Boulder CO. Takes Aim At Gun Owners with Mexico Style Gun Control

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Boulder CO. Takes Aim At Gun Owners with Mexico Style Gun Control

Boulder, CO – -( Boulder, CO is aiming to bring Mexico-style gun control to the city with a slew of gun control measures they plan to introduce to commemorate the one year anniversary of the Boulder King Soopers shooting coming up in March.

Not one of the laws proposed would have stopped that horrific tragedy, but they would ensure a lot more of them could happen by disarming even concealed carry permit holders.

What’s even more alarming is that Boulder is apparently working with surrounding communities to pass this package of gun control in solidarity all at once. Which communities? We’re not sure. Chatter has led us to believe Broomfield, Superior, Lyons, Longmont, and Louisville are under consideration.

We’ve submitted Colorado Open Record Act requests to Boulder along with other municipalities asking for any and all communications among anyone and everyone within their local government and outside governments regarding these plans. This will provide us with insight as to which cities are part of their “community plan” while they try to keep it hush – and we can get ahead of their game.

They are requesting an additional 7 days and hundreds of dollars to provide us with these records, alleging it will take dozens of hours to collect these communications.

Will you help us get these records? Donate a few or more dollars here:

This is what Gun Control is currently being drafted:

  • Banning of all open carry inside city limits, including handguns.
  • Banning of concealed carry in “sensitive locations” including government-controlled spaces, places worship, places where alcohol is sold, near or in polling locations or near ballot drop boxes, preschools and daycare centers, banks, theaters, stadiums, and more.
  • Raising the age to purchase a firearm to 21, possibly ban possession for those under 21.
  • 10 Day waiting period to purchase a firearm.
  • Ban on their definition of “Assault Weapons” and magazines over 10 rounds (reinstated) and ban bump stocks (which are already federally prohibited).
  • “Warning signs” about the dangers of firearms and suicide on gun stores and shooting ranges.
  • Ban the possession, carry, use, manufacture, and sale of non-serialized guns (Ghost Guns).

We’ll continue to keep you up to date as we obtain more details.

About Rally for our Rights

Rally for our Rights is a non-partisan gun rights advocacy organization that was founded in early 2018. It has quickly become Colorado’s most active Second Amendment group with a focus on frontline activism and community outreach.

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This is a prime example of the reason why states should not be allowed to pass laws contrary to the guidance of The Constitution Of The United States Of America.


The legislation proposed is uniform across the nation. The strategy is to push GC at the state level and has been quite successful (in terms of getting the measures passed). They cannot take a right you will not surrender, and you are not bound to obey laws which infringe upon them.


How about banning Fauci. Would have saved far more lives in CO than this nonsense. Or just let the people have the truth! Like “horse paste” works and they knew it EARLY ON! Grandma died for nothing and Fauci’s dirty little hands have blood all over them. Time for a trial in front of the world. Bring them all to justice. Notice the trucker protest comes 3 years after they established authority, you’ve accepted their “science”, the masks, the mandates, etc? If the people rose up early we could maybe have stopped everything. Instead they’re entrenched and think they have… Read more »


Maybe someone can enlighten me on this. When I grew up, the age of majority was 21. Under that age you could not vote, consume alcohol but you could purchase a firearm, at least in Arizona. Then they lowered the age to 18. After a year or two the drinking age want quickly back to 21. My question is…If you are supposedly smart enough to vote at 18, why aren’t you smart enough to drink or, now, purchase a firearm. Rhetorical question, I know. My thought is that if they change the firearms laws to age 21, voting should be… Read more »

Wild Bill

The twenty-sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution lowered the voting age to eighteen years old, but nothing further. There is almost too much politics, too many states, and an overabundance of legislative maneuvering to explain the rest, on this forum.


I totally agree. My pet peeve is that you can put a gun in my hand, send me off to war to die and I can’t have a beer unless I am on base and then it is a G2 beer?

Wild Bill

That was the working of state law. For example, in 1975, I could drink all the whisky that I wanted in my home state of Minnesota, but when I got to Ft. Leonard Wood, for Basic and AIT, I could not drink any alcoholic beverage because I was in Missouri. Oh, and don’t worry, the Army does not just put a gun in your hand. We train you first. Then we send you to win our nations wars, not die. And when you get in theatre, you will be able to drink all the beer you want as long as… Read more »


In commiefornia you could only drink on base not in the state unless you were 21. Funny how the Europeans treat alcohol. I was able to drink beer in Germany when I was 13 and it seems to me that if you are raised able to drink like it is no big deal because it was like Mexico, dont drink the water. They had coke in the bottle, and it was pure syrup. You mixed it with soda water. Man was that good. 30 min of tv, 3 min of cartoons and maybe a state commercial and then back to… Read more »


This is all bad stuff they are proposing in Colorado but not as bad as Mexican gun laws   The Mexican constitution allows for legal handgun per household. The firearm must be less than .380 and not a caliber used by police or the military. It must be registered. The firearm is not to be carried in the street. It is for self-defense within the confine of one’s own home. There is no concealed carry or open carry in Mexico.   To take a firearm to a range, gunsmith or for hunting requires a special permit. It is a one-time use permit. You need a new one… Read more »


Mexican constitution allows for ONE legal handgun per household.


That way. with joe and company. you’re aiding and abetting joe and mexican cartel which he has partnered with in numerous federal offenses and treason.


Colorado is California East.


Colorado is that and more. At least in the front range, denver, boulder, ft collins corridor. the stench from that area is over whelming. Unfortunately, the largest voter base is made up of that area of and are the refuse/garbage from californication. Hense our sh-t bag governor here. There are still areas of sensibility; eastern and west slope colorado. Farming, ranching and oil etc. worth seeing. If we could fence off the califorcation virus, a circular fence around the front range for containment of this commie virus. Is needed and they would have file for special visas to travel.


The People’s Democratic Republic of Boulder, has long been a radical Leftist utopia. No surprise here.


So-Canada set a very bad precedent-Politicians doing what is against the law to enact their laws-
So it emboldens these Leftist Idiots to try that crap here-
Anything goes even if it is against the People’s wishes and Constitution-


Colorado has been taken over by the California “potheads” who moved there
years ago, like a cancer on the U.S.


Used to be a nice place to live, not any more!!!!!!!!!!!!


Send these Colorado politicians to Ukraine.


Colorado allows marijuana smokers on their streets and the sale of marijuana in that state. As the federal government deems this action illegal while not allowing dispensary to deposit money in federally insured banks the feds continue the war on drugs?. When it comes to firearms and the second amendment Colorado has proven that it will do as their democratic base asks of them. They are becoming Little California a state filled with those that like to be democrats liberals “transplants”. Colorado is about to enact gun legislation much like most counties outside the NYC Limits who drafted similar rules… Read more »


You’re spot on with your analysis. I would like to add, if the ranchers didn’t see $$$ and a different way of life, how could the expansion into grazing country ever happen? In my observation, it only takes one to sell to developers for all their neighbors to start the same thinking. It happened to my parents 3,000 acre corn & soybean farm in Indiana back in the ‘70’s. Yes, yes, and yes again the dimocRAT party are full blown commies and have been since at least 1968, probably even longer. They have always been a socialist leaning party, starting… Read more »

Wild Bill

I enjoyed the reports that the both of you all wrote.


Once one neighbor sells out, a busy subdivision is built next door to ranches and farms. Soon those “neighbors” start complaining when ranchers hunt their own property (OMG gunfire!!!), and complain about smells and noise – since as we all know cows are SO much louder than cars and parties (sarc). Next thing you know they are campaigning for laws to restrict rights of landowners, incorporate larger area into their city, and raise property taxes dramatically. In face of those pressures it becomes difficult to hang on to one’s ranch rather than accepting insane payout from the next developer. Of… Read more »


You’re exactly right.


They do the same thing with racetracks around the country too.
OH, its so much noise and they are so loud and it goes on until 11:00 and my bedtime is 8:00. I don’t care if the track has been there since the 40’s, my home is almost right next door and I bought it 5 years ago when it was built and the traffic is horid.

Wha Wha Wha.


Unconstitutional suggestions by the city council have been given all consideration they are due, and it has been decided that they will most certainly be ignored, as Constitutional rights are enshrined with the scope they were understood to have when the people adopted them, whether or not future legislatures, or even future judges think that scope too broad.


Arizona, did you hear that your house passed a bill that says you cannot record police actions unless you are a certain distance away from it?


To “Ban the possession, carry, use, manufacture, and sale of non-serialized guns” is to ban making and using homemade firearms, a legal practice since long before Colorado was a state. The sheriff, chief, and city council members can shove these proposals where the sun don’t shine. That is the best place for them, and the only appropriate place. These unconstitutional suggestions have been given the consideration due, and will be ignored.


Comments from the local Police Chief and Sheriff regarding earlier legislation give some insights into how Boulder law enforcement view firearm rights: “Boulder police Chief Mark Beckner and Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said, for the most part, they don’t oppose any of the gun-control measures making their way through the state Legislature.” “The Colorado Association of Police Chiefs has voiced its support for the bill that would require universal background checks and another that would limit high-capacity magazines.” “Personally, I support the Second Amendment. I am a native Westerner with a long tradition of gun ownership and a history… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by JSNMGC

Cops supporting infringement. Why am I not surprised?


Reasonable limits, says Becker… any limit is an infringement, citizens should ignore each and every law that has carve outs for police and government employees! The rule of law applies to all… or none!


He seems to lack a grasp on the English language. “These major restrictions do not constitute infringement.” Infringement includes even the most inconsequential restriction – HTF does this not reach level of infringement?


brown/blue shirts all they need to learn is to goose step.


F-off Pell, how about “some limitation” that “does not infringe” apples equally to you and all officers and government employees ???


so where are our leos down voting every one ????


Ha – they were here earlier.


Kommiefornians move in, take over and make it another kommiefornia wherever they go.

OreGONE where they did the same thing here.


Mark Beckner moved to Colorado from Michigan in 1978.

Joe Pelle grew up in Boulder.

Last edited 2 months ago by JSNMGC

All of the western states have that infection.


Yes, sometimes socialist Californians, move to other states before moving to the mountain states. Those who advocate for Marxist principles should consider staying in states that already implemented those principles.

One example:

Last edited 2 months ago by JSNMGC

The “tax the rich” Marxists in Oregon are not done.

The Oregon state income tax was not progressive (punitive) enough for many. In order to further punish higher earners, the socialists there created local taxes that only apply to income over a certain amount:

“With the addition of these two new taxes, high income residents of Multnomah County will now pay a total of 13.9% in taxes on income over $400K, rising to 14.7% in 2026.


Great, many of the rich demonrats that can afford it will move to the next county over filling up republican towns and not have to pay it anyway turning new sections blue.


Have you considered moving to the Bronx or Queens?

You talk about “commies” a lot – a key principle of socialism/communism is to tax “the rich” (because they can “afford” it) and promise to redistribute it to others (who “need” it).


we get this trash to after the fkup their state move to florida and not pay any taxes , we should have a migration fee


You can start by charging pelosi.


I believe my comment was about oreGONE not NY. How can you ask me if I have considered living in Queens or the Bronx when you should know that they are demoncrat commie strong holds. Your comment is that I am down on commies and then you roll to taxes and how the rich can afford it as if you are calling me a commie. I am far from it. The subject was more about how demonrats charge more taxes, they never met a tax they didn’t like and that they will move to evade it but the poor people… Read more »


I’m not “harassing” you. Good grief. I responded to your comment that you addressed to me.

You keep talking about taxing the rich. That is a key socialist/communist principle.


You made a comment about my saying commie. That had nothing to do with the taxes being charged but was all about me. You stated that commies want to tax the rich to give to the poor. That was not part of my comment. That statement where it was is like saying that I am a commie and that you cannot accept the agree to disagree rule. You asked if I thought about moving to a place where neither of us would want to be. That was rude because we both you are smart enough to know better and it… Read more »


It was a mildly funny joke, but it’s not funny when I have to explain it in detail to you.

You keep writing about taxing the rich. You did it above in your comment to me.

AOC wore at dress that had “tax the rich” written on it (see the link in my comment above).

AOC’s district is the Bronx and Queens.

Commie = Taxing “the rich”

Wild Bill

Geez, lighten up on the guy. Do you have to abuse everyone?


You keep talking about your army experience, but you come off like a lower middle management HR lady in a large corporation.

Last edited 2 months ago by JSNMGC

Hi WB. Let’s put a fork in it and call it a day. Have a nice evening.
I have some nets to check into with my amp I just rebuilt to make sure everything is going to be ok. So far I am getting 1,500 watts out of a 1,200 watt amp so I am a happy camper and no one will ruin my night.

Take care. TTUT


Wild Bill

Ahhh, the late night insult. Do you feel better now?


and no vaccine ,