Congress Fails to Address Hammer-Violence – Letter to the Editor

Congress U S Capital Building

USA – -( The recent horrendous assault on Paul Pelosi by a hammer-wielding intruder has convinced me, a former public official and loyal American, that our country is sorely in need of action regarding a serious issue. In significance, this issue supersedes such minor matters as world peace, national defense, threats from China, North Korea, and Iran, the economy, and many other health, safety, and quality of life issues facing all Americans.

The issue of concern is HAMMER CONTROL. Our elected officials have been completely neglectful in their failure to address this.

As of now, hammers proliferate in our society. They are available everywhere. They can be stolen, borrowed, fortuitously found, inherited, and of course, initially purchased. Hammers are used on a regular basis by people of all genders and ages in their occupations, homes, hobbies, and leisure activities. Anyone can buy one!?

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In order to purchase a hammer, there is no background check, there is no waiting period, and there is no recording of the purchase. There is no requirement that hammers be registered or placed in a secure, locked facility so that children cannot access them easily. They can be carried concealed. In the Pelosi drama, whoever bought the hammer did not have to meet any standards [training] before or after purchase, but it appeared, nevertheless, ready to commit mayhem.

The hammer is a deadly weapon; it is an assault weapon. The San Francisco district attorney has charged the perpetrator who used the hammer thus: “assault with a deadly weapon. “

The major challenge with hammer control is that only outlaws will have hammers if hammers are outlawed. Nevertheless, it is obvious from this ruthless attack on Paul Pelosi that our Congress may have been criminally negligent in not addressing the issue. With all the subpoenas the present Congress has issued, and all the hearings it has held, not one bit of attention has been given to hammer control. Understandably, the time and efforts of the current Congress devoted to investigations have justified ignoring the minor issues previously mentioned (defense, economy, etc.), but they are totally blameworthy in the matter of hammer control.

In addition to hammer control, there should be legislation holding manufacturers of hammers liable for any damages caused by injuries associated with the ilegal use of a hammer. After all, the makers of a “deadly weapon” have intentionally placed it into the stream of commerce.

Let us hope in the near future that the Congress, which has been so fruitful in bettering our lives by, let me think … well, there must be something … will soon address the issue of hammer control.

Remember, people do not kill people, hammers kill people.

~ E. Dennis Brod
Ethical Pragmatism Institute

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uncle dudley

Will they ban Trini Lopez’s song “If I Had a Hammer”.
Could be citing violence if listened to.


LOVE IT!!! Beautiful song!!! You NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!!


What about Marion Hammer ?


The ugliest Hammer ever designed!

Wild Bill

Yes, yes and the heaviest, too!


OH, Oh, oh, hey teacher, me, me, me, I have the answer. We need a hammer registry so we can track who has the hammers and then tax them in order for them to buy and keep them. That will create less hammer owners and make Merica safer. I think I nailed it.

Is it Oregone or Orgoneistan, today we will find out. Vote No measure 114.


m44 – you need to add the tagline “nobody but fully trained ‘professional’ carpenters need hammers” – plain old ordinary people are incapable of properly wielding such dangerous devices after all.


Ya, you are right but we both missed one thing. Those professionally trained carpenters that are allowed to have the hammers need to be union only because that is all demonkkkrats approve of.


Thank God I have my Journeyman’s cert for carpentry! Are they going to start taxing me and do I have to produce a list of all my dangerous hammers?


So if I saw off my handle and thereby create a short handled hammer should I be concerned about violating a possible NHA in the future? Should I go ahead and destroy the hammer? I sure don’t want my doors kicked in at midnight and my dog shot!


Will they just ban black hammers with claws or will they go after all hammers? Are feature less hammers ok to posses? Is the hammer that i built now going to need to be serialized?


The assault version would be the hammer ax combo tool. A thoroughly dangerous tool.


Can’t Touch This……

Dubi Loo

Perfect satire


I think hammers are covered under “ASSAULT WEAPON BANS”.

(An “ASSAULT WEAPON BAN” bans a lot more than semi-automatic rifles ya know)


The hammer is still a tool. I’m the freaking weapon!


So where do sledgehammers fall in this new regulatory scheme? If I buy one of those cordless electric hammer devices now will it be grandfathered?


What about mallets be they rubber, wood, plastic or copper? Asking for a friend.


You guys are all missing the entire point. The original assault hammer is the ball peen hammer. And we have to ban them completely. They are obviously good for only one purpose. I don’t have to tell you what that purpose is, do I? Remember, if it saves just one life. I have already started to draft a letter to my Senator, the wonderful Debbie Stabenow, who never met a gun she didn’t want to ban, but who had brothers who hunted while she was growing up. I am certain that if legislation comes before her, she will keep my… Read more »

Mayor of Montvale

One equals none, two equals one. If my first hammer should happen to fail (’cause it’s unreliable, even with regular cleaning and proper maintenance), my EDC includes a 2nd one on my person IWB-appendix. I think they call this a “New York reload!”


Hammer time.

MC Hammer

Roland T. Gunner

I’m sorry, I cannot appreciate humor after yesterday’s election rout. My stomache hurts too much. For me, the time for the soap box and the ballot box are over in America. It’s time for the gas cans, mason jars and piles of empty cartridge cases.


I wonder if McConnell and Murphy wanted Cornyn to spearhead some bi-partisan “do something” BS to address “hammer violence” that he would do it?

Last edited 2 months ago by Ope



GomeznSA, unfortunately I do too.

Last edited 2 months ago by Ope

I love the idea of describing what an ASSAULT HAMMER is and how “individuals” can OBTAIN one without any State or Federal INVASION of PRIVACY! Only WANTON CRIMINALS, THIEVES, MUGGERS and KILLERS will make use of this manually operated TOOL if the government gets their fingers involved!
Then there is the comparison to the inanimate objects known as Pew,pews. It has reached the point where the government only wants LAW BREAKING THUGS AND KILLS to have access to GUNS!
SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED —- is what keeps RESOUNDING in my ears, even when no vocal cords are vibrating!!

Green Mtn. Boy

Of course they did as they are anti firearm not anti weapon.