Democrats Fail To Strip Gun Rights In Late Weekend Rule Package

Congress U S Capital Building
Democrats Fail To Strip Gun Rights In Late Weekend Rule Package, Congress U S Capital Building

Colorado ~ Washington DC – -( Newly elected Rep. Boebert Scores First Congressional Victory! This past weekend Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (CO-03) released the following statement after the passage of the H. Res. 8 – the Rules of the House of Representatives for the 117th Congress:

“I ran for Congress and have now taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution. That fight began in earnest as House Democrats attempted to stop Members of Congress from exercising their Second Amendment rights. I led eighty-two of my colleagues in fighting back, and we won. I promise I will never stop defending your Constitutional rights.”


Members of Congress are allowed to carry firearms within the U.S. Capitol Complex as a result of U.S. Capitol Police Board’s regulations and 40 U.S.C. § 5104. The current regulations allowing Members of Congress to carry have helped protect these Members and their Second Amendment rights since 1967.

Recently, 21 Democratic Members of Congress sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy asking them to include “a provision in the Rules Package directing the Capitol Police Board to ensure that Member of Congress may not possess firearms on Capitol grounds.”

In response to the House Democrats proposed gun grab, Congresswoman-Elect Lauren Boebert wrote and led a letter signed by 83 Members and Member-Elects of Congress slamming this dangerous and short-sighted proposal and advocating for the current regulations that allow Members of Congress to carry in the Capitol Complex and protect themselves to remain in place.

Letter Protect Congressional Members and Their Second Amendment Rights 2021

The 83 Members and Member-Elects of Congress that signed Congresswoman-Elect Boebert’s letter include: Ralph Abraham, M.D., Kelly Armstrong, Brian Babin, James R. Baird, Jim Banks, Cliff Bentz, Jack Bergman, Andy Biggs, Dan Bishop, Lauren Boebert, Mo Brooks, Ken Buck, Tedd Budd, Tim Burchett, Michael C. Burgess, M.D., Kat Cammack, Earl L. “Buddy” Carter, Madison Cawthorn, Ben Cline, Michael Cloud, Andrew S. Clyde, James Comer, Dan Crenshaw, Scott DesJarlais, Byron Donalds, Jeff Duncan, Neal Dunn, Pat Fallon, Randy Feenstra, Michelle Fischbach, Scott Franklin, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, Bob Good, Lance Gooden, Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S., Marjorie Greene, Mark E. Green, M.D., H. Morgan Griffith, Andy Harris, M.D., Diana Harshbarger, Yvette Herrell, Jody Hice, Richard Hudson, Ronny Jackson, Bill Johnson, Dusty Johnson, Jim Jordan, Fred Keller, Steve King, Doug LaMalfa, Doug Lamborn, Robert E. Latta, Billy Long, Nancy Mace, Thomas Massie, Brian Mast, Lisa C. McClain, Mary Miller, Alex Mooney, Barry Moore, Markwayne Mullin, Gregory F. Murphy, M.D., Dan Newhouse, Ralph Norman, Jay Obernolte, Burgess Owens, August Pfluger, Scott Perry, Bill Posey, Guy Reschenthaler, Matt Rosendale, Chip Roy, John H. Rutherford, Austin Scott, Adrian Smith, Jason Smith, Victoria Spartz, W. Gregory Steube, Thomas P. Tiffany, Tim Walberg, Randy Weber, Don Young.

Gun Owners of America, the National Rifle Association, and the Conservative Partnership Institute all support Congresswoman-Elect Boebert’s letter.

In the 117th Congress, the Congresswoman-Elect will Co-Chair the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus with U.S. Congressman Thomas Massie.

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HMLA-167 Warrior

I do not understand the thought that this posturing is somehow “protecting 2A rights for Americans.” It actually has nothing to do with American citizen’s 2A-protected, God-given rights. This only continues to segregate the ‘elite’ “Members of Congress” out from the rest of us lowly ‘peons.’ This legislation that she, and the rest who signed on, is trying to protect only allows “Members of Congress” to carry inside certain areas of Congress AND makes it easy and legal for “members of Congress” to traverse an anti-citizen, anti-2A city (Washington DC) while armed. This does nothing to allow the average law… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by HMLA-167 Warrior

Exactly. This is just another carve-out that exempts government employees from laws imposed on non-government employees.

I remain optimistic that Boebert will actually be effective at advancing a Pro Second Amendment agenda, but the cheerleading for her at this stage is odd.

There are a lot of government employees and ex-government employees on this site though. It’s unclear how many of them are in favor illogical perks that are designed to placate them so they do not speak up against never-ending gun control.


I do not want my newly-elected Representative to get into any bad habits (like NOT signing any/all positive firearms bills, letters, recommendations, etc – however tangential), so I want her to immediately actively support every pro-gun/anti-gun control measure! And I just wrote her an email (nicely worded, but heavily pointed nastygram) insisting on it. I worked on her campaign for over a year, and she knows me, so I hope I made an impression that she won’t ignore.


Carve-outs/exemptions for government employees are not pro-2nd Amendment laws – they are anti-2nd Amendment laws.

Doug G.

The citizens of DC can’t get a carry permit even in a “shall issue” sub-state but once again there are 2 sets of laws and us peons do not enjoy the same level of protection that the self described elites are given.


“I promise I will never stop defending your Constitutional rights”

Sadly, you didn’t DEFEND MY constitutional rights. You defended an elitist, Congressional privilege.


But she’s a 34 year-old, 4’11”, 112 pound “firecracker” who has four children and owns a restaurant – haven’t you been listening? Oddly, people saw her fight for the rights of government employees as some sort of confirmation that she is a champion of the 2nd Amendment. I remain cautiously optimistic – she will be a rarity if she delivers. She could start by tweeting less pictures of herself and, instead, use the platform to begin explaining exactly what the 2nd Amendment Caucus will actually do. She could also use Twitter (or her website) to begin explaining to women how… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

For day 1, maybe this isn’t so bad.


Here you go. The writing is on the wall. You know who actually supports second amendment rights and who doesn’t. You know who and who not to vote for. Vote the people fighting her out. If someone abstains from a vote and the vote would have been in our favor like for reciprocity, count that as a no vote. We don’t need anymore Romney’s in congress. We need to make lists of the Anti Americans in the white house and vote them out. America, you can do it with your vote if we can make sure to have fair and… Read more »


Except, if Biden gets in, there will not be elections, anymore.
Pay close attention to what the SQUAD say. They speak fluent Marxist.
I prefer to call them the SQUAT.


Literally insane. No more elections? Literally insane.


If there is no honest voting, is there actually an “election” at all?

If every future election is fraudulently controlled and decided by Democrat Socialists – and since they’ve gotten away with it so far, they WILL continue to do so – then there really will be NO more true “elections” (at least, not honest ones).

Stalin knew that it doesn’t matter who votes. Who COUNTS the votes matters. Democrat leaders followed his advice, and we conservative patriots suffer the results.

Last edited 1 year ago by JoeUSooner

LMAO why does it matter what you’re registered as? You’re aware you can vote any which way you want, right?

Watch um

Apparently you bone heads didn’t read the complete article. This started in 1967 and was just reaffirmed ny these members of the house.

By some of your remarks you are wanting to restrict those members rights. If you want your state to give you a permit for something that the second amendment already gives then go to your state House of representatives and demand that.

My state has been an open carry state since 1890.

Country Boy

What it really says is, they all have the right to carry a gun if they wish.

We The people will soon be exempt from carrying once dems shumer and the squad tell biden when he gets in the WH.

Last edited 1 year ago by Country Boy

On Fremont Place, in Seattle, there is a HUGE statue of Vlad Lenin. On Norfolk Street in Lower East Side of New York, there is a Vlad Lenin statue. In NY’s Central Park there are various statues of communist notables such as the communist mass murderer Che Guevarra. There are statues of communist notables in California, Florida and other states along with many college campuses. The Democratic Party is the Communist Party USA. Has been since 1963. So when you ask, “why did no one fight against the 1934 NFA?”, or any anti-gun legislation, all of which are unconstitutional and… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by tetejaun

Thomas Jefferson did say that. That’s true. You know what else is true? The Lenin statue in Seattle is privately owned and it’s on private property. Why do you hate freedom and the constitution? There are no statues of communist leaders erected in California and Floirda and blah blah blah. There’s a Lenin figure in Los Angeles, but it’s a satirical piece of art criticizing China, not praising them. Google the list of artwork on display in Central Park. See any commies? Nope. You’re being critical of people for having bad information while you’re literally using bad information to get… Read more »


Bad Information? You mean like what is repeated on: CNN, ABC, CBS, PBS, NBC, MSNBC and many the of print news sources: WAPO, NYT, and the rest !


“So when you ask, “why did no one fight against the 1934 NFA?”, or any anti-gun legislation, all of which are unconstitutional and null & void, all you have to do is look in a mirror.”

“In 2020, only 56% of Republicans voted for Trump. You get the country you deserve.”

So which one is it? Fight unconstitutional arms laws or vote for a guy who not only supports said laws but actually enacted more arms control in his first two years than the previous two administrations combined?


He’s going to read your post five times and still not understand it.


Democrat politicians put the country on the road to Communism long before 1963. It started prior to 1935, but in 1935 Roosevelt took the “Great Leap Forward” and signed into law the Social Security Act of 1935.

Republican politicians saw that the forced redistribution of wealth was popular among the majority of voters and they have engaged in the same game ever since, with the same goal – to get elected.