Wayne LaPierre Reelected Executive Vice President of NRA

Wayne LaPierre
Wayne LaPierre  IMG NRA-ILA

Tombstone, Arizona – -(Ammoland.com)- It’s hard to imagine a scenario where Letitia James, the NRA-hating Attorney General of New York, would turn out to be the NRA’s savior, but that’s how things are stacking up at this point.

The “leaders” of the NRA Board of Directors made it clear during the Members’ Meeting on Saturday that anyone criticizing Wayne LaPierre is just a hateful hater spewing hate and trying to tear down the NRA, and should be ignored and ostracized.

The full Board, or at least the 62 (out of 76) Directors who bothered to attend the Monday board meeting, reinforced that message with a resounding vote to reelect LaPierre, 54 to 1, with 7 abstentions.

This was probably the NRA board’s last chance to send a message to the New York judge who is going to rule on Letitia James’ lawsuit against the Association, to let him know that the whole organization isn’t corrupt or willfully blind to the failings of their long-time Executive Vice President and his closest allies. Instead, the Board sent the exact opposite message, inviting the judge to replace the entire Board at the same time that he removes LaPierre and NRA Secretary and General Counsel John Frazer, and installs an overseer to reorganize the 151-year old organization. I expect to see all of that ordered in early 2023 when this case finally gets to trial.

I have no doubt that the NRA will immediately appeal when the judge rules in favor of James – which is a foregone conclusion, based on the overwhelming evidence that’s readily available – and many Directors will claim to their dying day that the whole thing was a politically-motivated sham, made up by us hateful haters. They’ll just keep shoveling more and more millions of dollars into the pockets of Bill Brewer, their carpetbagging New York lawyer now based in Texas who is on record as contributing to Hillary Clinton and “Beto” O’Rourke, as long as there’s money available – which might not be much longer.

The evidence of corruption is overwhelming and easily accessed through the transcripts of the NRA’s failed bankruptcy case. I’m frankly surprised that the NY AG’s office hasn’t expanded their list of named defendants in the case to include more, if not most, members of the Board, but perhaps that will come after the case moves into the discovery phase later this year when details on payments from Wayne’s special “Consultant Fund,” to members of the Board and various other “friends of Wayne” come out into the open.

One thing I want to make clear: I don’t personally believe that Wayne was actively & intentionally engaged in straight-up embezzlement.

But it is apparent that he created an environment where corruption flourished. I think there’s a good chance that Woody Phillips, Wayne’s hand-picked Treasurer for over 26 years, might have been engaged in that sort of brazen criminal activity, just as he allegedly did at his previous employer. And I think it’s pretty clear that Woody was also using NRA money to enrich and endear himself to some of his friends and close associates.

It was Wayne’s responsibility, along with the members of the Audit Committee, to have caught that and put a stop to it, but they never did. It also appears that Wayne’s hand-picked deputy, Josh Powell, deliberately padded his expense accounts and snagged money wherever and however he could, while making a mess of virtually everything he touched, and mistreating NRA employees and contractors in the process.

Again Wayne or other NRA “leaders” failed to take timely corrective action. In other words, they failed to do their jobs – a job LaPierre was paid handsomely to fail at. It seems that Wayne was more patsy than criminal. Used by unscrupulous money-grubbers who convinced him that this, that, or some other scheme, was a great idea. That these would be a feather in his cap, a boon for the NRA, a fundraising gold mine, etc.. And that it was only fair and reasonable that the folks putting the deals together should receive some reward. Wayne should also benefit personally from the deals, as everyone knows that Wayne is the “hardest working man in Washington,” and owed way more than the $1.8 million he’s currently being paid…

In short, I think Wayne was – and is – a tool, who was good at schmoozing and making rich guys feel important and generous, and who let scoundrels prosper at the NRA’s expense, while they made sure he was always getting a hefty cut of the spoils. He was sloppy and cavalier about his fiduciary responsibilities to the Association, and unwilling to see the corruption among his “friends” and associates, especially when he and his wife were personally benefiting in the process.

I don’t hate Wayne, and I certainly don’t hate the NRA. I’ve spent some 40 years trying to help make the NRA more responsive, efficient, and effective. I don’t begrudge anyone for receiving reasonable pay for good work, and I understand that good and conscientious men can disagree on the best course of action in the face of political threats. I firmly believe in the proverb of iron sharpening iron, and while I won’t try to claim that there’s no personal animosity between myself and some of the folks at the top of the NRA, I try hard to keep things away from personal feelings and stay focused on verifiable facts.

I definitely don’t think it right or appropriate for the CEO of a nonprofit organization like the NRA, to beg for $20 or $100 donations from average Americans, many of whom live paycheck to paycheck or are on a fixed income, while that CEO is being paid over a million dollars per year – or anything close to that. LaPierre’s $1.8 million dollars per year breaks down to about $34,000 per week, or $150,000 per month – over 4 times what the President of the United States is paid. Meanwhile, the NRA routinely sends out fundraising letters over LaPierre’s signature, breathlessly warning about the rising threats to gun rights, and begging members to dig deep and send $20, $50, $100, or whatever they can afford…

I find that repugnant.

Letitia James public image jamesforny-com
Letitia James, public image jamesforny.com

I believe the events of this past weekend have sealed the NRA’s fate. I see no chance of avoiding a loss in the New York lawsuit, and I’m just thankful that the judge in the case appears to be fair and reasonable. I believe he will rule in favor of Letitia James and New York, and will remove those in control of the NRA, probably with at least some hefty fines, if not the full restitution that James is calling for. I believe the judge will place the association under the auspices of a caretaker manager tasked with reorganization for the benefit of the members.

While the NRA will undoubtedly appeal (unless they really go bankrupt first or negotiate some sort of settlement – which I think is highly unlikely) and they will call for the judge’s orders to be stayed during the appeal. I believe it is unlikely that the judge will allow the current “leadership” to remain in control of the Association and its assets for a minute longer than he must.

My big fear is that NRA members and donors will dry up when all of this happens. Some out of anger that they were duped, and others out of doubt that the appointed manager will guide the Association in the right direction. So I hope the Judge can find a manager that NRA members will respect, or that he’ll include a person or panel to advise the manager on ideological matters and provide reassurance to the members, that the Association is returning to its core principles. There is a chance that under the appointed manager NRA’s political activities could be held to a minimum, if not prohibited altogether, which is another concern.

No matter what happens next, the NRA has a long and difficult road ahead, and it’s anyone’s bet as to whether the organization will ever be the strong beacon of liberty that it ought to be. The lawsuit is supposed to enter the discovery phase by the end of the year and go to trial by early next year, so until then, there’s little that anyone can do to impact the Association’s future, other than to pray for the best possible outcome.

My efforts will continue to focus on building The Firearms Coalition and fighting the gun control that will inevitably grow out of the recent horrors in Buffalo and Uvalde.

About Jeff Knox:

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona, and Manassas, VA. Visit: www.FirearmsCoalition.org.

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I have been an NRA member (now Patron Life) since the early 1950s and have watched with keen interest the alleged shenanigans of WLP. While it’s tempting to believe that “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, I have as yet seen no documentation of any malfeasance by WLP and in fact the NRA Board, which surely knows what goes on within the NRA, is overwhelmingly in favor of retaining WLP as Executive VP. I am not prepared to dismiss the collective judgement of the NRA Board and, accordingly, must accept that Mr. LaPierre deserves to remain in office. Those who are… Read more »


What I want to know is WHERE we send in our cut-up membership cards so they can be fashioned into THE NRA Tombstone?


I will not renew my membership or donate to the NRA as long as LaPierre is at the helm, if it survives. Those dollars will be added to GOA, FPC and others that truly fight for our God given right.


LaPierre gone per se changes nothing. Virtually the entire 76-clown board of directors has been in on the grift for 25 years. They all need to go, as does much of the staff.

Henry Bowman

Dead .org walking

Henry Bowman


Last edited 23 days ago by Henry Bowman

Pathetic. He & his ilk should be in cuffs for Grand Theft and/or RICO violations.

Xaun Loc

I believe we have 55 people who need to be charged under the RICO Act.

Rather than attacking the NRA as a corporation, Letitia James should file criminal racketeering charges individually against WLP and each of the board members who voted to retain him in office.

Wayne’s defense, of course, would still be using the donations from idiots stupid enough to support the NRA, but I doubt he’d bother paying for the board members.

Last edited 23 days ago by Xaun Loc

Looks like the NRA will continue getting verbal support from me and no monetary support until pe pe lapuke is gone.

Wild Bill

Yeah, I need the cash for gasoline, anyway!


The NRA swamp won’t listen to those who fund it so screw them we have GOA who I will support. The NRA calling us james sure won’t fill their accounts anytime soon they are as corrupt as Congress
Enough of La Phew go broke .


“My big fear is that NRA members and donors will dry up when all of this happens.”

What do you mean when? Member donations HAVE dried up. As long as Lapew and his cronies are in charge I’ll not give any more money to the NRA. And judging by the comments to not only this article but others I’m not the only one. I used to give to the ILA but once I found out it was going to defend the scum at the top that stopped.


I too have stopped giving the NRA money. I don’t believe in supporting a corrupt organization in any capacity.

Wild Bill

Yeah, refusing to participate is the only tool that we have.


I find it so odd that way back in the 1980’s I was sent to Central America as an advisor and one of the most critical tasks I was assigned was election security. Now I return home to find my own country dominated by 2000 Mules and my own NRA dead in the water. Funny world. Semper Fi


Do you mean THAT was the only time you were visited by The Green Weenie?


Not one red cent. GOA. 2AF. FPC. AZCDL. That is where my money goes until NRA purges the DC crowd and moves its HQ to a place more than 100 miles away from the Washington swamp. Swamp corruption is infectious. Case in point.

Black Powder 26

I have to say I am totally disgusted by the actions of the board. This looks like the death blow to the NRA, which may be good, but only time will tell. I am a life member and an NRA instructor, coach and RSO. My fear is that many of the “good programs” like training will get swept down the drain along with the other garbage and that is sad. I know that there are other groups that offer training, but the NRA programs and course Sibelius are among the best. In this time of mass shootings and calls for… Read more »


This was the executive boards final nail in the NRA coffin… Wayne’s handpicked cronies did it again. Colonel West WAS the best choice and everyone KNEW it yet the pocket stuffers chose the worst possible candidate.
Stick a fork in it… It’s DONE !


This isn’t the NRA of Harlan Carter and Neal Knox! I gave up on it years ago! Join GOA!

Last edited 23 days ago by hippybiker
Roland T. Gunner

Oh, and what members could possibly feel “duped” at this point?

Roland T. Gunner

NRA is dead, nothing remains but some muscles twitching here and there; but the organization has stunk for many years.


Wayne Lapierre knows his incompetence blatant theft and criminal activity has destroyed the former NRA beyond repair. The bastard enjoys a handpicked and complicit BOD whom he rewards loyalty to him by financial gratuity. Those son of a bitches have betrayed and stolen from members for decades and it continues to this day. But there that scum still is.


Go WLP!!!


What a colossal disappointment they’ve turned out to be. I expected to at least see some board members with consciences.


they are as guilty as he is so they sink together , would love to see a bunch of them in jail for theft and aiding and abetting


I would buy tickets to see that show… front row seats!!


You’re exactly correct. I’ve been on various boards for the past 30 years and one thing’s for sure, a competent leader works very, very hard at building or influencing a board in his image. 54 to 1 shows the skill set of the reprobate WLP. Every last one of the directors who voted to keep the bastard needs to see the same or more severe punishment than WLP deserves.


There are still gun rights groups that actually do support the Second A. SAF, GOA, are but two of many still doing the job. I am a former member of NRA who will give no more money to what I perceive to be a corrupt organization.


Your perception of the former NRA is spot on right !


Sirry to see you go but we will make it without you.


Is anyone here surprised?


Only by the fact there was only one dissenting vote.


I am. With all the crap out in the open about the illegal spending and activities you would think that there would have been a change. Since there wasn’t it is obvious to me that the board is as corrupt as our legislature in federal government so I will not support them, period. I was hoping I could start again but I guess they have not pissed off enough people yet to completely destroy the NRA. Almost makes me think that PePe Lepew has the same goal for the NRA as obiden has for America.


I am a life member of the NRA, and have donated consistently up until about 4 years ago. I have not and will not donate another penny to the NRA as long as current leaders are in place


Once again, NRA’s Board of Directors chose to ignore member and former-member concerns. I had been an NRA member since 1981, but have refused to renew my membership until LaPierre was ‘sent packing’. GOA And the NAGR will be my voice and represent my concerns from this point forward.




Who counted the votes?


Very good point especially because it was a closed room not open to members..


While he is in charge..he will continue his corruption and kill the NRA and I will never support them until he is removed.


LaPierre has publicly admitted that he ‘doesn’t even own a firearm’. Therefore, he has ZERO ‘vested interest’ in preserving the 2A beyond using it to fund his lavish lifestyle.


It should be a requirement that board members be firearms owners who regularly hit the range to keep their skills fresh. Why would we want someone running, a supposed pro 2nd ammendment organization, if they don’t even own a gun. That, in itself, is highly suspicious.

Wild Bill

That would be good, but I think that the board members and WLP have all the rules exactly the way that they want them; and we have no power to change the situation.


The only answer is to dry up the well that they have been drinking from.

Hi WB.

Wild Bill

Hello right back! And dry up that well!


I gave you a yes vote but I think the bastard is lying to us, AGAIN>


Quote: “I don’t personally believe that Wayne was actively & intentionally engaged in straight-up embezzlement.” Those are weasel-words. There really is no other way to describe what WLP did/is doing. Straight-up embezzlement! As a Life Member, I am disgusted at what has happened since WLP has been at the helm. I wish I hadn’t paid before this tool began chiseling away at the foundation and along the way I have grieved over the direction the organization has taken and the compromised nature of its “lobbying”. I believe GOA is the best shot that we have at returning our stolen liberties… Read more »

Last edited 23 days ago by GmanNM

I am really shocked that Jeff made that comment too along with some other nonsense in that article. Lapierre is a thieving scumbag who’s destroyed the NRA. That bastard has betrayed members and the 2A for decades. He turned the NRA into a criminal enterprise along with his handpicked and complicit BOD. Justice will only occur when their names become numbers in prison.


I’m sure Jeff said what he said to avoid the legal actions that would ensue were he to flat-out accuse WLP of what he is obviously doing. Until a court ultimately convicts WLP of these crimes nobody can publish an article saying he is committing these actions without exposing themselves to libel and/or slander lawsuits. I’m sure there are attorneys standing by.


But he sure does know how to keep fighting for our gun rights.


I am disgusted and will remain a FORMER NRA member for as long as WLP remains in power along with his little band of groupies who keep voting him in.


Remember “The Winning Team” slogan used by Wayne’s 1997 coup d’etat conspirators?


The “Winning Team” grifters destroyed NRA, but they had a very lucrative 25 years doing it.



Last edited 24 days ago by Russn8r


Do you have a link to a source showing the names of the 54 people who voted yes and the 7 who abstained?


That’s a good question that I was curious about too.

Frank Tait

The vote is by secret ballot- the only sure vote was Phil Journey voting for Allen West as Phil nominated him.


Thank you.

Is the list of directors who didn’t even bother to attend available?


I would also like to know who didn’t bothered to show. Gross dereliction.


As a practical matter does it even matter who didn’t show? There wouldn’t have been enough votes to throw LaPew out anyway. People get sick and there are family issues. Plus the optics of having the convention in Texas after the shooting, which doesn’t bother me, but it might make a difference to others. I don’t begrudge those that might have stayed away due to it.


If you’re not going to go to board meetings, you need to stop claiming to be a board member and resign.


It’s rare for a director of a publicly traded company not to attend a board meeting.

Fourteen NRA board members didn’t show up to an important meeting.

This is one reason why people who are CEOs and are already on 16 different boards and indicate they are active in many other activities shouldn’t be board members of large, broken organizations like the NRA.


until another 2A organization shows… produces… a legal team competent enough to win in a case before SCOTUS or a lobbying effort effective to curtail the socialst dems in Congress, ill stay with the NRA.
our NRA is the only group liberals hate, fear and respect.


You mean a legal team better at taking credit for the work of others after failing to sabotage it.


Stop your lieing, the NRA never supported the 1994 AWB, we fought non-stop while derps like you sat on your thumbs and did NOTHING.
if you were indeed a member as you claim, you would know this but since you repeat this lie at every opportunity you find, im calling YOU out.
George Soros must be proud of you…. nobody on this site is.


You’re “lieing”. NRA gave “A” grades, cash & orange “ALERT” cards to scumbags who voted for the AWB. Even gave John Dingel an award in front of the board of directors after he resigned & voted for it. Why do that unless they backed what he did?

Crickets Chirping, shill.

BTW, besides Harold you’re the only one on Ammoland still fellating LaPew.

Last edited 24 days ago by Russn8r

the award for Lifetime Achievement was for his voting in support of our Second Amendment during his time in Congress.
Achievement…. another thing you’ve never done but man, can you whine.
here, have some cheese!



Hey, prince not-so-bright, by that logic, Geo Washington should’ve given Benedict Arnold a lifetime achievement award AFTER he betrayed us.


Downvoters are actually defending a scumbag Democrat who resigned from the NRA board to vote for the 1994 “Assault Weapon” bill and then was given an award by the head of ILA.

Roland T. Gunner

NRA has supported virtually every major piece of gun control legislation in the last hundred years. Thr one that really pisses me off was the Hughes Amendment. Li’l Wayne LePew personally negotiated that surrender.

Wild Bill

Hmmm, I just read this: Trump on Gun Control.  Michael C. Bender Sat, May 28, 2022, 9:33 AM  Feb. 28, 2018. (Tom Brenner/The New York Times) One of the most extraordinary moments of Donald Trump’s presidency was an hourlong meeting with U.S. senators in the aftermath of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, in which he forcefully argued for a litany of gun safety measures that the National Rifle Association had long opposed. Trump’s support for gun control measures — which he unrolled on live television from the White House on Feb. 28, 2018 — astonished lawmakers from both parties.… Read more »


Screw Trump we see him for the Charletin he is, he has never been pro 2A just talks a game like he is.


say whut? the NRA never supported the last minute added Hughes Amendment. It passed on a voice vote.
your knowledge of the process is flawed just as is your pathetic claim NRA supported the 1994 AWB.


The NRA supported FOPA with the Hughes Amendment.

Jeff Knox provided a detailed explanation of why the NRA supported FOPA even after it was amended.


“FOPA had been NRA’s number one priority since my father got McClure and Volkmer to introduce it in 1979. They finally got a chance to pass it (though watered down from the original) in 1986 and they were pushing hard for it. At the last minute, Hughes tagged on his machinegun freeze amendment, and Charlie Rangel slammed it through on a bogus voice vote, using his power in the Chair to claim it passed, and close the door behind it. His objective was not the passage of the Hughes Amendment, but to poison FOPA, so that Republicans and the NRA… Read more »

Alan in NH

I’m a still proud Life Benefactor, but not sending any more money unless and until the NRA gets their finances in order. We’re talking about a LOT of money and it’s obvious there are a lot of sticky fingers running our organization.


Both the Heller and McDonald cases were brought through the lower courts and before SCOTUS by the Second Amendment Foundation and their lead attorney Mr. Alan Gura. The NRA’s only involvement was in trying to stop SCOTUS from hearing either case. The case currently before SCOTUS, NYSRPA v Bruen, was brought through the lower courts and before SCOTUS by the NRA’s New York affiliate, the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, not by NRA itself.




Last edited 23 days ago by DDS

I’ll challenge that statement, GOA (who I fully support) is doing an incredible job of winning lawsuits, defending armed citizens in court, and giving us regular opportunities to take action. The NRA is a train wreck that’s been happening in slow motion for decades. I’m ashamed to have even been a member. I count the days until my membership expires (this year).


Your opinion but I don’t think your up to par about ALL the infringing and corruption in the NRA. One thing I will say is, they have sold out the 2A supporters. I was NRA Life Member and will not go back even if they get everything worked out because I will not be able to trust them. GOA has stepped up to where NRA use to be.


The L.O.C.F., LaPierre Organized Crime Family, referred to in government documents as the National Rifle Association, is beyond rescue and through it’s own actions deserves dissolution.

“Non-Profit” my A$$. Wayne doesn’t take air into his lungs unless there’s personal monetary gain in it for him. Not one more dime for NRA in it’s present form or anything closely resembling it.

After Brandon’s most recent anti-2A speech, I wrote a healthy check out to Gun Owners Of America. GOA’s mindset and attitude on the 2A mirrors my own, and right now that’ll do.


The former NRA is dead. Like you I’m all in with GOA. I’ve been a member for five years and try to make monthly donations.


Life Member, GOA!

Autsin Miller III

“In short, I think Wayne was – and is – a tool” He’s a tool alright. NRA=Not Relevant Anymore.