Vudoo Gun Works New Carbon Sinister

U.S.A. -( St George Utah – Vudoo Gun Works, the leader in precision rimfire rifles announces the release of the Carbon Sinister rifle. The Carbon Sinister brings extreme precision rimfire performance in a lightweight crossover rifle profile.

The Carbon Sinister by Vudoo Gun Works marries the high-performance V22 and Three 60 actions with premium carbon fiber barrel options and carbon fiber stock. The Sinister has served as a crossover rifle for customers looking for a single rifle that will serve well in competition but will also shine in the field as a hunting or plinking rifle. Customers looking for maximum precision in a lightweight platform will find everything they’re looking for in the Carbon Sinister.

The Carbon Sinister is available with premium carbon fiber barrel options from Helix 6 Precision as well as Proof Research and Bartlein Barrels. Helix 6 Precision and Bartlein Carbon fiber barrels provide the unique ability for customers to select specific barrel lengths from 16.5 – 22”.

Vudoo’s new Carbon Sinister brings centerfire performance to rimfire precision weapons. IMG Vudoo Gun Works

These barrels come to us as blanks and we cut them to the finished length specified by the customer, similar to a traditional steel barrel. Customers who prefer the familiarity and performance of Proof Research have the option of 18” and 20”.

The Carbon Sinister will come in the Altitude stock from Mesa Precision Arms. The Altitude is available with adjustable (38oz) or non-adjustable (24oz) options and will come standard with traditional front and rear sling swivel studs. The Altitude stock can be had in raw carbon fiber, Mohave, Shredded Anthracite, or custom paint finishes.

Carbon Fiber Barrel Options

● Helix 6 Precision
● Proof Research
● Bartlein Barrels

Finished weight range

16.5” barrel with non-adjustable stock – 6lbs
22” barrel with adjustable stock – 7lbs 13oz
MSRP: $3265 – $3355

About Vudoo Gun Works

Based in St George Utah, Vudoo Gun Works has been redefining rimfire since bringing the V22 to market in 2017. The Vudoo Gun Works (VGW) V-22, is a patented rimfire repeater action, that matches the physical footprint of the short action Remington 700. This form factor has created an extremely precise, “true-to-scale” precision rifle, that has forever changed the landscape of rimfire competition. Since its inception, Vudoo Gun Works has been at the forefront of precision rimfire research and continues to innovate the future of a rapidly changing industry.