Import Ban From Russia Presents Tough Challenge

Arsenal SGL-21 Russian AKM
Arsenal SGL-21 Russian AKM carbine in 7.62x39mm. IMG Jim Grant

United States – -( The State Department recently announced it will be denying approval for applications to import firearms and ammunition from Russia. In a release, NRA-ILA has called the ban an “overreach by President Biden on his crusade against law-abiding American gun owners” and has vowed to review “all political, legislative, and legal options to fight this new policy.”

Let’s be very clear: The track records of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Second Amendment issues are so that that there is no rational basis to give this move by the Biden-Harris regime any benefit of the doubt. This import ban, like other import bans that stem from either statutory or legislative action (including the “sporting purposes” test and the “point system” for handguns), is an assault on the Second Amendment.

This is a big deal because often, imported firearms can be much more affordable than those manufactured domestically. In fact, affordable firearms, particularly affordable handguns, have often been targets of anti-Second Amendment extremists, as NRA-ILA has documented.

Let’s face it, the present situation in places like Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, and other big cities is practically crying for the people caught in the worst parts of those cities to have affordable self-defense tools available. Second Amendment supporters can argue the relative merits of a Glock 19 versus Springfield Armory’s XDM in 9mm, and that debate will be probably more intractable than the attacks on our freedoms carried out by the anti-Second Amendment extremists.

In addition, there is a good case to be made that a strong domestic firearm and ammunition industry is important, and not just on Second Amendment grounds, but also on the grounds of national security. It should also be noted that Russia and China are places that do not exactly respect the full panoply of human rights. Those two countries are also undeniably geopolitical foes of the United States.

That being said, the fact of the matter is that a cheap Easter European semiauto pistol (say a Makarov) that a person can afford does far more for their personal protection than another pistol that someone is saving up to buy. This is not to denigrate companies like Hi-Point and Phoenix Arms, which make affordable semi-automatic firearms in the United States, but there has been a long history of importing firearms for lawful purposes, including self-defense. But do we want to have imported firearms undercut domestic firearms manufacturers? But do we want to wipe out ways for those on very limited budgets to protect themselves? These are questions that Second Amendment supporters will have to address, one way or the other.

Here’s the bottom line: The Second Amendment does not only apply to those firearms produced in the United States, it also applies to imported firearms as well. Not all questions surrounding Second Amendment issues have clear answers, though. With that being said, Second Amendment supporters can and should make informed decisions as to what imported firearms they buy. In addition, they should work to defeat anti-Second Amendment extremists in federal, state, and local offices via the ballot box as soon as possible.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.Harold Hutchison

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The ballot box is a failure because liberals lie and cheat . The cartridge box will be the solution real soon , so the lying cheating idiot gun grabbers better hide thier cowardly asses when it comes down . They will become the prey of freedom loving Americans .

Henry Bowman

Damn skippy!! We have been denied the first 3 boxes!!

  1. Soap box
  2. Ballot box
  3. Jury Box
  4. Cartridge Box…

Lay off the bong, Schart. You’re the boot licker.


It’s LONG past time to be asking questions and Demanding answers. The Founding Patriots would be done shooting by now and cleaning up the mess.


Take your meds Francis…

Dr. Strangelove

Adams drew much criticism and scorn for successfully defending the Redcoats.


Adams did the right thing. They deserved Fair Trial by Jury as we all do. That principle’s been subverted for 130yrs by authority-worshipers & tyrants.

“Always stand on principle, even if you stand alone.”
–John Adams

Henry Bowman

STFU, redcoat!!

Country Boy

I’d give this a million thumbs up if I could.

Henry Bowman

Transference much?
You sir (spelled c-u-r) are a redcoat and voted most likely to blow Colonel Tavington while in the privy.


Whatever side you’re on, Schart, it’s not America’s.


“Stop name-calling. It violates Ammoland rules.”

“You’re an ignorant liar, pathetic slave, loyalist, worse than a Redcoat, turncoat, worm, not even a snake, betrayed the principles on which the USA was founded.”

“Democracies Rule. Republics Suck. The USA is a Republic. The USA sucks.”

“Jesus & the Constitution say OBEY all orders & laws.”


Country Boy

I believe you are incorrect and that Scharf’s statement is correct. And that we’re fast approaching exactly that if things do not soon change for the better in our corrupted government and it’s corrupted officials.If they can do what they did to Trump, they will not hesitate to do it to We The People. And they’ve already started hard and fast at it.. About 50 yrs ago.


F are you babbling about?

Country Boy

Take a chill pill, you’re headed for “the big one”….

Country Boy

Hmmm, not how my ancestors stood up. Mine fought the British, hunted the Tories here in the colonies,and his wife was given 10 lashestied to the whipping post by the Sheriff,for speaking out against the King.


A suggestion to the U.S. ammunition industry: revisit the whole “can’t expand because the increased demand is only temporary” decision. The data may have changed.

And sell primers, for crying out loud!

Country Boy

and rebuild lead smelting plants in America again, so we’re not dependant on China to smelt our lead for us anymore. (Obama had the EPA close our last lead smelting plant in 2014)


I remember when that happened. My dad sold switchgear to a guy at that factory. He called him up and asked what the deal was. The guy said “Yep. Can’t meet the EPA regs.”

That’s our government for you. China doesn’t have that problem though, I reckon.


Russian manufacturers will move production to the Ukraine or create new capacity in the Ukraine.

Biden will not impose punitive measures on the Ukraine, for obvious reasons.


Biden has severely limited the ability to make informed choices as to what imported firearms we can choose to purchase. The ballot box is broken, and has been for quite some time and was further proven during the last fiasco labelled as an election. Soap box – not working, Ballot box – corrupted beyond repair, Ammo box – results pending.


How ridiculous. The power exercised by the Biden administration by establishing sanctions against Russia is actually arguably valid according to the Constitution. It is the criminal, treasonous gun laws on the federal books, all of which the NRA has supported, that are baseless according to the law, and which condemn the current administration, as well as the past 15 or so.


i would argue that although buyden has the ability to impose sanctions on russia, is the basis for those sanctions vaild and lawful? if he is so sure of the poisoning of navlany was done by putin, show us the proof. otherwise i would say this is another attempt to restrict or deny the lawful citizens of this country the ability to exercise a Constitutional right. ol joe does have a history of unconstitutional actions.


people need to arm themselves with knowledge, if they have greater numbers you need greater firepower the tools and ability to make what you need


seems like the NRA is only interested in commieblock weapons


ROL @ this point has become risible, farcical & absurd.

When the ballot box is stuffed & rigged…

Dr. Strangelove

So, President* SpongeBrain DependsPants removes sanctions for the Russian pipeline, but bans firearms?


Put in will just ship it all to the former USSR Satellites, and then they’ll sell it to the US with another markup.

Bozoden’s an Idiot. It won’t hurt Russia at all. It’ll hurt Americans.

Dr. Strangelove

Nope, the weapons are banned no matter where they’re shipped from.


Biden attempts to be a bully at home to US citizens but bends over for the Taliban like a cowardly running dog. And Kamala-toe should just stay in Saigon. Remember to vote in Nov. 2022 and again in 2024 to rid the US of this despicable regime of progressive socialists.




Remember to get involved in the election process itself to prevent they type of corruption we’ve seen. Did you know that the Secretaries of State in Michigan, Colorado and Arizona all came out of George Soros’s “Emerge America” organization? Did you know that Tom Steyer has an organization called Next Gen America on every major university campus in America that registers non-resident and foreign students to vote in state and national elections? In Arizona in 2020 there were over 92,000 non-resident and foreign students and a major portion of them voted in 2020, electing Michael Bloomberg’s trained monkey Mark Kelly… Read more »

Country Boy

Maybe we need to don headrags ?

Ansel Hazen

Maybe it’s time to start throwing tea in the harbor.