Axeon Nightvue Green Laser Binocular Illuminator Review

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Axeon Nightvue: To make your binoculars usable at night attach the new Axeon NightVue to them.

Idaho –  -( As an Outdoor Writer I get to test a lot of new gear and go on a lot of cool hunting and fishing trips but once in a while you see an item that really excites you. Such was the case when I recently saw a Press Release on an Axeon Nightvue. I knew right away that I had to test one.

Axeon Nightvue

If you’ve ever hunted with any night vision gear then you know how cool it is. I’ve used thermal imaging, night-vision, and spotlights for hunting at night. You can get some economical spotlights but true night vision is more expensive and thermal imaging is a lot more expensive.

I recently got a FOXPRO X24 electronic call. When calling with it I wanted to try out the Axeon NightVue to see if I can spot coyotes coming in before I turn on the spotlight.

But what if you have no desire to hunt at night? Maybe you just wonder what animals are stirring out there after you put your campfire out. Unless the moon is full and there are skiffs of snow on the ground you’re sunk. That is, up until now. With the Axeon NightVue you can now check out what is moving around.

And the good deal is, you don’t have to buy a whole of set of expensive optics to do so. Most likely the Axeon NightVue easily hooks up to the binoculars that you already own, whether porro or roof prism binoculars. Your standard set of binoculars that were only useful in the daylight hours can now be used around the clock.

The Axeon NightVue is a green laser illuminator that fits many of the common binoculars and lets you identify an animal out to 250 meters. It uses a powerful 520 nm yet eye-safe laser illuminator to give you an affordable option to the more expensive options.

It is easy to attach to your binoculars. Remove the screw on the front/middle of your binocs (that holds the two lenses together). Place the Axeon NightVue between the two lenses and using one of the two screws and washers that come with the set attach it to your binoculars.

Once the unit is attached, adjust the aim of the Axeon NightVue and tighten the lever under the unit to lock it in place.

Axeon Nightvue Green Laser Binocular Illuminator
Axeon Nightvue Green Laser Binocular Illuminator

It is easy to operate. Depress the lime green button on top to turn it on. To adjust the size of the laser beam, adjust with the gray wheel. Look into the dark at something let’s say 40 yds. off. Adjust the angle of view so the light lands in your field of view. Tighten the unit in that position. It is that simple.

I do not like battery eating electronics, they will penny ante you to death with the cost of batteries. Have no fear. This unit is rechargeable and comes with a charging cord and plug-in charger.

For an MSRP of $149.99 I think that you can have a lot of fun with this cool bino accessory, I know I did.

Axeon Nightvue Product Description:

The Axeon NightVue mounts to most porro and roof prism binoculars and beams a powerful 520 nm green laser out to distances up to 250 meters. The green color of the NightVue emitter cuts through haze and fog while also having a low effect on personal night-time vision and it doesn’t disturb any animals in its path. Once mounted onto the binoculars, use the beam adjustment wheel to adjust the angle of the light output to closely match the magnification range of the binoculars and distance of the subject from you.

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