Murphy Says Police Shouldn’t be in Schools

USA – -( How influential are our elected representatives, and should they be held accountable for the death of innocent life that occurs as a result of their dangerous ideas, rhetoric and policies?

You may remember in 2020, in an attempt to pander to black Americans for their votes, Senator Chris Murphy took an action that may have resulted in making our school kids more vulnerable to attacks on campus. Murphy’s rhetoric and misguided, politically-motivated ideas, along with Joe Biden’s Gun Free School Zones Act may be just enough to perpetuate the loss of innocent lives in our schools.

A group of left-wing race-hustlers and political opportunists which included Senator Chris Murphy (D) Senator Elizabeth Warren (D), Representatives Ayana Presley (D) and Ilhan Omar (D) introduced the “Counseling Not Criminalization in Schools Act” in 2020. The purpose of the bill was to, “divert federal funding away from supporting the presence of police in schools and toward evidence-based and trauma-informed services that address the needs of marginalized students and improve academic outcomes, and for other purposes.”

According to Forbes, Senator Murphy said in a statement, “Police shouldn’t be in schools.”

He also said, “There are plenty of better ways to ensure that our schools are safe places to learn, and Congress needs to understand how police in schools ends up with the wrong kids getting arrested for minor disciplinary actions and resources being drained from more effective programs.”

On July, 29, 2020 Murphy publicly announced the following:

Of course, he leveraged the black community when he used the false notion of “systemic racism” to push his flawed policy, as often the political left will do, and he talked about how black and Latino kids are disproportionately affected. Nothing new here but the results of such rhetoric and political posturing may have terrible results. As we watch the tragedies of Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas unfold, we can’t help but recognize the possible contribution to these deadly attacks, these Democrats may have made. In the case of Uvalde Texas, parents outside of the school, during the tragic event, were begging police officers to go in and save the children. Wouldn’t it make sense to have Police or armed security on campus should a violent attack occur? Democrats don’t seem to like that idea and Murphy has come out and said it.

Since schools across America are already gun free zones, our school kids are more likely to be the victims of violent attacks. School killings have nearly doubled since Joe Biden introduced his 1990 Gun Free School Zones Act as part of the Crime Control Act and they continue at twice the rate of increase every 10 years because our schools are now soft targets. Why is it that Senator Chris Murphy and other Democrats insist on making our children more vulnerable to horrific acts of violence by banning Police Officers from the premises even after seeing them be attacked time and time again? And, what should we do to stop them from further putting our children in danger?

About Dan Wos, Author – Good Gun Bad Guy

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Dan Wos is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate and Author of the “GOOD GUN BAD GUY” series. He speaks at events, is a contributing writer for many publications, and can be found on radio stations across the country. Dan has been a guest on the Sean Hannity Show, NRATV, and several others. Speaking on behalf of gun-rights, Dan exposes the strategies of the anti-gun crowd and explains their mission to disarm law-abiding American gun-owners.

Dan Wos

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Funny but true story, the 2 coppers I knew that worked in a school had an office. Once the door was locked, there was nothing but bumping and grinding. Thats because 99% of their time, there was nothing to do but each other. Very little goes unnoticed given the frequency of their ways. Even the kids had put 2 & 2 together. And got paid for it!

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None of this is rocket science. You want to solve a problem. You look to see if you can nail down the cause. If you can you fix it. If you can’t you apply a patch to buy time, in this case you get rid of gun-free zones and arm these areas.


INSTEAD OF EXCUSES AND ACCUSATIONS, I OFFER REALISTIC AND IMMEDIATE SOLUTIONS Texas School Shooting. Another tragedy. Everyone is looking for answers. I may have one. What do you think? I raised 2 children and currently have 2 grandchildren ages 10 and 8. They are two of the most important people in my life. And I would do anything for them. I believe there quite a few grandparents who feel the same way. Some of us have the qualifications to help immediately others could learn. What I’m referring to is as an NRA and USCCA instructor with prior military experience I… Read more »


Chris Murphy is as ignorant as the asshole who dreamed up the criminal invitation, the Gun Free Zone. There was a time when we respected the teachers, the principal and each other. Those days are gone and aren’t coming back. Most of the serious school violence today comes from without rather than within. We are now in dire need of at least one sane, courageous, fully trained, fully qualified, firearm armed and ready to act LEO in every public school in The United States Of America. Sure, many of us would be willing to serve, but the current vogue is… Read more »

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problem is like parkland two cowards, you dont know till you are under fire if you attack or run an untested leo is no good needs to be someone that is mentally stable (I know more than a few with a thin shell of holding it together) and battle tested


Yeah, maybe the police don’t belong in the schools. Armed school personal, being in closer relationship with the children, would be more willing to go in harms way to defend the students. Something in the Bible about the hireling fleeing comes to mind. And, the personal are right there, in the building, in numbers, without need to gain access.

American Cynic

Depending on where you live, kids come to school armed better than the cop on patrol. If you look at who Sentor Murphy teamed up with, you’ll understand that he drank the Kool-Aid, took the blue pill. Between no police in schools, and Joe Biden’s Gun Free School Zones Act, whereby parents cannot enter into the school armed either, they basically can hold our kids hostage to get anything they want from us. There are all kinds of ways to get to their end game, which is disarming the citizenry, as they did in Australia, in New Zealand, the UK,… Read more »

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I refuse to be lectured about Common Sense Gun Reform, by individuals and a Political Party that has No Common Sense, many of them believing that Men Can Get Pregnant and Experience Menstrual Cycles or That It’s OK to Mutilate Children’s Genitals.
Until they display some Common Sense they can STFU.


He does not know what he speaks of!
His excuse; He belongs to the DemoKKKrat NAZI party! The party with the JACKASS!

The Crimson Pirate

In the case of Uvalde Texas, parents outside of the school, during the tragic event, were begging police officers to go in and save the children. Wouldn’t it make sense to have Police or armed security on campus should a violent attack occur? “

Oh but police did go in, and saved THEIR OWN children, while letting non cop children die and preventing non cop parents from trying to save them.

I would assume most readers here carry. We all need to add a first aid kit with tourniquet and chest seals to our EDC.


the police on the scene went in and saved their own while intentionally allowed other kids to die? that’s not at all how it went down.


Sure thing.


Yep the evil do nothing coppers ONLY rescued their own kids. The other 600 or so kids and staff surely rescued themselves.
I am NOT saying that mistakes and misjudgements were not made as it it obvious after the fact they were. We need to quit trying to fix the blame and focus on fixing the problems. And murphy’s idea is certainly NOT a solution.


Fixing the blame is critical, indispensable to fixing the problems.


“I am NOT saying that mistakes and misjudgements were not made”

Don’t forget lies – some law enforcement employees lied. Many others knew what was said was untrue and they did nothing to correct the record. They stood behind Abbott at the press briefing and soaked-up all the glory he was shoveling on them.

We need to do a better, more thorough, job of fixing the blame.


E.g. 911. The assholes who let it happen successfully sold the BS that “we shouldn’t play the blame game.” So no one was ever held accountable, at terrible cost to our liberty.

Last edited 27 days ago by Russn8r

Not only was no one ever held accountable for gross dereliction of letting 911 happen when they had ample prior evidence something was up & who was involved, the same assholes were put in charge of “fixing the problems”.


Yes, Republican politicians sold many Republican voters on the idea that we must protect ourselves from those terrorists. Let’s go to war with Iraq (but not declare war). Let’s create the Patriot Act. It’s for your safety. It’s just a little loss of freedom. What could go wrong?

Those rights protected by the 4th Amendment? Bah, we gotta get them turrists.

It’s for our safety.


Pirate, do you speak the truth in that police saved their own? If so, show us the proof.


He paired up with the bottom of society’s barrel… Just added to the scum.

Country Boy

Murphey thinks Police shouldn’t be in schools. Evidently he supports only the shooters in school. I believe Dem. Murphy shouldn’t be in the Senate.


Country – he should lead by example and DEMAND that all of the multitude of LE agencies in and around the capitol be disbanded or at least prohibited from protecting the CONgress critters. He apparently has no problem with himself being protected by gun carriers but the kids, meh.


Protection MUST Not be provided just at the Capitol Building! Each and Every “politician” EVERYWHERE they are Traveling/Speaking/Sleeping/Eating/Prevaricating/Procrastinating/Molesting MUST have NO Security Guards with guns of any caliper or Zappers of any kind. NOT EVEN a 22 LR!


i suggest the White House, the Capitol and their occupants be protected with equal “hardening” as they protect our schools…….”Gun Free Zone” signs for all. Hang a “Gun Free Zone” bumper sticker on “The Beast” and White House front door, and send all those Secret Service agents home. What’s good for the kiddies is good for the politicians. Politicians are a threat to America’s future, kiddies are America’s future.

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Now that is the perfect solution to the problem and it also shows the safety for me and not for thee attitude as well as that they really don’t care about the children. They are the marxists using this as leverage to miniplate morons.


StL – yep – ALL of those political critters conveniently forget that they were elected to an open position and as has been demonstrated multiple times thru the history of the Republic someone else WILL get elected to fill their position should they meet an early demise – OR as some (not nearly enough) have found out, been sent to prison. Oh yeah, they (for the most part) don’t ‘feel’ that We The People should only rely on LE for our own protection. Never mind that courts have repeatedly ruled that LE does NOT have a duty to protect specific… Read more »


Punctual reporting on legislation introduced 2 years ago Better late than never I guess.


Here is a great article that I read from the “Bob Livingston Alerts” “I want to stress a very important point first and foremost because I don’t think the political left and the average gun-grabber understands the gravity of the situation here and they need to be educated: Liberty advocates will never give up their guns. It’s not going to happen. We have drawn a line in the sand when it comes to the 2nd Amendment and we are not going to move, not even an inch. It does not matter what legislation or executive orders Joe Biden promotes, and… Read more »


Kudos to you. This is one of the best comments I’ve read on Ammoland. I might add: While Aussies, Kiwis, Brits and Cannucks might comply with their governments’ efforts to deprive them of firearms, Americans, at least when it comes to their attitude on government authority, are made of tougher stuff. Any federal legislation addressing possession of firearms with or without addressing ancillary issues, will invoke massive resistance, organized and unorganized. Two hundred and forty six years of firearms rights cannot be infringed for any reason, surely not to satisfy the witless pols panting to tag innocent people for the… Read more »


We had better hope so they have the Obama years to render those young minds – mindless.


Excellent post! The only comment I have is: it has been “estimated” that there are 10 million black rifles in the USA. I beg to differ. There are more than 12 in my family alone. If they make it a law to turn in your ‘assault’ weapon or suffer the consequences, I believe it won’t take a week for an armed uprising to occur. We have had enough! Just like the gun grabbers say.


Murphy shouldn’t be in the senate either.


Murphy is a Buffoon, ignorant moron! This whole “mass shooting” is the creation of the democraps. They created the “Gun Free Zone”, so they have a reason to take away our 2A rights. The founding fathers warned us of this exact thing the Libtards are trying to do. Time to remove all the Tyrannical politicians!


It’s election time and once again as expected, Chris Murphy is using the deaths of our most precious, and innocent treasures to enrich his political career. He did this seconds after Sandy Hook and at every mass shooting excluding of course when it happens in Chicago every weekend. That doesn’t seem to bother him!. Other than this despicable theater from Murphy, he has done absolutly nothing for Connecticut or the nation, except make himself wealthy.


I agree with Murphy. No guns! I will disarm the day after ALL the Capitol Police are disarmed. And ALL security in Washington DC is disarmed. My family says MY life is worth more to them that Murphy, Pelosi, even Biden all combined. So either, Mr Murphy, PUT UP or STFU……


Why is it that the privileged? have access to all kinds of security, private schools and look down on any advanced security, no gun areas that open the doors that take our most valuable resource assets from us, our children!!! From what I have so far is there were major breakdowns in the policies that were in place, first was a door was blocked open, giving access into the school, second was local police standing by to wait for tactical personal, why they had the tactical gear on to make the move long before the tactical police got there, same… Read more »

Wild Bill

I’m thinking because they have money. As to police, they are the private army of the mayor and city council. Every policy, all training, and actions flow from that fact, for any given city.


Election have consequences when you elect democratic municipalities you get a appointed democratic police force. The sheriff department is the also elected people need to thing before they vote.


“Election have consequences”

They sure do. Can you imagine the damage Carter could have done in a second term?

Thankfully, only a few states voted for him:

Wild Bill

Wow, I’ve been haying for two days. I come back, make one comment, and it is on hold.


Please remember one salient fact! Warren vs DC Metro Police 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals 1981. The Police are under no obligation to protect anyone. Period! That’s why the Mother Porkers stood around for an hour outside the school doing nothing! They even detained a mother for yelling at them! When they let her out of the cuffs, she went over the fence and got her children out! Maybe we should arm the mothers and let them patrol the schools!


World’s has become a more dangerous volatile world in many ways & aspects. I have no problem with Police in schools. I do have a problem with Police being used to participate in False Flags & MOU’s used to forbid them from discussing Active Shooter drills with the public at large & following illegal EDICTS for Experimental Injections that were used/are being used on human beings however. Think about it. It’s not even hidden anymore. The two most recent FEMA/DHS Active Shooter drills are a complete Clown World Joke if you take the scripted narrative at it’s face value &… Read more »

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Another fact that no one is discussing. Where did an 18 year old unemployed kid get approximately $4,400 to buy 2 Daniel’s Defense AR-15 rifles?! Inquiring minds would like to know!


I’ve heard speculation that the perp made the dough working at Wendy’s. I don’t believe that for a minute. Texas doesn’t have a $16.00 minimum wage and even if it did, no kid is going to get enough hours working fast food restaurants to save that kind of dough.


I did some basic math. Say Texas has an $8.00 min wage and he worked 20 hours a week. He would gross $170.00 x 30% estimated taxes that leaves approximately 129.00 a week. At just the price of the rifles and if he didn’t spend any money, it would take him just over 34 weeks to save the money for the guns. This would not even include the ammo. Do you think the average politician doesn’t know this?
Fool me once. Shame on you. Fool me twice. Shame on me!


My mistake…$119.00 per week. Also as an addendum, I checked out Texas min wage. It was last reported at $7.25 per hr. Who’s zooming who. Somebody bankrolled the little creep. Probably the same ones who loaded him up on Psychotropic drugs!


He could have easily earned the amount of money to purchase the firearms and ammo.


The “thumbs-down vote” was at 4. Then I clicked the DOWN VOTE. The COUNT REMAINED at 4! What is wrong with the progaming?? Censorship??


Click up to remove a downvote.


Sounds like he wanted the down vote and he is upset that someone upvoted when he down voted.


I thought he was trying to remove a downvote too not add one.


Maybe he thought it works like a double negative.


Just curious – why the down vote?


Why downvote if not to censor him? Surely you know that’s the goal of the Oathbreaker downvote sock-posse here – cancelation.


And 1600 rounds of ammunition.


PM – and magazines and load bearing gear………………………..


ramos used a combination of debit and credit cards. obviously, he had no intent of ever paying the tab.


That makes more sense than thinking the perp saved every dime he made to buy the gear.


Orion – credit cards (grandmas perhaps – maybe why he shot her?) but debit cards require cash in the account from which the money is drawn. At least that’s the way mine works.


Has it been verified that he had not worked at any other jobs other than Wendy’s?

He could have easily saved the amount necessary to purchase the firearms & ammo by working part time at Wendy’s (especially if he also worked at other jobs like mowing lawns).


hippy – I have been asking that same question since the atrocity happened. So far, crickets. Hopefully someone is delving into that issue. As always, follow the money. BTW the local LE types claim there was no indication the murderer was involved in any drug activity. OTOH they apparently didn’t know he had some conduct problems either. One thing is certain, the money came from somewhere.


Why is it so hard to believe an 18-year-old could have earned and saved the amount of money required to buy those firearms and ammo?


DD offered the rifles with a payment plan. I strongly doubt he made more than a single payment. Still a lot compared to my spending power at that age – but remember even most fast food jobs are inching toward $15 and hour.
Given what I’ve heard of familial relationships he may well have been stealing from both of his parents as well as his grandparents. A few twenties at a time can add up fairly quickly…


I think it’s an overhyped issue. He was sick enough to think it was all-important to kill those kids, knowing it was likely the last thing he’d ever do and certainly the last thing as a free man, so naturally he’d prioritize it over anything else to earn, borrow, or steal & spend money on.


What we need is more school resource officers and less idiots like Chris Murphy !


I wonder how many of these shooters were not already getting counseling ?


All of them. Whether they were actively being counseled, probably not, but I would bet $1000 right now every single one of them has mental issues that has/had been noticed and reported to the school nurse/counselor.


Just think how many children have been placed on drugs for learning disabilities. Adderall the side effects are enormous

Should a child take Adderall everyday?
Remember that ADHD isn’t usually just a school problem. If your child really functions better with medication, then it is probably a good idea to take it every day and not skip doses on weekends or other school holidays.


The parasites normally broadcast their intentions on the internet well before they act. That’s when law enforcement should act to prevent these tragic events but they don’t. That bastard in Buffalo NY even live streamed the murders I think.


If your local municipality is run by democrats so is the local police department. When a Sheriff is elected he is the people’s choice that was made at the ballot box. In most cases one follows the other as the same people elected their local officials. The democrats mentioned in this article are know to lie to gain forward progress the worst Liz Warren how she remains in the political arena is by the people who continue to vote for her. Sad to say that might the next door neighbour who voted for her. If you put police in their… Read more »


Here’s a fix to exactly what you described. Of course it will take our active participation rather than being keyboard cowboys. Turning this around is going to require getting up and out into our neighborhoods knocking on doors and talking. Having block parties to introduce a 2A or a Liberty candidate or just to get together with our neighbors is a very good way to meet folks in the neighborhood to find the ones with similar philosophies. If you live in a liberal state like me, you’ll be amazed how many closeted conservatives there really living amongst us. While… Read more »


Thank you sir you have hit the nail on the head .I resided in GA the real deep south any deeper could not be possible. Most everyone carries a gun daily some more than one.

AZ Lefty

Never realized Texas had Democrat gun policies


texas and oklahoma are now far better than your AZ in regards to exercising 2A rights. fact!


Yep. Your deadly “gun free” zones are all over the place.

“Cheers, Comrade. This blood’s for you!”


You probably never realize that because it’s bullshit.


It’s hardly bullshit. Texas is infested with “gun free” zones. Is that a Republican policy?


Texas is no more infested with gun free zones than any other state. It’s total bullshit.


I must agree that we are infested – and that it’s bullshit.

Texas laws seem needlessly complex and can present legal hazards – particularly to those carrying under “constitutional carry”. Think school zones and posted locations.

I’m not even sure how 51% signs work. I know bar is banned – but what if one walks in before recognizing it. Is it treated same as 30.06, no harm – no foul? Does one risk losing their LTC (or worse) by cutting through the bar on way from restaurant to bathroom?

I definitely need to take a refresher course. Been a while…

Green Mtn. Boy

To which I would say any and all Marxist’s are prevented from running for office as the Constitutions promise of a republican form of government which is antical to Marxism.



  • If fewer police were cowards, more people would want them in schools;
  • If fewer police lied, more people would want them in schools; and
  • If fewer police covered (actively or passively) for other police who did bad things, more people would want the in schools.

As it is, why should people pay police for decades to stand around schools on the off chance a murderer comes to the school, listen to the police virtue-signal for decades, and then have them fail miserably if there is a threat?


way too many got in for the good starting pay without thinking my life may be on the line at some point


“If they don’t have anything to hide, they should talk to the police.”


Oathbreakers downvoting bigly today. Rebuilding the copsucker sock puppet posse? Down from ~30 a month ago.

Last edited 27 days ago by Russn8r

Maybe they are Kenosha cops who still feel bad about themselves for sitting in armored vehicles while wearing body armor and watching the city burn (until “civilians” took care of business).

Henry Bowman

If these commiecrats and RINOs want to keep our kids in danger every day, without police, well…. FINE! WE WILL INSTEAD PUT VETERANS THERE! A SQUAD FOR EVERY SCHOOL!

So who’s with me?


Sounds like a real plan of action that need the support of All Americans


Do we need permission to do whats right?


Use to not.


Murphy is doing the democratic jig dancing and singing their theme song “DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO”. Let’s lay blame on everyone except the policies the democrats enact that fail missiberly. Here is another call to remove the police not criminals. In the case of the Uvalde Police they failed those children and themselves they should not wear the badge. In the weeks to come the civil suits will be all the news the media will show its true colors. Uvalde Police had better lawyer up. Murphy wants to place more gun free zone signs continuing to… Read more »

Dave Workman

Right. Murphy only wants police in schools to investigate crime scenes he can exploit. Interesting observations, Dan.


Correct you are, sir! They’re Heathens who dance in the blood of innocent children!