Pro Gun Groups Force Mecklenburg County Sheriff McFadden To Process Gun Permits

Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden Twitter
Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden : Twitter Profile

CHARLOTTE, NC -( Mecklenburg County Sheriff and reality TV star Garry McFadden has entered into a Consent Judgement with Grass Roots North Carolina (GRNC), Gun Owners of America (GOA), and Rights Watch International (RWI), along with Mecklenburg County residents David Hodson, Terrance Traylor, and Jordan Gibbs.

The consent order stems from delays in processing pistol purchase permits (PPP) and concealed handgun permits (CHP) by the Sheriff’s Department. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sheriff’s Department slowed the processing of the two firearms permits to a crawl.

It was taking the Department up to ten months to issue a permit. By North Carolina law, a CHP must be issued within 45 days of the Sheriff’s Department receiving a completed application.

Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden claimed the delays were due to the virus. At the end of the pandemic, Sheriff McFadden contended that the Department was hitting its goals in accordance with North Carolina law. Technically the Department was processing applications within 45 days, but it was using a loophole to hit that goal, and the average time for someone to receive a permit was not actually changed.

For an application for a permit to be considered complete, the prospective concealed firearms carrier and prospective gun owners must be fingerprinted by the Sheriff’s office and have mental evaluation paperwork submitted (for a CHP). The Mecklenburg County Sheriff didn’t start the clock on the 45-day period until these two processes were complete. It would take a county resident months to get an appointment for fingerprinting.

It is also believed the Sheriff’s Department would delay requesting mental health records to extend the time it took before the application would be considered “complete.”

Three Charlotte-area residents team up with GRNC and GOA to sue over the delays. The groups believed that the Sheriff’s Department was not in compliance with the law since Sheriff McFadden created an artificial bottleneck to slow down members of the public from getting firearms.

A judge agreed and ruled against the Sheriff, issuing a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) and Preliminary Injunctive Relief. Before the groups could depose Sheriff McFadden, he asked the judge for a delay so the parties could settle the case. A consent order was reached between the parties. A consent order is an agreement between parties and is legally binding.

According to the judgment, all applications for a PPP must be approved or denied within 14 days of the Sheriff’s Department receiving an application, and the permit must be issued immediately once approved. A CHP must be granted or denied by the Sheriff within 45 days of receiving the application and mental health records.

The Sheriff must request mental health records no later than ten days once the gun owner turns in their application. The fingerprinting bottleneck is now resolved. The Sheriff’s Department must fingerprint the applicant the same day they present to the Sheriff’s Office during business hours. Finally, the judge ordered the Sheriff to pay the plaintiffs $7 in nominal damages.

If the Sheriff violates the order, McFadden could be found in contempt of court. The judge then could fine the reality TV star, or in extreme cases, the judge could jail the Sheriff. Since the Consent Judgement went into effect, the Preliminary Injunction is now dissolved.

AmmoLand News reached out to Sheriff McFadden for comment, but our calls were not returned.

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Crazy, I need a permit to buy a gun but I don’t need a license to vote an idiot in for president that supports druggies and calls them GoD and shoots two barrel shotguns into the air using both shots to deter criminals while leaving himself with no rounds for defense. God, I hope the intruders don’t have those 9mm that blow out lungs and are carrying that safer 22 caliber rifle that uncle joe talked about. LOL, what a moron. It’s impeding a right requiring a license to purchase a gun or ammunition like in kommiefornia. Have you ever… Read more »


someone is going to have to kill her , run over with a tesla would be good


Her days are numbered because her term ends at the end of the year. It’s the last month that I am worried about most. That is when they go bat shit crazy and do stuff that should be illegal.


Go GRNC & GOA. Life Member here!

Now lose the licensing-permit-gunowner registration systems and any legislators who support them!

Paul Valone

Thanks. You can count on that.


The only reason this man is sherif is that he is black in predominantly black community. He was praised by Obama if I remember correctly his police car a dodge challenger and a strange black women sitting on the hood a few months back.
His abuse of power and policies on ccp had to go before a judge a TV reality star using the covid virus as a excuse to push democratic policies on the residents. Like Adams in nyc in way over his head.


Not-so-qualified immunity will protect the Sheriff from any consequences.

People will still claim sheriffs are “on our side” and ignore all the evidence to the contrary.


The reality is we the people live in a Meritocracy run by Freemasons, Zionist’s & Secret Society members who manage our reality via MSM, illusions they created, institutions. The people don’t benefit only the people managing the system for the ruling EL-ite.

Any Sheriff who violates the “Will of the People” should be discharged/recalled/run out of town etc.