Why Some Are Willing to Trade Freedom for Corona-Safety

By: Dan Wos

Ruthless Forces U.S. Seek To Bring Down President Donald Trump and Our Nation, iStock-1213378005
Many Americans are willing to sacrifice their constitutionally-protected rights in exchange for security and safety from the Coronavirus, iStock-1213378005

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- As I watch some people work themselves into indignant, self-righteous outrage over the fact that others are storming their statehouses to demand freedom, I can’t help but smile. This is the way it should be. This is the way it was intended. The problem is, those who choose to hand their freedom over to the government for perceived safety will continue to label these Americans as terrorists.

Government Groupies look down their noses at Patriots because they recognize them as people who are willing to stand up for their rights while they know, they, themselves are not.

What’s the difference between the left and the right? The answer comes down to a very simple concept. Those on the left are willing to give up their freedom for safety. Those on the right are willing to give up their safety for freedom. Our brothers and sisters that we see on the steps of our capitol buildings are doing exactly what they should be doing. Our Founding Fathers knew there would come a day when the government would need to be reminded who they work for. Will it take the corona-crisis to remind people how much freedom they’ve given up? For some, maybe.

When we talk to people on the left about this, they tell us that we must do whatever we can to be safe. They can look you straight in the eye without any acknowledgment of the freedom lost as the state representatives they voted for literally put them on home detention. They accept this without question. They are able to do this because, through a collective media effort, they are given a view of the world through a lens of fear and hatred. Fear for their own lives and hatred for those who won’t conform to the herd mentality they have embraced. You will find the same is true with the way guns are portrayed in America. Coincidence?

So why is it that people on the right can no longer tolerate the corona shut down? Why is it that people on the right are storming their statehouses to demand an end to the corona fear campaign? The answer is simple, they recognize when their rights are being violated and their freedom through independent entrepreneurship and free-market capitalism is being destroyed. Real Americans understand the importance of freedom and independence. They get why our founding fathers demanded it.

Logical thinking people understand that virus precautions can be exercised without giving up civil rights.

Others would much rather put the government in control of their lives because a structured, controlled and regulated society makes them feel safe. I’m not even blaming them for it because to them, this makes sense. But I am pointing out the fact that their delusion of a government-controlled Utopian society will only lead to the destruction of America and complete loss of the freedom our Founders fought for.

Those Americans who are waking up to the corona-freedom-grab have become a fierce opposition to the political-left and its push for government control. This is why left-wing media is desperately pushing a “safety over freedom” narrative.

Fortunately, patriotism Has been bred into the majority of Americans. Regardless of the narrative, regardless of the fear campaign, and regardless of how much the left kicks and screams. Real Americans are fighting for the same exact thing our Founders fought for.

Our Founding Fathers are cheering on those Americans demanding freedom, while the media condemns them and spoon-feeds the fearful another dose of debilitating, self-righteousness.

Dan Wos
Dan Wos

About Dan Wos, Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

Dan Wos is an American entrepreneur, author, musician, and NRA member. He is the founder and President of House Detective Inc., a home inspection and appraisal company serving many markets across the United States. He is also an active real estate investor.


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1. I certainly don’t believe mayors and governors have any authority to require people to wear masks or stay home or tell us who or how many people we can let onto our property. 2. I’m going to wear a mask when I go to the store. I’m going to reduce the number of trips I make to the store. I’m not going to have people over. I give exactly zero craps what the government says about this. I make these decisions because I’m a responsible adult. When we can consider the risk much lower, I’ll lighten up, and that… Read more »


Stop being a reasonable, thinking, considerate, no BS buying liberty losing person.


Your chances of kicking the bucket from the Kung Flu are TWO in TEN THOUSAND. How much lower risk do you demand? Lighten up now, amigo.


Absolutely not. What makes you think I’m just trying to keep myself alive?

Green Mtn. Boy

Some would rather security theater than dangerous freedom and liberty.


@GMB – Just like TSA right?

Green Mtn. Boy

Same difference.


Next time you have a chance to speak to a LEO on an individual basis, ask him, or her what they’ll do when unconstitutional orders come done from above; Will they follow orders, or do what’s right?


that is why they, nor any other government official should have qualified immunity status.


They will do as they’re told. Simple as that.


– Great idea if you can find a non confrontational way to ask. May be edifying to you, but more importantly it may get them thinking. People often do things “in the heat of the moment” which they would never do if they stopped to think about it first. You get them to consider the possibilities ahead of time and they become far more likely to do the right thing later.


throughout history, innumerable people who have given up their freedom to their governments for perceived safety have been slaughtered and it still happens today around the world. Americas is a unique place in the world, the Constitution and Bill of Rights give to the individual the power and freedom of their own destiny. leftists throughout that same history have devised plans to divide and control their subjects through class warfare and scare tactics. this lockdown is another iteration of that scheme. leftists love herd mentality/hive mind, but totally abhor herd immunity. the first has gotten us things like socialism, communism,… Read more »


While much of what you say is true, it is completely misplaced as it pertains to a viral outbreak that’s killing hundreds of people a day. The reason people have to told what to do is because they are selfish. I’m like the other guy on here. I’m following all CDC directives not because I’m told to, because it’s the right thing to do.

Do indeed keep your eyes on what’s going on as far as the government, but to equate THIS with with socialism or whatever “ism” you can come up with is indeed selfish and frankly dangerous.

Heed the Call-up

Brewski, if you have read the CDC and WHO information, “sheltering in place”, aka staying at home, is not meant to stop the disease, but “flatten the curve”. So, they fully expect people to get sick and die, just not all at once. However, one huge part of the puzzle is not given to us, and other parts are being shrouded. Initially, only those that were known to have the disease, those that were very sick, were tested. That made the pool of those with the virus very small, and those needing hospitalization or dying a much larger portion of… Read more »


You got a lot of downvotes on that one. That’s curious considering you’re absolutely right. With being one’s own master comes the responsibility of being one’s own master.


@Gregs – Herd immunity is not as straight forward as you seem to think. Look at the plague, it still has a mortality rate well over 90% for anyone unlucky enough to not get the right antibiotics within a week of contracting it. What protects us is primarily collective sanitation. A combination of individuals keeping their own spaces clean and rat free out of self interest, business doing the for similar reasons plus fear of lawsuits and adhering to governmental regulations, plus governmental actions including managing trash collection and public space pest control. This is an ongoing collective action resistance,… Read more »


Yesterday Sean Hannity was one of those, “people working themselves into indignant, self-righteous outrage over the fact that others are storming their statehouses to demand freedom while armed.” I know my “quote” is not what the author wrote but it is what he should have written and even perhaps what he meant to write. There are patriots and then there are those who play the part.


Good nail on the head hitting. Hannity looks like he is turning liberal on this issue. He is willing to give up a right guaranteed in the Constitution for some illusory safe issue. Individuals should and did carry arms into their statehouses because it is a right in the Constitution put there to give citizens the power to confront a overreaching government. Hannity has stopped thinking with his big head.


Slightly off topic, I’m sure, but this whole Covid-19 is truly a hoax. Check out Shiva4senate.com and learn a whole lot about what’s really going on. While you’re there, maybe if you are courageous enough, you’d like to sign his Petition to Trump to fire Fauci? Have you ever noticed the tension between Trump and that conman when they are doing the daily updates? Fauci is involved with all the things that we patriots don’t want going on in our country. Just think about it. Let’s see: The WHO, the CDC, The Gates, the Clintons, Chan Zuckerberg, Big Pharma and… Read more »

Dubi Loo

To those who whine (yes you Sean Hannity) that carrying long guns at a protest are meant to intimidate; I say Damn Right! One of the reasons for enumerating the RKBA in our Constitution is to protect against tyranny from any source, including our own government. Those politicians who have placed millions under house arrest need to be reminded of this fact. We only have freedom when government fears We The People. Our forefathers would already be slinging lead.


Left versus Right: The Left just wants to be cared for on the Government Plantation. The Right just wants to hunt the Government Plantation.

Qui Bono?

Oldman, the virus is no hoax, you’re living in the “state of denial.” Hundreds of people are dying daily; the old, the young, the healthy, the infirm. I’m an NRA life member. I was a Republican my entire adult life, until 2016. Trump doesn’t care about liberty, nor you or me. It’s all about his vanity, which we could live with if he wasn’t also lazy, incompetent, and a habitual liar. I’m also a retired U.S. history teacher. You should have paid more attention in civics class: while our natural rights are inalienable, they are not unlimited. Each is balanced… Read more »


@Qui Bono? – No matter how vanity driven trump may be – he is not in the same league as biden in terms of potential damage to the country and our rights. I truly believe our country would not survive a biden presidency. Hard for trump to compete in the “who do I vote against” competition.

Wild Bill

@Finnky, Que Bald has never been close enough to DJT to know Trump’s mind or anything else about Trump. QB is just spewing troll crap.

Wild Bill

@QB, The Chinese Corona virus may not be a hoax, but it is not as lethal as we were lead to believe. Nor does it justify governors, mayors, and police officers denying us our Constitutional Rights.
The Chinese Communists believe that this is their opportunity to replace America in the world. China is at full operating capacity.
If America wants to stay safe, America better get its ass in gear.


@QB I,don’t know how old you are and I don’t care. When I was going to elementary school, mid school and high school, the subjects taught were HISTORY not civics. I paid attention to it all. I graduated with a 3.8 grade average when I was 16. The virus that was manufactured in China and purposely sent around the world was for the Chinese to have the ability to restructure the whole world economy and take it over. I became a Life member in the NRA in 1976. I am now a everything Life Member in the NRA and I’m… Read more »


It is certainly possible the virus was man made. That doesn’t make it weaker. While our government may be spreading some bullshit, there are some facts beneath the stink. It is dangerous, especially to folks like me with compromised immune systems. I’ll stay home and you-all can go huddle.

Qui Bono?

Is everyone who disagrees with you then a “troll”? This is how all of you far-right guys react, no matter how moderate the criticism. All you can do is spout hate and call names. Lincoln was a “Progressive” – remember slavery? Theodore Roosevelt was a “Progressive” – remember trusts and monopolies? “Progressive” isn’t a cuss word, and not everyone who disagrees with you is the enemy. I am not a liberal nor a Communist. You say you studied history; you’re clearly a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment – we agree about that; do you also remember the 1st Amendment?… Read more »


Dan, I’m a 2A advocate, collector, NRA Life Member, OK2A Member and Disabled 15-year AF vet, and I’m “surprised” at your description of the situation. People ARMED PEOPLE PROTESTING SOCIAL-DISTANCING AGAINST VIRUS INFECTION/SPREAD MAKES NO SENSE!!! They’re conflating TWO issues, which makes them NO better than those who persecute us for our 2A beliefs! And WHAT IN THE NAME OF GOD HIMSELF are these protestors grouping up so tightly and screaming at those doing their jobs? If any of them are carriers, a LOT of people are SCREWED. Yes, we SHOULD – we MUST protest abrogating our Constitutional rights, but… Read more »

Wild Bill

, you wear the accessories that you want, and I will wear the accessories that I want.


Those who go protest run the risk of getting and passing on the virus. Guess that doesn’t matter. No right is absolute. Having said that I admit to not fully trusting the government on this. That’s especially true here in WA state.


You have bought into the Fear that the Left has been pushing! This Virus is Not as Deadly as it has been Made out to be, and by Now Only the Deluded or the Ones Using the Virus as a Club Refuse to Believe the Evidence! The Only People that Need to be Isolated are the Ones Who are in Danger from the Virus (Namely the Elderly and those with Preexisting Conditions) You Don’t Quarantine the Healthy that’s just Basdackwards!

Ansel Hazen

Chuck, the left has once again taken an issue and spun it around. It’s sad that it has happened but I hope no one is really surprised. They’ve done it for no other reason than to continue to push their policies that undermine the foundation of this country so like it or not, armed protestors are absolutely appropriate.The two issues became one when Dem governors started closing “non-essential” business as an excuse to shut down the firearms industry. That tactic began to spread in order to interrupt the coming elections. It includes falsifying information about the virus and it’s effect… Read more »


Perhaps the worst miss guided “article” I’ve ever read. Talk about spreading needless fear to make a buck or two.wow

Jeremy B.

Please be active in ALL our civil rights.

AND please PLEASE do this while wearing a mask in public and stay at least 6 feet away from people whenever possible. It’s not your life you are protecting, it’s theirs.

Corona virus is already as bad as twenty-two 9/11s. I went to war for 3k US dead and countless injured Please wear a mask for 66k US dead and countless more that can barely breath (lung scarring), amputees (blood clots), and young stroke victims (more blood clots).


jb, PLEASE stop virtual signaling. people are smart enough to decide for themselves what they need to do to take care of themselves. you might think I am being callous, but hundreds of thousands of people die everyday from many different things. why do you not call for the ban of the automobile and doctors? they both kill more people daily than this virus.

Heed the Call-up

Jeremy, and stop using electricity, gasoline, oil, farm-raised produce and meat or other products, any processed foods, products made of leather, man-made fibers, metals and any other factory produced materials. All of these things use harmful, poisonous chemicals and/or create harmful by-products that have carcinogens or otherwise pollute and poison, or are inhumane to animals (pun intended), and/or otherwise harmful to the environment (and ultimately harmful to us). This also means stop using the Internet and computers and other technologies that contain numerous toxic chemicals that are damage the environment while mining and producing, and pollute the environment and pose… Read more »


Against my religion to wear a mask. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


Bull shit