States Act to Protect Rights While White House Mulls Gun Control Moves

By Larry Keane

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Gun control allies were drooling at the prospects of sweeping victories last November. IMG iStock-484139956

U.S.A. -( Gun control allies were drooling at the prospects of sweeping victories last November to enact strict antigun laws at the federal, state, and local levels. American voters had other ideas in mind.

Tens of millions acted on their Second Amendment rights in two ways. They bought guns in record numbers and they voted for their rights at the ballot box. President Joe Biden’s White House is now stuck pondering its next gun control move and gun-friendly state legislatures are acting to protect the right to purchase and possess firearms.

Changing Landscape

President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris ran the most antigun presidential ticket in history. President Biden made his disdain clear and early, labeling the firearm industry the enemy.” The rest of the presidential campaign included building a platform with enough gun control planks to build a boat. Antigun billionaire Michael Bloomberg partnered up and spent more than $1 billion dollars to flip seats for gun control.

Bloomberg said “My [gun control] agenda is not some johnny-come-lately list of borrowed ideas. This is part of my life’s work, and I’m just telling you I will get this done whether I get elected or not.” He might as well have set his money on fire.

President Biden and Vice President Harris won the White House, but they lost allies in Congress and in the states. That limits U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) ability to pass anti-gun legislation. That development, and gun control falling way down the priority list of Americans, has the White House balking.

State legislators aren’t taking it for granted, though.

Financial Nondiscrimination

State lawmakers are acting to strengthen Second Amendment protections within their borders. Their first focus is ending discrimination against the firearm industry.

Banking discrimination is a real concern. National financial institutions are pushing “woke” social activism from their boardrooms and discriminating against firearm businesses that rely on banking services, loans, lines of credit, and payment processing services. It’s a privatization of the illegal Operation Choke Point and banks are doing this despite the fact they received taxpayer-funded bailouts and benefits. While there’s movement in Congress to prohibit this discrimination, several state legislatures are going on offense.

Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia, and Wyoming have all seen state-level firearm industry nondiscrimination (FIND Act) legislation introduced. In Texas, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick even announced gun industry protections are among his top 2021 legislative priorities, a significant move in the Lone Star State.

State Preemption 

In 2020, municipal officials used the guise of the coronavirus emergency to implement strict gun control schemes. States legislators are strengthening their preemption laws to blunt these executive end-arounds, ensuring no gun control is enacted that is stricter than what is current state law. Washington state’s preemption law just got a big win after an appeals court struck down the city of Edmond’s new mandatory firearm storage law, ruling it violated the state’s preemption statute.

Nebraska, Mississippi, Texas, New Hampshire, Utah, and others are working to strengthen their state’s preemption laws. “Any regulation, in the state of Utah, as it relates to firearms, is the prerogative of the state,” said Republican Utah state Rep. Cory Maloy.

There’s work to be done and the firearm industry trade association is working with legislators on Capitol Hill and in the state’s legislatures to protect the industry against overzealous gun control.

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The only peaceful way left to stop the illegal federal government in this regard is at the state level. The next backstop is we the people. Zero compliance with any so called gun laws.


Sad that supposed “supporters” (and clergy at that) don’t know that “rights” were not “granted by the constitution”.


Nobody fall for that March 4 thing. You know it’s a trap, they already want to arrest everyone that was just protesting OUTSIDE of the capital.


T86 – that ‘arrest everyone’ meme came from Sheila with the 2 Confederate last names – the number she cited was 40,000 – out of some several hundred thousand who were there. In case someone forgets what she stands for, she is the author of HR127. It is now just shy of 1700hrs on the east coast and so far not even a hint of any sort of unrest. Note – I’m not saying nothing could happen but it looks pretty unlikely at this point. Unless all of them ‘insurrectionists’ are using the burn loot murder tactic of waiting until… Read more »


people!!!! This is a trap!! Just like the riot in all 50 capitals thing. THIS IS A FALSE FLAG for them to use as an excuse to take your rights away and label you terrorists so they can arrest you with no right to a lawyer and indefinitely!! Don’t fall FOR IT!!