Last Ditch Effort to Save National Rifle Association? ~ VIDEO

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USA – -( Why Save National Rifle Association, Why Now?

Restore the NRA was created to give NRA members the means to stem the flow of NRA’s reputation, assets, and programs from going down the drain.

It was created to provide a means to address the courts regarding cases involving the NRA. To raise the funds to pay legal expenses resulting from such efforts to save and restore the NRA. Our efforts in the NRA Bankruptcy requesting the Court appoint an independent Examiner were cut short when the NYAG won her motion to dismiss the NRA bankruptcy. If we had succeeded in getting the order appointing an Examiner executive leadership would have been removed from office. At the time of the hearing, we were drafting the reorganization plan. That plan has the goal of the National Rifle Association being operated by a small committee of members vetted and approved by the Court. It would have required the oversight of a “Special Master” appointed by the Court of the Management Committee.

The Committee would be tasked with several goals:

  • Search Committee for executive and management talent.
  • Review of all contracts in force at the time of appointment.
  • Review and rewrite the corporate governance structure, simplify and clarify the bylaws, restoring the access to be on the Board of Director’s Ballot by petition with a reasonable signature requirement and a fixed number of signatures. Restore the Board of Director’s oversight and require staff to respond to direction and supply information.
  • Train staff, Board members, and officers in the law, the bylaws of the association, and their proper application to situations likely to present themselves to the Leadership.
  • Seek financial restitution for the benefit of the membership and punish those who have misappropriated NRA assets.
  • Assess the true state of NRA operations, determine shortcomings and rectify them.
  • Complete an Inventory of NRA Assets, especially in the National Firearms Museum. [rumors are the collection is being sold off or mismanaged]
  • Begin the process of addressing decades of neglect at the NRA HQ in Fairfax, Va.

Why Now? Time flies:

After the dismissal of the bankruptcy, it took time to regroup. While a deviation from the original plan after the NYAG Sued NRA. The diversion to attempt restoration of NRA in the Bankruptcy was an opportunity to address the panorama of wrongdoing inside NRA. It also would have been much faster than the NY civil court. The other thing that mandated my entry into the bankruptcy case was the ethics rules I must follow as a sitting Judge.

When a fraud is perpetrated on any court is known by a judge, it must be reported. When an attorney violates his or her own ethics rules it must be reported.( I am still working on those ethics complaints.) The failure of NRA counsel, Wayne LaPierre, and the 3 president’s to inform the board of the plan to file bankruptcy after months of preparation and then a week after that Board meeting filing the bankruptcy with the sworn statement the bankruptcy was approved by the board of directors was an act of fraud, perjury. Deceiving the Board to approve the creation of the special litigation committee and not reveal why was a lie of omission. They according to press reports spent the annual dues of 400,000 members trying to escape the clutches of the NYAG suit with their harebrained legal strategy.

After the Order of Dismissal of the bankruptcy due to the filing in bad faith, it was time to regroup and go back to my day job and determine the best path to take from there.

Then we had the efforts of Frank Taite and Rocky Marshal to intervene in the NYAG lawsuit. I wanted to give them a clean shot at becoming active litigants in that case. I did not want to hurt their chances in any way. Sadly, they came up short. I could not enter into their attorney’s contract as presented due to its provisions that I believe would have violated the rules for judges.

Why Ever?

Many, too many, believe NRA is not worth saving. That the sins of executive management warrant such and they assume other organizations would pick up the slack. One thing I observed watching this case unfold is many individuals believe they should be Wayne Lapierre’s successor. I have no such desire. I also observed that while many wish to have NRA’s money and political power, no one wants to take up the mantle of things like competitions, youth programs, and many other tasks NRA accomplishes. Well at least used to do. Others don’t want those tasks because they are “loss leaders”. But they are NRA’s core missions. They are the things that never make the news. They are the things the future of the shooting sports is completely dependent on.

Every day that passes is an opportunity lost and NRA’s financial condition deteriorates further. While Judge Cohen in Manhattan, NY dismissed the NYAG plea to dissolve NRA so she can’t keep her campaign promise to destroy the NRA. She can get there by other means. If she ignores her statutory duty to protect the membership’s interest and as she has requested chooses the special master. She can run it into the ground and go back to the judge and say she tried and keep her promise.

After all who would donate to an NRA run by an anti-rights politician.

I believe this is the last exit for the NRA Board. After watching the 12-day bankruptcy hearing I have come to the realization that the NYAG will meet her burden of proof in the NY court. If the Board does not choose LTC Allen West to be the next EVP I believe the NY Court will choose Wayne LaPierre’s replacement for them. Re-electing LaPierre to EVP on Monday will prove to the court this Board is captured by Wayne LaPierre and they will be disbanded by the Court.

The truth is if you care about the shooting sports I need your help. If you care about youth and beginners programs I need your help. If you care about our heritage, the national matches, or your State Association I need your help. If you want to preserve our rights you must help. If you know a better or cheaper way I am all ears.

If NRA falls many other things we all care about will also fall like dominoes. Concerned NRA members need to make their voice heard at the upcoming meeting of members.

Take Action here at RESTORE the NRA.

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Phillip Journey was NRA’s political activist of the year in 1993. He helped write NRA’s 1st grassroots manual has worked in over 100 campaigns at the local and state level. Phil served in the Kansas Senate and is now running for re-election to his 4th term as Judge in the largest city in his State and faces a general election opponent. He was recently elected to the NRA Board and will be sworn in after the Tucson meeting.

Phillip Journey is running for the 2020 NRA Board of Directors.

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Matt in Oklahoma

You can only sell out The People so many times before they turn on you.


I’m a life member of the NRA and have been a member for decades. I’ll be happy to do all I can to save the NRA….AFTER LaPierre and his cronies are gone and reforms made to the board to prevent such corruption from ever happening again. The NRA must first be saved from itself.


Mike – I suspect your get rid of Wayne comment is what the vast majority of us long term members truly want. Ya have to wonder how the now tarnished image of the organization would NOT have been had the ‘head honcho’ not been a self-serving hack. His suit budget alone was probably more than my net worth.


The NRA was established with goodwill and the expectation of 2A support across the board, however they became a deep state, income above all other, organization like so many now days. Using their tax breaks and advertising my pillow type companies.


I recall my awakening as to what the NRA was really about came after an exchange with a frequent adversary on a local news media outlet’s comment board. The other guy was decidedly liberal on most topics and we were frequently on opposite sides of a given topic. Even so, we were usually civil towards each-other. One day, he brought to my attention, an article in (I believe) Playboy magazine from years earlier about the NRA and its tactics. The shocker of this to me, was that on various occasions, the NRA had the opportunity to score decisive wins for… Read more »

Wild Bill

Very informative. I wish that I knew more about that article.


So do I, Wild Bill. Seems the best I could come up with at the time was some excerpts from the article. I wish I could read the whole thing.


I am so confused by all of it, in today’s world of disinformation, it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. LaPierre has been very successful in many ways, in my opinion, but on the other hand there appears that he also lost his way, his purpose. I like Mr. West but am not sure he would be a good choice, He appears to go job shopping on a regular basis to me. He doesn’t seem to be focused on any one direction but focused on getting a public job for himself, ANYWHERE he can. I question his… Read more »

Wild Bill

Ok, I can respect that. Welcome to the site. Oh, and LTC West is retired on a DoD pension and does not need a job.


I was a member in the 80’s and started to realize I’m paying money to an org that was compromising with our natural rights of self defense when they help write and supported the NICS, then, they openingly supported ‘Gun Free Zones’ and I wrote them letters and talk to the reps that called every week that wanted me to sign up again for another two years etc and Nothing. Now, when I realize the NRA is the problem and have been for decades on how we lost so many #2A over the last 60+ years. Even today, they support… Read more »


I was an NRA member for YEARS… I finally got enough of the relentless phone calls and daily mail begging for MONEY….. Maybe if the top dog and those under him weren’t VERY WEALTHY and WASTEFUL the barrage of panhandling calls and mail could STOP. Sadly, it used to be a fantastic organization, doing a great job of protecting the 2nd, NOW Mr. Waste and Mr. Greed have become it’s best friends. A pillar of this nation is crumbling thanks to it’s own undoing. The NRA toilet needs flushed befor the entire organization goes down the drain, they KNOW what… Read more »


I have to agree with you. I do maintain the basic membership in hopes of a positive outcome for the NRA. I don’t send any extra money, I don’t play along with their drawings, I throw away the NRA mail unopened, and I told them not to call me anymore.


Doesn’t it seem kind of cowardly to hold this vote Monday after all the members have left?

One of the reasons I’m going was to see what happens and if there’s propaganda for Wayne or against West.

Wild Bill

I look forward to your comments!

Dogma Factor

Why Monday? WLP efforts to prevent a Cincinnati uprising by the members and to keep him as EVP. The NRA is on course to be gutted by the NY AG office as long WLP is there.


The NRA, whether willfully or otherwise, has passed the torch to other organizations that better engage with their members, and act to the benefit of all, both members and non-members alike. The NRA has been betraying its membership, and gun owners as a whole, for over 100 years. They’ve supported the NFA, NYC’s carry permitting in 1903, bump stock bans, the assault weapons ban, etcetera. The cancer is too deeply rooted, and the only cure is certain death. The only reason to save the NRA is not to reform it, but to keep a clear target for the ire of… Read more »

Wild Bill

I did not know that it went back to 1903!


For most of its history, the NRA considered itself the purveyor of everything outdoor sporting when it came to firearms. If you take a look at their history you’ll see they pretty much lambasted anything firearm outside of sporting. I firmly believe this is where the classic “FUDD” mentality in the firearms community originated.

It wasn’t until the late 70s that the membership started to demand that they take a wider pro2A stance. However, that ship is so big that we can clearly see that the course correction is still ongoing.

Wild Bill

Interesting, I did not know that either!


that may be a good reason to keep the nra as an easy target so other groups can go unmolested , they dont attack cmp, move the youth programs under cmp and 4h


Any organization that has career leadership needs to be scrutinized because of the temptation of self interest. Just look at every form of government from a homeowners association, city, county, state and federal.
Term limits wouldn’t hurt either.


The NY civil suit is another attempt to dismantle the second amendment removing every americans freedom to own buy sell carry a gun. I am not a club member for personal reasons of the NRA as its actions have been disappointing. I would think that creating a new rifle & pistol all around shooting organization is now a necessity. There are now a lot of firearms owners in the country that would benefit old and new alike. The time has come to move forward into the twenty first century putting the NRA in the rear view mirror. I would hope… Read more »


Looks like another NRA, LaPierre based scheme to bilk money from the members. Given the recent history of the NRA, I suspect this is nothing more than Wayne LaPierre behind the scenes attempting to obtain even more funds for his personal use. I do not trust anyone currently in the hierarchy of the NRA, or any NRA group or internal organization. LaPierre has corrupted the organization from top to bottom, beginning decades ago when he took over control, and his influence will continue until he is gone, and maybe even afterwards due to the extensive corruption and influence and money… Read more »


It was corrupt from it’s core to begin with. It was founded by 4 Union Soul-diers who were part of phony Civil War twistory that bankrupted the US treasury & kept the corrupt Central Bankers running the show from the shadows. But of course that truthful version of twistory isn’t particularly popular so it’s not taught. Corporate greed & Lobby graft all ties into Central Banking Corporate interest’s & investors that was/were allowed to circumvent common sense & line pockets of the corrupt charlatan’s without transparency. They contumely screwed the people & the volunteer staff. Necessary upgrades for record keeping,… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by Tank