Industry Turncoat Resorts to Tired Smears to Push Citizen Disarmament

Who better to heed than someone who switches troughs?  (Giffords/Facebook)
Who better to heed than someone who switches troughs?  (Giffords/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -(

“I testified to Congress about the gun industry. It rattled me to my core,” Ryan Busse writes for the U.S. edition of the UK’s The Guardian. “Gun-makers are openly marketing to – and perhaps even creating – the next generation of mass shooters, all in service of their bottom line.”

Ryan Busse is a former industry executive “who is now a senior policy adviser for Giffords. He is the author of Gunfight: My Battle Against the Industry that Radicalized America.”

There’s a book that cries for a good fisking, as five minutes using Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature makes clear.  But Busse’s latest sanctimonious recollections of biting the hand that fed him in front of a Democrat-led industry struggle session save us the trouble of further rewarding his betrayals.

He’s not even original in that. The industry had already seen two high-level desertions in years past.

“Gun lobbyist” Richard Feldman turned around after years of lucrative employment to pen Ricochet: Confessions of a Gun Lobbyist (in fairness, looking at revelations of Wayne LaPierre’s excesses that have since come out, NRA more than handed him all he needed to accuse its execs of using scare tactics to keep the money pouring in).

Then there was the late Robert Ricker. I won’t speak ill of the dead and I won’t try to hide what I said of him when he was alive.

I’m not forming any kinder impressions of this Busse character, especially seeing the way he resorts to smearing traditional Americans in general and gun owner rights advocates in particular as violent conspiracy nuts, extremists, and haters, all the while portraying himself as the epitome of a Fudd with a big “I believe in the Second Amendment but...”

“I’m still a proud gun owner who believes in responsibility,” Busse claims. What, and we who think he’s a manipulative apparatchik for the infringers don’t?

“Their industry is nakedly marketing to – and in the process perhaps even creating – the next generation of mass shooters, all in service of their bottom line,” Busse asserts.

That’s what “creates” killers? Occasional random exposure to magazine ads? Got data? And we’re now to limit commercial speech for everyone because society refuses to segregate a minuscule handful of dangerous aberrants from their potential victim pool while denying said victims from having the means of defense in government-mandated “gun-free zones”?

As an aside, for those who haven’t been paying attention, the industry is hardly the leader in the uncompromising fight to resist infringements. Some of us have long taken the gun companies to task for compromising (recall the Smith & Wesson Clinton sell-out at the White House Rose Garden or Bill Ruger throwing everyone else under the bus to save his Mini-14), or for not leading in a long overdue effort to “pull a Barrett” on cities and states that are trying to kill the “civilian” market.

As a former vice president of sales for Kimber, why hasn’t Ryan Busse turned over his corporate memos, business plans, and other documentation for creating that next generation over to the FBI for law enforcement action so they can frog march his former bosses to their cells? Perhaps because he doesn’t actually have anything to substantiate the libel, but he knows he can get away with it to the applause of approving media amplifiers?

What does Busse mean by “responsibility”? It’s pretty obvious. Everything his new trough-fillers at Giffords want. All backed up with government guns in case anyone is inclined not to “cooperate.” And the dig at “Kyle Rittenhouse killing people at a protest with his Smith & Wesson Military & Police-line rifle” — that is, at an innocent man adjudicated with full due process to have lawfully defended himself — stands in pretty stark contrast to all those prior restraints and prohibitions without due process that Busse’s new masters are so hot on imposing.

And no character smear would be complete without channeling his inner Antifa blackshirt and implying that his ideological opponents are Nazis. Hence we get his much ado about nothing over “a Norse tattoo known to be favored by white supremacists and by the ‘QAnon’ shaman.”

Oh, them. Like nobody I know.

But since he brought it up the valknut is also used by SCA, Sweden’s renewable and sustainable forestry product company, and by the German Football Association. In this case, though, Busse is attempting to conflate the industry with Odinists, which is a curious bit of narrative conflict when you consider the rest of the left is going nuts over “Christian Nationalists.”

And about that “racism” guilt by association Busse’s trying to establish, it’s not his side that documented and condemned “the racist roots of gun control” or reminds people of the commendable actions of the Deacons for Defense and Justice. Isn’t it curious that he condemns Republicans for inviting “a witness from Gun Owners of America” but somehow doesn’t think it relevant to mention who that witness was?

It’s not Busse’s side celebrating record gun  sales “, especially among African Americans and first-time gun buyers.” His side is the one demanding special disarmament restrictions on minorities and resurrecting Jim Crow laws by pricing the tools of defense outside of what the less financially able can afford: It’s all Democrats proposing that 1,000 % tax on semiautos.

What idiot prohibitionists can never seem to get in their heads about racism is that judging someone’s worth based on the group they were born into, instead of by their words and actions as individuals, is flat-out collectivism. The only people who do that are collectivists. And we see Busse trying to do that here. For a guy who is trying so hard to present himself as “woker than thou” and holding the moral high ground, that’s pretty contemptible. But at least the paycheck’s steady.

And that leads us to a warning issued back in 2005 by the late Neal Knox, commenting on an NRA “help wanted” ad for a state liaison, stating, “Experience with firearms, hunting, and criminal justice reform issues helpful, but not required.”

“…Ricker’s highly publicized stance serves to point out the pitfalls of NRA’s policy of seeking to employ Washington insiders, rather than individuals concerned with Second Amendment issues,” Knox correctly observed.

I was not as polite:

“If you’re going to dally with whores, don’t act all shocked and indignant when you find them doing somebody else.”

There’s a line from Goldfinger you’d think the industry would have learned by now, especially with Busse making this the third time.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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“If you’re going to dally with whores, don’t act all shocked and indignant when you find them doing somebody else.”

Very true.

Country Boy

It will soon be time to fight for our rights and freedoms. Best be prepared.


This is to be expected when the firearms industry hires executives who are not “gun people”. They have no interest in firearms or the Second Amendment beyond the money they can make off of them until they get a better offer from General Motors or General Electric or General Mills. This guy obviously found not only a better paycheck, but a way to become this week’s media darling.


Exactly! They aren’t “turncoats”, they’re people hired to do a job. They “represent” whoever pays them. Like mercenaries or lawyers.

Roland T. Gunner

Please do not lump mercenaries into the same amoral category as lawyers.


American corporations are full of folks who sell themselves to the highest bidder. The way to get ahead is to be void of virtues and values and assume the character of the corporation. That is not a life worth living.


Democrats recruit those that become afraid of their own future. Busse is one of those recruits that have now become a two sided influencer being used at his own expense. Today Biden and his band of dimwits have raise interest rates again while adding 87,000 IRS workers on the government payroll.The democrats are on the march weaponizing all forms of alphabet agencies against those who will not comply. The FBI raid on President Trump’s Florida residency is also a shot across the bow of Ron Desantis.If you are a republican you are under investigation by Merrick Garland. If you are… Read more »


But really, the clown socks give away the whole game.

Wild Bill

That is funny! I had not noticed.

Wild Bill

Busse makes his living as a trained parrot, now.


Because Kyle Rittenhouse was mentioned in this article, I offer this reminder.
Gaige Grosskruetz (Antifa organizer and speaker), the person who attempted to murder Kyle Rittenhouse, has not yet faced prosecution on that attempted murder charge. Apparently the prosecutor’s campaign fund and Grosskruetz draw moniey from the same Soros pool. Who would have thought that Lady Justice holding out her scales, was weighing dirty money against our liberty.


“I’m still a proud gun owner who believes in responsibility,” Busse claims.

Biden is also a proud gun owner who fires both barrels off his back porch because shooting in the air works far better than shooting at someone trying to kill you. You don’t want to use a 9mm or you’ll blow their lungs out!
(I’d really like to find out what ammo he’s using.)

Last edited 1 month ago by Terry

He has a customized 9mm that fires 50 BMG.


Shhhh! Don’t tell Harold Hutchinson, NSSF & NRA.


From the thumbnail, I thought that it was Pincus.

Dubi Loo

Maybe the word “turncoat” in the title made you think of him?


Pincus. Didn’t that used to be circumcised for hygiene?


“Dally with Whores,” now that’s an apt description of both Houses of Congress.

Oh for a simpler time… …when we could take the miscreants and Tar and Feather them.


Democrats breed mass shooters


Ever culture war issue has its consultant class and its mass mailing based fund raising industry. And these folks are hired guns. They watch carefully to see the subtle shifts in the political winds and they jump ship at the first sign of a shifting wind. This is the case here. The money machines that are NRA AND the Giffords Law Center will attract the money motivated. Bu look at those who do not have a financial dog in the fight to see where real public sentiment lies. The rent-a-mobs used by the left, the Parkland Kids are a prime… Read more »


Hey Terry; I remember another ‘leader’ who fired his gun into the air from his balcony. The US Army took care of his dictatorial butt. As I now recall his countrymen Hung him by the neck until Dead.


Ricker & Feldman were “access” lobbyists. Cared F-all about 2A. Should be no surprise they were hooked up with NSSF, RSR, the usual quislings.

As to Knox: Too bad he didn’t heed his own warning. Hired LaPew knowing he was a closet-queen lobbyist who never owned a gun, backed too many corrupt Butt-FUDDs, LE brass & celebs for directors who sold out soon as they got on the board.

Last edited 1 month ago by Russn8r