Ontario Knife Company Introduces Innovative New Retractable Bayonet

OKC Retractable Bayonet
The new Ontario Knife Company Retractable Bayonet. IMG OKC

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Ontario Knife Company (OKC) is an award-winning knife, cutlery, and tool manufacturer with more than 130 years of experience creating quality knives for every need. The company is also the long-time primary bayonet provider to the U.S. military and is proud to announce its newest, patent-pending innovation that brings its bayonet design expertise to the civilian market. Introducing the new OKC Retractable Bayonet.

OKC Retractable Bayonet

“OKC has been making high-quality bayonets for the U.S. military for decades, and this new retractable bayonet design is unlike anything we’ve ever created before,” said Kenneth Trbovich, President, and CEO of Ontario Knife Company. “With its unique retractable feature, premium materials used and ability to easily mount to your AR or any Picatinny Rail System, it truly is a multifunctional blade and we’re excited to launch it to the civilian market”.

Designed for increased means of self-defense to work with or as a backup to your firearm for when hand-to-hand combat becomes necessary, the OKC Retractable Bayonet could be just the weapon you need when in a life-threatening situation. The new OKC Retractable Bayonet easily attaches to your AR, or any firearm outfitted with a Picatinny Rail System. Featuring a 6-inch retractable blade crafted with high quality .1875”-thick S35VN steel (with blade hardened to 59 Rockwell C), the bayonet measures 13-inches in the open position, and 7-inches when closed. With simple one-handed operation, the bayonet deploys with a quick pull of its spring-loaded, stainless steel knob. This same knob can be used to easily retract the blade back into its carriage when not in use. With multiple mounting options, the blade can be positioned forward or further back on the firearm to custom fit the barrel and the user’s preference to how much blade is exposed beyond the barrel. The multi-functional blade can also be taken off the firearm and used as a regular knife.

The OKC Retractable Bayonet has a 6-inch long by 1.5-inch-wide housing constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum with a black anodized finish. This means the bayonet is not only durable and sleek looking but also incredibly lightweight, weighing in at less than a pound.

The new OKC Retractable Bayonet is proudly made in the USA and backed by OKC’s lifetime warranty.

About Ontario Knife Company

Founded in 1889, the Ontario Knife Company is an award-winning knife, cutlery, and tool manufacturer operating out of Upstate New York for over 130 years. OKC produces a wide range of tools, including cutlery and kitchenware, hunting and fishing knives, machetes, survival and rescue equipment, science and medical tools, and tactical knives. OKC has a long tradition of building knives and tools for the U.S. military, producing high-quality equipment that has seen continuous service since WWII. In addition to being a major supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces, OKC leverages a network of distributors, dealers, and major commercial retailers to sell its products nationwide and internationally to over 35 countries. OKC’s custom manufacturing division Jericho Tool advances capabilities including a broad spectrum of injection molding, tool and die, and machining operations to provide white label and OEM manufacturing services for consumer and industrial goods. Collectively OKC’s product lines and manufacturing services reach the housewares, sporting goods, tactical, security, law enforcement & first responders, education, science & medical, and industrial & agricultural industries.

Ontario Knife Company

UPDATE CAUTION For Residents of NJ:

The new OKC retractable bayonet has an unintended consequence. It turns a Picatinny Rail into “Bayonet Mount”. Thousands of previously legal NJ “Assault Firearms”, now have two prohibited features and become contraband.

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W.C. Fields had it right…Every Minute


Why isn’t there even a link to buy one? Pointless


Most people have the ability to search for it themselves if it’s not presented to them outright. Did you vote for Bernie Sanders ?


I checked OKC’s homepage and they DON’T EVEN List this knife which is probably why they didn’t post a link to purchase. However it would have been nice to include a link or just stated this knife is not yet available.


It’s shown on the OKC website as “coming soon.”


Just what I need !! (I’m kidding) but I might buy it because I want it….LoL!!


Where’s the chainsaw version?


I feel like they are just reaching with this one…..

Xaun Loc

There are multiple problems with this toy (yes, I said TOY)

Besides the ridiculous price (no, the price hasn’t been announced, but it will be ridiculously high), there is the simple question of just what use it might ever be.

How is this device useful to anyone other than the self-styled “2A Auditors” and “Open Carry Protestors” where the only reason is to incite a reaction for their youtube video “Because-I-Can”?

It looks like OKC found some leftover stock of old M7 bayonet blades and decided to use them to build a novelty product for the More-Money-Than-Sense market.


One reason to buy this is Dianne Feinstein, et. al., doesn’t want anybody to own it and hopefully will give her a little more heartburn. Second, uh, if I think of another reason I’ll come back and post it. Don’t hold your breath.


The blade hardly protrudes 3 inches past the flash hider. That might stick a skinny naked man but is useless against most anyone else. Why would a respected knifemaker come up with junk like this ? Late April Fools day ?


Looking at it upon closer view. It does look like the knife could be moved forward on bracket that is attached to rail. Could of been set up quickly without thinking for photo op. I’m just guessing from the photo.


You might want to check with Michael Janich on that one. Also, “With multiple mounting options, the blade can be positioned forward or further back on the firearm to custom fit the barrel and the user’s preference to how much blade is exposed beyond the barrel.”