“Fuel Filter Scam” What is Facebook Up To? – Letter to the Editor

by Anon, note I may be playing the devil’s advocate in this letter and may actually be pro silencer… but sometimes you can not miss the opportunity to point out the hypocrisy.

Facebook Fuel Filters Advertising
Facebook Fuel Filters Advertising

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- “What is Facebook up to” is a very good question.

In so much that this article is being written anonymously. The “why” behind that should be relevant given the anti-gun big tech raging against anyone that goes against their way of thinking and or what they are up to. Cancel culture is in full bloom and hey, who the heck wants to be canceled. Now is not a good time to experiment with free speech and see what the Nazis at Facebook will tolerate.

While scrolling through my personal FaceBook feed, on more than one occasion I’ve seen advertisements for “fuel filters”. Anyone that is not a complete dummy in the firearms world knows that these “fuel filters” are in fact firearm suppressors, usually only needing a hole drilled in them. I would usually just report the advertisement and then keep on chugging.

That is until today.

I happened upon another one of these “fuel filter” advertisements (image above) and then reported it. I also reported the seller. Facebook got back to me and said that the seller does not do anything against their community standards. Hm, really? I was enraged and further, unhappy I missed the opportunity to record this process. Well, the digi-gods over at Facebook gave me another opportunity and this time, the image actually showed the “fuel filter” attached to what clearly is the barrel of a firearm. It was kismet and I started to screenshot the process:

After snapping the picture of the “Fuel filter aluminum solvent trap”, I started the reporting process. I reported the ad first:

Facebook Fuel Filters Advertising Reported
Facebook Fuel Filters Advertising Reported

Then I moved onto the actual seller:

Facebook Fuel Filters Advertising Seller Reported
Facebook Fuel Filters Advertising Seller Reported

A quick internet search of a seller named “coospot” brings you this whois results with the registered address 417 Associated Rd #324 Brea CA 92821:

coospot whois search
coospot whois search

A search on that address brings back multiple businesses at that address with better business bureau-style reports?

All left to do was wait. I would say I was optimistic to think the seller would not be against Facebook’s community standards, but I’d be lying to you…I was 99% sure they would say that the seller was A-OK! An hour or two went by and I received this message concerning my reporting:

Facebook Response Fuel Filters Advertising Reported
Facebook Response Fuel Filters Advertising Reported

There you have it, folks, Facebook is knowingly and willfully allowing such items to be sold through their social media site.

This situation is reminiscent of a man that was recently caught up in what appears to be a sting operation for the very same thing. Except the man truthfully thought he was buying a fuel filter and when he realized the item was not, he turned it into the police. He also reported he had another order coming to the police and reached out to the seller and carrier, imploring them to not deliver the items. What happened. The item was delivered and before the man could even voluntarily turn it in to the police, he was arrested by the FBI.

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So, let’s ask the question again, what is Facebook up to?!?!? The tech giant is either complicit to allow this behavior to occur, knowing that it is illegal and would be harmful to the buyer, or they are that blissfully ignorant of the truth. Perhaps, Facebook is in on it with the federal authorities?

In any and every event, Facebook needs to be investigated.

Some law enforcement agency needs to make note of this and hold Facebook to task for allowing these reckless advertisements and sellers to proliferate on their platform. In the cancel culture world, how can any web hosting or web search service allow Facebook to remain knowing they are allowing the sales of illegal goods? A big cup of being a hypocrite is what we’re being poured here today.

If we all reach out to the FBI cybercrime division about the things we see on Facebook that are like this, maybe it will make a difference. Although I doubt it.

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I refuse to be part of a fascist org. I do not belong to face book, twitter, or any other social org. As long as they are posting numbers they are making money. I say lets break them.


I am with you 100%! I too refuse to be part of those Fascist Org'[s.


Why are you even on Facebook? Please people remember, “If it is free you are the product”.


I don’t subscribe to Facebook or Twitter or any social media platforms as they are all communist sites and promote anti American values . Time to shut these Marxist sites down and jail the people orchestrating this crap .

Mystic Wolf

Well since my fakebook site has been locked for the next 8
6 months I do not even miss it. Have a friend that tried to get me through that communist site but nothing. Yeak I got locked out because I posted about some of the catches the COAST GUARD has made this year, well the drug dealing communists on fakebook did not like that. Now fakebook is promoting the illegal sales the suppressors and other firearm related parts and equipment, sounds like they are setting people up for a takedown.


Looks like fakebook wants people to buy these things and then feed their info to the atf.

Ansel Hazen

Mr. Riehl, maybe feed all your evidence to an organization like GOA, or one of the firebrand legislators who have the ability to call for a hearing that includes Kuckerberg and FBI/ATF.

I’d suggest Harold too but I’m pretty sure he’d just call up FB and ask them politely to stop selling that prohibited stuff.


Anyone who still uses facebook is aiding and abetting the enemy. Facebook makes their advertising dollars on the number of users. Dump that crap.

Doug G.

MeWe.com is a counter to FB. They don’t censor and they don’t discriminate against conservatives or conservative thought. Now, I only look on FB for birthdays. No more allowing my data to be traced, gathered and sold. I also recommend a good VPN app added to your browser. Or switch to Opera browser completely, so google Chrome can’t track and coordinate ads on FB.


anyone that would buy something through facebook add is nuts. their unfriendly toward conservatives attitude screams setup. the feds have shown through action that the constitution does not apply to them, they are above the law we are getting to the point of civil????? war if you cant lead by example you should not lead


Facebook is working with the ATF in entrapment. The site is monitored and they are waiting for any and all that fall into the web.


So I read these comments and I’m puzzled ’cause the Second Amendment states:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

So where does this permit government regulation of my arms? Maybe fuel filters but arms?

J Gibbons

Sounds a bit like entrapment. And reeks of hypocrisy.


I have reported known merchandise bootleggers, racist harassers, even criminals bragging about their crimes on Facebook, and have gotten the exact same results — “We don’t see anything wrong. Just block them if you don’t like it.” At first I thought it’s because their “crack staff of researchers” weren’t really paying attention. The truth is, it’s you. Facebook places users into certain categories that they can reference whenever you say something. I’m assuming the author of this article has posted something (or commented on another post) that is either pro-gun, pro-2A, pro-right wing, or *any* combination of such. Because of… Read more »


Why would anyone ask Facebook to engage in more censorship? Especially over a novelty item that probably wouldn’t last that long. On the other hand anything that can protect your hearing I am for.

Last edited 1 year ago by shakesfist.

First why is the Author on Facebook?

Doug G.

This anonymous writer not only is a Karen on the scale of magnitudes but they “dox” the supposed seller, and seem to think that “cancel culture” is a good thing! So, why is this even an article in a pro-gun newsletter? Flooding the market with unregulated “fuel filters” is a good way to make the regulation of suppressors useless and therefore more likely to be taken off the NFA. Which, if I’m not wrong, is something that we gun owners would want to happen! How about an article on how effective these bootleg suppressors are compared to the regulated ones?… Read more »

Xaun Loc

Yawn. So our gutless “Anon” made the effort to falsely report a couple of ads on Facebook (ads which he saw only because he frequents firearms groups on Facebook), then he got his panties in a wad because Facebook didn’t fall for his false reports. Even our anonymous (and probably male) Karen admits that the “fuel filters” being advertised on Facebook are perfectly legal as they are advertised, sold, and shipped. As Facebook told out poor Karen, these advertisers are not doing anything illegal or anything against Facebook policy (perhaps Facebook is being more than a little hypocritical in that… Read more »


Does “Operation Fast and Furious” ring a bell. This could give the feds a reason to make a visit to someone in the future knowing fb isn’t firearm friendly and will turn over data to them..

Ej harbet

When the wolf rules the sheep pen the curs eat well and fear no harm


Hahahaha….I’ve been getting these in my feed all of a sudden for the past couple of weeks. As far as I’m concerned, until it has a hole at the other end, it’s not a suppressor and should be available to anyone who wants to fill out a Form 1….but that’s not the way the ATF views it. Of course, they just pick and choose what they feel like that day and go raid whomever for whatever they decide is ‘wrong’ today, even if it is technically legal by their rules. The hell with reporting them…I’d support them and more gun… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Dasher_Dork

Zuckerberg is probably making a list of people that follow the links and giving it to ATF


saw this ad…. they tried to post it on my for sale page, I blocked and deleted them…. yet FB will call foul on someone attempting to sell and MT gun case…


Facebook is being hypocritical but making suppressors out of fuel filters isn’t illegal, IF the builder has a Form 1. It’s usually quicker to get a Form 1 than a Form 4.


Sounds like Facebook intentionally participating in entrapment with the ATF and/or FBI. But I am not a lawyer but that is my first thought.

This is like many other things you hear about where law enforcement goads people into committing crimes to arrest them.

I do not necessarily agree with reporting the ad and have no use for Facebook at all. But it was an interesting exercise to illustrate something most people should already know.


Has anyone considered the possibility that Facebook is aware of the intended use of the product and continues to allow the sale? Kind of a sneaky way to gather gun ownership information that may or may not be passed on to the Feds, don’t you think?

Last edited 1 year ago by Cal
AZ Lefty

Interesting; the argument used here is the same one the Antigun nuts use; since a person may misuse it we must ban it!


By discussing the legal and moral pros and cons of an act that is already legal by the Constitution and moral by rights of man, you are just tainting the clean air we breath.


I’ve seen the stuff about making my own suppressor using an aluminum flashlight, but know that that may only work well for a few rounds since the metal has a low melting point compared to stainless or even titanium. I’ve seen the ads selling fuel filters too. Until I have my own machine shop I will refrain from DIY suppressors. If the 2 liter bottle and duct tape works just maybe I’ll try it. Other than all that I’ll buy a can and pay for the tax stamp. Common sense says not to break a law that lands you in… Read more »


WOW!! You people are paranoid. Take a chill pill. If someone is dumb enough to buy one then let them. Your the ones whining about your rights all the time. As to facebook being “Nazi’s” thats a bit much. Annoying? Yes ut not Nazi’s. Rump acyed more like a Nazi dictator than they ever will.

Dave in Fairfax


Interesting name, Blacker than what?
Not much paranoia given the way FB bans some things and doesn’t ban others, perhaps you should take a look at their actions and see if you think that there is any bias.
Use a spell checker, it’s built into the system, this post doesn’t do you any favors.


You leftist kill me. You like to claim Trump was a dictator but can never name one thing he did that even remotely resembled an act of dictatorship. But yet you probably vote democrat. Nobody acts more totalitarian than the democrats. Joe signs more EO’s in his first 2 weeks than Trump and Obama combined. Now that is the action of a dictator. But you don’t get it and probably never will because you are intellectually lazy.


Not a “leftist” by any stretch of the imagination; but, one word: bumpstocks.