Idaho Gun Owners – Urgent Alert for Idaho House Bill 300 ~ VIDEO

Idaho – -( This is a critical alert for Idaho’s gun owners!

The Idaho legislative session is almost over and we are trying to get HB 300 passed before the legislature leaves for the year.

If there was one year where we needed the Idaho legislature to act in protecting the 2nd Amendment, this is the year!

Biden and the gun grabbers in Congress from both parties have filed over two dozen gun control bills of various types. We can’t sit back and wait until next year as some Idaho legislators are suggesting.

HB 300 will help prepare Idaho for future litigation and offer protections for law enforcement and our elected officials when they refuse to help the Federal government enforce gun control.

The bill also requires our Attorney General to go to bat for gun owners and if he refuses to do so then the legislature can appoint someone to fight on our behalf.

But the word we are getting from the capitol is that they are trying to run out the clock and some legislators are letting personal political dislike for me and Sen. Zito get in the way of excellent legislation.

You see, HB 300 isn’t just the product of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.

Our attorneys and other attorneys across the country who litigate 2nd Amendment issues have come up with a unique and incredible proposal that will help us defend our law in court.

That’s why we need you to take immediate action to help get HB 300 through the Idaho legislature and onto Governor Little’s desk!

Here are the three things we need you to do right away:

1. First, send an email to your legislators right away (do it again if you have already done so) and ask them to support HB 300 using the pre-written email link here.

2. Second, please send a quick email to the Senate State Affairs Committee and the House State Affairs Committee and let them know you want HB 300 to be heard and passed this legislative session. Their email addresses and a sample message are below:

[email protected]; [email protected]

“Please make sure that HB 300 gets heard, passed, and sent to Gov. Little. Thank you!”

3. Finally, watch the video above to get an update from the capital from myself and Sen. Christy Zito on the status of HB 300 and the current list of cosponsors.

Time is quickly running out on the 2021 Idaho legislative session so we don’t have time to sit back and hope that things go the right way.

Your legislators need to know that you support HB 300 and they need to hear that right away.

We know that your email boxes have been loaded lately but this is the 2nd Amendment fight of our lives and your action is desperately needed each and every day.

So, if there is anything you do today, be sure to send another email to your legislators letting them know you want HB 300 and you want it this year using the pre-written email we have put together for you!

From all of us here at the ISAA, thank you for your hard work and for helping us keep the fight going strong.

There is much more to do so stay focused and get ready for many more months of defending the 2nd Amendment.

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

About Idaho Second Amendment Alliance:

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms through an aggressive grassroots program designed to mobilize public opposition to the anti-gun legislation.

Our website can be located at

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Good luck Greg I hope you succeed!

One word about spelling though: capitol is spelled with an O not an ‘a’; ‘a’ is for money, the O is for a bunch of parasitical swine who think they are our overlords.

Sic semper tyrannis.

Cheers from the oil patch in Central Wyoming