.


I have been saying that all along locally, but the dems want to keep it a secret, they have plans for when they hope to have everybody on the right disarmed.


@oldgringo – One of the problems is that many look at gun control proposals and think they sound good – because the think those rules will only apply to “the bad people”. Important to spread word of how those laws would propose each individual. When talking to RFL supporters who I do not think own guns, I point out that ownership is not required for someone to call a raid on you. They generally seem to think that ignoring all constitutional protections is OK because it only applies to “bad gun owners” — with no consideration that until they’ve torn… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Finnky, I have posed that question to several of the Virginia legislators that sponsored or co-sponsored the red flag bill in Virginia. I have yet to get an answer, nor an answer to who will pay for the damage to the residence when their search fails to find any firearms. As you stated, it is highly unlikely that they would just go away when told that you do not possess/own any firearms.


Lol, I’m a registered Democrat.
But not for what most expect.
I now have 2 votes to get rid of the anti-gun scum.
1st on the primary stage and then in the general elections.
We have a greater chance to kick some of them to the curb during the primary then the general election as lots do not vote in the primary.


I know many Christians who are registered democrats who vote in the primary to do the same thing then vote republican in the general elections. I left the democrat party when Clinton came around, I don’t vote for traitors.


Yup. After checking to make sure my primary vote and party declaration do not limit my vote in the general, I ticked Dem Party and voted for Bernie. Id rather se Bernie get the not,partlh to fry the Dem Establishment. I think he has a very poor chance of beating Trump. Then come November my vote will go to Trump. With the media fawning and slavering over Joe the Jerk, and Bloomie behind him, too, it seems possible they would spin enough silver-toungued lies to actually get Joe elected. THEN there are the speculators who suspect the push for Biden… Read more »


The democrats raising the dead for voting purposes, also, raise the corruption of the dead bodies that rubs off on them. Corruption that doesn’t go away, it becomes worse the more they rely on it and in the end it brings death upon themselves through their own efforts. I wouldn’t want to be any part of them in any way what so ever, just my own preference.

Wild Bill

@Link, That is a clever technique.


@Vern This is difficult ; you have Bolshevik Bernie where you and us will be paying for his favorite Dacha possibly near St Petersburg ; and his health care that will be well and above what you I will receive. Then Anti gun Joe Depends ( I’m not home any more) Biden who will send Butthole O’roark to relieve of your 2nd amendment rights and weapons. It might hurt but vote, for the other outside of the DNC (who rewards illegal behavior with promotion to higher status).
Regards macdog


The Dem’s need to get Biden a CraftMatic Bed so he can sit-up during the debates with Pres Trump.


@Bobocact Add a straight jacket and depends.


These groups are deliberately targeting a constitutional amendment, so how is this ok with people? It shouldn’t even matter what amendment they are after, because after all anyone attacking 1 of our rights leaves the rest of them vulnerable! Come on america put a stop to these groups.


The 2nd is the #1 Amendment, IT protects ALL THE OTHERS.
Why do you think they want it GONE so badly.


Shame on any Gun Owner who votes Democrat!


“There’s nothing New under the Sun”, as Solomon proclaimed.Commies will be Commies, Patriots will be Patriots.

Liberty Valance

I am a Trump supporter but I am greatly concerned that Trump will not beat this guy in November. Look at the overall picture. Biden will almost certainly take the eastern seaboard. The mid west may be a tossup but Biden has shown strength there in recent months. In Texas, Beto will be leading the charge thus putting Texas in Biden’s hands. Also, Beto will certainly pull in many of the southern states for Biden. The west coast is spoken for. So that leaves Trump with the odd states like Utah and Wyoming. The democrats went to the primary in… Read more »


Stick to predicting lottery numbers; you will have better luck.


Will, that’s an insult to donkeys!

Wild Bill

Now, Clarke, the presidential election is infinitely more “analyzable” that lotto numbers.


O’Roarke lost his campaign for Senate in Texas, and that was when all the morons and illegals had to do to vote was select Democrat Straight Ticket. That caused some good public servants in Texas to lose their jobs to people who were essentially “throwaway” Dem candidates, but even that didn’t beat Cruz. Since then, Texas has removed straight ticket voting from ballots (naturally, there has been an uproar from the DNC, who knows their constituency has insufficient attention span to read an entire ballot. And to be sure, putting O’Roark, the skateboarder, drunk driver, thief on his team, is… Read more »


We hate Beto in Texas he only represents the Commiefornia transplants


@None – Not even them. As a California transplant – Robby O’Dork inspired me to vote straight ticket for the first time. Not that I would have considered voting for Biden this time, but O’Rourke will surely motivate a vast majority of Texans to vote against him. Important to recognize that Cruz was one of the least favorite Texas politicians and there were vast amounts of outside cash spent to prop up O’Rourke. Neither of those enter the picture this time around. Unfortunately immigrants are changing the face of Texas politics – with population in my area having almost doubled… Read more »

Wild Bill

@None, I freely confess that I, too, am a transplant to Texas. And as such, I spend like, dress like, live like, and vote like my fellow Texans. True, I am not a native Texan, but I got here as fast as I could.


@WB – Guess I could have gotten here sooner. Moved within a year of finishing school – but took far too long to finish school.


Sounds like the media HYPE has gotten to you… Exactly what they want.

Autsin Miller III

I don’t think you are wrong to be worried. As I understand it, the democrats outnumber the Republicans. It will all depend on who can motivate their side to get out and vote. The good news is the two democratic candidates are so different and their followers are as well that whomever gets the nomination may not be able to motivate the whole group! Last night less than 20% of registered Missouri voters cast their votes so I am hopeful that if we all work hard at getting the word out, we can prevail but I share your concern.