NC: Bobcat Attacks Wife, Husband Grabs, Throws, Shoots – Video

U.S.A.-( On Friday, 9 April, 2021, Happy and Kristi Wade were going about a normal morning routine, as shown by their security video. Happy can be seen setting a cup of coffee on the hood of his car, and placing a box of sweets in the back seat.

His wife Kristi comes out. She hears a cat growling. She takes a step back, and a bobcat attacks her from behind. Screaming, she darts between the two family vehicles, with the bobcat biting as it climbs up her back.

Her husband, Happy, comes to her aid.  She turns around, and he grabs the bobcat off of her as it nears her neck.

Holding the cat above his head, he suffers three bites until he throws the cat across the yard. After throwing the cat, he draws his concealed pistol, pursues the cat, and shoots it to prevent it from attacking another neighbor.

Later, it is reported the cat had previously stalked a different neighbor, earlier that morning. From

WECT reported, Kristi received a number of puncture wounds, scratches and was bitten several times. Happy is then seen grabbing the bobcat and carries it away onto his front lawn.

“I just remember seeing this face and it was trying to bite her right there in the side of the neck,” Happy said. “And so I shoved my arm in and that’s how I ended up with it like this [above his head].”

Happy said he was bit by the bobcat three times before he was able to throw it.

“I thought: ‘I’ll throw it this way,’” Happy said. “Two options: one, it’ll see an escape route and it’ll take off or it’ll stop just a moment where I can get a good shot at it.”

In the comments at the video, Tyrone Power writes:

Dude goes from Mr. Rogers to Dirty Harry in less than 5 seconds. Classic protective husband/dad/pet owner. Respect

You cannot get more American than this. Nowhere else in the world would there be a suburb with both a bobcat and an armed husband to defend his wife.

Happy Wade shows himself as a good citizen, good husband, and armed warrior/protector, all in a few seconds.

Attacks by rabid bobcats are relatively rare. They happen a couple of times a year.

One was recorded in Alabama in 2015. A 62-Year-Old man choked a rabid bobcat that had attacked him in Florida in 2015. A bobcat was killed after it attacked four people in an Arizona town in 2017.  A four-year-old girl was attacked in Arizona, at a campground in 2019. Her father ended up wrestling with the cat.  An elderly couple was attacked in Florida in 2019.

Healthy bobcats have been known to kill small deer, as was documented with pictures from a trail camera.

Bobcats have adapted well to the suburbs. This correspondent has seen one in Dallas, and my daughter has seen a few over the years she has lived there.

Stories such as these give another meaning to those sightings.

All of the bobcat attacks this correspondent has read of involved either rabid bobcats or mistaken identity attacks on hunters who were using animal calls to attract predators.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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Progressive, liberal, socialist, democrat blm/antifa supporting Bobcat shot and killed by Bobcat hating cops ! Say his name, “Bobcat” ! Cops under suspension during investigation of Bobcat shooting .


Black folks are some of the most conservative, gun carrying, bobcat killers in America!!




Well numbers guy said BLM so (s)he interjected race in the conversation.


The husband deserves kudos for coming to his wife’s defense (as a real man should) and for being armed and having presence of mind to use it. This video was seriously edited but if you find one that is not, the female runner with the pink top is about as dumb as a bag of d – – ks. She mindlessly runs towards the bobcat as it lays on the ground after the husband threw it. This causes the cat to run back towards the house, rather than lay where the husband threw it, where he could control it and… Read more »

Dry gulched

Probably a PETA member. When she left there she immediately called the peta headquarters and reported Happy for mistreatment of rabid bobcats. Their home was besieged by blm, lgptqdev and animal rights protesters. Sarc.


Lol…you know the procedure. Don’t get canceled!

Captn John

NC, especially coastal NC, is being over run with new residents. Land being cleared for hundreds of new homes as people from the north east run away from the mess they helped create. Deer, Bear, cats, snakes, gators, and all wildlife are being forced to move. Many of the new residents bring the ideas that ruined their former state with them.


Glad you mentioned the kommiefornians in there too when you used the word snakes.

American Patriot

These days the only thing you don’t walk out of the house without….A Gun!

uncle dudley

I couldn’t tell if the woman had a dog or cat in the pet carrier she had in her right hand and if that may have been what the bobcat was trying to get.
Shows why having a handgun on you at all times comes in handy to stop an attack whether it’s animal or human.


Seems I read somewhere it is “down” to about eleven, now. Not something I ever want to experience, for sure. My paternal grandfather used to talk of taking them when he was younger. It did not sound like fun.


Ugh! Thirty! If that is right, it doesn’t sound like the process has improved, but you are right. It still beats getting rabies and dying that horrible death.


My kids have had vaccinations because of potential for occupational exposure. Seems the process has improved in that with vaccinations you have more time, fewer shots, and don’t need those shots onto abdominal muscles. Thirty does sound extreme – but I’m guessing they got thirty shots counting tetanus, antibiotics, rabies, and immune boosters. Given state of the cat and extent of the bites I’d also guess they had rather high exposure levels. Don’t envy them a bit. Was bitten by a house-cat once, one single bite no tearing, and definitely not a bobcat. Bite itself wasn’t bad at all, but… Read more »


“In an explosion of critter race theory, Bobcat Learns Manners”.
There will be a curbside stuffed animal and floral memorial,
and the family of Mr.Cat will be awarded a multi million dollar
government check. Riots, beginning at dusk will be a catered affair.


He might be Happy, but his neighbor wouldn’t have been had he shot her. What the hell was she thinking, getting a wild animal and a guy pointing a gun at it?


This event will serve to be a new draw for all those boring skeet ranges who are looking for a new attraction.. PULL!


It was rabid and had no clue what it was doing. Let’s not go out and kill all our bobcats. The county and the state need to decide the best approach. Cats have a nasty bite and I have a deformed finger to prove it. If a rabid wolverine can kill a grizzly bear by biting the throat then a bobcat could easily kill a human. I had lots of them in Central Florida but they never bothered a human. Hope these people are ok.


My dear fellow no one to my knowledge is suggesting that we go out and kill “all the bobcats”. Mr. Weingarten did not say or suggest that either, he specifically points out how rare rabid bobcats are. Where did you get the thought that anyone suggested everyone with a gun go out and try to kill all the bobcats in the country? You went from zero to warp 9 in one tenth of a second on an issue no one I know of has ever suggested. I helped a guy who traps bobcats every year to supplement his retirement. They… Read more »


“However, they also need to be controlled just like any other wild species population, otherwise things get out of hand.”

If anyone doubts this just consider what has occurred around the country for the last twelve months.


Ding. Ding. Ding. There it is!! Ole Roy gets the boomer prize today. Lol. You know how to resolve a flood?

-Move!! Lol
#Pathetic at best…Smh!!

-This is my why!!!


Not live in a flood plain?


I guess I am now according to this “If anyone doubts this just consider what has occurred around the country for the last twelve months.”

Because the slow leak of racism that your boy Trump started has turned into a flood(Trumps plan all along to uproot the racial disharmony.)! LOL

Btw, apparently not:)


I guess you are not a HodgeTwins fan are you. LOL!


Nah…they’re too gay-like. Lol
Funny I watched their workout videos a couple of times years ago (they can’t out work me and they are smaller than me..FR FR!!). But since their workout videos weren’t sh!t, they did what most non talented black people do that wants attention: fake Righty!!! LMAO. But they got ya!!! Lol
Lmao. This sh!t funny!!!
#Whats in your case Roy?


Being from MT I find it rather strange that he would need his firearm at all. He had a hold of it and was already bitten. Are people from the burbs now too weak to snap a cat’s neck with their bare hands?


My thoughts exactly but I am happy that Happy and the cops had a gun to shoot it with.

Last edited 1 year ago by musicman44mag

A bobcat isn’t anything like a cat. It was holding on to him more than he was holding on to it. It’s more like trying to contain a hand grenade. If it was a cat, he could have drug it off of his wife and held it at arms length by the tail, then slammed it into a garbage can and held the lid on. I know this from experience, having done it several times.


I’m from Montana. I know all about bobcats. They are fragile compared to a human being. The main reason not to grab them is to avoid being bitten, except that the man had ALREADY grabbed it and gotten bitten. Having already been bitten kind of removes the reason NOT to grab it, yes? At that point isn’t it a whole lot more dangerous to throw it and start shooting, than it would have been to have placed the cat under his foot and placed his entire weight onto its thoracic cavity? Is there anyone out there who thinks that a… Read more »


@Knute Knute – I think it quite possible that suburbanites have never considered possibility of getting into a fight with a wild animal. Seeing wife under deadly attack generally doesn’t contribute to thought out responses. Sounded like he put his hand in front of it’s teeth to protect his wife’s neck. Most likely reflexively flung it away without considering possibility of stomping on it. There is also the question of footwear. I’d have no problem stomping a car with boots, jogging shoes or flip flops are just not the same. I appreciate your suggestions. Haven’t really thought much about how… Read more »


Happy said “Get down! Get down!” I wonder who he was yelling that to. Anyone knows?


I think he was talking to the dingy female jogger in the pink top as she ran into his line of fire.


I think you right. He was trying to take his shot on that bobcat and he wanted everyone to “get down” and out the way so he can shoot. Happy even grabbed this very dangerous animal with his bare hands instead of taking a shot that could have hit his wife. Interesting huh?? Bobcats are probably more dangerous than a 16 yo that called 911 in self defense. Speaking of self defense: what if you as a licensed carrier was taking out a would be active shooter and LEO take a shot at you. Who’s in the wrong?? Do the… Read more »


Nice apples and oranges comparison, Dee. MaKhia or whatever her name was asked for it. She got it. It wasn’t a Toyota. The hog had a decent size knife plainly in her hand as she approached other girls (who incidentally were also black). Should the cop have just let her slice up these bystanders? Did their Black Lives not really matter? Should he have subjected himself to possible permanent injury or death because her family failed to raise her to act as a civilized human being? Exactly what is the goal of yourself and those who think like you, such… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Grigori

So we need a Watchmen situation apparently is what you suggesting??

Btw, most of you comment fell on blind eyes after you called a 16 yo black girl a “hog” who just lost her life. Grow the fuck up lil b!tch boy!!! You damn right that rub me the wrong way!! Just fucking sad. Dumb a$$ useless b!tch boy.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dee

So that’s the best you have Dee? Calling someone a “lil b!tch boy” after his 3-4 paragraph response about your comment regarding the Columbus shooting? Someone disagrees with your take on that situation, and you start name calling huh? Would you do that if you were face to face with him? I doubt it. And by the way – just because a “girl” is 16 years old, it doesn’t mean she’s an innocent little thing that spends most of her days changing hairdos and watching music videos. Go look at the stats for the number of 16 year old girls… Read more »


Fuck ya I will do that if I was face to face with this bastard!! I would probably slap the shit out of him. I don’t do anything in private that I wouldn’t do or say in public. Our children are gold right or wrong. If that little girl was white, I would have said the same shit!! Period!! I have 3 white daughters (my kids my is white) so color with me isn’t an issue but if grown bitch ass men can talk about our children like this then their asses need to be put to sleep!! Now any… Read more »


I think the term you are looking for is, mulatto.


Boomer that’s the term you want to use if you want. But I dare you to say”mulatto” to a black man’s child in his face. I double dare you. You know there’s no age discrimination when both parties are nearly 50 and over! So be careful how you use your words. Obviously Chuck is aware that Righty’s are generally scared sh!tless unless they’re behind a screen.

Stay in your lane ol man.

What’s in the case, Roy?


That’s cute. I am going to save that, thanks.

Must be a terrible life to be so disturbed by accurate words. You can dismiss the truth but you can’t deny it. Well, I guess you can if you want to live in a fantasy world.


Maybe Roy but there was a time that a certain demographic thought the N word was appropriate. #StayProgressive my Caucasian brutha!!

-So what’s in the box Roy?


NEWS FLASH, Dee. There is still a certain demographic that thinks the N word is appropriate. They don’t look like me.


Huh, it has been three hours and no “Dee” in sight. I figured he would want to respond to that with a quickness. Maybe it didn’t support his narrative.


Then again maybe he had something he needed to do in NYC.

61-year-old Asian man in critical condition after brutal assault caught on video – ABC News (

Police described the individual as an adult male with a dark complexion,”


Well, I see Dee that you are still engaging in your gutter Punk ways: continuing to disregard reality, facts, and pretty much anything to do with sanity! Congratulations! You have shown us once again that you are a member of the Participation Trophy Generation: you don’t have a clue about real world issues, possible solutions for real-world issues, or for that matter how to think in logical terms! Your generation utterly amazes me: you fine folks would not even be considered as being Worthy of being defined as cannon fodder! People who at least meet the minimum requirements for becoming… Read more »


Be glad you don’t know me, idiot. You will live much longer that way if you think a chimpout is the way to deal with me.

I don’t get this worship of kids, even feral ones of whatever race. You are no less shot, no less stabbed, no less raped, no less robbed, and no less murdered, if a 14 year old does any of these things to you instead of a forty year old.

Country Boy

I hope you’re raising them better than the one mother of the one that got shot.


“Our children are gold right or wrong.” Therein lies the answer to why behavior such as MaKhia (my Kia?) was demonstrating and which led to her early demise is so prevalent in your neighborhoods. Well that and giving kids meaningless or shallow names, along with the shallow and meaningless vibrations those names often carry. Failing to instill the concepts of right and wrong, misbehavior and consequences, and not setting boundaries, leads to this kind of thing. But that’s okay, go ahead and blame whitey and racism for your inability to make things work as they should in life. Everbody else… Read more »


Awww…. did your widdle feewings get hurt? Am I supposed to be worshipful of the idiot who died while armed with a knife because she is black, or because she was 16, or both? Sorry, but you will be unfulfilled on all three. She was apparently an out of control idiot who appears to have died while trying to harm others. Life is already painful. It is moreso if one is terminally stupid.


Little mindless prick you just referred to an American child as a hog. Go in your closet and grab your legal 2A instrument and chamber it. I think you know what to do next you useless SOB!!!!


You’re the reason why whites can’t say racism doesn’t exist!! Lol. Thank you!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Dee

Lol…y’all hoods can’t cover and hide your identity anymore huh? So you hide behind keyboards now. Lol. Fucking imbecile!!


You are funny, little man. This is the type behavior that brings discredit to your community because unfortunately, it is so common in the hood.

Country Boy

didn’t you leave out “racist” and “misogynist”? ROFL


…and homophobic!


@Dee – You have a point there. I have no doubt similar insults contributed MaKayla (sp?) going off as she did. Not sure what else you are trying to say. Are you saying officer exposed the other girl to excessive risk – that he could have missed and hit the other gupirl instead? Video can be misleading, but certainly looked like no cop was in position to be able to grab the murderous child in a timely manner. A human even a child is larger and slower than a bobcat and far easier to hit. Risk of collateral strikes due… Read more »