New Leak Shows The ATF Doubling In Size Within Five Years

New Leak Shows The ATF Doubling In Size Within Five Years

MARTINSBURG, WV-( News has learned from a leaked Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) video conference meeting that the agency is looking to double its size over the next five years.

Acting ATF Director Marvin Richardson started the conference call by discussing the number of comments received from the two previous comment periods. According to Richardson, almost 300,000 comments were submitted to the Federal Registry for unfinished frames and receivers during the comment period. Also, Americans submitted just over 250,000 comments on pistol stabilizing devices during that comment period.

President Joe Biden and his administration have targeted pistol stabilizing braces and unfinished frames since he came into office. Earlier this year, Biden took executive action on the firearms market. He ordered the ATF to change the rules surrounding braces and frames by using Chevron deference. The ATF submitted proposed regulations for public comment on frames and receivers four weeks later. Shortly after, the ATF published propose rules for public comment on pistol stabilizing devices.

Anti-gun states and groups have long been trying to outlaw unfinished frames. The Biden administration has pushed the narrative that unfinished frames and receivers are a tool only used by criminals. Biden calls these kits “ghost guns” and wants the ATF to regulate them as firearms. The ATF has also carried out several high-profile visits to makers of unfinished frames, including Polymer80. and also turned over Polymer80’s customer information to the ATF.

The ATF has also been targeting pistol-stabilizing braces. Shortly after the presidential election, AmmoLand News uncovered a meeting between the ATF and the Biden transition team. During these meetings, the Biden transition team asked then ATF Acting Director Regina Lombardo and Acting Assistant Director Richardson what their top priorities were for the new administration. Other than unfinished frames, the other item on its list have pistol stabilizing braces. The ATF, specifically Richardson, saw these items as a workaround to the National Firearms Act of 1934 (NFA) and believed that pistols equipped with most stabilizing braces should be considered short-barrel rifles (SBR).

The ATF is creating two teams to deal with the massive number of public comments. Enforcement Programs and Services (EPS) Division Director Alphonso Hughes and Deputy Assistant Director Andy Graham will run these two teams. Each man will run a team to sort through the submitted comments. Richardson did not give a timeline for the teams to review all the submitted comments.

Richardson also talked about the ATF’s plan to double in size over the next five years under President Biden’s administration. The ATF plans to expand to around 2500 special agents, up from 1700 gun-carrying agents. This amount would put the number of agents at a higher level than the IRS, with 2000 special agents.

An expansion of the ATF concerns those in the gun world.

Gun rights advocates see the ATF as an out-of-control agency. Richardson didn’t expand on how the agency plans to pay for all the proposed new ATF employees, but it is known that Biden wants to see the ATF’s power greatly expanded.

No specific plans for the agency expansion were given to the agency’s employees in attendance. Besides the five-year time frame, Richardson didn’t give a rate of growth that the agency is expecting.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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The ATF is an illegitimate agency in direct violation of the 2nd amendment. Its sole purpose is to infringe on citizens’ right to keep and bear arms, and as such it must be abolished.


The oath they take when they start their jobs, and the job description at BATFE concerning arms, are mutually incompatible. One cannot “support and defend the Constitution…” while violating any part of the Constitution. Since violating the Constitution is a defining characteristic of an enemy of the Constitution, the only logical and honorable thing a BATFE agent can do is resign.


Two teams to deal with all the comments? This is just a ploy to hire more incompetent morons to harass and intimidate the public. Once hired, they will never be fired, even if they murder innocent women and children, a la Waco. If the truth be told, the BATF will do like they always do, along with all the other Federal agencies, when dealing with public comments and just ignore them altogether and proceed with whatever unconstitutional activity they are proposing.

Roland T. Gunner

Marvin Richardson is a slimeball. And one ugly SOB.


When dey say “JUMP”……. he ax, “How high.”

Roland T. Gunner


Country Boy

And loks like he would be more at home singing songs in the bar in Animal House

Roland T. Gunner

You demean a classic.


If the ATF would focus on parolees and felons in the 5% of counties that account for 80% of the violent crime, they could actually impact the rise in violent crime, because that is where it is all happening. Instead, they focus on a range of weapons that account for fewer murders than bare fists. Their obsession with black rifles and silencers and triggers that make the rifle go boom faster results in lots of arrests and convictions and imprisonments, but no impact on the violent crime rate. My experience with ATF is, frankly, that they have an inferiority complex,… Read more »


exactly. data shows that a majority of crime is committed by a very small amount of individuals in a small number of cities.
by eliminating millions of federal government employees we also would not have a budget deficit that we do now. government exists only to accumulate and wield power over the citizens.


If you can tell me what the deficit is IN, I’ll send you 100 pounds free of charge and even pay shipping.


Everything they do is a violation of their own oath of office.


we the people may have to dissolve the atf , government wont do it we will have to!

Wild Bill

Dissolution of the BATFE would only take a memo because BATFE was created by a memo.


“We the People” have to unify against “We the Ignorant New Immigrants” who are being used as Canon Fodder pawns by the Deep State. You’ll notice the Rebloodlicans continues to allow the invasion & stupefyingly do nothing cycle after cycle.

“Massa Conf-USA” = Ordo ab Chao


Senator Tom Coburn did the leg work of many duplicate agencies that were draining our tax dollars and also stated that he would do 2 years in the U.S. Senate to try to dissolve this waste. Seems during that timeframe the U.S. citizens were more interested in sports, doing drugs or getting drunk to give a shit about supporting the good Senator from Oklahoma. “Oh well?” “It is what it is.” Eh, America?

Last edited 1 year ago by USMC0351Grunt

Not to worry. Biden wont make it another 3 years. And Trump will be back to wack every act by the Communist Biden regime. And I suspect Trump got bit by his demand for extrajudicial gun grabs and wont do it again.

And if the Communists succeed in taking America down, I will eat my words, and keep my rifle close.

Wild Bill

It will be difficult. There will be a lot of cheating to overcome.

Wild Bill

@ Will,
Here in Texas we passed stricter voting laws. In CA all voting must be mail in (guaranteeing democrat fraud).
I am sure that a lot is going on behind the scenes by both parties.
Maybe we should ban political parties, altogether. All candidates just post their bio on line.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wild Bill

True except Cuck Abbott helped Vichy R Speaker Phelan cut fraud from felony to misdemeanor – the opposite of stricter.

As usual, Abbott only acts conservative when facing election under heavy pressure by outraged Rs. So now he added restoring felony to the special agenda, but Quisling Phelan says he won’t “relitigate” it. $100 says Abbott won’t put any real pressure on him, as usual.

Roland T. Gunner

I dont know how anybody coild gives you a thumbs down. Its God’s own truth.

Roland T. Gunner

Especially in light of how putting an “R” next to your name doesn’t mean shit anymore.


Trump was certainly the least bad of the viable candidates we were offered. But, what we need is someone better and on beyond Trump! And a much better team to back him (or her!) up. I don’t know who that is, it’s hard to tell, with all of the deceit. Rand Paul maybe?


Or maybe Candace Owens, maybe?


I love listening to her speak too. However, she talks so fast that it is hard for an old guy to keep up. Might I say that my hearing aids help, but STILL…..too may rds. downrange, I guess and no real smarts til I hit 50 years of age. And that was long ago, my friend.


I like Owens, but not for Pres. 1st she should show she can run a lower-level campaign & hold office with a solid voting record against mass legal migration & 1-way “free trade”. And openly disagree with her pal Charlie Kirk’s agenda:

*We ‘need’ 50m migrants in the next 10yrs!

*Barely an inconvenience, actually a big benefit!

*Unpaved open spaces & elbow room are ‘problems’ to be ‘fixed’ with mass migration of fast-breeders!

Don’t like it? You’re an uneducated racist-nativist! The usual ‘libertarian’ bizwhore spiel.

If she agrees with any of that she’s unfit for office.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

Would you settle for vice prez? What would your pick be for her upper running mate, at this time?


No. VP could be Pres in a heartbeat. I might go for Lauren Boebert though, since she owns a successful business and has run a successful campaign.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

You didn’t reply to my response. I still am seeking a reply to you from my question: Who do you support, at this time, for the numero uno?.


That misreps your Q. It assumed she’d be VP which could mean P, when you knew I don’t back her for P.

P candidates: Mark Robinson, Boebert (already noted), DeSantis (especially if he backs off red flag & stops saying the vax is safe & effective), Noem (especially if she makes up for vetoing a good tranny sports ban bill), others.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

Your malarkey is all doublespeak. How would you accept anybody for VP, when you don’t have a clue who you want for Prez., without all your qualifiers. I expect you would vote for Biden, should he still be alive, obviously not likely. Methinks you are a quasi-thinker. get a grip, loser.

Henry Bowman

‘Qualifiers’ are also ‘suitability criteria’. Some people are not suited to being a cop. Or a politician. And supporting things like mass immigration (of any kind), any infringement on 2A (1A, or any Right for that matter); allowing the Federal Reserve, IRS, BATF etc to continue to exist; etc, are disqualifiers to public office. Violating one’s Oath should be an instant vacating of one’s office too. And FYI, Russn8r would never vote for Pedo Joe if you followed what he says more closely.


I guess you feel a need to support Russy? All I did was ask him whom he might favor for President. He couldn’t or wouldn’t and came back with Boebert because one, she has run a campaign and two, because she has run a business. He never said which job he was supporting her for and frankly the Joe Biden was just sarcasm for how he comes across to most of the folk on the forum.


Can’t stop lying and dissembling, can you Oldman?


Weak cowardly low-IQ deflection as usual from Oldman.


Exactly! We could have had the guy who shot the tax code with a AR (Rand Paul) but instead we got the orange infringer.


True but Rand urged everyone to roll for a coup on 1/6 & voted for it himself. That disqualifies him IMO.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

LOL! So you think that voting fraud won’t continue now that they figured out that nothing will be done to stop it?


It’s complete self-serving bullshit to say nothing’s being done.

Henry Bowman

First, stop the commiecrats from stealing elections and primary out all the RINOs… THEN you can win.


“And I suspect Trump got bit by his demand for extrajudicial gun grabs and wont do it again.”

He has not recanted any of his many anti 2nd Amendment positions/actions.

His positions are hurting candidates who he has endorsed, like Harriet Hageman. She received Trump’s endorsement and is now in the difficult position of either saying she disagrees with all of Trump’s anti 2nd Amendment positions/actions or agreeing with them.

Her decision? She’s not answering questions. Her entire campaign is “Liz stabbed Trump in the back, vote for me.” Sorry, not good enough.

Henry Bowman

If the ATF is planning to double its’ size, that can only happen if they already know they’ll get the budget. And the only way they’ll be guaranteed that budget bump is if the pretext for that is created for Congress, so Dems & RINOs can vote for it without hesitation.

Last time that a ‘pretext’ like that was engineered, over 85 Americans were murdered in Texas. And every time since then that we had calls for more gun control and a more robust BATF, a mass shooting happened right on cue. BOHICA.


And that is b/c Deep State continues it’s False Flag/Crisis Actors/Hyper reality/MOULAGE assaults on the ignorant which are integrated & portrayed as real events used as a gaslighting propaganda. This is exactly like the Nazi Regime used only in this epoch/chronicle of twistory it is more sophisticated with CGI/digital manipulation/Green screen morphing, Crisis Acting etc. developed by ZioWood. After the Smith/Mundt Moderization Act of 2012 which mysteriously passed under the radar it legalized propaganda on American people. American minds were/are particularly “ripe” to be MK Ultra’d due to propaganda & always being a relatively Free Nation comparatively not being legal… Read more »

Roland T. Gunner

I have believed most of the mass dhpoting to be MK Ultra for years. You could not plan the timing any better.

Happy Everafter

I can’t believe they waited so long!! There is such a shortage of secret police federal enforcement authority I completely understand thIs…


More evidence of the over reaching bloated tyrannical government the founding fathers warned us about becomes self evident.


Plus 1/2 of the sheeple don’t seem to care as long as they get a handout.

Henry Bowman

And the ATF will shrink in size even faster when modern minutemen do to them what the original minutemen did to the Joint Gun Confiscation Task Force led by General Gage in 1775!


100% true.


Rogue Federal Agents thrive in a world of rogue federal agencies. DEA, IRS, ATF are all rogue and exist in a universe outside of law and common decency. We will not get our Republic back until these alphabet assaults on liberty are buried under the ash heap of history. And please don’t tell me about your nice golfing buddy who happens to work for one of these agencies. History tells us that regimes like Hitler’s National Socialist regime were populated by people with very good table manners and cocktail party small talk. Evil is banal in nature. Evil people are… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

“The RIGHT of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. As far as I am concerned that answers all the questions as far as legal goes. The RIGHT the mandate to keep and bear arms comes from the LORD as written in SCRIPTURE.We might as well face it, these communist/socialist/progressive/demoncrapic, non constitution reading, non BIBLE believing tyrants are going to try to disarm the nation and when they do we will be forced into action. They have to disarm us because communism and the new world order cannot gain and hold control of the public while… Read more »


I could have swore we had a Death Penalty for all these violent felons that are returning to prison for their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th… on up to 15th – 25th and more reunions?

Body Bag, Envelope Zipper, Heavy Duty, 6 Cut Handles – BE178 | Mopec

Last edited 1 year ago by USMC0351Grunt

Double in size within 5 years? How about working at doubling in competency within 5 years. ATF’s history is replete with one grandiose debacle after another – from Ruby Ridge to Waco to “Fast and Furious”. Their conduct is a volatile mix of ineptitude and arrogance, and this does not bode well for legal gun ownership. Unfortunately, at the same time, prosecuting illegal possession seems but an afterthought. This is unfortunate given the latest FBI stats on gun crimes – but the ATF needs to start targeting the gun problems that are strongly linked to demographics. For example, about 90%… Read more »


The USA will look back at year 2021 and wonder; Why didn’t we stop this MADMAN when these events were happening ? Sound familiar ?

These actions using the Federal Govt. as a weaponized military branch on its own confirms 2 obvious things. They fear the American Conservative people and they have loathing and hate for all citizens.


There is a way to support a larger ATF: repeal the Hughes Amendment and put the increase of employees to work processing forms 1 through 4. The tax stamp revenue should more than cover their cost of employment. (Yes, I know and agree that the NFA should be repealed or found unconstitutional but that is a dream too big for sarcasm.)

I Haz A Question

If you agree that the NFA is unconstitutional, then how can you say you have an option for supporting the ATF? Perhaps “shall not be infringed” doesn’t mean what you think it means (channeling my inner Inigo Montoya)?


So the ATF claims that pistol braces are just a way to skirt the law on SBRs. Maybe. Our claim should be that technology has made the entire concept of the SBR anachronistic. Why were SBRs outlawed? Because they retained much of the power and accuracy of a rifle but were nearly as concealable as a pistol. 70 years later the .500 S&W magnum has as much as 3,000 ft. lbs. muzzle energy, twice what you can get from an AR in 5.56 NATO. Modern optics have made handguns more accurate in most hands than a shortened 1934 rifle with… Read more »

Wild Bill

@PS No, no, no. If what you wrote were true, then the Act of 1871 could not be repealed … but that act was repealed. Here is the truth about the Act of 1871: The Act of 1871 — A Correct Analysis by Team Law By Anna Von Reitz With all the hub-bub about The Act of 1871 circulating in the patriot community, I felt it was time to re-publish (for about the tenth time) the actual breakdown of what happened to The Act of 1871 after its initial repeal in 1874 —– and to publish again the correct analysis… Read more »


Ignorant, not stupid. And it is by coercion, not consent. Fraud is fraud no matter how it is done. If someone cons you, you were a victim of a crime. The feds have been coning us FOREVER.


Stupefying ignorance on so many levels of perception of consciousness, education, cognitive dissonance, Dunbar’s number etc.

When a corporate fascist government fears the people there is liberty to follow. I’d say we are there & in process.

Since the Aus. PM resigned yesterday more should be forthcoming. Of course Rothschild owns Reuters & AP & other MSM (directly or indirectly via his coterie of cohorts) & will spin it however he can get-a-way with.

Some Real Warriors Outside Dr. Hillary Jones House

Public Hangings/Executions would be a good thing & the sooner the better imo.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tank