Massachusetts Gun Prohibitionists Trashing What Their Ancestors Fought and Died For

The “minute-men” of the revolution with “weapons of war” – Currier & Ives: Compare to the modern beneficiaries of their sacrifices. (Library of Congress)

U.S.A. – -( “Residents are concerned that a deal between the Falmouth Police Department and Powderhorn Outfitters in Hyannis may end up placing semi-automatic weapons in the wrong hands,” the Cape Cod Times reports. “The deal entails the police department buying 38 semi-automatic weapons from Powderhorn Outfitters, and trading in 21 semi-automatic weapons, 20 of which are AR-15s, to receive credit toward the purchase.”

What’s their problem, since the deal between the town and the gun dealer ensures it will limit retail sales of the used weapons to local “Only Ones”? That’s not good enough for “forward-thinking progressives.”

Nor are the state of Massachusetts’ restrictions on what Giffords Law refers to as “assault weapons” and “large-capacity magazines.” Per Everytown: “Assault Weapons – Prohibited: Bars purchase of certain assault-style weapons originally designed for military use … High Capacity Magazines – Prohibited: Bars purchase of gun magazines larger than a prescribed size.” And depending on how you look at it, the state government either provides the fill-in details or dictates the terms of surrender.

But no matter how much you give them, gun-grabbers always want more.

“Unless people are under the delusional belief that these officers are going to keep these weapons for the rest of their lives, they will end up in the public sector,” Richard Duby, president of the Falmouth Gun Safety Coalition complains. Once they buy them, the story explains “[t]hey could then re-sell them to people in states where AR-15s are legal, or to a gun dealer who would then sell them out of state. That scenario could potentially put them in the hands of someone dangerous.”

Funny, how people who scream “home rule” when they want to eviscerate preemption laws demand they be able to impose their local diktats on the rest of the Republic, no?

To prevent you from ever having the unlikely opportunity to lawfully buy a gun a Falmouth cop bought from Powderhorn, then sold to another FFL who sold it to someone else who ends up ultimately trying to sell it to you through yet another FFL in your state, Rev. Deborah Warner has created a petition that 300 locals signed on to “that urged the Select Board to destroy the weapons, rather than trade them.” And Duby’s Coalition “may work to get an article at the town meeting that would approve funding to buy the guns from Powderhorn Outfitters and then destroy them.”

Warner is recently retired, so her involvement in this effort presumably does not run afoul of IRS restrictions on tax-exempt churches engaged in “substantial lobbying activity.” That’s fair game to wonder about, though, since it wasn’t that long ago that a “progressive” group was trying to get a “conservative” evangelist’s 501(c)(3) status revoked over his statement that a vote for “moderate Republican” Mitt Romney was a vote for Satan. That’s a point some of us fed up with serial betrayals might be willing to concede, but it’s nonetheless demonstrative of an enforceable standard: the left stands ready to turn in those it wants to “cancel.

Duby’s Coalition is another enigma, this time in terms of understanding what kind of money is backing it. Since the IRS just ruled on its filing status in 2021, no Form 990s have been posted yet on the Guidestar nonprofit profiling site. Their business entity filing with the Massachusetts Corporations Division tells us who the corporate officers are and then links us to their articles of incorporation and annual report. But to really understand what they’re about, you need to go to the Falmouth Gun Safety Coalition website (registered by proxy), which essentially tells gun owners all they need to understand. The word “Safety” in the name might as well be “Prohibition”:

“We recognize the key role that semi-automatic weapons play in this threat and are focused on banning the semi-automatic mechanism as part of any weapon sold to or possessed by a person living in or visiting the Commonwealth.” [Emphasis in original]

Curiously, the lower part of the Coalition homepage is dominated by an Everytown/Moms Demand Action graphic. Any more formal affiliation with the Bloomberg machine at this point is speculative, but the goals look to be the same.

And they pull no punches on their Twitter feed, which, with 55 followers at this writing, only has around a sixth of the followers Warner dragooned into signing her petition. And it’s not just what they tweet, but what they retweet. Seeing them help propagate stuff like: “Nothing says ban assault rifles like cops being scared of the shooter who has one” and “Guns are merely toys for boys. Yes they can be banned. Yes the men will cry, but they will get over it and be okay,” makes it clear: They won’t stop at semiautos. They want it all. (That’s why we call violence monopolists “totalitarians.”)

As does their U.S. Representative, Bill Keating, who never met a gun he didn’t want to ban, and both senators, Elizabeth Warren, and Ed Markey.

One can only wonder what the Founders would have thought of these worthless heirs to the freedom of self-determination won for them with blood, powder, and steel. The men who did that sacrificed their all to bequeath the Blessings of Liberty to an ungrateful, cowardly, and weak Posterity. These latter-day Tories spit on their forebears’ memory, and on the memory of the Sons of Liberty. They would resurrect the arms confiscation plot that triggered the beginning of the War of the Rebellion at Lexington and Concord – as long as someone else is doing the disarming.

These ingrates have forgotten the next generation in the War of 1812, “when the area around Falmouth Heights, on its southern coast, was bombarded by several British frigates and ships of the line, and Massachusetts militia hastily entrenched themselves on the beaches to repulse a possible British landing which never came.”

At least their ancestors could try. What do you think these men would have said to Duby, or to the keyboard commando who predicts “men will cry” when others (not him!) take their guns?

The Coalition and petitioners will no doubt get what they want – this time. Look at where they are and look at the local government they’re appealing to. But when it comes to the larger goal of banning what Tench Coxe called “the birthright of an American,” who’s going to carry that out and force you to bend to their will and surrender your arms?

The Falmouth Coalition and petitioners?

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

David Codrea
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I come from a family that fought the kings government , these are likely people who’s families helped the redcoats


We had some 80 relatives fighting under Washington. Mother’s side, mostly from the Netherlands or born along the way.


I, too, rode through every Middlesex village and farm. Then Worcester. Then Hampden, then Berkshire. Then I just kept going until I hit Maricopa. Problem solved.


Tories definition = boot licking lackeys, of the pinko-communist persuasion, mainly found concentrated in such traitor rich environments as Washington D.C. See also – Democrat.


One of the chief reasons that I escaped from the People’s Republik.


and you will note they are not offering their money to have them destroyed, they want the taxpayers to pay for it. same comes to repairing privet beaches, they want the federal government to pay for erosion mitigation when they built right on the beach with no sea wall or jetties oh hell no , my family built back from the beach because of storms paid for jetties and sea wall have an account that is just for repairs we are responsible for ourselves.
and yes most mass beaches are owned by people not government

Last edited 1 year ago by swmft

sorry about the rants but the cape was the only place in my life that was a constant now it is a screwed up mess and the demoncrats are the ones that screwed it up watch out green mountain boy cape cod was full of independent leave me alone people look what they are doing to burlington and keen nh


the people that spout this rubbish are mental defects and there are a lot on the cape they worry about guns when there are ten opioid ods a day school bus drivers carry narcan so do the transit drivers schools have rapid response kits for ods in multiple places which are marked during the worst of the lockdowns they had more deaths from drugs than covid, they reported them all as covid related. alcoholism is common. no good jobs ,low pay I think they rant against guns because they dont want to be shot while robbing houses to feed their… Read more »

Yote Hunter

“Liberalism is a mental disorder”.
-Michael Savage

What else can we expect from dark blue MA?
Where Democrats rule, self destruction occurs.

Last edited 1 year ago by Yote Hunter


Knute Knute

“At least their ancestors could try. What do you think these men would have said…” I have an answer to that. If one is aware that Ben Franklin said on the way out of the Constitutional Convention, when asked what type of government was formed there, that it was: “A Republic, IF you can keep it.”, makes it easy. The second half of that sentence tells me that Franklin knew full well that there were formidable forces arrayed against this fledgling Republic that would do their level best to destroy it. I think he would say: “I tried to warn… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Knute Knute

who’s going to carry that out and force you to bend to their will and surrender your arms?

Those same guys that were out writing tickets today…

That’s who.


Traitorous, Feces eating, scum of the Earth!


focused on banning the semi-automatic mechanism as part of any weapon sold to or possessed by a person living in or visiting the Commonwealth well they just decided FOR me. If I cant bring my 1964 Belgian made BAR as I drive through their sorry excuse of a state, well then I just won’t contribute my tyre dust to their common wealth. Nor anything else. What these fools fail to calculte is, they can destroy the nasty guns their local constabulary currently have on hand, but ten thousand more will appear from elsewhere.. SOrt of like cutting off their ugly beak noses… Read more »


Navigate to NE PA, spend the night, motor through upstate NY while holding your breath and not stopping, until you enter VT. Breathe normally. Stay north of MA for the duration of your visit to New England..


Well, we WERE warned. “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Looks like we can’t.


Ain’t over yet.


Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.
I gave up caring what Massachusetts tyrants did when I left them.