Leaked ATF Resignation Letter Shows Agents’ Frustration Over Politicization

ATF Police Raid IMG 2nd instagram.com/atfhq/
ATF Police Raid IMG 2nd instagram.com/atfhq/

DENVER. COLORADO -(Ammoland.com)- A leaked resignation letter provided to AmmoLand News shows the ATF agency in turmoil over political pressure.

Brandon M. Garcia was a career Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) special agent until he resigned over the politicization of the federal agency and the Government’s attempt to divide people.

Garcia sent a lengthy six-page resignation letter (embedded below) laying out his reasons for leaving the Bureau after 18 years of service. He explains that he didn’t do the job for money or “fun.” He wanted to put violent criminals behind bars. But lately, he doesn’t feel like he knew what the mission was anymore. He was asked to do things that didn’t make sense, and when he asked “why,” he was always told because “they” said so.

“I don’t know what the mission really is anymore, but I don’t like it. For the past couple of years, I have found myself asking “why” a lot more often. As of late, the answer is typically because “they” said so. I still don’t know who “they” are. But I seem to disagree with whoever “they” are on pretty much everything,” Garcia wrote in his resignation letter.”

The former Special Agent highlights how crimes across the country are prosecuted differently depending on if the state is a “red” state or a “blue” state. He explains that agents are expected to set aside their personal and political beliefs but says that the same standard doesn’t apply to the entire Department of Justice. He claims other ATF employees are struggling with the same realization.

Garcia claims that the “woke left” is running the country. He specifically targets the DOJ Civil Rights Division. He insinuates the low morale at the ATF and in law enforcement, in general, is because of the anti-law enforcement movement that he feels is being pushed by the administration and Joe Biden’s Attorney General. Merrick Garland. He says the DOJ was using COVID as a “scapegoat.” He points out that the last time that morale was as low as it is now was under the Obama administration, which was also hostile to law enforcement. He also points out that each administration celebrates diversity unless it is the diversity of thought.

“The last time morale was this low with ATF was probably 2013-2016. Coincidentally, that was also the last time we had an administration openly criticize law enforcement,” Garcia wrote. “Both administrations preached diversity, or rather “celebrate” it, but then expect everyone to have the same liberal opinion.”

The now former Agent wrote that he believes the country is more divided than ever, pushing people to extremes, and leaving those in the middle to suffer. He thinks the Government is “adding fuel to the fire.” Garcia thinks that the ATF’s leadership isn’t fighting for agents. According to him, the leadership is just going along with the administration not to lose their job. Biden demoted former ATF Acting Director Marvin Richardson for not going far enough with the new final rule surrounding the redefinition of a firearm.

Garcia believes that the ATF focuses too much on “the gun.”

He claims the recent actions by the ATF show that it is aligned with the left and says he doesn’t want to investigate the gun. He wants to investigate the criminal. He claims that the ATF used the failed vaccine mandate to increase the ATF’s budget to concentrate on “the gun.” He claims that the ATF “catered” to Biden’s dislike of guns. He says that most ATF agents are pro-gun and anti-criminal. He states that ATF agents didn’t become agents to go after law-abiding citizens for non-compliant firearms or to argue what a gun is or is not.

“Did our leaders forget that ATF agents are law enforcement? Most agents are pro-gun. All agents should be anti-criminal. We did not become ATF agents so we could collect data, ensure firearms are in compliance, seize trigger groups, argue about what a firearm is or is not, seize firearms for reasons other than prosecuting criminals, or spend countless hours inputting data to justify someone else’s existence in HQ. We became ATF agents so we could work the streets and smack evil in the mouth. We took this job because we are willing to risk it all and hope that we can make the streets just a little bit safer for the law abiding, upstanding citizens of the USA. At least that’s why I became an ATF agent,” Garcia wrote.

Garcia talks about how the Biden administration talks about guns and violent crime in the same sentence and pushes for banning certain types of firearms, but in blue states, those charged with gun crimes are only given a slap on the wrist.

He also states that violent crimes committed with firearms are usually “pled down to non-violent crimes, and the defendant again avoids prison.”

He also believes that banning guns wouldn’t stop crime. Garcia logically points out that criminals do not obey the laws. He doesn’t think criminals will stop using firearms no matter what the law says. He believes that banning guns will only affect law-abiding citizens.

The former Special Agent believes that the administration is targeting the conservative population. Garcia points out that very few people were charged with rioting during the summer of 2020, but hundreds have been arrested for the January 6 event for just being there. He even insinuates that pallets of bricks and frozen water bottles were planted at the scene of the 2020 summer riots.

“We can probably agree that law abiding citizens do not commit gun crime. I think that we can probably also agree that the majority of gun owners tend to be more conservative than liberal. So essentially, gun control will only affect law abiding, conservative citizens. Therefore, the Government is only punishing the conservative population. Similarly, in the summer of 2020, rioters were allowed to burn cities, assault the police, and terrorize citizens with little to no consequence. However, the chaos associated with January 6 has resulted in hundreds and hundreds of prosecutions. The vast majority of the defendants have been convicted of simply being there. They didn’t even have pallets of bricks or frozen water bottles staged at the scene, let alone Molotov cocktails for them to throw at the police. Still, 18 months later, the left continues to be absolutely obsessed with it,” Garcia said.

Garcia calls out President Joe Biden for blaming January 6 on Trump. He highlights Biden was saying you can’t be “pro-insurrection and pro-cop.” He insinuates that Biden and the Democrats are not “pro-cop.” he says that the administration changed the definition of “hypocrisy” like they changed the definition of “vaccine.”

“Where was the support of law enforcement from the Democratic party during the presidential campaign? For at least the past 10 years, the Democratic party and the DOJ Civil Rights Division has consistently justified criminal behavior, advocated for decriminalization, and scrutinized the officer’s actions when an officer was assaulted. That is the equivalent of asking a domestic violence victim what they did to cause their spouse to beat them up,” Garcia wrote.

During the January 6 event, a Capitol Police Officer shot and killed Ashli Babbitt. Garcia surmised if the protestors and Babbitt were left-wing, then the liberal media would crucify the officer, making sure he would never have worked again. He believes the DOJ is the “driving force behind this double standard.” He calls for equal treatment under the law.

He claims that politicians do not care about the truth. He says that they only care about public opinion. Garcia claims that the majority of the population supports law enforcement. He says most criminals dislike cops but that the Democrats are trying to appease the criminal population.

Garcia also takes issue with the amount of “violent federal defendants released following their detention hearing.” He says the system was broken. The agent blames the revolving door of prison as the reason for the rise of violent crime over the past few years.

Garcia says guns are not the problem. He believes that the problem is not holding criminals accountable for their actions. The former agent doesn’t think seizing firearms will combat violent crime. He believes that more violent criminals should be locked up and accuses legislators and members of the judicial system with neglecting their oath to uphold the Constitution.

He ends by saying he believes in God, I believe “in The Constitution, and I believe that bad guys belong in prison.” He doesn’t think the Government believes in those anymore.

Read the complete leaked letter here exclusively at AmmoLand News.

Leaked Resignation Letter Shows ATF Agents Frustration Over Politicization

About John Crump

John is an NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

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Matt in Oklahoma

Ain’t just the ATF. I retired just at the right time


what part of the soup were you in ?


Maybe, maybe not. The more “good” people in agencies and law enforcement the better. Particularly senior people in leadership roles. Big part of Garcia’s complaint was about AFT leadership not leading, not pushing back against insane instructions, and not educating law makers.
Sure the top individual at AFT will always be a political beast, but if second level leadership holds the line they can make world of difference.
DC is called the swamp because bureaucrats can resist political pressure for dramatic change. Instead of railing against the swamp, we should be using it.

Desert Rat

I think that Garcia’s lament is not typical of most who work for the alphabet agencies. They seem to reflect a more gleeful attitude toward persecuting the lawful conservative gun owners and dealers. As these agencies arm themselves in anticipation of the uprising of the people, each person who wears the badge or the uniform who has sworn to uphold the Constitution is going to have to decide very soon which side of the line he will be on. With the communists firmly in charge of all government agencies they think this is the time for them to complete their… Read more »


waiting for a spark …it is coming …a raid on a cnc shop or some other un founded bs and there will be a pile of we were just doing our jobs leaking out


His letter is So sad and so true!


Garcia says, “the system was broken”. Well, yes. The system is the government. It is so broken you can not walk across the landscape with out tripping on decaying shards of government. Maybe Garcia believes in his mission, and that is good. But to achieve that, you must believe in government to give you the tools to accomplish your goal. Unfortunately, that tool box is loaded with blunt instrument anti-constitutional tools that hurt, well, me for one. In trying to practice his mission, Garcia surely helps some by incarcerating others who should be. He also stirs the patriot pot to… Read more »


The key to sustaining a Rogue Federal Government is maintaining solidarity within Rogue Federal Agencies by purging anyone who is not a Rogue Federal Agent. Anyone who served in the military under Clinton or Obama knows what I am talking about. Get the Constitutionalists and Christians out of the way, make their jobs impossible and make their lives miserable. But here is the rub: to reset the system you do the exact same thing. In this case the US Department of Justice needs to open field offices in Adak Alaska, Guantanamo Bay Cuba and Diego Garcia. Transfer the Rogue Federal… Read more »


there would be almost no one anywhere else,better review files and do a air traffic controller move and FIRE all the bad ones ….you dont live up to your oath gone….


“If you take all the guns off the streets you will still have a crime problem. However, If you take all the Criminals off the street you cannot have a gun problem.” – Col. Cooper What was true then is still true now. That is called “A Mighty Right!” I always suspected that the average BATFE agent was not representative of the BATFE administration. This letter of resignation goes a long way proving it. I am sorry that he left the job. Having someone on the inside to “Fight the Good Fight” is always helpful. I am becoming seriously worried… Read more »


he and the other good people will leave and the power hungry nuts will stay , think how close to retirement he was …when I resigned dea I was 3 years 7 months to retirement, could have switched agencies…but like this guy I saw how bad they all were….the government does not want idealists solving a problem leads to smaller government


The late Col Jeff Cooper commented in 1958, “Killing is a matter of will, not means. You cannot control the intent by passing laws about the means.” “That is why our masters in Washington are so anxious to disarm us. They are not afraid of criminals. They are afraid of a populace which cannot be subdued by tyrants. ” – Jeff again. “What are we going to do if citizens are disarmed, and the government doesn’t obey its own laws?” – yeah, Jeff. “One of the notable aspects of the democratic process is that one need not know anything about a… Read more »


he is right on several points, firearms are inanimate objects that require human interaction to function whether for good or evil, criminals do not follow the laws of civil society, the left is the party that overlooks acts of violence perpetuated by their people and refuses to punish them. there is a huge political divide in America today, the left is so woke they are crazy and the right is trying to hold it together but lacks the balls to do what they need. most citizens know this but are unwilling to vote to fix things, they only vote for… Read more »


I have a few with personalities, the finicky bitch that only eats expensive loads, the happy go lucky that wont keep a 0 , and the gunny that with iron sights is a sure kill hunter to as far as I can see

Miserable Wretch

The DOJ needlessly makes enemies out of those who would enforce their draconian rules, and yes, for them that’s a problem.


Back in the 90’s, the Clinton Administration began hiring people for the justice, law enforcement and intelligence agencies that had been thoroughly vetted by Soros and his organizations. (Take a look at the backgrounds of just about any agency head currently in the government and you’ll see that they have ties back to George Soros or one of his organizations.) Those people are now the ones in charge of, or are high ranking bureaucrats in critical federal agencies. They have allegiances to him and his organization and not the the US Constitution.


(Please expand comment for readable formatting) “Did our leaders forget that ATF agents are law enforcement?” Did BATF forget that its only constitutional authority is as tax collectors? …the National Firearms Act of 1934 was patterned after the previously enacted Harrison Narcotics act, which had been based upon the tax power of the Federal government… In order to force compliance with the revenue provisions there was the additional requirement that every weapon within its purview be registered by specific terms and serial number with the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Tax Division of the Internal Revenue Service.The reason the National Firearms Act… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by Larry

It was broken when I left more than 20 years ago.


Hats off to Mr. Garcia for stating truth. There is no way an honorable man would follow crooked orders which is what’s happening with this government trash.




“I will always fight for law enforcement.” ~ Brandon Garcia


Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?


and you know he made himself a target with that letter, mine was short and sweet


Maybe that’s why he ended the letter that way.

It’s a weird culture.