‘National Security’ Excuse Takes War on Guns to Dangerous New Level

With his NSC proxies out there equating gun owners with terrorists ready to inflict “mass casualty attacks” on American soil, this is starting to sound more like Joe’s Plan to End Gun Owners.

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “We share Biden’s view that the level of U.S. gun violence is a ‘national embarrassment,’” an April 22 Politico opinion piece declares. “But as National Security Council veterans who have specialized in counterterrorism—with direct experience involving far-right American terrorism, burgeoning jihadism, and Northern Irish extremism in the 1990s—we also see a new threat rising, one that has the potential to change the urgency of the debate: the growing, and heavily armed, American militia movement, which made a show of force on January 6.”

The writers are Steven Simon and Jonathan Stevenson, Clinton and Obama-administration operatives with globalist bona fides, that is, violence monopoly apparatchiks now exploiting their career “intelligence” credentials to further the disarming of their countrymen. Their expertise with spook agency propaganda and disinformation is evident from the start, as the only “heavily armed” actors making “a show of force on January 6” were government enforcers: despite media excuse-making, none of the supposed “militia” members identified in the Capitol were reported to have firearms.

Four of the people who died, two from heart attacks and one from amphetamine intoxication, were protesting that election fraud allegations had been dismissed without a thorough and transparent evaluation of evidence. The only citizen from among them who died from gunfire was a female veteran. Her Capitol Police killer, who the government has refused to even identify, got a pass on excessive force. The one LEO who died, a Trump supporter, incidentally, expired from “natural causes” (initially falsely reported to have been due to being smashed in the head with a fire extinguisher but that later turned out to look like wishful thinking on the part of the DSM).

“Increasingly, as militias acquire and stockpile weapons, they’re turning guns from a public-health concern into a threat to national security,” the wonks offer, relying on their readership believing widely-spread “gunquack” hysteria that there actually is a public health crisis. There’s not.

What they’re doing here is an old trick probably best described by novelist Thomas Pynchon:

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.”

“These groups, with transnational ties, also enjoy easy access to high-power, high-capacity, small-caliber semiautomatic weapons—many of which can be converted to fully automatic,” Simon and Stevenson hyperventilate:

“The concern isn’t that these weapons will somehow enable militias to challenge the U.S. military on the battlefield, which they certainly will not. It is that they make mass casualty attacks against political or cultural adversaries both easy to carry out, and easy to frame as inspirational events of the kind that mobilize insurrection.”

For being such sought-after foreign policy subject matter experts, they must not have heard of Afghanistan. Either that or it’s no wonder this country continues to find itself neck-deep in interminable foreign entanglements with desk-bound eggheads like these doing the advising. And you’d think by now at least one of the millions of NRA members would have carried out one of those “mass casualty attack” rampages they want everyone to fear (instead of being prepared to survive).

What they’re doing here is a naked, political smear job, journalistic malpractice based on lies, libel, and hate. They’re equating patriotic Americans intent on preserving the rule of law, not of men, with lawless, mass-murdering terrorists. Here’s a hint: Those who believe in the Second Amendment believe in the whole Bill of Rights and in due process. Based on their actions, indiscriminate killers, like the evil maniac who slaughtered defenseless people in New Zealand, do not, and their genocidal collectivist bent is more in line with the track record of Simon and Stevenson’s Team Totalitarian.

It’s also curious that these Deep State cheerleaders sought to compare Constitutionalists to Sinn Féin. It’s fair to ask how “independent” individuals can be when those who would lead their rebellion are steeped in Marxist goals.

Influencers from the NSC weighing in on “gun control” take things up more than a notch, to the point of adding a chilling new dimension to the government’s options. They are creatures of the White House, and their goals are its goals.

We’ve already seen how NSC accountability can be denied by the White House from the stonewalled efforts to investigate Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking.” The Obama administration refused to allow the House Committee on Oversight and Reform and the Senate Judiciary Committee to question former National Security Council North American Affairs Director Kevin O’Reilly. He was the “official” who was not in any “need-to-know” loop, but who nonetheless was provided with GRIT (Gun Runner Impact Team) information by ATF’s Phoenix Field Division’s special agent in charge, who sent it to him with the CYA disavowal: “You didn’t get these from me.”

This was an operation resulting in untold numbers of people killed. And the NSC functionary didn’t have to talk to the representatives of the people because he was untouchable, protected from on high.

Unelected bureaucrats can no doubt feel pretty powerful knowing they can get away with all that and no one will call them on it. Powerful enough to put together a secret kill list targeting Americans without due process, as a panel reporting to the Obama administration did with an alleged “key” Al Qaeda operative.

Yeah, well, he was probably a terrorist, so that’s different, right?

So how are these NSC flacks now very publicly portraying armed Americans who will not go gentle into that good night?

And naturally, the media is doing its part to spread narrative talking points:

“MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace … likened President Trump and millions of his supporters to domestic terrorists while fondly reminiscing about the days when American citizens overseas were killed by drone strikes during the global war on terror.”

Is anybody else getting a bad feeling about this?

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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So the same government that brought us the phrase “fighting for peace” is now beginning to make excuses for shooting gun owners to end gun violence?

This is my shocked face!

Anyone else remember “fighting for peace is like “f**king for chastity?”

“I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.” — Thomas Paine

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Courageous Lion - Hear Me Roar - Jus Meum Tuebor

I have been repeating that Paine quote for years.


“Revolutions spring not from accident, but from necessity. A revolution is a return from the factitious to the real. It takes place because it must.”
Victor Hugo


The People will sense the threat to liberty and their personal safety and will take measures to counter that threat. The Progressive New Left has made it very clear that they envision a Stalinist future for America. The Harris/Biden regime is the best evidence yet of their plans. So The People will organize and prepare to meet that threat. Harris/Biden stumble along on their predetermined path oblivious to the resistance. They are just too stupid to read the signs. They are blinded by ideology. They will be in a state of shock and awe at the response to the assault… Read more »


First thing you’ve written in this discussion that I will have to disagree with on most counts. Harrison Biden are so utterly incompetent that they don’t have the requisite amount of gray matter to even come close to understanding reality as it currently exists. They don’t know enough to know that they should want to know more about things that they don’t know about. They have lived all their lives in a power bubble of the left: a theoretical world of marxist dogmas and power structures that serve every whim of the elite. These are people that by vocation, do… Read more »


The thing is…we are America as founded. The dems are making a new America in their image. They have seceded already, not us. If any revolution came about it would jsut be to keep America as founded. The dems are the ones revolting against America.


Nice try but I’ll have to pass on your premise. The Republic is dead. The activist judges for the last 40 years have killed the judiciary. The rule of law no longer exists at the federal level; we have so many examples of proofs that it is literally beyond debate. Federal agencies no longer observe constitutional limits of those agencies and any limits on the actions of the members of those agencies: FBI, ATF, DEA, Secret Service, etc. The members of these agencies do what they are commanded and have not yet been put in that place where they existentially… Read more »


Hopefully the return of the Republic of Texas followed by the swift exit of Beto!

Ansel Hazen

Actually David no, I’m not getting a bad feeling at all. I think it’s high time the shit hit the fan and this game of footsie got put to it’s logical conclusion.


Yeah, except for all the murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people, especially the children who are definitely going to get caught in the crossfire, the severe economic catastrophe that is going to lead to a hyper depression, but that’s going to happen anyhow so that’s quite possibly a non sequitur, and of course the death and devastation on a national scale. I know it will happen, because it must happen: I don’t want it to happen, but the people that have been put in charge, and most certainly the thugs in the various alphabet soup federal agencies, keep doing… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

The last number I saw put on the payroll LEO for the entire country at +/- 946,000. Not “Millions. We The People are an overwhelming majority.


I apologize for not being more specific. I was throwing in cops who are no longer on the job but still have years of training, retired cops, and of course those people who are ancillary cops auxiliaries, and other such terms for people that PD’s and S.O.

Your number on active duty is pretty much on the mark.

Cheers from the oil patch in Central Wyoming


No problem.

To the people who are former LEOs who have spoken up on the right side of the issue, thank you!

To the one active LEO who kind of spoke up, but then apologized for his colleagues: I hope you read history about Mao, Staliin, Hitler, the Kim Family, Pol Pot, Amin, Garcia/Montt, and Pasha. You attributed the blind following of orders merely to the lack of critical thinking. It’s more than that.

Roland T. Gunner

Biden just flaps his lips with lies spewing out of them . He is a clowns show and will spark a civil war and then blame gun owners for the shit show he creates by running his mouth and lying . Shut up Joe and go back to your basement you spineless coward .


No, actually, speaking as someone with a real counter insurgency background here is the truth of the matter. The major threat to national security facing the United States is the federal government itself. Rogue agencies and corrupt bureaucrats are the major threat. I live in militia central. Our local militias are focused on local service to the community and defense against both foreign and federal invasion and oppression. We are close to a nonexistent border thanks to federal abandonment of basic duties. Criminal gangs run our highways with near impunity because local law enforcement is overwhelmed. Try talking to our… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by nrringlee

The agencies are not “rogue” – they are following orders. In the absence of direct, specific orders they do what they have been generally chartered to do. If, in the middle of doing something horrendous, they are given orders to cease and stand down, they will. George H.W. Bush could have ordered Barr to order Sessions to order the FBI agents to stop and backoff at Ruby Ridge. Sessions would have followed Barr’s order. Potts would have followed Sessions’ order. Glenn would have followed Potts’ order. Rogers would have followed Glenn’s order. The nine snipers would have followed Rogers’ order.… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by JSNMGC

I am shocked, utterly shocked at your momentary coherence: you laid out a perfectly logical explanatory a real world events and possibilities from a change in orders.

Now all you have to do is realize that individuals are just that; individuals some of consciences who will only go just so far before they either quit their posts, or refuse to obey unconstitutional orders.

Cheers from the oil patch in Central Wyoming


You shouldn’t be shocked.

I’ve stated many times I support all good LEOs, and only good LEOs. As groups, they have done terrrible things.

Many of the individuals will follow all orders to enforce any law and will follow all orders to not enforce certain laws against certain people.

I don’t support those LEOs.


“Criminal gangs run our highways with near impunity because local law enforcement is overwhelmed.” No – criminal gangs are allowed to terrorize motorists because LEOs follow orders to not interupt the criminals. Similarly, LEOs follow orders to arrest people for trivial infractions of health orders because totalitarians want to show citizens they are subservient to the state. Most LEOs will follow any order to enforce any law/regulation (and will follow any order to not enforce certain laws against certain people) – just like the armed government employees following the orders of Mao, Stalin, Hitler, the Kim family, Pol Pot, etc.,… Read more »


See there you go again! You were coherent for a moment in your previous comment and here again you go completely bat crap crazy refusing to even contemplate many individuals carrying the weight of the badge will choose to not engage bald-faced murder of civilians, their arrests, etc! For you, all cops are evil and will obey the orders of their superiors. For you, all military personnel are evil and will obey any and all orders from their superiors! You are the classic definition of an extremist: for you there are no people of conscience, there are no people on… Read more »


You have grotesquely misstated my position.

I’m not full of hate and rage. You saying it doesn’t make it so.

I’m calmly looking at history, much of it recent.


Note the word I used – “most.”


You didn’t use the word most in your comment directly above, you use the word much. However it’s close enough as a synonym so it works. I’ll take your word that you do not hate all cops because you just said in a couple of later comments that you do not hate all cops. I’ll take you at your word. however, you really need to go back and read some of your own comments in this thread and others on other articles, because your choice of nomenclature leave 0 wiggle room on any cops being oath Keepers rather than oathbreakers.… Read more »


“Most LEOs will follow any order to enforce any law/regulation (and will follow any order to not enforce certain laws against certain people) – just like the armed government employees following the orders of Mao, Stalin, Hitler, the Kim family, Pol Pot, etc., etc.”

That’s wiggle room.


The biggest threat to national security in this context is all of the attempts at banning the right to keep and bear arms.


Your best article yet, David.

Capn Dad

What makes the marxist democrats who now infest the government think that the US military will be on their side?


some will. this all reminds me of communist take overs of 3rd world banana republics. Members of their military did wind up fighting&killing each other. Some loyal to the ‘dictator for life’ and others not.Communists don`t change their MO.


Because history has proven that to be true. Every government that has subjugated its citizens has done so only because it had hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people willing to follow its orders.


There will be people cuffed and stuffed in the back of a squad car for owning a 1911. When they overhear the two LEOs in the front seat say something about being in the Corps, they will thank them for their service, ask them what outfit they were in, and attempt to trade USMC stories.

The guys in the front will laugh their asses off as they haul yet another one off to jail.


like slapping useless dirty little pieces of cloth across our mugs?


Not only will the military, the national guard, the state police, county sheriffs, and city/town police will be on “their” side, but they are the ones who will doing the enforcing. And yes, even in “red” states – just like they have before. The people who think they will be fighting politicians are delusional. The lying HRT at Ruby Ridge had military veterans on the team. The lying HRT at Ruby Ridge was trained by Delta. The lying U.S. Marshals Service at Ruby Ridge had military veterans on the team (the guy who shot the yellow lab was a USMC… Read more »


Yes, concur. Just look at the history.

But never mind that. There is no national, state and local militias all on the same page.

And to top it off…there has been no ammo at all at Walmart for many months.

Without organization and backup, all on the same page. There will not be much of a civil war.


No, he is not correct and neither are you: you are both looking at this emotionally rather than intellectually based upon facts that are pretty much no longer in debate, but accepted as having been proven. There are some 12 trillion, that is TRILLION, rounds of ammunition in private hands currently. The old estimate that there it’s currently 400 million guns in the hands of approximately 150 million people is probably way behind the curve. The low estimate of new gun owners is 8 million people, and that does not account for all the private weapons which were purchased in… Read more »


You know, the hatred you have for cops, the military, and anybody else in a position of authority has finally reached a mental psychosis for you! You’re painting an extremely wide brush on all cops, all members of the military, and pretty much anyone else carrying a badge. Your unreasonable hatred of them precludes you from understanding that they too are individuals just as you and I are. Your blindness on this matter is so dark you are not even willing for a moment to entertain the real world fact that many cops, whether with PD’s, SO’s, or HP’s, will… Read more »


I don’t hate LEOs.

I don’t hate the military.

I do understand history, including recent history.

Have you listened to what Wyoming LEOs have been saying during their public testimonies?


He must have missed all the cops who are speaking out against constitutional carry in Texas.


You know, in real life, I bet Neanderthal75 is a reasonable person. I probably struck a nerve with him regarding state/county/city LEOs and the military. The things he has written about federal LEOs are more harsh and broad-based than what I have written. His comments about an internal conflict (“Civil War”) are far more extreme than my views (I believe the more likely scenario is that several more Ruby Ridge types of events occur before federal/state/local LEOs and the military decide to back off and just leave good people alone).  If he goes back and reviews my many comments, he will see that… Read more »


You and JSN are cut from the same bolt of cloth:

100% of cops are bad and 100% of the military are bad and will choose tyranny.

Realistically and statistically that point of view is equine fecal matter in the extreme. Members of the military and members of Leo organizations will have individuals who come down on both sides of that question relating to tyranny in freedom.

At this juncture we just don’t know how the numbers will break down.

Cheers from the oil patch in Central Wyoming


You sure do seem to hate Leo’s and hate the military because for a reason other than hate I cannot fathom why your comments do not allow for any portion of cops or military to side with the Constitution. I personally know cops who believe in the Constitution, same thing for active military. You’re the one saying all cops will side with tyranny and I’ll military will side with tyranny. I’m saying I don’t know how many and either category will side with tyranny in those who will side with freedom, I’m figuring it’s about even at this stage however… Read more »


Why do you insist on arguing against a strawman? You wrote: “I cannot fathom why your comments do not allow for any portion of cops or military to side with the Constitution.” That is not true. You wrote: “You’re the one saying all cops will side with tyranny and I’ll military will side with tyranny.” I did not say that. I don’t know what the percentages are either, but a clear majority of the LEOs who are vocal are anti-2nd Amendment. If you haven’t – listen to the testimony of Wyoming Highway Patrol, Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Wyoming Association… Read more »


Politicians of nearly every stripe, both those with badges and those without, are a bunch of mealy-mouthed swine who have no understanding proper ethics or morality: they will say or do anything that they think will get them ahead in their careers and a chance to move up the career ladder. When I say that they will be cops who choose freedom, that is the Constitution, I’m talkin rank-and-file for the most part. however, there are instances such as the case in Colorado for 55 sheriff’s got together and publicly announced that they would refuse to enforce the newly passed… Read more »


Thank you for the link I’ll go watch. If you will go back just for this article and read your own comments you will see that you’d literally do not leave room for any good Leo’s or any good military within the context of your nomenclature. Your response to stag concerning relatives of yours who have fought and died, and your own views seem to be a completely different person then the one who made the previous comments to this article and a couple of others. I do not dislike you or hate you, because I do not know you:… Read more »


We should get together for a cup of coffee some time. Our views are probably similar. I wrote: “Not only will the military, the national guard, the state police, county sheriffs, and city/town police will be on “their” side, but they are the ones who will doing the enforcing. And yes, even in “red” states – just like they have before.” Those are the people who will be doing the enforcing. Will some quit beforehand? Probably. Will some fight against the ones enforcing? I am not aware of that ever occuring. I wrote: “The lying HRT at Ruby Ridge had… Read more »


Well, now that we’re no longer talking past each other rather to each other, I’m beginning to understand considerably better where you come down. Coffee sounds good but as you will know Wyoming logistics are a nightmare. I can’t afford fuel for anywhere but Casper, my gross income last year was $5,500. I have zero love for any federal agency as you might have noted: I’ve given several examples of why but the bottom line is that they are no longer agents of the rule of law, they are political henchman and Hench women who do the bidding of their… Read more »


Joes plan to end gun violence will only be the beginning of far worse should he gain his way. Without any means of defending themselves, there are 73 million first targets on the democrat order of washing the streets with the blood of those who dared vote against the graciousness of one joe biden. Those who are still fawning all over him haven’t got a clue how much he hates Americans. Those who aren’t, are now seeing through the hatred being pushed by the lefts media and their beloved president obama, who is leading the shadow government dictating to bidens… Read more »


We dont have A GUN PROBLEM/crisis! WE THE PEOPLE – See a Man that IS = TYRANNICAL / DICTATOR!! Along with his Goonies That KISS HIS FEET! We ALL Heard Him THREATEN Our 2A many Times When he Was CAMPAIGNING – That is when Many Of us STOCKED UP! This COUNTRY Was SAVED ! BY Patriots That GAVE THEIR LIVES To KEEP Our FREEDOM! From The BRITISH RULE !!! And Now Look what Biden wants!! He Has Forced OUR HAND! ANd if He thinks OUR MILITARY Will fight AGAINST the Very REASON Why they PLEDGE TO US ! & OUR… Read more »


they didn’t speak about the real terrorists in America, blm and antifa and if i remember correctly they are far left terrorists, just like the Nationalsozialistische deutsche Arbeiterpartei, a.k.a. Nazi’s.


yes, an unbelievably BAD feeling…

Courageous Lion - Hear Me Roar - Jus Meum Tuebor

I shall again quote Ivan Throne… There are countless articles and commentators and pundits who fence and tangle, who tumble and roll the slogans and platitudes of gun control, civilian disarmament, public safety, gun violence epidemics, commonsense restrictions, loopholes, Second Amendment rights and other sophisticated and nuanced and ultimately irrelevant sophistries that dance around and completely avoid the blunt and brutally honest point of lethal, military grade weapons in the hands of civilians. They are in those hands for one purpose, and one purpose only. That purpose is cold, unmistakable and ruthless. It is to enable free men and women… Read more »

Very good!


Excellent reporting, David.

And for those who don’t know, Mark Levin has a new book: American Marxism


As Levin writes: “The counter-revolution to the American Revolution is in full force. And it can no longer be dismissed or ignored for it is devouring our society and culture, swirling around our everyday lives, and ubiquitous in our politics, schools, media, and entertainment.”


Well, it seems not so let me do this.

Do your due diligence on these two people. That is all.

“The writers are Steven Simon and Jonathan Stevenson, Clinton and Obama-administration operatives with globalist bona fides, that is, violence monopoly apparatchiks now exploiting their career “intelligence” credentials to further the disarming of their countrymen.”


Just a flat out superb article in every way. Thank you.


…new threat rising, one that has the potential to change the urgency of the debate: the growing, and heavily armed, American militia movement, which made a show of force on January 6. And did it entirely without arms! Whatta bunch of Chads! Going for the “bloodless coup!” Oo-rah! Meanwhile, a dozen armed and dangerous FBI agents bashed in an Alaska couple’s front door Wednesday, and held them for hours demanding the return of Nancy Pelosi’s laptop. The couple had never been within 100 yards of the Capitol building, and the wife, who bore no resemblance to the FBI’s photographed suspect,… Read more »

Ryben Flynn

“show of force”? Nobody had any guns, well, one person did.
“Conservative social media posts misleadingly claim the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 was not an “armed” insurrection, citing FBI testimony that no guns were seized from suspects that day. But 23 people have been charged with having deadly or dangerous weapons during the assault — including a loaded handgun found on a man arrested on Capitol grounds.”
Well, unless those objects were USED as weapons, they are not weapons.


A weapon is no more and no less than the hand holding it.


Just ask “the cook.”


Is my post going to be posted?


I’m giving it a thumbs up, it must be good


Just me shining a light in dark places. Some people don’t like what that light reveals.


Damn you truth teller,
(Picture the Poltergeist movie scene)

Don’t be afraid …..go into the light.

Ansel Hazen

Don’t see it.

Get Out

What happened to their “Do it for the Children” gun control mantra, it must of fizzled out and now guns have become a “Matter of National Security” issue?

Henry Bowman

“For the children” went out the window when they murdered 17 children in Waco almost 30 years ago. Forget Sandy Hook, where was the outrage then?

See, children’s lives don’t matter when the government is the one doing the killing; let alone when the government sanctions the murder of 100 million unborn babies since 1973… almost half of which happened in 2020 alone!


Career criminals in Congress, State Government, Local City Government, along with the hypocrisy of the Fake NEWS channels supporting their narrative have endangered the American public. Anti-constitutionalist’s sense of morality is situational, based on incident and emotion, instead of rooted in God’s word and law. Anti-constitutionalist’s stand for nothing. The situation determines their support for an issue and their emotions rule, not reason and rationality. Moreover, they recognize the contradiction, but still cling to their situational justice. Situational justice is the tool of dictators, tyrants, despots, and unjust, unrighteous monarchs. It has no place in a Free Constitutional Republic. In… Read more »


The “need to know” is a real thing. “He was the “official” who was not in any “need-to-know” loop, but who nonetheless was provided with GRIT (Gun Runner Impact Team) information by ATF’s Phoenix Field Division’s special agent in charge, who sent it to him with the CYA disavowal: “You didn’t get these from me.”” Way back when I baby sat nuclear warheads in Germany we were undergoing a (TPI) Technical Proficiency Inspection. I, a lowly Spec 4, was asked by the Colonel heading it up a question. My response to him was that as far as I knew he… Read more »


. . . and so it goes . . . the government builds a super high tech, alien like technology, surveillance / police state, to fight ISLAMIC TERRORISM, to KEEP US SAFE . . . and then THE NEW NAZIS seize power and designate ALL THAT ARE LOYAL TO THE US CONSTITUTION AND KEEPING THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS . . . TO BE THE TERRORISTS AND A THREAT TO THEIR TOTALITARIAN CONTROL! . . . and they have the most capable power of a police state the world has ever seen to enforce the taking of freedom and destruction of the… Read more »


Not if we want to clean house. The FIB raided the wrong home in Alaska looking for Nancies laptop. Next time they may get a surprise. Go ahead keep kicking doors in you never know what lay on the other side. Airbags, BB, Bolts,9 volt battery & little engenuity. You get the point. 3 inch screws thru plywood placed under windows. Note to SS, Please kick the right door in next time. lol

Last edited 2 years ago by Arny
Arizona Don

What happened on January 6 was not the actions of right leaning American citizens regardless of what anyone says including as the Politico opinion piece is declaring as disclosed in this article. Although many of us who are conservative may demonstrate against the violence of the left we have not yet begun to act violently in any way regarding the left’s determination to destroy our nation and install a socialist government doing away with our Constitutional Representative Government and free enterprise economic system. At least in an organized manner. In other words these so called democrats wish to destroy any chance for individual… Read more »