Former Cop, NYC Mayor Candidate Says “I’ll Carry”

By Larry Keane

New York City: On The Verge Of Meltdown - Part 4
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is in denial about the city’s crime. IMG iStock-1155292721

U.S.A. -( New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is in denial about the city’s crime. His time as the accidental mayor of Gotham is winding down just as crime has risen, leaving residents scared to walk the streets. Even Times Square is unsafe.

That’s not a standard that’s good enough for the mayoral candidate and former cop Eric Adams. In one of the most strict gun control cities in America that’s in one of the most strict gun control states, Adams said he will carry a firearm if elected mayor. It’s something to pay attention to with polling showing him in the lead. Big Apple residents seem to care more about safety in the city and a mayor who will walk the walk for them instead of pushing more gun control and cutting safety budgets.

Safety has always been a key issue in New York City. Last year, the city saw riots, destroyed buildings, burned businesses, and rising criminal violence. Mayor de Blasio twiddled his thumbs and caved to the “defund the police” mob. In June, he announced a $1 billion cut to NYC law enforcement. Mayor de Blasio also approved a so-called compassionate release of violent criminals from Rikers Island even as crime escalated. He got it wrong again and even complained as the U.S. Supreme Court announced it would hear a gun rights case originating in New York.

The real problem is Mayor de Blasio chooses to limit the rights of law-abiding New City residents and blame them for gun violence instead of criminals breaking the law.

Gotham Mayor Carrying?

Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams is a former police officer and saw enough to announce his candidacy for mayor. During an NYC podcast interview, Adams was asked if he’d carry a firearm in office should he win.

“Yes I will, number one. And number two, I won’t have a security detail,” Adams said. “If the city is safe, the mayor shouldn’t have a security detail with him. He should be walking the street by himself.”

The second comment was a dig at Mayor de Blasio, who uses a taxpayer-funded armed security detail. He has no issue with protecting himself by those who are paid to carry firearms, but he can’t fathom that New Yorkers would keep and bear firearms to protect themselves. Adams sees right through the hypocrisy.

Adams’ bluntness and focus on the city’s security problem earned him voter attention. A new poll of the mayoral race was released showing Adams with the lead over previous longtime frontrunner and failed 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who embraces a wide range of gun control notions. There are still concerns. Adams railed against standard capacity magazines in 2011 while he was a state senator and backed budget cuts to the city’s police department in 2020 only to reverse himself this year.

 No Soft Targets

Adams also advocated that off-duty police officers be allowed to carry their firearms while attending religious services and encouraged them to remain armed.

“If we have police officers standing in front of churches, then we can’t say it’s wrong for a police officer who’s off duty to be inside churches with a gun,” he said. “If they’re leaving those firearms home, I now say to them: Stop leaving your firearm home. Do as I do. Bring your firearm to church.”

Those comments came in the wake of the horrific murders at a Pittsburgh synagogue where 11 people lost their lives. The comments also resonate in the aftermath when Jack Wilson, a concealed carry permit holder, and volunteer security guard, used his concealed firearm to stop a murderer from attempting to inflict horror at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas.

Adams isn’t the only candidate talking about New York City gun rights. Fernando Mateo is a Republican candidate for mayor and said he would reverse the trend of city officials’ slow-walking concealed carry permits to reduce crime. On this point, he and Adams agree.

“It’s very hypocritical for Democrats that are currently running for mayor and carry guns or have bodyguards with guns to tell others they can’t,” Mateo said according to Breitbart. “Why don’t they give up their armed security. Why don’t the bureaucrats that are so anti-gun fire their armed security or surrender their guns?”

The city’s primary is weeks away and the general election isn’t until November. Some candidates are willing to buck the gun control mindset and take a stand for law-abiding citizens protecting themselves with firearms.

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No mention that curtis sliwa who founded the guardian angels is running for mayor also.
He spent years on the streets helping people


Well just great – another active/retired law enforcement agent who is EXEMPT from NY SAFE Act restrictions! Just as the Second Amendment intends.

A well regulated citizenry, being necessary to the security of the Progressive Socialist State, the right of government enforcement officials, active and retired, to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
All other citizens will comply with firearm and magazine capacity restrictions, as outlined by State Law, under penalty of felony prosecution.


Last edited 1 year ago by KK
APG member

The Elected Class the Enforcement Class and everybody else. All the virtue signaling copsuckers so prevalent in the 2A “community” should recognize this reality.

Last edited 1 year ago by APG member

So what? Another government goon who feels his safety and welfare is more important than everyone else’s. How many arms laws did he enforce as a cop? All of them is the answer to that.


As much as we would like to see NYC have a mayor that is less anti-2A, do any of these clowns have the managerial wherewithal to run an enterprise with a quarter-million employees and a budget larger than many States?


All the animals at the farm are equal. It’s just that some are more equal then others. ~George Orwell – Animal Farm (paraphrased)

Green Mtn. Boy

Yes but for he, not for thee.


Did any of these candidates say they are in favor of the citizens of new york arming themselves ?

The other Jim

No, it appears they talked around it…speeding up the same failed “may I” $450 permit scheme and only giving police officers more gun rights as being allowed to carry their gun into churches.

The other Jim

And how about this…. NYS Senator Eric Adams January 14, 2013 S2230 Senate Vote on passage of the New York State SAFE Act: Eric Adams “Aye”.
As a Captain (average $159,000 per year) on the New York City Police ordering the underlings for 22 years “arrest any and all carrying a gun”; Adams has only assured that he will carry his own gun to protect himself.


WOW! Talk about GLORIFIED WELFARE RECIPIENTS! $159K a year? Cripes…


With such a generous salary a NYC resident would only need to share a studio apartment with one roommate.


Well, I’m going to have to move to New York and get that job! Seems like they have a bit of a cost of living issue.


police in south florida start at 59,600 twice what a teacher gets ,and teachers dont get a gun or taser or mace nor protective vest oh yea teachers have to have at least a 4 year degree police ged and accepted to academe teachers top out around 75,000 dont know the top for police but I know a detective who is at 20 earning 144+


Maybe that’s why there is a shortage of teachers who actually teach instead of indoctrinate using pre planned curriculum.