Judge Blocking California’s Ammunition Background Checks Opens Restocking Floodgates

Editors Update 04/25/2020: As we predicted the 9th Circuit just ordered a stay on this injunction. California readers we hope you got in your orders placed in time.

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Judge Blocking California’s Ammunition Background Checks Opens Restocking Floodgates

California – -(AmmoLand.com)- Thursday’s ruling by a federal court judge in a case challenging California’s in-person background check requirement for ammunition purchases scheme received a preliminary injunction blocking this blatant violation of citizens rights.

“This is a devastating blow to the anti-gun-owner advocates who falsely pushed Prop 63 in the name of “safety.” In truth, red tape and state database errors made it impossible for hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Californians to purchase ammunition for sport or self-defense.” said Chuck Michel, General Counsel of the California Rifle & Pistol Association.

“The Court found that the flimsy reasons offered by the government to justify these constitutional infringements were inadequate.”

That decision has opened the door for California ammunition purchasers to jump online and buy bulk ammunition and have it shipped straight to their homes.

So now is the time for California residents to act fast before the gun grabbers receive their requested stay of this injunction. AmmoLand News readers are all too familiar with how these events play out. There’s usually a brief window, possibly a week or less [maybe hours] during which California residents can order and still receive their ammunition purchases at their homes before the state gets a stay on the directive, closing the window.

As we saw in a similar case last year where gun magazines were legal for purchase for a brief few days in April – May of 2019. Pent up demand from Californian gun owners drove retailers to work night-and-day to get gun magazine orders filled in the brief window of opportunity before the courts shut it back down. As this announcement was only released yesterday, we are now receiving reports back from major ammunition sellers that they have adjusted or are in the process of changing their cart system to open the door for California to order.

“On April 23, Judge Roger Benitez enjoined California from enforcing a state law that required background checks and banned internet sales of ammunition. Palmetto State Armory applauds the court’s decision. As a result of the injunction, Palmetto State Armory is now accepting orders for ammunition from California. A firearm without ammunition is a car without an engine. The Second Amendment protects the right to keep and bear arms, and as the judge said, that right is the “insurance policy behind the right to life.” Palmetto State Armory is proud to offer firearms and ammunition for you to protect your right to life.” said Consumer Relations Manager, Josiah McCallum.

“When news broke about a federal judge blocking California’s restrictive ammo sales law, our team of experts immediately began looking into the situation. As soon as we were satisfied it was once again legal to ship ammunition directly to California residents, we began accepting and processing ammo orders from them. We’re happy to be able to support California gun owners and firearms enthusiasts by shipping ammunition directly to them” said Roy Hill​, Public Relations Specialist at Brownells.com.

While this great news for ammo shoppers, the one fly-in-the-ointment is ammunition supplies are already under pressure from the COVID scare with retailers’ inventories severely depleted for all the most popular calibers.

Still, top calibers like .223, or .9mm, or 5.56 and .380 in bulk buy 1000 packs are available if ammo buyers get out and search and are willing to pay. But some of the best pre-order money-saving ammo-deals may have to long a delay on the delivery timeline, and the problem is that California buyers, smartly, need to take delivery faster since they run the chance of their anti-gun state getting its newly requested stay on sales of ammunition.

CCI Blazer Black Label, 9mm, 15 Grain, 500 Rounds Bulk Box Deal
CCI Blazer Black Label, 9mm, 15 Grain, 500 Rounds Bulk Box Deal

California Rhode v. Becerra Ammunition Background Check Injunction 2020-04-23-Order-Granting

CA Request Stay on California Rhode v. Becerra Ammunition Background Check Injunction

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I am hoping that the CRPA, FPC and 2AF among other litigants are getting full legal fees in these decisions. Why should law abiding gun owners be forced to pay for lawyers to defend that which is theirs? This is what really ticked me off about NRA for years. They refused to shift the financial burden of litigation on to the offenders. The best way to get to a progressive is to jump in their back yard and take their money. Class action suits are in order, major damages for violating enumerated rights. We need to turn this in to… Read more »


nrringlee . . . I am in full agreement with you. However, do not hold your breath until this happens! The basic rule of law in this instance is did there exist a “good faith basis” for the Defendant to engage in the action(s) they took. The Peoples Republik of Kalifornia, I am certain, would defend with the fact that the people of Kalifornia did , in fact, pass Proposition 63.


Congratulations CA! One small step back towards a land of Laws, rather than some unelected burrucrat’s whims.
Now if only there was ammunition available for you to buy, huh? Now that buying ammo is legal again, it’s too bad there isn’t any isn’t it? 🙂


I also. I figure when the Merde really hits the Ventilator, by the time I’m out of ready ammo there will lots just lying around for the taking! OFC, it’ll be mostly 5.56 and my ready ammo will probably be 300 blackout (.300 whisper, nod to JDJ in Idaho…) but that’s OK. I have a few 5.56s that are hungry too. Doubt I’ll ever find much .300 H&H or .270 that way, but that’s why I laid up plenty.


Me too! I’ll pick them all up, even the hi-points. As I’m fond of saying: “There’s no such thing as a bad gun… but some are a whole lot better than others.” But they’re all cool. My current personal project is a reimagined matchlock. Making the stock from a limb from an ash tree from my yard. Its years old and nice and dry now. A couple cracks, but luckily I can cut them out. I thought it as soon as I trimmed that limb. I held it up and thought, this would make a perfect rifle stock. It already… Read more »


Nothing like the deep bush to straighten a man’s mind right out. It’ll show you what’s important and what’s not. Quick, fast and in a hurry! That’s probably why so many city dwellers act so twisted. Many of ’em have never done anything close. Lots camp in a National Park for one night and think they’re on a grand adventure! It’s the Missouri Breaks down at Harper’s Ridge for me. 50 miles from the nearest power line. Little wonder that they perceive “My hair looks funny today” as one of life’s huge problems, huh? “Put on a hat and go… Read more »


Ooops. Me projecting again. I need at least three days out in the bush to sane up. The first day is just about setting up. That gets me going. Then I just enjoy day two while gathering resources. Day three is about packing up and improving whatever I built to make life better out in the sticks. A week is awesome. I can build a hut then! I haven’t had a week out rough in years though. But a long weekend is enough. I don’t think one night would do it for me…. but maybe I should try it! I… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

If the ammunition supply hasn’t taken a hit due to the CCP Wu Flu,this good news is guaranteed to seriously deplete the stock piles’ word to Californians if you haven’t ordered ammunition I’d get on it quick.


Was thinking the same thing. Prices are currently up, but if I were in California I’d be buying all I could right now – plus reloading gear. Doubt the state will import more than a few hundred million rounds before this stay is lifted as the magazine stay was. Been hoping prices would come down to facilitate a little more stocking up. Now I expect prices to go up some more – and will do my part by leaving available supply for Californians to buy during this (undoubtedly limited) window. Within the ruling Benitez compares predicted number of purchases to… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

Told you so, if you snoozed you lost.


I would venture to say most of the commentators here have been buying ammo for years because they knew these days would come. Waiting till the house is on fire to buy a fire extinguisher is not good sense.


Hey, thanks for the article, Ammoland. Short but really informative. I appreciate it.


The AG follows the lower courts decisions only when it’s a favorable outcome for them. Why don’t politicians and bureaucrats accept the lower courts decision when they lose? I believe it’s a failsafe INCASE they do lose. They could just accept the ruling, but they never do. They are counting on the plaintiffs to give up and some might. AGs have unlimited resources to fight at every judicial level. Essentially they are willing to come against the people’s will and use taxpayer dollars as an insult to injury. The ninth circuit court doesn’t have a great track record when it… Read more »

Ryben Flynn

At least Judge Benitez did not stay his own order, he denied the States request, so they went “over his head” as usual for the California AG.

Get Out

These constitutional infringements only affect the law abiding California citizens from getting ammo.