Concealed Carry Illegally Banned at Upcoming DeSantis Event

Gun Control in Florida Costs Lives, Allexxandar-iStock-884197090
Donors attending the upcoming “Ronald Reagan Black Tie and Blue Jeans BBQ” will have to decide whether hearing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speak is worth an infringement of their Second Amendment rights. IMG iStock-884197090

U.S.A. -( Donors attending the upcoming “Ronald Reagan Black Tie and Blue Jeans BBQ” will have to decide for themselves whether hearing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speak is worth an infringement of their Second Amendment rights.

The $60-per-plate fundraiser will be held Thursday in the Legacy Park Multipurpose Center – a public building owned by the city of Alachua, Florida, which is taxpayer funded and supported.

The Alachua County Republican Executive Committee organized the barbecue. It’s their annual fundraiser.

Once attendees purchased tickets online, they were warned in an email that their gun rights would be forfeit:

********** IMPORTANT NOTICE **********

Be aware that all guests will be required to pass through a security check-point at entry which will include scanning by METAL DETECTOR.

********** IMPORTANT NOTICE **********

The warning was signed by Ann Stone, treasurer of the Alachua County Republican Executive Committee.

A Florida Carry member who purchased four tickets for the event told Stone in an email that banning firearms from a public event on public property is illegal.

“Just a quick note, since the facility is city-owned on city property, concealed carry CANNOT be banned during the event. That’s the law. I hope everyone understands this,” the member wrote in the email to Stone.

Stone responded by warning the member DeSantis might pull out if he raised the issue.

“It might be the law, but Ron DeSantis is NOT speaking unless there are no guns or other weapons.  I think you would be mobbed if you caused him to leave without speaking,” Stone said in her reply.

Delanie Bomar, press secretary for the Ron DeSantis for Governor campaign, did not respond to several requests seeking comment for this story.

Unwritten rules

Reached by phone Monday afternoon, Stone confirmed that it was the Alachua County REC that organized the event. However, she said the DeSantis campaign and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FLDE) gave them a list of very specific rules.

“All I know is that he will not appear if there are guns there,” Stone said. “It’s more his campaign. They’re not organizing the event, but they gave us the rules for having him on board, and that’s the rules they gave us.”

Stone said the Alachua County REC did not receive a written copy of these rules, adding that they were given “vocally.” She also said she possessed a valid Florida Concealed Weapon and Firearm License but was more than willing to be disarmed.

“I am a gun person, but what I see is that Ron DeSantis is an up-and-comer. He’s important and needs to be protected, so I have no problem going without my gun,” she said.

Stone claimed she does not see concealed-carry licensees as a threat but added that “people bought tickets to begin with, and who knows who they could be.”

“We didn’t make the rules,” she said. “But we have to live with them.”

Legal questions

While the concealed carry of firearms is perfectly legal in the governor’s office, it is unclear why it is not legal at a fundraiser held on the public-owned property.

If FDLE issued the no-guns directive, they would be regulating firearms, which violates Florida’s powerful preemption statute. Signed into law in 1987, the preemption statute only allows the state legislature to regulate guns. It has severe penalties for any public official who violates the law, including a $5,000 fine and removal from office.

The Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project sent a Florida Public Records Request to FDLE seeking copies of the rules they use when DeSantis speaks at a public event.

Stone claimed the concealed-carry ban was lawful because the barbecue was no longer a public event, at least not anymore.

“According to someone, they ran it past legal and legal said it was a ‘closed event,’ so it’s okay,” she said. “Members of the public could buy tickets but then we closed it. There aren’t any more tickets available.”

Eric Friday, general counsel for Florida Carry and one of the most experienced Second Amendment attorneys in the state, said local party leaders should look at their own platform, which supports gun rights.

“After 35 years of preemption in Florida, it’s disturbing that FDLE and some people still think they have the ability to limit citizens’ self-defense rights,” he said.


DeSantis is running for reelection against former governor Charlie Crist. While DeSantis has promised to sign a constitutional carry bill, Crist supports Joe Biden’s entire anti-gun agenda and more – including “assault weapon” and standard-capacity magazine bans, as well as repeal of Florida’s preemption statute. To be clear, DeSantis wants to expand our gun rights, while Crist wants even more infringements.

Since his campaign spokeswoman did not return calls, it is not known if DeSantis is even aware that he will be speaking to an audience that was unlawfully disarmed.

Legally armed Floridians are not a threat, especially to a governor whom so many admire. At the very least, this is incredibly bad staff work and terrible optics by members of his campaign.

Going forward, I hope the DeSantis campaign will factor in gun rights when it plans future events. There are more than a few of us who would not willingly disarm even if Ronald Reagan himself was speaking at the Ronald Reagan Black Tie and Blue Jeans BBQ.

This story is presented by the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and wouldn’t be possible without you. Please click here to make a tax-deductible donation to support more pro-gun stories like this.

About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams

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So this is a Desantis decision not to appear if guns are allowed at his own event? To hell with the law. I’ve never thought Desantis was as pro-2A as he “says” he is and this is more proof of that. This is just another reason Constitutional Carry will never pass with him as Governor.

Last edited 3 months ago by Ope

He sounds like another Trump. Talks a great game! Delivering, well that is another matter.


You downvoted me but conveniently forget that Trump made much political hay off of nationwide CWP reciprocity and protecting our gun rights. Trump never had time to push reciprocity but he DID push through a bumpstock ban. Also, he tried very hard to get former FOP National President and anti-gun icon Chuck Canterbury appointed as head of BATFE.


I agree and Trump and Desantis better both rethink where they stand on this issue or they can both go to hell with the rest of the RINOs and all Democrats . FJB and Ron Desantis and Donald Trump .


Trump did more for this country in the short time that he was in office, all while under constant attack from the Left…..than any other President since Teddy R., & maybe even more than him. All for free, as he said he would. He donated his first quarter salary (which he was required by law to take) to the National Forest Service. Quarter’s 2-4, he donated to the HHS’s fund to combat the Opioid crisis. Here’s a list of what he accomplished during his time in Office. Name another President that came anywhere close, please. Oh, wait. You can’t Because… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by 3manfan

Gullible much?

Ansel Hazen

Grigori, Trump really did do all that stuff. But none of it matters unless he gets on board with the 2A. In fact all of them need to be given that same message.
They need to be told there are no buts in shall not be infringed and if they can’t abide by that they need to find another way to make a living.


Excellent point, Ansel! I dunno about some of that stuff. Maybe, but some sounds like a lot of political fluff and hogwash, the same as you might have seen attributed to Obama’s list of “accomplishments and other great deeds”. Wouldn’t surprise me to find both lists were written by the same people as I believe the same people pull both of their strings when it is time to make them dance. I don’t have time to cover the whole list but here’s a few: 2. Great! So now we have an additional aspect to our already crippling “defense” budget for… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Grigori

Don’t forget:

121, Bust the national debt up 3 Trillion Dollars and sure, the stock market goes up. Now that the fake money has been distributed, where will the stock market go?



Great point, HLB!


right on brother


Ansel, for whatever reasons when President Trump was elected, he thought thief and scumbag Wayne Lapierre was the absolute authority on anything and everything firearm related. When Trump said, “take the guns first, due process later” <paraphrasing, and his decision (recommendation) on bump stocks (although Trump never did ban bump stock because he didn’t have the authority to) this both occurred immediately after meeting with Lapierre at the WH. Not an excuse for Trump, just an explanation. I can guarantee Trump has learned from that very misguided confidence he had in that parasite.


So, I guess he didn’t learn much, because very late in his term, Trump also pushed very hard to install anti-gun icon and former National President of FOP, Chuck Canterbury as head of BATF. I mean, how many betrayals does Trump have to commit before some of you guys wake up and smell the dog dookie?


Grigori, Trump nominated Canterbury on the recommendation of Lapierre. Trump knew nothing about him and didn’t even know who he was. Just don’t vote for Trump in ‘24, that will sure show him won’t it ? Trump will still win by a landslide but you will get your revenge!

Last edited 3 months ago by Ope

I was trying to counter your point that Trump learned his lesson about taking advice from LaPierre after he pushed through the bumpstock ban. Now you tell me his pushing Canterbury for BATF head was also LaPierre’s doing? If so, it sounds as though Trump has sub-zero powers of discernment and character judgment OR, as I have long suspected, is a complete and total sellout to his base.


Grigori, look, we can go back and forth over this all year. There’s nothing on this earth that will ever change my position and opinion about President Trump. This has almost turned into something like you’re playing to the entire board. You are the one that started this when you flipped an article about Desantis for an opportunity to snidely trash President Trump. Think whatever you want and keep your “opinion” !


“There’s nothing on this earth that will ever change my position and opinion about President Trump.”

And that is a big part of my point! You people are so brainwashed or so starstruck with his cult-of-personality that even when confronted with proof of betrayal, you would never cease to worship at Trump’s feet. Yall are some sick puppies. Thanks for the admission!

Wild Bill

Your comments are so unifying and diplomatic.


Nope! Trying to make the point that we have one side telling us what they are going to do to us (Brandon, et al) and another side telling us they have our back but are sticking a knife in it at every turn. Sadly, some have totally deified the one sticking a knife in our back and cannot come to grips that he is anything but a perfect, infallible, ally.

Very sad indeed.


And what has “Brandon” done in 50 plus years in government, besides collect his 10% for the “BIG GUY”?
Oh I remember, his stellar legal advice, telling everybody to step out on your balcony and fire two blast from your double-barreled shotgun into the air, to scare away burglars. What an idiot.


Brandon NEVER did anything for me. He has always told me what he was going to do to us, like he did with the weapons/magazine ban of 1994. But guess what? I likewise NEVER voted for him or supported him in any way, or expected anything good from him. He has always been a total piece of fece in my book. Do you want to know who rates lower in my esteem than the enemy wearing the uniform or carrying the card of his side as he tells me he will do nothing good for me? The guy who stands… Read more »


what would be cool if a standing president walked around with a side arm strapped to his hip, has any president done that


Probably not in over a hundred years. I recall back in (I believe) the early 1990’s, there was serious unrest in Moscow. This was some time before the fall of the Soviet Union. News here in The States included video taken from inside The Kremlin. I recall tanks had been deployed outside of The Kremlin and may have even fired on The Kremlin. Not sure exactly what factions were at odds in this disagreement, but one thing that impressed me greatly was the video from within The Kremlin. Those old politicos, for lack of a better term, were wearing Makarovs… Read more »


I don’t think Theodore Roosevelt ever carried open while president, but he sure carried concealed most the time.

Desert Rat

Reagan carried a lot of the time.


Yes! A friend and former boss told me that when Reagan came to town one time, he was part of the security and liaison with USSS related to the event. He wound up near President Reagan for a while and the President engaged him in conversation. Somehow, it got onto the subject of firearms and Reagan told him that he had a .357 Magnum in his briefcase and that it was usually with him. I remember thinking that was cool.

Wild Bill

Andrew Jackson shot a burglar off of the back porch of the Whitehouse.


Bill, I sure hope Jackson got a better security detail after that. I’m not even sure the secret service existed during Jackson’s time.

Wild Bill

Nope, no SS at that time, but the various governments obeyed the Constitution.


And just what does this cut and paste list have to do with the subject at hand?

Stop posting SPAM.


I agree Trump was good for the economy but not so good for our 2nd amendment rights and it appears DeSantis is cut from the same cloth . These elitests want armed protection while they limit our rights to defend ourselves . Trump and DeSantis both fall into this category . Sorry if the truth hurts . I voted for Trump but wanted my vote back after he signed the executive order on bump stocks . Got it !


i agree brother but bump stocks are worthless


That is NOT the point. In two years, with his bumpstock ban, Trump inflicted more actual, tangible, damage on our 2A rights than Obama did in eight. Citizens were forced to destroy or otherwise get rid of property they owned which was previously legal and for which they had invested money or become Federal felons. What blows my mind, is that if Obama had done this the Trumpanzees would have been screaming for his head on a stick at the gates of the city, and rightfully so. Their false savior Trump did it and all you hear are excuses; lame… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Grigori

I merely made a comparison, and a quite accurate comparison if I do say so, myself. Then the excuse makers came, among whom you were in the company of.

You call yourself a 3%er, but I quite doubt it. The first call for turning in of arms, I imagine you will be at the front of the line, wheelbarrow at the ready, compliant with all unlawful orders.


i seem to remember that trump was against so called assault type weapon’s in his stats that i read before the election and am not sure if no guns at the barbeque event is a bad idea, let me explain, i went to a republican event at some filthy rich persons mansion were gov Abbott was coming to, in my opinion the security was not so good, i decided to leave my pistol in the car, at any time a nut job could of pulled a gun or a knife out while shaking the govs hand and do him in.… Read more »


We have no guarantees on our safety at any given spot. Why should they be any different or better. They are not.


If special interests are allowed to have special Constitutional considerations, then we get to where we are now, which is not acceptable. No, the Constitution is dominant. Everybody has to deal with their own chosen situation in a way that works best for them, but not at the expense of my rights.



DeSantis Said he’d sign a Constitutional Carry bill if it landed on his desk. Could it be he knew it would never arrive?


It most certainly could. Much like the Congresscritters who wait until we have a Democrat President and/or majority or shaky parity on Capitol Hill to introduce a primo Gun Rights bill that they know damn good and well has zero chance of passing.


Absolutely, Desantis knows damn good and well CC in Florida will never get passed into law with him as Governor. Like you say, it will never arrive on his desk.


Screw DeSantis and the rest of the reThuglicans who stand to benefit from that event! I would never attend a rally for politicians where my gun was not also welcomed, much less contribute to such garbage by paying for tickets or donating. I hope there is a mass demand for refund of ticket monies.


?????? there was a good point made about WHO is buying the tickets and most who claim to be 2nd amend pro are just worthless professional politicians who will say or do anything to get elected, how many politicians have you known who did not do what they said they would do, we should make a law banning professional politicians


Was considering voting for the clown , but now he can eat shit and die . I will never support a chamelion like that. Ron Desantis is as 2 faced as they come it appears . Just a wolf on sheep’s clothing .FRD


Thus (by default), you support Crist and the leftist clowns who will have you eat shit and die.


Montana, I agree. I wonder if Desantis realizes what a spineless, cowardly,and weasley thing he is doing at his own event? He will realize it soon enough!


This appears to be the plague of the professional staffers at work. These hangers-on cash in a build their personal power by saying ‘governor says’ or ‘senator says’ in the hopes the no one will dare ask the boss directly. The same thing happens in the military when the REMF types say ‘general says.’ The best antidote to that is to talk with the boss. Folks will soon learn that quoting the boss can be a terminal game if you paraphrase.


Good idea! That might work, BUT (yeah, there’s that big ole hairy, smelly, but) so many of today’s “Kings” let their staffers run things like that which they consider to be, “the small stuff”. In so many cases, a Chief Of Staff or equivalent carries as much or more power as the actual King.

Still, it just might be worth a try! It would be fun to see the sub-King have to eat crow.


You nailed it exactly on the head why TERM LIMITS is the most destructive thing we could do to end this teetering marvelous Representative Republic. Staff Rules has a frightening meaning, doesn’t it?


Up until LBJ (and whatever factions he controlled in the Federal government (and perhaps “criminal enterprises” and “subversive cabals”)) assassinated JFK, politicians were generally as safe (if not more so) in public as the general the average indentured citizen taxpayer. … First, all demonrats and now most all politicians of whatever ilk “sell fear” and that means they must “live the lie” (of course, it makes them feel special to have “security experts” tell them they need be protected; and like Paul Ryan cause taxpayers to “secure” their homes). If Hillary, Mitch, Chuck, Nancy, “pencilneck”, et al are all still… Read more »

Arkansas Rob

The furor could have been diminished if the initial notification had said those without a CCP would be subject to search. Not fond of permission for a right, but…


If you think that is bad…..
US LawShield has hired Dierks Bentley to do a private concert for their members.
That guy has proposed stricter gun control…..and they hired him!
Out of all the entertainers in the world, they hire the anti-gun guy.

USLS has gone “woke”.


Please help me out. I never heard of the guy, before. A glance at his Wikipedia page did not turn up anything of note. By your post he is obviously not one of us but can you give me particulars?

I wouldn’t mind seeing .38 Special. I used to listen to a lot of their music on the radio in the early 1980’s.

Yes, he was a poor choice indeed!

Last edited 3 months ago by Grigori

Lets hear the DeSantis side of this before everyone goes off half cocked. If true then do we abandon him, and insure a certain Marxist takes the governship ? Politics is always choosing the least evil over the most evil, or choosing no one at all. My vote is on DeSantis over the Marxists.

Last edited 3 months ago by Jaque

I am tired a voting for idiots from the other side of the aisle ( Republicans ) that screw us as bad as the left. Politicians from either side of the aisle who violate thier oath will never see my vote . To hell with all RINOs and Democrats that violate thier oath and lie about everything .


Thank You, Montana454Casull! Looking at it another way, when the same people control both sides of the aisle, in the long run we’re just as screwed with the side that tells us what we want to hear and then sticks it to us, as with the side that tells us what they intend to do to us. A few years ago, it was (correctly) pointed out that an apparent majority of black citizens voted Democrat most of the time. Someone began asking both black leaders and average black citizens if the Democrats did anything that actually improved their lives. An… Read more »


So, tell me, did you decide not to vote and trust the leftists not to enact more gun control, not to trash our economy, not to let the millions of illegal aliens into the country?


Dude, the point so many are missing is that BOTH sides are working against us. BOTH appear to be controlled by the same puppeteer. One gives an illusion, albeit a very weak one, of working for us. If you seriously believe our votes count for anything anymore, you have some serious disappointments in store.

Jefferson’s cherished tree grows quite thirsty, yet too many are distracted by the political dog-and-pony shows to notice, as intended.


so what is the answer, stay home and watch football or twittal your thumbs


For all the good it does, you might as well.


right on brother. i vote for who i think will do the best job


welcome to the world of professional politicians


very good point


Yep – this is not ideal….but what is the alternative for you “I ain’t gonna vote for him” guys/gals…? Charlie Crist, the DIMOCRAT….? Or skip voting?…which IS the same as voting for the Dimocrat…? Be smart. Be pissed. But stay smart…..


In Florida you cannot open carry and per DeSantis’ security team, attendees must be disarmed. I don’t like either condition but I understand how someone from the violent left would use the opportunity to take a shot at the Governor and it is a fantasy to think that a security team can always stop such an attack in time. I doubt there is a law against the open display of an empty holster. I encourage people who do go to wear their nicest OWB holster as prominently as possible.


Love Gov. DeSantis but I would not trust FDLE to protect a warm bucket of piss… They are by far the most incompetent LE and unethical organization in Florida..

Idaho Bob

DeSantis just went down a bunch of notches…….If it is true that it’s DeSantis who wants firearms banned when he’s present, then he just lost a lot of support. I won’t support anyone who doesn’t support the second amendment at their own fund raiser.


I’ve read many comments here made by honest (I hope) gun owners regarding the prohibition of guns at a DeSantis rally. Every week we can read the glowing articles about “new gun owners”,liberals, females, minorities and proclaim that these folks “got religion”. I don’t want any crackpots carrying at a political rally regardless of whom or which party is involved. The nuts really are out there, some of us are gun nuts and some are extremist progressive nuts. Can you tell the difference when the progressive types camoflage themselves as a DeSantis follower? I can’t.

AZ Lefty

NO not illegally banned because DeSantis is Emperor of Florida and nothing he allows is illegal; it can always be justified by the “Right”


Yes, Trump did the same thing in Mississippi, so I did not go. I also did not vote for him the second time around.



So, tell me, will you not vote and trust the leftists not to enact more gun control, not to trash our economy, not to let the millions of illegal aliens into the country?


That you still believe our votes mean anything is disappointing. We are down to that last box on the list of boxes.


It is with great regret that this is so. I will fight before I succumb to any thing less than my right to live an honest and fair life.


Xaun Loc

This article and the comments should be included in a textbook on How To Elect Anti-Gun Democrats. Even the article admits “it is not known if DeSantis is even aware” but a large portion of the commenters are ready to elect his known-anti-gun opponent just because someone says DeSantis will be appearing at a dinner where people have been told they cannot carry weapons. Congratulations! That is exactly how Gun Owners elected Joe Biden! Yes, I said the quiet part out loud — it was Gun Owners who elected Joe Biden. Whether by staying home or by voting for Jo… Read more »


As much as I want to be able to carry there I have to agree with this decision.
There are plenty of Left Wing anarchists and Nut jobs out there just waiting for an opportunity to try and kill someone like Gov Ron.


That’s why he has personal security. He can’t pick and choose when 2A rights and Florida law should apply and when it shouldn’t. Desantis chose to be a politician, if he’s that concerned about his personal safety , he needs a find another line of work.

Last edited 3 months ago by Ope

I agree 100 % , he either supports the second amendment all the time or he is irrelevant . Can’t be a part time patriot you either on board a 100 % percent or your just a pretender or traitor .


And it is your responsibility to make it known to DeSantis. Posting on AmmoLand lets the fellow gun owners know your opinion, but it is of little consequence if DeSantis doesn’t hear it.


Then where are all these attempts on his life ? I haven’t heard of any. Most shootings happen in SAFE ZONES. Desantis is creating a SAFE ZONE.