Good Gal Sailor with Gun Stops Suspected Terrorist Threat

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Good Gal Sailor with Gun Stops Suspected Terrorist Threat

Springfield, VA – -( Gun Owners of America (GOA) Texas Director Rachel Malone released the following statement after a sailor used her handgun to stop a suspected terrorist at the Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, TX.

“It is despicable when evil people such as this suspected terrorist attempt to carry out evil plans to take innocent life. I am thankful that the sailor at the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station was prepared to defend the base and that she took quick and decisive action to stop the threat. The sailor used her handgun to shoot back and thwart a potential terror attack. Because she was armed and trained, she undoubtedly saved many lives. I wish her a full and speedy recovery.

“This result is consistent with FBI reports which show that when an attacker is confronted by an armed bystander, casualties during the mass killing are either prevented or mitigated 94 percent of the time.”

With this data in mind, Gun Owners of America continues to urge all military bases to lift bans on handgun carry so all military personnel can carry for self-defense and be prepared to save lives.

Rachel Malone, or another GOA spokesperson, is available for interviews. Gun Owners of America is a nonprofit grassroots lobbying organization dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. GOA represents over two million members and activists. For more information, visit GOA’s Press Center.

About Gun Owners of America (GOA) :

Gun Owners of America (GOA) iGun Owners Of Americas a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no comprise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul Visit: to Join.

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Good gal with a gun? How about American soldier doing what she was trained to do: protect America. That “good gal with a gun” crap is insulting.Can the misogynistic bs – it’s a twenty-first century.


Good shooting and God Bless you for your actions and service.




Watch the video. This wasn’t a wham bam over and out shoot out. It went on for some time with multiple exchanges.


Rob: Ain’t nobody got time for that or to read the article I posted either.


Earlier news reported the MP was shot in her chest, her chest plate and ceramic proteced her from the bullet, knocked down and while the POS TERRORIST was trying to get his rifle out of the vehicle, she got up, activated the traffic barrier and returned fire so he was DRT. Training and her experience 100%. How many folks has she granted access to during her career? All of that training day in and out for the one day you hope never comes. BRAVO to the MP.

Deplorable Bill

On duty or off duty who cares? She was armed and dealt with the situation. THAT is the story. Had the terrorist not been stopped where and when he was stopped it is a good bet that there would be many lives lost. When I served, we were NOT allowed to carry ANYTHING on base. LOTS of us did anyway. Some of us got caught but most did not. Getting caught meant article 15 or worse so it was not a decision to take lightly. I personally lost one order of rank because of this. I believer the 2A applies… Read more »


I would like to comment on the actions of those sitting in their cars waiting to get on base as provided by a video of one of those people.
If I were sitting in a line of cars in a situation like that I would not stay inside my vehicle. To do so would make myself an easy target for someone walking or running down the line shooting into those cars. And remember, those cars are not supposed to contain firearms. Better to be mobile under those circumstances.


As a civilian that worked on a military base for 38 years I can tell you this is a real problem. The lines waiting to get onto base in the mornings are outrageous and the people are sitting ducks. In my situation we had 3 lanes of traffic backed up a minimum of 1/4 mile with a chain link fence on one side. A shooter could have just walked down the road shooting into cars whose occupants were unarmed and had nowhere to go. The ban on military personnel and CIVILIANS legally carrying firearms onto base needs to be lifted… Read more »


@RoyD – Finally watched video you provided. Video portion is pretty useless, but audio is somewhat informative. As you said none of the people in line of cars seemed to be making any effort depart the scene. Not like it was a momentary event, people had plenty of time to realize a shooting was occurring, decide on actions and begin to implement something. Have to guess that shooting started considerably before video, as “photographer” had to recognize importance and start filming. Surprised at the slow rate of fire. Sounded like a single relaxed shooter at a range, pausing to check… Read more »


The “fog of war” is a real thing. Perhaps we’ll find out what really happened in time. Here is what seems to be a credible article on the incident. Of course it doesn’t exactly fit with the narrative that some wish were true.

Smsgt. Maher

She was just doing her job!
Would have been good if she was authorized concealed carry off duty.
Of course in American military you are not aloud to protect yourself or others with a weapon unless you are military police on duty. So backwards. Look at our enemies, all of them carry, they do not have mass shooting on their bases. They take terrorist out quickly, wake up President Trump, you have the power to change this!


Not mentioned in this article (or most other media) was that the young female Navy sailor on duty checking IDs at the entrance to the Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, TX. was shot square in the chest with a pistol by the terrorist. Wearing a ceramic and kevlar vest the bullet did not enter her body, however the force knocked her to the ground. She was able to quickly regain footing and hit the emergency button to close the security barricade before the terrorist could pass through. She then with great focus and purpose unloaded her sidearm into the… Read more »


Yes, it was “just her job” but despite being shot in the chest and knocked to the ground she still had the presence of mind to DO her job and neutralize the threat. “Job” or no job, how many (male or female – gender is not an issue) would have maintained focus and not simply yell “Corpsman”!

I really hope her actions are recognized on an official level – she deserves it!


– While that is the narrative being passed around online, it has been officially refuted by the Navy. It was a female security guard working the gate who was shot, and she was able to activate security system as well as enter the firefight – investigators do not confirm type of body armor, extent of injuries, where she was shot, or that she actually shot the terrorist rather than just contributing to return fire.

It is clear she was on-duty armed-security rather than an unofficial security provider (new term for concealed carriers).


Why does it need to be “good gal sailor”? Why not just sailor? Some of the women I served with in the Seabees, or my wife, who was a rescue swimmer, would have taken you to the ground if you said “good gal” to them.
I’m sure it’s a play on words for “good guy with a gun”, but if you’re taking down a suspected terrorist I would assume you’d be the “good” one. that whole phrase is over used and corny anyway.


Your comment has no merits. Your neighbors must love you.


so sorry, Master. Oh, Arbiter of the Ammoland comment sections. I’d say something about your neighbors, but I’m sure you’d have a quippy retort about how awesome and badass you are for not caring what other people think. Pretty sure we’re on the same side here, but you clearly didn’t understand the nuance of what I was saying.


OK, Mr. Insignificance, troll away.

Wild Bill

, Why do you attempt to control the language, thought control troll?


Good god people. not thought control. you guys think anyone that doesn’t walk in lock step with every word you say is a troll or Libtard or whatever “cute” name you can conjur. I am likely more conservative than most of you on here, not to mention I am a monthly donor to GOA! I just found it interesting the author felt the need to describe it that way. If you’ve ever witnessed what many female service members experience, you’d understand that calling attention to their gender instead of just saying “the sailor did a good job” can be an… Read more »

Wild Bill

JW, A most ironic last sentence since you are the one attempting to control thought by controlling language. Language is necessary to pass on thoughts. Eliminate some language and one can not pass on certain thoughts. It is a very old technique.

Heed the Call-up

WB, I am not military, but from those I have been in contact with, using a diminutive term to describe a military member is offensive, and we should not be using terms that demean others. Although we understand that the use of “good gal” was just a play on “good guy”, it serves to diminish women and their abilities.

As JW stated she is a sailor, not a female sailor. Her role is not defined by her gender, but her abilities. I am surprised by your condemnation of his comment.


Heed… stop and think. No woman’s – OR man’s – life role is defined by gender, but rather it IS defined by abilities. That much of your statement is quite true. But just as the term “good guy” does not “serve to diminish” a man, neither does the term “good gal” in any way “serve to diminish” a woman (what an idiotic concept)… except in the convoluted minds of those who put WAY too damned much value on liberal “political correctness.” THAT is the point WB made, and he is absolutely right. As far as I am concerned, anyone who… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

Joe, that would be because calling a female a “gal” is demeaning. Not the same as calling a man a “guy”; it is the same as calling you a “boy”.

It is not “liberal non-sense” to treat others with respect, including females. I will not get into nastiness with you over your references to those with whom you disagree. Obviously based on your post, civility is not part of your “person”, nor one of your character traits.


LOL! They say, you never think to look behind the door, Heed, unless you have stood there yourself. LOL!

Wild Bill

@Heed, The notion that gal or girl demeans a woman is propaganda from the libtard movement. It is an attempt to control thought by controlling language, and has been since the early years of the so called “woman’s movement.”

Wild Bill

@Heed, Ha! You should hear how we talk to each other. I was walking through the Bn HQ area one day and a female PSG was yelling at her platoon. I heard her say, ” And another thing, when I call you to attention… I better hear thirty-eight pussies suck wind!!”
Later, she got another stripe and the Bronze Star.

Heed the Call-up

WB, well, all I am aware of is the several service members and what they told me – and my father, Korean War vet. As to females in the military calling each other derogatory names, that is similar to blacks and the “n” word. They can use it, but if you do, you are a racist.

As to demeaning language being propaganda of the women’s movement, that I know is false. I was raised to always respect women and that calling them “gal” is disrespectful. I guess Southerners have a different idea of what respectful is.

Wild Bill

@Heed, You have it wrong. Females in the military do not call each other derogatory names. Superiors call subordinates derogatory names. In the military, swearing is a time honored art. In civilian life it is no more acceptable for black people to call each other nigger that white people calling them nigger. There is no monopoly on language. Nor is gal or girl disrespectful in itself. Although saying anything or using any words can be disrespectful depending on tone, usage and intent. Thus “Smile when you say that (so that I know you are just kidding), partner.” I suppose that… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

WB, no, blacks call each other the “n” word when talking to each other. I have heard them talk to each other, even at work, that way. It is also in their music, and even a Rap group (NWA). As to the military officer you overheard, you stated she was a female speaking to females under her command, which is what I stated. Being respectful is not PC language control. As I stated, apparently Southerners and Northerners have a different idea of what being respectful is. I was taught that women are not “gals”, nor “girls”. The important part of… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Heed, I know that they do and it no more acceptable than anyone else using that term. No one controls the language. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

PSG is platoon sergeant, not an officer. She did not get shot. that is the Purple heart. The Bronze Star is for valor.

Wild Bill

@OV, That fits!


jw, feelings, nothing more than feelings.


you guys are something else. must be a bunch of military hating commies.


@JW – I saw nothing wrong with “good gal”, as many women I’ve known would prefer to not be called a “good guy”. Thought they article was succinctly emphasizing that in this case the “good guy” was a woman – thus countering common assumption that only men carry firearms. On the other hand, you have given me food for thought. As someone who is usually pretty color blind, I have innocently said stupid things offensive to some members of minorities. With reflection (usually consisting of “duho” & facepalm) I see how those words are offensive. Typically it involves history and… Read more »


That’s how it is with the sheeple. Life is all about their “feelz”. If they “feelz” like “gal” is a bad word, then you must quit using it, because YOU must always do whatever they “feelz” that you should.
And if you don’t like it, you will labeled with whatever smear words they “feelz” like using at the moment. THEY are the language gatekeepers, not you. Only THEIR feelz matter. They could care less about yours.
Little wonder such trollish ones are so disliked, huh? 🙂

Heed the Call-up

Knute, the OP said nothing about feelings, that was gregs opinion. JW stated that it should not have stated female sailor – that isn’t a role, but a gender identity. He also commented on “good guy with a gun” as being over-used and corny – I agree with that – while acknowledging the “good gal” being a play on the “good guy” with a gun. I don’t believe he had an issue with identifying the gender in the story as much as diminishing her by calling her a female sailor, as if that is somehow different than just “sailor”, which… Read more »


Heed, your second paragraph, LOL!

Wild Bill

, Yeah, he has been programed.

Wild Bill

, Yeah, thought control.


I live near a NAS. I am ex mil. I sometimes shop at the exchange or commissary there. Now when I was in the military all Naval Police forces were an arm band with SP emblazoned on the. The same goes for the Army’s military police wearing an arm band with MP on it. I have noticed that gate security on duty at the NAS I go to does not have the designator as part of their uniforms. Also, I was under the impression that Marines do security for ship and naval bases. I could be wrong but I am… Read more »


Its not clear if she was armed with a Navy issued weapon in an official capacity or was she armed with a personal weapon and happened to become engaged as she was entering the base to report for duty.


About 8 seconds of internet research shows that she was guarding the front gate. She was shot, but managed to engage a barricade, and participated in the gunfire that ultimately killed the terrorist (it’s unknown whether her rounds were effective). I think the article was just providing the GOA statement, not details of the shooting.


j, if she was checking id’s, she was security police posted at the gate, so she would have had a service weapon, handgun. usually there are also several other personnel stationed there each shift, some with long guns.


In the last year or two, every time I have entered a Navy base, there was one guard with only a holstered pistol – leaving both hands available to handle ID, etc. But right beside them was another Marine holding an M-4 at low-ready as the backup. Was there one M-4 guy here? – sounds like not, as I would have expected the M-4 to be emptied into the car, first.


@BillyBobTexas – Maybe, maybe not. Strong argument as to why rifles are the right self defense tool though. Terrorist was probably quite determined and loaded with adrenaline. Under those conditions it takes on average 10 good hits to stop the attack. No doubt he floored the car and attempted evasive maneuvers before striking the vehicle barricade, resulting in at least a few misses out of the M4’s first magazine. We know that the sailor in question pulled her handgun and commenced firing into the vehicle, for all we know driver was already dead with his foot slumped on the gas… Read more »


Situational awareness, stay in the zone, Act!