A Flood of Gun Lies Are Coming & You Need to Aggressively Correct Them

Opinion by Alan J. Chwick & Joanne D. Eisen

Bogus Research
A Flood of Gun Lies Are Coming & You Need to Aggressively Correct Them IMG iStock

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- When people lie to you to get you to change your actions, you can bet it’s not in your best interest, but it is in theirs. American gun owners possess over 400 million firearms, and so, in order for the Socialists to disarm us, we would have to give them up willingly, as the Australians did.

They cannot rule the streets of our country until we are disarmed. They need to do it with lies because the truth about firearms has always shown that civilian weapons benefit society.

All the honest firearms research has shown that our guns are a net benefit to our society. Our families, and especially our kids, are safer because we own guns!

To this end, the Biden Regime, and the evil Democrat Congress, are again funding firearms research. Many of you do not remember that such funding in the past, in the 1990s, resulted in a large accumulation of FAKE SCIENCE that supposedly ‘proved’ our guns are dangerous to our families. These funding grants were through the US CDC, and after many battles, the funding was stopped because of the obvious corruption.

We will soon be again inundated with another batch of these fabricated lies. They will be fancied up with scientific words and written by paid-off researchers, who live for these types of grants. The articles are then published in prestigious, but very biased, journals.

The US media will repeat these lies until even many of us are no longer certain about the truth. Many in our extended families will become suspicious of us and our firearms and assume that we are dangerous to them.

We cannot permit this to happen again. We must not remain silent again, either.

In the past, the gun owners did not fight back loudly with words where it counts, on the streets, in the schools, and in the houses of worship. We remained quiet, the way our physicians are silent now about COVID, as they have been cowed by fear into barely functioning doctors who won’t do what’s right for the thousands of their patients who are dying of COVID, even though early treatments are known, established, and available.

If we remain silent like these cowardly doctors, we give tacit agreement that we agree that our firearms are dangerous to society. And we then create an easy truth for the Left to use against us.

With 400 million firearms owned, we do not harm society. Our firearms protect society, especially when police cannot or will not. Apparently, we do not really need government laws to keep us from acting like criminals, as we are not criminals.

Proof that firearms laws really do not work as promised is easily shown from New York State, which in the early 1900s virtually banned handguns. In 1993, decades after New York City had the infamous Sullivan Act, the US Department of Justice estimated that up to 2 million illegally possessed guns were in circulation in the city of 8 million people.

So much for New York State’s 1910 Sullivan Law. Or for that matter, ANY RESTRICTIVE GUN BAN LAW.

Gun controllers claim that firearms are stolen from legal owners and then make their way into the Black Market. Because of this, they say civilian firearms are too dangerous to own without strict safe storage procedures. These procedures have become so strict that guns are often not available for self-defense use. IE New Jersey.

US Military Guns Keep Vanishing, Some Used in Street Crimes
US Military Guns Keep Vanishing, Some Used in Street Crimes

If that is an acceptable reason why civilians cannot own guns, let’s continue with this thought. It’s not just civilian-owned firearms that are easily diverted to the Black Market. The US Army cannot control the diversion of weapons into criminal hands. The headline above says it all, “US Military Guns Keep Vanishing, Some Used In Street Crimes.” It logically follows that the military, too, should not possess weapons because of the pervasive corruption that leads to the diversion of weapons into the Black Market.

And it’s not just the US Military, as the UN Blue Helmets suffer diversion and all other military and police departments, too. Guns are valuable for many reasons and if the gun controllers are REALLY serious, all weapons should be destroyed. Every single one of them, lest they be diverted to the criminal Black Market.

Dave Kopel wrote about this possibility in 2001, “A World Without Guns Be Forewarned: It’s Not A Pretty Picture.” The piece is amusing, but the bottom line is, ‘There is no going back.’ Disarming oneself of firearms is a very foolish error, akin to the Biden’s pulling troops out of Afghanistan on the down-low, and phucking NATO and our other allies.

The best words that one can say are that there is evil in this world and firearms do have positive defensive benefits that far outweigh their negatives. Rudolph Rummel, who passed away in March of 2014, put astonishing figures to this.

His final total of human deaths by the government during the 20th Century reaches 262 million! And most of those victims were disarmed prior to their death.

The reason this is important is that no matter how many lives are needlessly lost because civilians owned firearms, that number is still small when compared to lives lost by government acts. Understand, the armed civilians maintain some equal balance of power and minimize the potential for government misbehavior.

Rummel concluded, “Freedom is a method of non-violence, the most peaceful nations are those whose people are free.”

What can we take from all of this? We Americans living now and watching the lies of would-be power-mad Socialists should learn that we can never retain our Freedoms without our firearms and the powerful threat of that ownership that we will use those weapons when needed to protect the US Constitution.

For if we do not, who will? The Socialists? The RINOs?

We cannot sit back in silence and passively signal that we will not act. We all need to aggressively counter the lies.

Until the Biden Administration recovers all the weapons & armaments they “gifted” to the Taliban, we really don’t want to hear squat about Gun Control!

About The Authors

Alan J Chwick has been involved with firearms much of his life and is the Retired Managing Coach of the Freeport NY Junior Marksmanship Club. He has escaped New York State to South Carolina and is a SC FFL (Everything22andMore.com). [email protected] | TWITTER: @iNCNF

Joanne D Eisen, DDS (Ret.) practiced dentistry on Long Island, NY. She has collaborated and written on firearm politics for the past 30+ years. She too escaped New York State, but to Virginia. [email protected]

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Peter Principle By: Judd Garrett August 22, 2021 When Joe Biden first became President, I thought he was the living embodiment of the Peter Principle, an aged politician rising to the level of his incompetence. But that was being too generous to him. The Peter Principle requires that the person has actually accomplished something to warrant his position of incompetence. The biggest accomplishment in Biden’s political career is managing to get re-elected six times. In 2020, Joe Biden was foisted upon the American public as an empathetic and competent leader. But nothing could have been further from the truth. His… Read more »




He apparently got Obama elected twice. Keep reminding the socialist. They are left speechless. lol


Who’s going to be importing all those light machine guns from Afghanistan? I want to know where to send my deposit…..

Last edited 1 year ago by Rich

easier to buy a cnc and make whatever you want heavy light just make sure you use quality steel or aluminum Chinese stuff will blow up in your face


China and Russia will most likely purchase a lot of the technology Biden left to the Afghanistan’s regime, then China will more than likely transport a lot of the hardware to Mexico along with their fentanyl shipments. Russia will more than likely take a bulk of it through Cuba… In any way they do it, the guns will show up on our southern border listed as MIA from the Fast and Furious disaster.


Do you really believe they do not already have the technology ? It was sold long ago. This is to cover their tracks.


My father dear made this statement many years ago. “ if it was packaged properly, promoted and advertised correctly, you could sell the average stupid American a bag of Shit!
ladies and gentlemen! I give you “Crooked Joe Biden!”


Could you please ask the patriots to order Biden to:

  • Secure the border
  • Enforce visas
  • Impose increasing penalties on employers who employ people who are not legally allowed to work in the U.S.
  • Cap personal income tax rates at 32%
  • Stop pushing yet more gun control
  • Order the BATE to stop persecuting Rare Breed Triggers

Thank you.


I hate to say the same thing over and over Americans must understand the commitment to Agenda 2030 https://sdgs.un.org/2030agenda,
The Great Reset https://www.weforum.org/great-reset/
That our elected politicians have been engaged in while working in every level of government not only here , world wide for 3 1/2 decades.


The title of Dem acts/bills is always the exact opposite of what it’s really about. Was the so-called “Affordable Care Act” affordable??? HeII no! And it wasn’t meant to be. Just as so-called “gun control” is NEVER reaIIy about reducing crime, keeping guns out of the hands of criminals or “for the children”. Those are just IiberaI buzz words.

PIain and simpIe, IiberaIs Iie.


The CDC? Really? If we have learned anything from this
Chink Bug mess it would be not to take the word of the
CDC for ANYTHING. Lie after lie, lies bigger and better,
constantly streaming from the CDC.


Yep – the same outfit – under new ‘management’ that hid mountains of data regarding defensive gun use for decades. Never mind that the new ‘manager’ is an avowed anti-gun zealot – recent quote “I hate guns”. Yep, she certainly doesn’t have an axe to grind.


Why don’t the Sociotards ever talk about disarming the criminals?


Because that would cost them money, as well as private stocks in the prison systems thereby removing the avenues they are using to tap into taxpayer dollars under the guise for their faux, “research” on harmful law-abiding gun owners.

Last edited 1 year ago by USMC0351Grunt

When viewing media in your search for facts remember one simple truth: truth is not a left wing value. It has never been. Leftists of all brands whether they be American Progressives or any flavor of socialist or fascist fail universally in a commitment to truth. Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao and HO and the rest of the parade of mass murderers comprising the worldwide totalitarian movements all struggled to suppress truth. And in America today the American Progressive New Left struggles to suppress truth and the means to spread truth. Ask yourself why they hate Christianity so much. Ask yourself… Read more »


leftists lie/distort the truth because they cannot win an argument with logic, facts and data. they seek to pit groups against groups in an effort to control them, which they do with some success, i.e. antifa, blm and lgbtqwertyuiop’s.
all of the governemnt’s abc agencies should be eliminated, and all employees sent to the private sector to get real jobs and not be welfare recipient’s. none actually do anything beneficial for the law-abiding American citizens.
bureaucracies exist only to accumulate and wield power over citizens, that needs to change.


Laundering drug money has no future. You Twat!


Very true indeed.


Who has “attacked” Boebert?


Ever notice Anti-Fa – Proud Boys – BLM – NFA always seem BW allowed to riot – destroy property with impunity ? “The fascists of the future,” the statement said, “will call themselves antifascists.” Winston Churchill Ever notice they seem to be able to travel around the country & many of us working folk (peasants) can’t even afford to do that. Ever notice they always seem to don new attire with fancy logos to wear for they’re Photo Ops ? Ever notice the colors are the same colors used in past decades of civil unrest periods ? How do they… Read more »