New York City shows Cause and Solution to Gun Violence

NY Post Crime Increase 2020
NY Post reports a notable increase in crime this year.


U.S.A. -(  In the first seven months of 2019, shootings in New York City were up 5%. This year it looks like a 17% increase. So between 2018 and today, we’re looking at a +22% increase in shooting in NYC.  So, let’s ask our gun banning liberal friend what gun laws were REPEALED in the last two years that lead to this increase in shootings?

Liberals believe that it is the existence of guns that leads to violence.  For them, the more guns there are, the more violence. Liberals (wrongly) credit gun laws with the reduction in shootings in NYC.  They declined from 2,300 when Giuliani became Mayor to 230 when Bloomberg left office.

  • So what new gun laws did Giuliani and Bloomberg pass? … None!
  • What existing laws did the current Mayor eliminate?  … None!

Over 80% of all shootings are gang or drug-related.  The solution that drove DOWN the level of shootings was the “broken window” policy started by Giuliani.  While Bloomberg used “stop and frisk” to terrorize the people of color communities in NYC, he also continued the broken window policies of his predecessor.

Community policing drove down shootings, and the movement away from community policing by NYC’s current Mayor Bill de Blasio is allowing them to rise.  While the fight against gun violence took a decade or more, the rise in shootings will be far quicker and steeper. With cash bail eliminated and disinherited police who feel abandoned by their Mayor, the criminal element will expand geometrically.

When you discuss these facts with a gun-grabbing liberal, they go nuts. A long and previously polite discussion on Twitter (Yes I was respectful and listed only verifiable facts) got me blocked, and then all of the forum deleted.  I had hoped to share the discussion here but cannot. As we all know, facts piss the gun grabbers off.

The lesson from New York is clear; community policing and a zero-tolerance for crime will save lives.  Over a decade, NYC dropped their gun deaths by 90%.  They changed by adding focus to community policing.  No new gun bans, and no further infringements of gun owners’ rights.  We could duplicate this across the nation and save 7,000 lives a year.

We could do so without one single new lawsave thousands of lives.

So if Bloomberg Really wanted to fight gun violence with his billions, what should he do?  All the monies he has spent have done nothing to reduce shootings. I believe these groups were funded as the basis of his grassroots program to run for the presidency and nothing else.  Had he taken the billions he spent for himself and supported community policing programs in Chicago, St Louis, Washington DC, and New Orleans, he would have saved thousands of lives a year.

But then it is not about saving lives for the left, is it? It’s about power.

The sole purpose of gun control is frightening the uninformed into voting for Biden in November. 

So when NYC added hands-on policing crime and shootings dropped. As they move away from it, shootings increased.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. We have a safe and reliable way to reduce gun violence.  Yet the liberal hierarchy that runs these cities chooses to let innocent people die.

Liberals need to look at the causes of gun violence.  Their erroneous opinion that guns cause crime is not only wrong; it traps them into a false narrative that means they never find a solution. So the killing just keeps going on and on and on.

What can you do?  Share this article with every place you can, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail.  Do whatever you can to change the narrative. Mail it to your representative too. Help work to change the story to one based on FACTS and not people using gun deaths for political gain.

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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Thank you for this article, Mr. McDougal. All of us who are Constitutionalists have known for decades that the Communist Left Wing in this country are doing their mightiest to disarm every American citizen. The reason is that the Communist Left Wing knows that they cannot establish a Centrally Controlled Communist Police State Government in the United States with 350,000,000 – 400,000,000 guns in the hands of private citizens. We need to stop talking around this subject and start talking directly at it!


It’s a fact that every dictator that ever came to power, and wanted to stay there, had to first disarm the general populace. History is replete with this. It’s also replete with millions dead because of it. “From my dead, cold hands!”


Liberals in high places are very well protected, they will never see that everyone else isn’t as well protected and very vulnerable to those in the criminal realm, that the highly protected liberals have deemed worthy of protection, rather than the citizens who elected them.

Will Flatt

Leftists are ineducable. You can beat them with the “Golden Stick of Reality” and they’ll still believe whatever BS the leftist media shovels down their throats. That’s why they vote for leftist elites even when these elites blatantly display their disdain for these low-information voters.

John Mark explains this:


Thank you for being brave enough to say what most of us would like to say!


Leftists value ideology over facts.

American Patriot

Looks as though the gangs aren’t shooting the right individuals…


Liberal policies always cause disaster. Unfortunately, they usually harm society in general before they harm the liberal leaders who decree them (who always have resources, provided from public funds and back room dealing, to protect themselves). Still, though, the people love to vote for liberals who will subsidize them, bending over to get their next reward from that. Hey, New York (and so many other highly populated areas), are you listening? When will you get it, that always having your hand out for government perks and relaxed standards (so called “fairness for everyone”) is only going to continue to deliver… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

Good job Don. The socialist/communist/demoncrapic/rhino/left has been brain washing the public from at least the mid sixty’s through public school and colleges. Anyone with a working, open minded brain can see socialism/communism for what it is….. poverty, slavery, not even a hope for freedom and rights, in a word…. evil. The “progressive left” absolutely knows their plans for socialism/communism cannot come into power while there is an armed American citizen out there that will “vote” them out of office. They must disarm America because once the American people see socialism/communism for what it is (somewhere about the 4 month timeline),… Read more »