Sever Americans From the Past & You Surrender Their Wits, Their Arms, Their Soul


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“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ~ George Orwell

A goodly portion of America’s citizenry ably sees through the actions of Neo-Marxist Internationalism and Neoliberal Globalism a design to disembowel the United States. Most Americans see a diabolical design to loosen their ancestral ties and bonds to the Nation and to each other, even if others are oblivious to this.

  • Americans see the breakdown of the family unit.
  • They see the assault on Christianity.
  • They see the attempt to corrupt their Soul and to weaken their faith in the Divine Creator.

In 2016, Americans voted into Office a man that promised to set things aright.

Not that Donald Trump is worthy of emulation for his personality, but whatever his personal character flaws and motivations, he immediately instituted changes to the Clinton/Bush/Obama Neo-Marxist/Neoliberal Globalist agenda. And that panicked the Nation’s would-be destroyers. Their agenda came to a screeching halt.

They pulled out all the stops. They amassed the power of the Press and social media, academia, business and finance, and the Government itself, which they control, to waylay Trump and the tens of millions of Americans who supported the Country and who celebrate the American Revolution of 1776, each July 4th, that this successful Revolution gave them.

In one final act of desperation, in an attempt to secure the success of their own Neo-Marxist and Neoliberal Globalist Counterrevolution, these Neo-Marxist/Neoliberal Globalist forces took control over the electoral process and prevented Trump from serving a second term in Office.

Through their vast stores of money, influence, organizational ability, and sheer ruthlessness, these monsters succeeded in placing a physically and emotionally effete, corrupt, compliant, decadent, indolent, and senile toady in the highest Office of the Land.

Hands down, Joe Biden is the most inept and embarrassing “Chief Executive” the Nation has ever had cause to suffer.

Joe Biden serves as an untended but perfect symbol of the disdain and contempt the Neo-Marxist and Neoliberal Globalist puppet-masters hold for the Nation and for its people.

Biden is nothing but an errand and messenger boy, and in that he fails, as one painfully sees in his mumbling, bumbling, rambling remarks. But the puppet-masters can control him and that is what matters to them. That is all that matters to them.

The puppet-masters feel confident that, with their firm control over the Government, the Press and media, business, academia, and finance, the public is powerless to demand a proper accounting; is powerless to remove this pathetic figure that belongs more properly in a nursing home but that inhabits the Oval Office.

Both Biden and those other unprincipled lackeys, seeded throughout the Federal Government and through the depth and breadth of local and State Governments across the Land, are the tools upon which and through which the Neo-Marxist Internationalists and Neoliberal Globalists intend to destroy our free Constitutional Republic, merging its remains into a transnational world totalitarian empire.

These malevolent forces have coerced through bribes, threats, and intimidation, many other prominent and wealthy individuals holding important positions in business, finance, industry, technology, academia, entertainment, media, and the Press, compelling them to do their bidding if they are not otherwise sympathetic to the new world order agenda. But, unfortunately, all too many of them are.

But for all the duplicity and chicanery, the forces that crush may yet fail in their endeavors, and they realize this. Their concern is demonstrated through obviously desperate attempts to frighten, seduce, deceive and disarm the American public.

But why should it be so difficult for the puppet-masters to destroy our Republic?

That goal is a difficult one for them to achieve because our Nation is unlike no other nation on Earth. Our Nation is grounded on governing principles derived from natural law.

The framers of our Constitution recognized that the strength and resilience of the Country and its people rest, ultimately, not in the carefully structured framework of the Federal Government as set forth in the Constitution’s Articles, but rather in the American people themselves: in the firm, clear recognition of the sanctity and inviolability of the human soul, enfroced by the right to keep and bear arms.

“On June 21, 1788, the Constitution became the official framework of the government of the United States of America when New Hampshire became the ninth of 13 states to ratify.” See article in National Constitution

But, the foundation of a free Republic didn’t end at that point because the Constitution wasn’t complete.

The defining moment for the Country came with the ratification of the Bill of Rights, on December 15, 1791. See Article in Landmark Events.

The Nation’s Bill of Rights, consisting of a set of unconditional, illimitable, immutable, and eternal rights of man, are no mere collection of noble sentiments, set down into law by man.

The Bill of Rights isn’t manmade law at all. This Document is a codification of Divine Law and, as such, it is understood to be beyond the power of the Federal Government to modify, amend, dismiss, rescind, suspend, abrogate, or ignore.

Natural Law is fundamental, unalienable, and absolute.

The Nation’s Bill of Rights serves at once as a constant reminder to the servants of Government that the American people are and always remain the one, true, sole, supreme sovereign over Government. It is an emphatic notice of that fact. The Nation’s servants—those serving in Government—serve at the pleasure of and at the behest of the American people; not the other way around.

It is the American people who are and remain the masters over their own lives and over their Government and over the destiny of their Nation.

And the right of the people to keep and bear arms exists to ensure the American people will forever remain master and sovereign over this Government and their Dominion.

Let the American people never forget that, lest they lose their Country, their Spirit, and their very Soul.

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information free.

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The bill of rights did not grant rights. It recognized and codified pre-existing rights, to identify them for the government the Constitution created and prohibit said government from in any way restricting, limiting or infringing on said rights.


and that is why they do it, nananybobo i can still get you


“An unconstitutional law is void and is as no law.  An offense created by it is not crime.  A conviction under it is not merely erroneous but is illegal and void and cannot be used as a legal cause of imprisonment.” – Ex parte Siebold, 100 U.S. 371


The creation of “Administrative Law” whereby Federal Agencies write their own regulations that have the effect of law with penalties including fines and imprisonment, was created by Congress and is in direct violation of the Constitution which allows that Congress alone writes and creates laws. Their delegating that authority is just as unconstitutional as the Administrative law is and therefore illegal.

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but they still do it so people need to stand up and stop them, surround them disarm them and put them in cells when more come you need to have a back up reserve to overcome them too


Weak minded people will surrender to the Marxists and some will stand up and fight for thier rights and freedom . Many sheep will hide under thier beds till it’s over and accept whatever the outcome there is when the dust settles . Which Avenue you choose will decide if you are willing to die to remain free or bow to your master to save your worthless life .


The education our children are receiving in schools and the internet today is the beginning of the destruction of the second amendment. I posted what my niece who is going to become a teacher in the next two years after she graduates college thinks of various things in history and how uninformed she actually is. I looked up on google, why did we have the revolution yesterday. This is what it said. the founding of the colonies French and Indian War Taxes, laws and more taxes Protests in Boston Intolerable acts Boston Blockade growing unity among colonies first continental congress… Read more »

Wild Bill

Yeah, it is up to the parents and grandparents to tell the kids that what the teacher says is for tests, only. Soak it up, spit it out on the test, and move on with a good grade. But don’t believe it … and keep still about that.


Any American who defies the Marists is already on the domestic terrorist list . I am sure I have been labeled a domestic terrorist due to the fact I will never surrender my rights to Marxists ! Let’s go Brandon #FJB and the rest of the government shills also ! Would love to see them all converted to grizzley scat !


“You are so full of hate.”




That’s sarcasm folks.