Alabama Sheriffs Association Director Wants to Rewrite the Second Amendment

Alabama Needs To Dump Doug
Alabama Sheriffs Association Director Wants to Rewrite the Second Amendment

U.S.A.-( The Yellowhammer State is not known for being a hotbed of anti-gun, radical leftist ideologies, but gun owners should be shocked by the recent statements of the Alabama Sheriffs Association’s Director, Robert Timmons.

Timmons has recently doubled-down in his opposition to Constitutional Carry, and in doing so, he has revealed his revisionist views of the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms.
For example, he supports a would-be amendment to the U.S. Constitution to limit firearm possession to within one’s home.

If such an amendment was adopted, gun ownership in the United States would be fundamentally transformed and seriously undermined.

Such a belief is a distant departure from the principles held by our Founding Fathers. Consider that Thomas Jefferson once wrote that a firearm should be one’s “constant companion.”

The Founding Fathers like Jefferson wanted American citizens to be able to protect themselves from not only a common criminal, but also a tyrannical government. Perhaps that’s why the drafters of the Bill of Rights included the term “bear” in the Second Amendment — arms not only for storage at home but carried out in public as well.

What Timmons fails to realize is the Second Amendment does not “give” the right to keep and bear arms, but it simply recognizes a God-given, pre-existing right. When a permit is required, however, one no longer has a right. They have a government-regulated privilege.

Timmons’ position clearly demonstrates why his Association is so opposed to Constitutional Carry. Not only is this Association out-of-touch with the Constitution, but it’s also out-of-touch with other states and even other Sheriffs Associations.

More and more states are embracing Constitutional Carry. Just last year, five states removed barriers to concealed carry, bringing the total number of states in the Constitutional Carry “Club” to twenty-one. Alabama’s Northern and Western neighbors, Tennessee and Mississippi, have already embraced permitless carry, while Florida and Georgia may soon join the Club as well. However, if the Alabama Sheriffs Association continues to get its way, Alabama may be the lone state in the southeast that requires permits, falling behind its neighbors.

States that have moved to Constitutional Carry have not experienced the concerns expressed by Timmons, such as his worry for “public safety.” Consider that Vermont and Maine allow Constitutional Carry, but those states are constantly rated as some of the safest states in the country.

Thankfully, not every Sheriffs Association or law enforcement agency shares Timmons’ misguided thinking. In North Carolina, the Sheriffs Association maintained a longstanding position of support for pistol purchase permits. Nonetheless, recently the Association reversed its position, and now advocates repealing the permitting scheme. Additionally, when Maine was considering Constitutional Carry, the state police actually testified in support. These examples show that even Sheriffs Associations and law enforcement agencies recognize the benefits of repealing permitting systems.

The Yellowhammer State is generally a good place for gun owners, but it’s lagging behind the freedom welcomed by neighboring states. It’s time for Alabama to embrace the freedoms expressed by the Founding Fathers in the U.S. Constitution and become the twenty-second Constitutional Carry state.

Jordan Stein is the GOA Southeast Regional Director.

Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America has previously supported the right of members and staff to carry firearms on Capitol Hill for self-defense, as GOA supports the rights of all law-abiding citizens to carry firearms in their workplace. Gun Owners of America is a grassroots organization representing more than two million gun owners nationwide and is dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise.

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At least the criminals and gang members would no longer to illegal carry weapons outside. Oh wait…


Sounds to me this commie with a badge needs to be voted out of office as he doesen’t believe in the 2A part of the Constitution that he pledged to protect when sworn into office


Is Timmons even a Sheriff or ever has been a sheriff or is he just a talking suit,in a bogus organization, like Wayne LaPew is to the NRA ?


As indicated below, it doesn’t appear that Timmons is a sheriff. Go to the link – it lists all Alabama sheriffs and his name is not on the list.

Timmons is the Executive Director of the association. If the majority of Alabama sheriffs are in support of the legislation, they should put out a joint statement explaining their view (and remove Timmons from his position).

Sam Cochran is an Alabama sheriff and he has been vocal in his opposition to the legislation.


Does Timmons represent the consensus of ALL the Sheriffs in Alabama or just himself and a couple others ?
I take it also that the ASA is NOT a law enforcement agency but a social fraternity.
How did Timmons gain his position? Voted in by members ? Appointed?, Founder of a bogus organization? Exactly how many Sheriffs belong to this seditious order?


The link to the association was provided below, here it is again:

Timmons is not alone – Sam Cochran is a Republican and an Alabama Sheriff. He is also an outspoken critic of the permitless carry legislation.

People in the organization and other sheriffs are not returning phone calls.

Maybe you can reach Timmons:

Robert D. ‘Bobby’ Timmons
Phone: (334) 264-7827

I haven’t been able to find any statements from any Alabama sheriffs indicating their disagreement with Timmons.

Arizona Don

Robert Timmons is obviously an idiot. Who would ever think an amendment like that would ever get passed into the constitution as an amendment?   Constitutional (concealed) carry assists law enforcement. So just why would anyone working in law enforcement want the second amendment amended? Obviously this idiot is in the wrong profession if that is the way he feels about guns.  The God given and government protected right to self protection is the adhesive that holds this nation together and protects all of the American citizens liberties. It is also what makes America stand out among other nations. It is called individual freedoms! Where do most… Read more »


Robert D. ‘Bobby’ Timmons
Phone: (334) 264-7827


“For example, he supports a would-be amendment to the U.S. Constitution to limit firearm possession to within one’s home.”

Hmmmmm . . . A QUESTION!
Would that apply to off duty police as well . . . or . . retired police???

How about security details for politicians and anti-gun billionaires?


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there first should be a law that all off duty police are un armed I like that and they need to wear a kick me sign to learn humility


Good for me, but not for thee dipwad thinking.


Compound word: Lib-tard

Wild Bill

Most humorous!


lib-retard..there is no way their brain is anything but abby


does timmons carry outside of his home? probably. and that makes him at least a hypocrite and basically a tyrant. sad that someone who is director of a law enforcement agency thinks that it is alright to trample on law-abiding citizens right to defend themselves outside their home. bureaucrats are vermin. notice how the word ends in “rats”.


What does it take in America to end this trend of tyrants trying to take people’s rights away? It keeps happening, with rights easy to take away and very hard to get back.

Knute Knute

The same thing that it’s taken in every other empire throughout human history. Brute force. The evil humans that prey upon we civilized ones never stop taking. The real problem is humanity’s sheep-like nature. Throughout history, humans start off by letting the evil ones take whatever they want. It’s easier to give the roadway bandit what he demands, rather than fight him off. So evil starts right out by being obeyed, coddled, and encouraged in their evildoing by the very sheep that they prey upon. Now we call it “enabling”. Encouraging bad behavior due to lack of understanding. Only when… Read more »

Knute Knute

What’s this? An Upvote? How the hell did that happen?
Where’s my army of sock puppet trolls that follow me everywhere? Must be their day off. I guess even trolls need rest. Must be a pretty strenuous life they live, there in their Mom’s basement. 🙂

Wild Bill

That was me. I just did not have anything to add.

Knute Knute

I’m still left wondering what happened to the trail of trolls that follow me around. I guess I lost them for a bit. Must be moving around too fast for them. Or maybe they took a wrong turn somehow. They aren’t exactly the brightest bulb in the store. More like a night light. 🙂


The Bible speaks of the time when we are in our last days. In the last days there would be pestilent’s, wars and rumors of wars. I guess this is the reason we are not at war now. The Lord works in misturious ways. I think we are in the last days and we need to hold close to God and trust in him to take care of our problems in today’s time. TRUST THE LORD OUR GOD TO PREVAIL.


it is true and when they get off their asses the cost is high to return to the previous state of things, look at the cost of ww2 in lives lost and the lazy unfinished job that led to today’s problems if mao and stalin were dealt with we would not have a problem today


Hanging might work.

Country Boy

Read the Declaration of Independence.And about the American Revolutionary War. That’s how it was done the 1st time in America. . and that’s what it will take again at some point it appears.

Wild Bill

“Revolutionary Summer” melds the political and tactical parts of the Revolution in a very interesting way, and has terrific footnotes to the letters of the leaders of the American Revolution.
For an explanation of the combat that occurred, “Campaigns of the American Revolution” and “Here was the Revolution”.
For kids 8 to 12, “Guts and Glory of the American Revolution”.

Last edited 3 months ago by Wild Bill
Arizona Don

Your absolutely right Bill. You see Barack Obama in 2009, five days before he was sworn in as president promised a fundamental transformation. He did not get it done because after he was in office he realized he would somehow have to confiscate the guns or that transformation could not be put into place. He also realized at that time he would have to use force to install it. He never explained the fundamental transformation but we have come to realize what he wanted to transform America into was a socialist marxist or communist state with a touch of Islam.   His plan was put… Read more »

Watch um

My sheriff in Walker County Alabama supports constitional carry.


What a great opportunity for him to actually show that he is for permitless carry. He could put out a statement indicating his disagreement with Timmons.

Nick Smith

Arizona Don

They all should!


Looks like Alabama needs to be getting rid of a sheriff or send him back to school to learn reading and comprehension


To start with, I’m proud to say that I’m a member of GOA. However, I don’t quite agree with Mr. Stein. After a careful reading of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I believe that it’s the Constitution that recognizes that Americans have the natural right to “bear arms”, and that the Second Amendment simply says that the Government cannot take that right away. I, as a human, have the right to live in peace and to protect myself if necessary. What we keep calling “2nd Amendment Rights”, we should be calling “Natural Human Rights”, as recognized by the… Read more »

Wild Bill

Calling them Second Amendment rights is merely short hand for a specific segment of natural rights. Saying natural rights without specifying could be confusing because there many other groupings of natural rights.


Also, the unfortunate reality behind rights is that, if a person can’t defend them, he doesn’t have them. It doesn’t matter where they are written or how right and just they may be. The shark doesn’t examine the little fish’s rights, legal, moral, or otherwise, before he eats him.

Wild Bill

Yes, when we stick up for our constitutional Rights, we stick up for everyones’ !


Correct. We the People created government with the Constitution, and while we granted certain powers and authority to the government via our consent, And ONLY CERTAIN ENUMERATED POWERS, we specifically prohibited the government from infringing on natural rights delineated in the bill of rights. The gov doesn’t grant rights. Identified were natural rights that we told the government it had no authority over. Unfortunately, We the People have not consistently defended those rights from government infringement and encroachment, for every gun law is an unconstitutional limitation and restriction that the gov has no authority to make. These must be rectified.


Mr Timmons is only Bloviating Political Hyperbole. The chances of changing the wording of or adding an Amendment to the Bill of Rights is so long and difficult. The chances of doing it in Our deeply Politically divided Society are less then Nil. The Equal Rights Amendment failed to be added even though it passed the HOR and Senate Overwhelmingly and was signed by President Nixon in 1972.. It failed to get the 38 state ratification necessary to be an amendment in 1979 and didn’t get the 38th state ratification until Virginia in 2020. Long past the deadline to become… Read more »


I worry about the starry-eyed fools I have been reading about for the last three to five years who are pushing a “Convention of States” or similar. I keep reading that they want to “reign in” corrupt politicians and judges by “tweaking” The Constitution. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of idiots on board with this idea. What they propose is akin to more gun laws. You know, “people violate existing laws against assault, robbery, and murder, so we will pass more laws against having guns which they surely will not violate”, except that they do. These COS idiots likewise say… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Grigori
Wild Bill

I agree, and even calling an Article V convention a “Convention of States” is misleading.


Every village has an “idiot” and I can attest as a 30 year retired police officer from Arizona living here in Alabama we have our fair share in law enforcement here. They may not say it but the main reason the sheriffs here oppose constitutional carry is “money”. Each county sheriff issues gun permits and sets the price for their domain. This money goes directly to them for whatever they want to use it for.

Wild Bill

Oh boy, you and JSNMGC are going to get along swell. Oh, and welcome to the site!

Last edited 3 months ago by Wild Bill

We might.

I support all good LEOs (and only good LEOs). A hallmark of being a good LEO is to speak out against bad LEOs.

pro2nd spoke out against bad LEOs.


“A second officer is accused of not intervening. The department denies the officers used excessive force.” That’s a common theme. However, when an enforcer does bad things many dozens of times, sometimes he will be investigated, as Zachary Wester found out: Wester’s wife Rebecca and others begged Judge Goodman for leniency, saying he is a good, churchgoing man . . . “The Zach that is in the court before you today is a mighty man of God.” To hear deputy Wester use his “aw schucks” routine to destroy a person’s life, put this in your search engine: Cop Gets… Read more »


The downvotes are funny – go ahead folks, it won’t ruin your computer so you have to save for a year or two to get a buy one. If you don’t watch what the bad enforcers do, you will remain ignorant.

Watch deputy Wester in action. His corruption caused great harm to dozens of people. He was trying to make his arrest record look good so he could be promoted and run the drug unit and be a hero, just like his daddy.

He should be spending 40 years in jail.


Yes, but don’t forget rule #32:


“a year or two to get a buy one”

oops – should be “a year or two to buy a new one”


Deputy Wester may just be a dumb, corrupt enforcer looking to get a little higher pension some day.

I wonder how many of his peers knew what he did after the first couple dozen times he planted evidence. Many of them stick together – just like Eric Adams and Stephen L. D’Andrilli.


He also makes “observations” about uncivil discourse, but for some reason he never made “observations” about these comments: “You really are a fascist little troll aren’t you? You are a self-righteous prick! You have no mercy in your heart, your mind, or your soul: you are perfect all the time, and everyone else is absolute scum! That is how you think even though you will reject the statement I’ve just made as being false! However, reading your comment to Don proves that I am in fact right! Quite frankly you self-righteous little prick you are scum! Have a nice day!”… Read more »


Not quite what I said. What meant was that operating with governmental efficiency, they don’t ‘make’ as much a one would think. They do however pad their budgets, “invest” in more toys, employ their friends, and aggrandize themselves. Just as in the corporate world, extracting money into your private account is far harder (and simultaneously less lucrative due to taxes) than it is to spend department money on things you want – drive department vehicle off duty, meals, parties, militarized toys, and if you run a big department – even chauffeur and/or body guards. @pro2A said these sheriff should get… Read more »


Democrat sheriffs are nothing more than Democrats who are Sheriffs,
it doesn’t automatically turn them into pro-gun advocates.
Be very careful who you vote for, give them a background check before you vote.

Last edited 3 months ago by Cruiser

I don’t know if Timmons is a Democrat, but it’s likely that many of the sheriffs he represents are Republicans.

Almost all of the law enforcement personnel in WY are Republican and they joined Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety to defeat SAPA legislation.

Being a LEO and/or being a Republican, is no indication that someone is pro 2nd Amendment.


Sam Cochran is a Republican and an Alabama Sheriff.

He is an outspoken critic of the permitless carry legislation:


In a way he is correct – When STATES Have their Own version of the 2A – it Controls THE RIGHTS OF CITIZENS ! Which tells me – our country is COMMUNIST – sort of.. Back in the DAY – When There were NO POLICE – EVERYONE Had A weapon . Civilized Communities RARELY Carried guns ! Hence the word “Civilized” BUT OUR TOTAL SECURITY At Home Is OUR RSPONSIBILITY. IMO -This Is SUPPOSED TO BE A FREE COUNTRY! =and We All Know About OUR “CONSTITUTION” ! If only EVERYONE WERE CIVILIZED / REPECTFUL/ RESPONSIBLE/ COURTEOUS to Others = We… Read more »

Henry Bowman

Ronnie, the Right to self-defense goes far beyond someone’s home. The Right predates our country because the Right was inalienable under British common law, granted to us by our Creator.
Furthermore, there are threats from both outside and inside our communities, and those threats can be best negated by the armed citizen, either alone or if the threat is larger, the combined force of arms of a few or many other citizens.
“An armed society is a polite society.” – Robert Heinlein

Wild Bill

I like most of what you are saying, but Bowman is right.


Follow the money. How much do Sheriffs collect in CCW fees. Is a lot of states with very rural counties this accounts for a decent amount of revenues. Follow the money. There are likely other financial issues too…


Money also accounts for gun stores and ranges which offer CWP Training speaking out against Permitless Carry. I have noted for decades, whenever a good (but controversial) pro-2A bill is in the Legislature with a chance of passage, the local TV stations go out looking for a stooge on “our side” to naysay the bill. This is frequently a local gun store or range owner and in more recent years, likely one that makes money running citizens through its CWP courses. They will gladly tell the camera and reporter why Permitless Carry is “a bad idea” and why this bill… Read more »


lack of education on the part of sherif and store owners


Remember this guy was elected by the people then elected again by other sheriffs to be the head of the organization.


Time for this Nazi to be crushed….


OK, is it any surprise to you that in a minority majority state the government fears people of color and poor people and the right to keep and bear arms in the same thought bubble? Anyone who thinks Jim Crow is a brand of second rate bourbon needs to get an update. The fear of armed black men 9and women) is a real thing in former slave states. Political elites need to keep the jack boot of oppression on the poor. Keeping them disarmed and dependent on the government for self defense is one such means. Call it out for… Read more »


People – remember >WHY did we have a CIVIL WAR? (slaves) = DEMOS! Who started slavery ?DEMOS! -who started KKK? DEMOS – Who started ‘Jim Crow”? DEMOS – Who started “segregation”? DEMOS – All The evil In Our Country Came from Where?= Nazi’s – Where did they go ? USA! (They all Changed their Names ! And INFILTRATED Our GOVERNMENT ! Go research it ! ( demos = german nazi’s)

Henry Bowman

Actually Dems didn’t start slavery! It was started by the British while we were still colonies. We were the unfortunate beneficiaries of this abomination and the Demonrats were the ones who wanted to keep slavery so much that they started the Civil War. Over 150 years later, they want to do it again.

Deplorable Bill

Strange that the sheriff had to take his oath to protect and defend the people, the nation and the constitution and now he wants to rob the people of their GOD given, constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms and disobey the constitution. That is called treason and it’s a capitol offence. He and anyone else of like mind should be forced out of office, arrested, jailed and tried for treason etc. The second amendment is a RIGHT, an unalienable, GOD given RIGHT and nothing less. It is NOT subject to tyranny, treason. History shows us many examples of what happens when… Read more »


I pulled guard duty on the Wall. And was there when it came down. I bet Putin & the Russian people wish it was back. Just to keep the trash out.


Many people Of Authority Believe they ARE SUPERIOR – And we Are Meer Sheep! Commoners! They Are people who Must have CONTROL Over others ! They Are the mental Ones ! Not us… We All Want PEACE! they Thrive on CHAOS! DRAMA! – This Guy Has to Be removed ( his actions are that of Hitler)!!! we do not Need People like him IN CONTROL OF ANYTHING!


The sheriff can GFH. We the People don’t need permission to own and carry bearable firearms of our choice, wherever we want to. The Constitution simply identifies a known and pre-existing right, and specifically prohibits the government and everyone else from infringing, limiting, restricting or interfering with the right, thus making all gun laws UNCONSTITUTIONAL and as SCOTUS said, a law repugnant to the Constitution is no law at all, conveys no authority and creates no obligation to obey.


Well said and very true!

Last edited 3 months ago by ras52



10 4


His time would be better served watching Boss Hogg drool on Dukes of Hazards re-runs wondering how Daisy Dukes fit into those shorts.

Last edited 3 months ago by Tank

I always remember thinking that she must of had her body liquidfied and then poured into the shorts. That’s the only way.


These young punks:

What this country needs is more old, white, fat, bald sheriffs in “red” states. They are on “our” side – you see, they’re elected so they respect the 2nd Amendment.

Wild Bill

You have an amazing array of prejudices. Old (whatever that means). Caucasian. Fat. Law Enforcement.
I don”t know how you can tell if someone respects the Second Amendment by their outward features.
In time, with God’s grace, you will be old, fat, and probably are caucasian.



crazy joe



crazy joe, I suggested Wild Bill “relax” because I was mocking a notion that gets repeated here often (that young people are the problem and sheriffs in “red” states are on our side). Wild Bill is sensistive, hypocritical, and has a poor sense of humor. There has been a concerted effort for a long time to infringe on rights protected by the 2nd Amendment. People of all ages continue to work to strip people of their rights. In short, it was a joke – the guy wanting to modify the 2nd Amendment represents sheriffs of a “red” state. He is… Read more »

Wild Bill

He makes things up about people, with the expected results.


Wild Bill, you call the FBI the “fat boy institute” – is that joke showing your prejudice against fat people and law enforcement? You admitted you have done nothing to work to protect firearm rights (other than send some donations). A certain percentage of rural sheriffs in “red” states are not pro 2nd Amendment. They have had many opportunities to speak out against their peers who work to infringe on the rights of Americans and they do nothing. Alabama is not alone. Every sheriff in Wyoming coordinated to join Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety to defeat SAPA legislation.… Read more »

Wild Bill

It is about their budget, and a fine jest.


I suspect it is about money, power, and ideology.

Many in law enforcement get away with it because too many people support them unconditionally.

Even though Timmons is the official representative of Alabama Sheriffs, there is nothing preventing the individual sheriffs (and deputies) from organizing and speaking out against Timmons.

For those who want to know more:
Robert D. ‘Bobby’ Timmons
Phone: (334) 264-7827


I just called and left a voice mail for Timmons to be removed from his position and to put in our right to bear and carry as the Constitution says.


It is about power. Progressive Governments fear the poor. This is one such case.


Yeah he looks to be from the good old boy club. Alabama used to run rampant with them back in the day. Apparently still does. Most of the people I know from there. Surely didn’t vote for this clown.


He’s the Director of the association. It doesn’t appear that he is a sheriff:

He represents all Alabama Sheriffs. If the majority of the sheriffs were pro 2nd Amendment, there would be outrage at Timmons’ and they would have made a public statement.

People like to believe their rural “red” state sheriff is pro 2nd Amendment. There have been many opportunities for them to show they are pro 2nd Amendment and most do nothing.

Wild Bill

Junior did not up vote you, so I fixed that.


“Junior?” You are making things up about people again and showing your prejudice and hypocrisy.

Wild Bill

Nope. The spell check did its evil work, and I did not notice. My apologies.


“Alabama Sheriffs Association Director Wants to Rewrite the Second Amendment”

Never been there, but I’ve heard that people in Hell want ice water.

I think the good sheriff is going to be dissapointed too.

Last edited 3 months ago by DDS