Lightfoot Wrongly Attacks Second Amendment

Chicago NRA-ILA
Chicago Mayor Lightfoot claims the windy city is suffering from an epidemic of violence. IMG NRA-ILA

Chicago – -( The murder of Officer Ella French of the Chicago Police Department is a tragedy. One that Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, has chosen to lay at the feet of those who support the Second Amendment.

She went so far as to say that guns “bring violence.” Well, it’s utter bullshit. I’ve never seen a firearm, be it an AR-15 or a .22 like the Remington 597 or even a Glock 17 do anything on its own. Each of those firearms, and any other I have seen, has required a person to decide to pull the trigger and where to aim them.

But Lightfoot’s bullshit isn’t just an attack on guns and the Second Amendment, it’s also a clear attempt to avoid blame. Like the Mexican government, she has been unable or unwilling to address violent crime seriously, and she wants a scapegoat. Which the Second Amendment – that’s what she means when she attacks guns – is supposed to be.

The thing is, as has been noted here before, there is an answer that can greatly reduce the violence that too many of our fellow Americans in Chicago – and other urban areas – are dealing with. It’s Project Exile, which uses existing provisions of 18 USC 922 and 18 USC 924 to put those who misuse firearms away for a long time.

Put it this way, the scum who ambushed Officer French and her partner were probably the type of people that a restored version of the armed career criminal provisions could have put away for 15 years – minimum. The fact of the matter is that should some of the Second Amendment cases working their way through the courts go our way – cases like those which have stricken bans on standard-capacity magazines and modern multi-purpose semi-automatic firearms – Second Amendment supporters will need to have an alternative ready to the answers we will get from the likes of Bloomberg, Schumer, and the Biden-Harris regime.

They will be seeking to either pack the courts, they will seek to attack our rights via the National Firearms Act or some licensing/registration scheme, they will turn to financial blacklisting (like Operation Chokepoint), or they will try to repeal the Second Amendment. Second Amendment supporters cannot rule out that all of those approaches will be used.

The fact is, using laws on the books to put away bad guys who misuse firearms has worked before. Second Amendment supporters should contact their Representatives and Senators to politely urge support for legislation like the Prosecuting Gun Crimes Saves Lives Act and the Protecting Communities and Preserving the Second Amendment Act. They also need to contact Mayor Lightfoot’s office, and register their displeasure in a firm, but civil, manner. It will also be important to defeat anti-Second Amendment extremists via the ballot box at the federal, state, and local levels.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.Harold Hutchison

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We are way beyond contacting congress. Can’t vote our way out of this mess either. Outright defiance, civil disobedience and nullifying every unconstitutional gun law (all of them) is where we need to be. I see war in our future. Americans will not accept all their rights being trampled… from censuring text messages in real time (psaki actually admitted they are trying to do that) and killing free speech/privacy… to the latest bill requiring all semiautos to be registered under nfa… to crt indoctrination in schools… to amnesty in the upcoming budget. The left is agitating for civil uprisings intentionally,… Read more »


Nullification is not required if there are no arrests. OlTrailDog says enforcers won’t enforce the upcoming gun laws. He believes that, unlike milions of previous examples, enforcers will not follow orders.

Monkey Mouse

I too see war as the most likely path – democrats have been pushing way too hard since Trump. It is coming very soon.

Ryben Flynn

It’s way past time to eliminate Democrats from positions of Power, they abuse it.


Most Republicans (Rinos?) are not much help either! I used to think that the Libertarians offered some hope, but their choice of Bill Weld as VP candidate in 2016 showed their true colors!


Exactly, they only care about themselves. Trump had both houses and the RINO’s believed the crap lies the Demo-RATS and media pushed about him. We would have a leaner government and better future for future generations. Today we will have runaway inflation and any wage increases since Trump are wiped out thanks to Biden Green Idiot policies and inflation.


LoLibertarians showed their colors long ago e.g. loony drug-addled NM ex-gov Gary Johnson. Every “L” candidate in the last 40 yrs backed suicidal unlimited immigration: de facto globalism-socialism-destruction of the USA. They can’t honestly take the pledge of allegiance let alone the oath of office. They serve as stalkinghorse Losers, except those who run as RINOs. Because conservatives humor “Ls”, it gives them the ability to betray us from inside our own tent, making them far more destructive than open communists.

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Plus she can’t admit that the officer was killed by a couple of fine black/hispanic yoots. The killer was out on probation for felony and his mother was just arrested for assaulting hospital staff. Great family obviously. So let’s defund the police. What an asinine idea!

Mystic Wolf

What do you expect from mayor leadinthehead she has done nothing for that city just like all the other DEMONcrats that ran the city. The very first thing they pounce on is the guns cause crime, well I have never seen any gun get up walk around and then shoot itself off. Then again that hitlery clintoonish claimed back in a 93 interview with larry king live that she personally saw a gun get up walk around and fire number of shots, yeah these are satan worshipping DEMONcrats they will say anything to disarm this country. Remember that the DEMONcrats… Read more »


Harold, I live in Chicago. We do NOT need anymore legislation, we need the courts to sentence people properly, “the scum who ambushed Officer French” was on PROBATION, he was sentenced to it for a previous felony conviction in Madison, WI.


Confirmed by a high ranking Chicago police official a couple of weeks ago:


General “Bling” Brown is no fan of the Second Amendment and he repeats the lies and misrepresentations about firearms in Chicago.

He is also widely disliked by Chicago police officers.

Having said that, even the General can see that light sentences for violent criminals and widespread paroles for violent criminals is exacerbating a fundamental problem.

He is only partly correct about “the police are arresting the criminals.” The arrest rate for people who have murdered non-police officers is very low.

The General will not admit to what the fundamental problem is and that is holding back solving the problem.


Agreed. I only posted this to show that even the idiots in charge can see this problem, and they’re as blind as bats flying into the sun! But his cure is just “give me more power and an increase in my already ridiculous 6 figure salary of taxpayer ‘money’.


The reason the arrest of killers is so low is the muders do not have a “traditional pattern”, in that there is no real reason for them, they are just random spray the crowd events where innocent people are shot for no reason. When unknown people shoot people unknown to them there is no way to follow the evidence.


That’s “a” reason not “the” reason. One of the several other reasons is effectiveness does not enter into the decisions regarding pay increases and job retention for cops.

If the innocent victims are cops, families of cops, aldermen, families of aldermen, the murderers get arrested.


I believe policing the gangs and using parole laws to search living quarters and felons would go a very long way in curbing inner city prohibited person shooting sprees . But hey, that would be racist .


Well what else is Mayor Bettlejuice going to do. She has to deflect blame from her failed administration. And worst of all, she is mentally deficient, elected by the mentally deficient.

Mystic Wolf

Remember as well that mayor leadinthehead is also letting her people do whatever they want with no repercussions at all, the thug that shot this officer will likely be back on the street by tomorrow, because mayor leadinthehead will give the thug a free pass and a get out of jail free card.


Mayor Light in her Head is totally useless. Put her sorry rear end in a patrol car geared up and let her experience what her city has become under her ‘leadership’ and do the same for the POS DA who refuses to prosecute criminals.


A major part of the problem is that most of Shitcago middle class workers don’t live in the city limits, but in the white bread suburbs. Shitcagos elite ( very few are actually “elite”) live in their penthouses or gated communities, while the “ delites “ actually live IN Ghetto Shitcago and vote there. Like in D. C., Baltimore, Detroit, Etc….


Have you ever been to the neighborhoods of Chicago?


Downvoter – you are afraid of the truth and you run on feelings and you are insecure in your beliefs. Why is it impossible for you to have a conversation about facts, logic, and opinions?


Many times- except South Shitcago, I’m not the preferred race there.
Have you ever been to Afghanistan?


What does Afghanistan have to do with the conversation?

If you have traveled in the neighborhoods of Chicago, you would know many middle class (lower MC, Middle MC, and upper MC) live in regular neighborhoods and not in penthouses or gated communities.

You would also know that there are many low crime neighborhoods, including some on the south side. Have you ever been to these neighborhoods?

Mt. Greenwood
Archer Heights
Lincoln Park
North Center
Albany Park
Forest Glenn
Jefferson Park
Northwood Park
Edison Park

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Let me help you, because it seems you have probably flown to O’hare and stayed downtown and have not driven through many neighborhoods:

The low crime neighborhoods are street after street of small to medium size homes (some large) that are well kept and many of the people who live there are from families who have lived in those neighborhoods for generations. The majority of those people are middle class.

Arizona Don

The socialist marxist so called democrats do not want gun crime to stop. They are attempting to use the crime to convince the citizens to agree to allow the confiscation of all firearms. It will not work. Perhaps their thinking is fogged over by hate. However, survey after survey has determined there is somewhere between one hundred fifty million gun owners and two hundred fifty million gun owners (that number is increasing daily if not hourly). That is a good thing. That is one of the reasons there is now a shortage of both guns and ammo. Multiple surveys have also concluded the average number of guns… Read more »


There will be a civil war if the United States government attempts to confiscate guns in the hands of United States citizens. That dumbass Biden stated that if the citizens of America attempt to fight the U.S. Government, they better have some tanks and nuclear weapons. Now that is a statement coming from a sitting president, eh?!! What that fool fails to understand is that such a war would be asymmetric and the citizens will WIN IT!


The people of Chicago had better start thinning the thug population


Actually, the Thug population is doing a stellar job of thinning that already.


TEX – 8/12/21:

“The thugs are doing a great job of that for sure. The downside is that the left socialist scum will continue to blame firearms and law-abiding gun owners for what those punks do. That’s how it is in all blue douche states,not Texas or red states.”

Response to “TEX”(Will, et al.):

“TEX”(Will, et al.),

Do you think the people who believe in small government, the 2nd Amendment, and the sovereignty of the U.S. who live in what you call “blue douche states” should leave those states?


Hardly. Gvt pays them to breed far faster than any thinning.


As well as thinning the officials in charge that enable and encourage the thug population. Cut off the head, and the snake’s body will cease to be a problem.


This is as passionate as I’ve seen Mr. Hutchison be about a topic. Kudos for calling BS for BS.


Passionate for bad ideas. Project Exile is gun control. Promotes anti-gun premises. Why pretend crimes with guns are worse than the same crimes with knives? Let the enemy do that.

These laws will inevitably be used against “bad guys” who never committed a mens rea crime, who became “felons” for owning “illegal” guns.

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Beetlejuice, like other democrats, have no desire to address the socio-economic reasons why the majority of “gun crimes” are committed by a specific demographic. They’d rather make guns illegal, and increase the dependence this demographic has on the government so they can continue to get elected. They also have no clue how to solve the socioeceonomic issues so they don’t even bother trying.


Lightfoot is just running her big mouth with more communist blather! She has NO IDEA how to run a city like Chicago and I have no idea why the blithering idiots in Cook County elected her!


It wasn’t everyone in Cook county that elected her, just the city voters. The whole county voted to elect the county council which did their worst to change the county ordinances.

Ansel Hazen

They also need to contact Mayor Lightfoot’s office, and register their displeasure in a firm, but civil, manner.”

Is the word Bullshit on the table?


The Progressive New Left has successfully dodged accountability for the consequences of failed policy for 50 years. Why should they stop now? With neutered RINOs and cuckservatives in power over everything conservative who can possibly blame them for taking advantage of our weakness. The right in America has ignored the challenge for decades. The left knows we are on the ropes and bleeding. Why stop doing that which has worked in the past. The truth is not a left wing value. So why would we ever expect any one of them to hold to the truth?


Like your RINO infiltraitor heroes Abbott & Phelan:

Agency Calls Genital Mutilation Child Abuse, Abbott does NOTHING

“Tx medicos are allowed to disfigure children, cut off body parts in gender mutilation surgery, chemically castrate with sterilizing cross-sex hormones & puberty blocker drugs.”

“Texans are wondering: Why won’t Gov Greg Abbott ask legislators to outlaw gender mutilation of minors?”

Maybe if TEXAS RINOs had done something about this long ago, you wouldn’t have so many issues, TEX(!!!).

“spineless coward RINO’s (sic) have…”
-TEX(!!!) et ilk

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Why doesn’t a legislator introduce a bill?


They did. Phelan killed it in regular session. Abbot kept it off special session agenda so it’s dead for 2yrs. No surprise:

Abbott, Phelan Get $250K+ From Clinic That Chemically Castrates ‘Transgender’ Kids:

Campaign finance records show UT SW Med Center PAC gave hundreds of thousands to Texas Rs

Abbott’s a POS.

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I’ve been PREACHING for several years now about project exile! How simple to implement this law! It’s NOT a solution, but it sure as hell is a step in the right direction. And it would be easier to implement than defund the police! So why not enact it everywhere! It seems to me it would be cheaper to build more prisons, if the problem is overcrowding, than the cost of lives lost to criminals with no fear of prosecution! I’ve got an idea! Let’s take Nancy Polosi’s salary to start paying for more prisons! And then transfer all the money… Read more »


Project Exile is NRA gun control: Promotes anti-gun premise: Crimes with guns are worse than same crimes with knives, cars, gas & matches, bats, fists, poison etc. It’ll be used against gun owners who did no mens rea crimes. It’s as dangerous as Red Flag laws & Universal Gvt-Conducted “Background Checks” (Universal Registration). Why push it? Invested in prisons? The Prison Guards Union funded & lobbied for vile, deceptive 3-Strikes laws that put so many non-violent & victimless criminals in prison for life. We have more prisoners per capita of any country besides Communist China. More prisons are not the… Read more »

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We have the jail space. Biden took all federal prisoners out of the private for profit prisons. So those places are now without inmates.