Marxicrats & United Communist States of America, Test How You Will Vote in NOV.


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Marxicrats & United Communist States of America, Test How You Will Vote in NOV

Ft Collins, CO –-( “We’ve developed a new citizenry, one that is selective about cereals and automobiles, is captivated by twelve dancing rabbits singing about toilet paper, but is not able to think.” ~ Rod Serling.

  • Capitalism has failed!
  • Our Constitution, especially our Bill of Rights, is antiquated!

Nancy P’s “Marxicrats,” sleazy moral relativists, one and all (good people are not attracted to the leftist cause), will now lead us into a modern, glorious, Communist utopia.

Today’s Marxicrats view pre-pandemic, capitalist USA as a “failed state,” and yearn to replace our Constitutional Republic, with its pesky limitations on powers of government, individual economic freedom, and protection of individual rights, with a slick, modern, 21st Century United Communist States of America, the new UCSA!

Hard-left Democrats (is there another kind?) now have a chance to permanently seize power, just as their Communists antecedents did during violent revolutions throughout the 20th Century, scrapping our Constitution and replacing it with a modern “Master Plan”

Joining their ranks are hoards of shallow, self-absorbed “chatterers,” (snowflakes) whose very existence hinges upon how many “likes” they have on Facebook (see above).

Once in power, we’ll see professing liberals morph federal LE agencies into modern-day variants of the NKVD, who will predictably employ violent intimidation against non-compliant citizens of their “Brave New World”.

In fact, they’ve started already! Such a sinister plot ran unchecked under the BHO Administration and is just now finally being revealed. So, don’t tell me they would “never do it.” They’ve done it! Just ask Mike Flynn!

Communists of the past century moved with decisiveness, ruthlessness, violence to seize power during periods of social unrest.

Today’s Marxicrats are no different. There are no people of honor among them.

They mean to seize power permanently and rule absolutely, violently, replacing our blessed Republic with a smothering Communist oligarchy, and our courts, particularly our Supreme Court, will predictably abandon their solemn duty to protect us, just as they have in the past.

The media already has!

Here is the Test – When their voices unite:

  • ‘Rights?’ You don’t need rights. You need ‘protection’!
  • ‘Freedom?’ You don’t need freedom. You need conformity. We’re doing it for your own good, you know”!

When you like the sound of those two lines, you know whom to vote for… the UCSA.

“I have little interest in ‘streamlining’ government, nor in making it ‘more efficient,’ for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to ‘promote welfare,’ for I propose to extend Freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to our Constitution, or have failed their purpose, or that impose on the people unwarranted financial burden. I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is ‘needed’ before I have first determined whether it is Constitutionally permissible. And, when attacked for ‘neglecting my constituents’ interests,’ I shall reply that I was informed that their main interest is Liberty, and in that cause I am doing the best I can.” ~ Barry Goldwater 1964


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Wild Bill

@USA, Do you know who is in charge of the Constitutional Convention once it is lawfully called?


bho did say he wanted to fundamentally change America, and what we are seeing now is his effort to get us there. although this plandemic has shown Americans what Marxism/socalism would bring to our shores and they ain’t liking it. leftists will not stop trying to impose their idea of utopia on us, but can never show where it has worked. utopia is only good for those in power, the rest are a mass of poor starving individuals.


The quotes from Mr. Goldwater had me remembering the thing that cost him the election. It was the “daisy” ad. Funny thing is that ad only ran once or twice. It was then picked up by the “media” and kept in front of the public. You see, the Marxists have been a force in this country for a very long time. I am glad that I have lived long enough to have experienced these things in real time. For younger people it is just history and can’t mean the same as having lived through it. Just like the rioting taking… Read more »

Wild Bill

, Yeah, propaganda did cost Barry Goldwater the election. I remember it, too. At the time I did not know what propaganda was.


What amazing drivel! Why are you so paranoid?

I have another “same question as always”—Are you an educated, sane American or are you a Republican?

Wild Bill

@pudx, Another libtard administration has turned beautiful Minneapolis into a burned out hulk. That is not paranoia.


Shut up antifa queer..
Hoping your liberal friends come to and burn your town soon
Have a nice day

Rebel VA

Stupid pudwhacker!

Scotty Gunn

In one sentence you showed that you are a brainwashed traitor to America..


Not paranoid. Observant. Either you are naive due to your ignorance of history or one of them who know nothing but lying, delusion and destruction.

Some guy

Same question as always…… Are you an American or a democrat?