Premier Body Armor Announces New Option to CYA with Bulletproof Wallet

U.S.A.-( Premier Body Armor is proud to announce their Bulletproof Wallet. These lightweight and functional wallets offer NIJ Level II protection for your most valuable assets. The new wallets are constructed from the same material as their proven body armor options and complement an already established line of accessories.

A bulletproof wallet is far from a complete solution but does have a place in the Premier Body Armor product lineup. “If we’re to trust Hollywood’s portrayal of gun-shot wounds,” said Jason Mammano, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Premier Body Armor, “the derriere is a prime target. Premier Body Armor is dedicated to the eradication of posterior trauma. Our new Bulletproof Wallet is a step in the right direction.”

The new Bullet Proof Wallet is built from 600D Cordura, and lined with Kevlar. The bi-fold design offers secure storage for bills and cards, and is produced the same made-in-the-USA Kevlar used in Premier’s vests and backpack inserts.

Other popular items from Premier Body Armor include the Bulletproof Can Cooler and Bulletproof Coffee Sleeve. These accessories boast insulative properties to keep beverages cooler and hotter, longer. With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day right around the corner, all of these items make great gifts for the parents with even the most impressive gun and EDC collections.

Premier Body Armor Announces New Option to CYA with Bulletproof Wallet
Premier Body Armor Announces New Option to CYA with Bulletproof Wallet

Bulletproof Wallet Features:

  • NIJ – Level II ballistic panels
  • 600D Cordura outer shell
  • Kevlar lining
  • Clear-view Armor Window
  • Bill divider
  • 8 card pockets
  • 100% Made in the USA of domestically sourced materials.

Learn more about Premier Body Armor and their complete line of armor inserts, new low-profile body armor, and products to CYA at

About Premier Body Armor

Premier Body Armor was founded in 2013 with the goal of protecting and empowering Law Enforcement and law-abiding citizens with innovative armor solutions, Made in the USA. Built on the backbone of over 20 years of armoring experience for customers such as the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), the United States Marine Corps (USMC), PBA is innovating and changing the way body armor is both perceived and utilized. Bulletproof backpack inserts, ultra-discreet vests, and more have made body armor more practical for daily use than ever before. With partnerships across industries, powerful community engagement, and top-notch customer service, Premier Body Armor is one of the top body armor manufacturers in the USA.Premier Body Armor Logo

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Dry gulched

Like General Patton had a fear of being shot between the eyes, this is for people with a fear of being shot in the ass.


Is it a coincidence that this product is being announced today (4/1)? I think not.

@Grigori suggests this is half-assed protection. I carry my wallet in a front pocket, so guess I could end up going off half cocked – which is not an attractive thought.

NIJ level 2 – Isn’t that 22lr, 25 acp and maybe even 32 acp? Won’t even stop a 38 from a snubby. If not an April-fools joke, this seems like an effort for father’s day gag gifts. I won’t be sharing this joke with my family – they might go for it.


I carry mine in my back pocket so I guess one side of my butt is safe.


Is that what you might call, “half-assed” protection?


Their ad copy sounds a bit like it is meant to be “tongue in cheek.”


@RoyD – Check today’s date. Article came out on April Fool’s day. Suggest anything?

Country Boy

I believe I’d prefer to slid the wallet in my shirt pocket………..