Gun Ownership It’s Not Insurrection, It’s Patriotism, Try Telling That to Gun Banners

Opinion by Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen

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Disarming enemies in order to prevent political disruption has occurred many times in the past, and is similar to what occurred in post-WWI Germany., iStock-Amitvs 864713050.jpg

USA – -( For four-plus years, all we heard about Donald J Trump was:

  • Lies Within Lies.
  • Plots Within Plots.
  • Twists Within Twists.

The Democrats fake narratives of their political reality changed daily, as they needed.

After years of carefully crafted, and bought political and judicial positions, the Democratic Party created, from the get-go, bizarre lies about Donald J. Trump which have been proven false, we are now we’re expected to believe that former President Trump committed insurrection against our country while making a speech which only referenced PEACE and PATRIOTISM.

The Democrats forced a Second Trump Impeachment, even though he was OUT OF OFFICE, as the left does not want another Trump term. But that fiasco yielded a NOT GUILTY, and rightly so.

What is it that the Democrats want? They want power! They need to keep their own criminal acts covered up. Many of these crimes may rise to the level of sedition, which could merit jail time.

Former President Trump must be proven guilty of something, anything, and prevented from ever running again for high office because he might just win.

Democrats Are Terrified Of The Possible Outcome.

Now that Joe Biden is the Resident of the White House, the Socialist Democrats must mitigate the strength and resolve of Trump’s core constituents. So to this end, the Democrats employ many historical methods, from the Bolshevik Revolution to the NAZI agenda, to ‘evilize*’ us Trump supporters.

* Yes, we made up the word ‘evilize.’ We use it as ‘To be made evil’.

That my friends, is us, America’s conservatives and civilian gun owners. Not only must Americans accept that Trump is an insurrectionist, but they must also believe gun owners are insurrectionists, too.

Until U.S. gun owners are neutralized, the left cannot take total power. We must now be transformed from racists into violent, dangerous revolutionaries; Media and Big Tech have the dominating power to make that real in the eyes of ignorant Americans.

The gun control crowd has tried to demonize us in the past as a danger to society, and now they are having another go at it. Our guns and the role we might play in protecting the Constitution have become a crucial detail on their way to total power. We bring a great amount of uncertainty to the situation in which the Democrats find themselves.

There is a strong legal historical precedent to disarming people who are a danger to the state. Even Justice Amy Barrett, protector of gun rights, writing as dissenting Circuit Court judge, acknowledged that, “There are obvious reasons why the government would take guns away from those bent on overthrowing it…”

It would benefit our new Socialist government if the masses agreed with them about the dangerousness and untrust-worthiness of American civilian gun owners. So the path to the destruction of civilian gun owners as a defending force is to twist away the truth and create a fearful lie of evilness.

History truly appears to be repeating itself!

Disarming enemies in order to prevent political disruption has occurred many times in the past, and is similar to what occurred in post-WWI Germany. The Socialist Democrats have been so focused on renaming patriotic Americans as fascists, even Nazis.

Let’s examine those forgotten events and look to Hitlerian behaviors.

First, we must clear up a small myth that the US Gun Control is a product of HITLER’S Germany. Actually, it is the product of just GERMANY, because, before Hitler, it was the Weimar Republic who really set the wheels in motion.

After WWI, the new Weimar Republic passed very strict Gun Control Laws, essentially banning ALL gun ownership, in an attempt to stabilize the country, and to comply with the Versailles Treaty of 1919, (Article 169, June 28, 1919) The Weimar Gun Control complete ban was signed before the Versailles Treaty was even completed, in January 1919, in the Reichstag. Further laws in April 1928 and March 1938 required Licensing, reporting, acquisition, and disposition information.

Then, when Hitler came to power, he loosened the tight gun laws of the previous Weimar Republic for German citizens. The catch was that you needed to be defined as TRUSTWORTHY, as The 1938 Law included a “Trustworthiness” requirement for firearms possession, and the NAZI classed the Jews, Gypsies, and itinerants, as UNTRUSTWORTHY, so they could not possess weapons.

The Weimar Republic lists of gun owners aided the disarmament of the Jews.

Timothy Snyder, in his recent op-ed published in the New York Times, How Hitler Pioneered ‘Fake News’ wrote, “It was as a propagandist that he (Hitler)… defined the Jews as Germany’s foe.”

Hitler had it easy.

Now, in 2021, our US Democrats are entertaining that same disgusting NAZI concept, but against US citizens.

These new ‘NAZI’ have twisted the term of ‘trust worthiness’ into ‘domestic terrorist’ but the intent is obvious. And it is aimed directly at us.

A new bill, US H.R. 127 (2021), from Rep Jackson Lee, D, Texas, further builds upon US Gun Law, by using concepts from Germany’s 1919 ban, like adding abusive fines and jail time against US citizens for mere possession of items banned.

Yes, there will be government-controlled lists of gun owners. You will need to pass a psychological evaluation by an approved. licensed psychologist. Your entire family, including former spouses and other family members, will also be interviewed. And yes, most of it is an unconstitutional wish list written by extremists.

We can still peacefully prevail. But we must remain united.

We must never let any doubt at all enter our souls, no matter how strong the attacks coming from the lying Main Street Media and Big Tech, as it is their purpose to demoralize us and divide us, and to convince our fellow Americans that our dissent is an insurrection.

No, It’s Not Insuuection, It’s Patriotism.

About The Authors

Alan J Chwick has been involved with firearms much of his life and is the Retired Managing Coach of the Freeport NY Junior Marksmanship Club. He has escaped from New York State to South Carolina and is an SC FFL ( [email protected] | TWITTER: @iNCNF

Joanne D Eisen, DDS (Ret.) practiced dentistry on Long Island, NY. She has collaborated and written on firearm politics for the past 30+ years. She has also escaped New York State, but to Virginia. [email protected]

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Joe Biden is the biggest farce to be perpetuated on the American people that I have ever seen . What a ilegitiment clown ! Reptile Joe is a complete joke and will go down in History as a circus clown !


Winning on paper doesn’t mean squat. Unless Dominion is gotten rid of, Trump can get 100% of the votes and the vote counters will declare that his opponent won.


Trump wins ONLY if the waste-of-skin DemocRats are forcefully prevented from repeating the latest fraud [manufacturing ballots, and counting those as many times each as necessary to win]. Otherwise, the socialists will continue to follow Stalin’s advice… “who votes doesn’t matter… who COUNTS the votes matters.”


Only if we can stop it from being stolen again. That is the problem. I look back and I think that may have been the case with Obummer and they let hitlary slide because she was a shoe inn. That will never happen again.


The article completely ignored the most important issue both historically and in our immediate future.

Also, these types of articles would be greatly improved if they included Mao, Stalin, the Kim family, and Pol Pot.


In regards to what the “left” wants to do concerning guns I have but one thing to say; “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!”



These types of articles never come out and indicate the fact that German politicians didn’t take anyone’s firearms. They passed laws. Armed government employees enforced those laws. They followed lawful orders. Exactly what most LEOs on this site say should be done.


and that leos for the most part are not like the Virginia sherif who offered to deputize anyone in his county to thwart gun control from the state ,funniest thing I have seen is law banning militias as they are the peoples protectors from the constitution talk about blatantly illegal


He deserved a medal.


They are trying that in Oregone.


Armed insurrection? Not one person had a firearm. With 300-600 Million guns in the U.S., if there were an armed insurrection, it would be blatantly obvious….and it would no doubt succeed.


Ok, IF we’re insurrectionists, or IF we’re revolutionaries, why is that such a negative label? Why can’t people simply say, “We will not disarm. If you should press us in this matter, then we withdraw our consent.”

That needn’t even require violence. Whether or not it does depends on the response of those in power, although it will be the predictable one.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We could be a people that believes in freedom and that using government to impose our will on others is wrong.

If we’re insurrectionists, then those in government are our oppressors.


In Thomas Jefferson’s letter of 1787 to William Stephens Smith, the son-in-law of John Adams, postulates on the newly drafted Constitution and what it will mean. One of his statements succinctly deals with our situation today, and I quote: “What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost… Read more »


Are the enforcers traitors?


I need a clarification on “peacefully prevail”. Does that intend compliance with gun registration and surrender? Or, does that require NON-COMPLIANCE, UNDER RISK OF JAIL TIME? If you surrender firearms, you will NEVER get them back. If you “REGISTER” firearms, it is not IF, but WHEN they WILL be CONFISCATED! At this point I need to remind everyone that this is not a new reality to MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of American Gun Owners, who for years now are risking felony jail time, for REFUSING TO COMPLY with progressive socialist state laws that require firearm and magazine surrender and/or registration. In… Read more »


It means LEOs don’t enforce new gun laws.

Why is that concept so difficult for government employees to understand?


Do not trust your liberty to the whims of public employees. Rock solid resistance will bring down any progressive agenda to deny or destroy liberty. The civil rights movement is one such case. Massive civil resistance brought down Jim Crow and all of the advocates of segregation. The same can be true on your right to keep and bear arms.


Preach resistance to the LEOs – they are public employees.


You don’t live in one of these states, do you?
Try driving through Jersey with your firearm in the vehicle, and tell me how much LEOs don’t enforce gun laws.
“OUR HEROES” seem very happy to be the “PROGRESSIVE GESTAPO”!


I should have explained in more detail. You wrote: “I need a clarification on “peacefully prevail”. Does that intend compliance with gun registration and surrender? Or, does that require NON-COMPLIANCE, UNDER RISK OF JAIL TIME?” I answered (sarcastically): “It means LEOs don’t enforce new gun laws. Why is that concept so difficult for government employees to understand?” What I meant was to “peacefully prevail,” all that needs to happen is for LEOs to not enforce new gun laws. Unfortunately, as you point out, a certain percentage of them are all too eager to enforce gun laws under the flag of… Read more »

Roland T. Gunner

It should be, “LEOs don’t enforce ANY gun laws”.


Yes, we can indeed prevail – but no, sir, we fu*king well cannot still peacefully prevail. Thanks to Democrat Party leadership, that is now flatly impossible.

We either choose to absolutely enforce the Constitution and keep this country a Republic (keep it from becoming a full-blown Socialist Regime), or our grandchildren are [for all economic, social, societal, political, and practical manifestations] outright slaves!

It’s our choice… and either by commission or omission, we must – and will – make it.


We can peacefully prevail. It is possible.


It is their choice to make.



A huge group of Americans just want to be left alone. Leave them alone and there will be no problems.


There is a subset of LEOs who just refuse to leave people alone:


Example provided – on hold (youtube link)

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

That’s exactly how I feel but if the new demonratic regime says that all guns will be gathered then they will never leave everyone alone. The only way for us to beat them is for us to join together and be as one. Disobey their unconstitutional laws as a country and sheer numbers will make it impossible for them to get us all unless they incorporate the UN and our own military against us and even then the odds of them winning are small and if they do win, there will not be anything left but a bunch of demorats… Read more »


If no one enforces the laws passed by Democrat and Republican politicians, there will be no problems.

You keep saying Democrat for some reason and you use a passive expression: all guns will be gathered. Somebody has to gather them.


I’m afraid the brainwashed grandchildren want socialism, which is the philosophy of envy.


I’m certain our grandparents, great grandparents, and great great grand parents got that ball rolling, even before they elected this guy:


Hell, keep going all the way back. Woodrow Wilson comes to mind.


Lot’s of them – that’s why I said “even before.” I know you picked up on it, as we have had this conversation before.

Totalitarianism cuts across all birth dates, races, genders, geographies, and professions.

There are a lot of people on this site who were born before 1960 who believe LEOs should enforce future laws to ban semiautomatic rifles.


Statists gonna state. Some of these people would stop wiping their ass if government told them to. It’s laughable that many of the people who call themselves constitutionalists or patriots believe that the constitution can mean whatever some idiot in a robe tells them it means. The SCOTUS was never intended to be the arbiter of constitutionality. They gave themselves that “power” in Marbury v Madison. Now they can “interpret” the constitution however they see fit and people act like, “Oh, well. Whatever the robed overlords say”. These same people will probably tell you our rights are inherent at birth… Read more »


Every day, there are posts about We the People, quotes from the founding fathers, rants about democrats, rants about communism, rants about them young whipper snappers, explanations of gold fringe, etc. When a question comes up about “what orders should LEOs not follow,” it’s crickets. One person spoke up about individual responsibility and morality (thank you), one person went the opposite direction with “just follow orders,” all the other government employees just sit there content thinking “we are the good guys, right? As long as we follow orders you will continue saying we are heroic first responders. BTW, when is… Read more »


I guess we are both dreaming again? I think that might be a thing of the past. How about biden controlling the price? The more he screams the higher it goes. If he keeps screaming we will never see large quantities of supplies again. Imagine if they put the same law on ammo as they are trying on guns where the manufacture can be sued. All our businesses may go over seas and then we will need the boarder to be open. We will need it for ammo and guns and our politicians will need it to feed their drug… Read more »


I’m not sure you understood the meaning of my comment.

Regarding your comment, a lot of people born before 1960 who post on this site want the government to control the price of ammo.

Large quantities of ammo are being produced and sold to non-government employees every day – at a rate far higher than in 2017 and 2018.


Some did not all.


I was responding to this comment:

I’m afraid the brainwashed grandchildren want socialism, which is the philosophy of envy.

Some do not all.

Roland T. Gunner

Most do, not all.


My great niece, currently in college, is all woke and totally against guns and republicans. They got her by age 19.


There are multiple people who post on this site who were born before 1960 who have LE and military experience who say people should comply with all new gun laws and it’s the job of LEOs to enforce those laws.


Like many others in their ‘generation’ (especially in the Midwest and Southwest) my grandchildren are being home-schooled… and therefore receive a reasonable-quality and reasonably-complete education (which INcludes knowledge of true patriotism).


Being horrified at the blatant attempts of the left to subvert and render inert our beloved Constitution, I did a shallow dive into some startling facts. 572 of them. Imagine Peterbilts, Kenworths, GMCs, Internationals, Diamond Reos and Macks, all of them hauling trailers behind them, roaring and rumbling through your sleepy burg at sixty miles an hour, head to tail in a thundering convoy. Gassers and diesels, sleepers and Cabovers and all billowing dust and smoke and noise. Now, picture those trailers packed with hundred dollar bills. Benjamins. C-Notes. Moolah. That’s two trillion dollars, mellows. 572 semis. Do you see… Read more »


‘evilize’… I like it.


Here is your role model of success. Local action is real action:


make them read the Federalist papers and just maybe they will understand.


You guys act as if Trump was this paragon fir civil rights (2A rights are civil rights). The guy was a duplicitous authoritarian whole three civil rights down the river when politically expedient; bump stock ban, support for ERPOs, etc…ATF crackdown on 80% occurred under his watch, likely mainly because he didn’t care. Didn’t vote for Biden, will never vote for Trump, and the idiots who stormed the Capitol set civil rights for the rest of us back…those jackasses are no better than Antifa.


waddaya mean you guys?


Oooohhhh, you gonna get the natives all riled up if you start talking about their mango messiah like that! They don’t take kindly to people bad mouthing the orange infringer round here!


Georg Washington and friends were racists,violent, dangerous revolutionaries;
OH MY; they were the founders of our country, stand strong Patriots !