Hunter Biden Ally Should Worry About ‘Gun Crimes’ of His Own

As for a “counter narrative,” what refutes the observable fact that in order to purchase a gun legally, Hunter Biden would have had to answer “No” on the ATF Form 4473 Firearms Transaction Record Question. iStock-919659526
As for a “counter-narrative,” what refutes the observable fact that in order to purchase a gun legally, Hunter Biden would have had to answer “No” on the ATF Form 4473. iStock-919659526

U.S.A. – -( “Some Hunter Biden allies making plans to go after his accusers,” The Washington Post reports. “Hunter Biden’s friend and lawyer Kevin Morris … described defamation lawsuits the team could pursue against the presidential son’s critics, including Fox News, Eric Trump, and Rudy Giuliani.”

Morris held a meeting at his California home to assess legal strategies and highlight opposition research. At one point, Hunter Biden himself called in. And the attendance of another supporter tells us much about the company he keeps:

“They feel that there is a whole counternarrative missing because of the whole Hunter-hater narrative out there,” said liberal activist David Brock, who attended the meeting. “What we really got into was more the meat of it, the meat of what a response would look like.” Brock was planning for a new group, Facts First USA, focused on fighting the looming House GOP investigations.

Dismissing reports on Biden as a “Hunter-hater narrative” is a deliberate tactic used by a media pro who knows how to manipulate narratives. As for a “counter-narrative,” what refutes the observable fact that in order to purchase a gun legally, Hunter Biden would have had to answer “No” on the ATF Form 4473.

Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?

There’s no “Hunter-hater” motivation in wanting to see equal treatment under the law for all citizens or in pointing out the hypocrisy in the son of an anti-gun president getting both preferential treatment and administrative cover for what the government considers a serious “gun crime” felony. You would think all honest Americans would want that regardless of political affinities. You’d think so-called “commonsense gun safety” advocates would not want to see people who would otherwise be “prohibited persons” gaming the background check system. And you’d think that everyone interested in honest government would be demandingly curious about how the Secret Service is getting away with what appears to be false statements on an affidavit about its role in the case – with absolutely no media or political scrutiny or investigation.

That Brock is a major player on Team Hunter is particularly revealing. The founder of Media Matters, he first gained prominence as a “rightwing investigative reporter in the 1990s” before “he switched sides, aligning himself with the Democratic Party and in particular with Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

That he is now devoted to suppressing a Republican Congressional investigation and chilling criticism with the threat of lawsuits is hardly surprising to those of us who have observed his M.O. over the years.

Brock’s Media Matters reportedly coordinated spin with Eric Holder’s Department of Justice on stories about ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious “gun-walking” plot that resulted in the deaths of two federal agents and an untold number of Mexican nationals. Curiously, the same DOJ operative on point with Media Matters dismissed a bar complaint against Holder I had made with colleague Mike Vanderboegh as “specious” and “frivolous.”

They didn’t want that talked about, either.

It’s also unsurprising since we’re talking about an apparatchik for the party of phony inclusion and tolerance that Brock’s Media Matters CEO/henchman displayed his inner bigoted hatred. Can you imagine if a “conservative” had said that? Who thinks he’d be promoted instead of destroyed?

It also seems in “character” to recall employee assessments of Brock’s “volatile and erratic behavior and struggle with mental illness” and his abusive treatment of employees:

“Meanwhile, Brock became rigid and harsh with his employees — ‘viciously mean,’ in the words of someone who witnessed it. ‘He spent a lot of time ripping up researchers. It was abusive. I never understood why more people didn’t quit.’ One staffer recalls Brock saying he would like to fire a researcher for being physically repugnant. ‘David definitely does not like ugly people.’”

But what makes highlighting Brock’s involvement with Biden in this case especially relevant for an AmmoLand report is how both have reportedly flouted gun laws and evidently gotten away with it. From the above-linked report to The Daily Caller:

“Paranoid” Media Matters founder David Brock had bodyguards and an “executive assistant [who] carried a handgun to public events,” including in Washington, D.C. At the time of the report, that was illegal, meaning he could not have been “lawfully carrying.” Evidently, “progressive” elites believe “gun laws” they demand for the rest of us do not apply to them.

If Mr. Brock wishes to offer a “counternarrative” to anything reported here, unlike those who use their connections and influence to suppress information that does not serve their interests, I’ll do what I can to help him call attention to it. If he, Media Matters, or Kevin Morris want to take things further and try to put the chill on things with bullying legal threats, well, maybe that’s one way to get more attention for Hunter Biden and his problematic 4473.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Did Hunter Biden lie on an FFL application for a gun purchase or did he not? That’s the whole issue. If he did lie, then there’s no dancing around it, regardless who comes to his assist.


You cant let an addict determine if they are an addict or not. When Hunter said he didn’t use drugs maybe at that time or that day he hadn’t used drugs and was going to skip one day, therefore in his mind, he is not an addict.


The wording on the 4473 was changed years ago from “addicted to” and added “unlawful user of”


Thanks Ken. I wonder how many in orgoneistan still fill out the form and say no based on all drugs being legal here.


Wacky Weed may be legal in Oregoneistan, but 4473 is a Federal form,
therefore, federal perspective attaches.


I know that but the druggies here don’t care. They will say no because they think Oregoneistan are the ones in charge, not the feds. We have plenty of examples where that is already the case, illegal sanctuary state for starters.

Matt in Oklahoma

There is no “equal treatment”. Amerika has two classes. Those who go to jail and those who don’t.


And those that go to jail are protected once released.


“…”progressive elites” believe “gun laws” they demand for the rest of us do not apply to them.”
Yes, of course THEY do. Even rank and file Liberals think that THEY are only going to ban everybody else’s guns not theirs.
Ahh, but history tells us otherwise, if only people were taught history.


i like to see what these progs have to say on the twit and then troll them. sometimes, you can really get under their skin and irritate the hell out of them. nothing better to do at this time of year.


Are you an unlawful user of? In oregoenistan all drugs are now legal. or addicted to? Let me see, I use drugs on Friday and Saturday when I party and not for the rest of the week so in my opinion I am not addicted. Besides what difference does it make how much drugs I take when they are now all legal where I live anyway? I am not sure if that is the exact wording of the question on the form but asking an addict if they are addicted is rather stupid in my opinion. What if they smoke… Read more »


Its not whats right or wrong its what you can get away with. They want to drag us down in the pig pen with them.

Truth Jurist

There was a strongly held delusion that America was great or that America was winning, and we were progressing towards a more perfect union. I bought it hook, line and sinker having been educated back in the 1960s. I think folks have been sold that propaganda all throughout human history…….we will hold our chin up and carry on……unite against a common larger foe or common larger enemy…..then go our own way once we defeat it…..carry on……


To imply that folks have been sold pro-America propaganda all throughout human history rather indicates a frivolous knowledge of history considering this country has only been around for about 250 years. Maybe you thought that by exaggerating you could add strength to your argument. There are vast numbers of American Citizens that believe our country is great. If you choose to consider them deluded, so be it, that is your choice, only one of the many freedoms that America allows you. Maybe you prefer communist propaganda. Keep in mind that had America not been great, you at present would be… Read more »


Truth Jurist is just another gloom and doomer, eating cheetos in front of his computer – just like the idiots on Fox News who talk about how the crime and nasty conditions plaguing NYC or San Fran or LA – well, it’s like that everywhere doncha know? They live in their little bubble – rarely get out and take a long road trip – and whatever they read online, or parrot from some news editor – that’s what “America” is all about. Yet, as I travel around the nation with my RV, unless I go straight to Hollywood Blvd or… Read more »

moe mensale

“In oregoenistan all drugs are now legal.”
It doesn’t matter what your state laws are regarding drugs. Federal drug laws trump them when filling out federal Form 4473. Lying on Form 4473 is a felony punishable by up to ten year’s imprisonment. For being a user of unlawful drugs in possession of a firearm, the punishment is up to five years in prison. Granted, prosecutions are few and far between but that’s a legitimate concern if you want to play games with the feds. Don’t like it? Take it up with your congressman.


Thanks, I know fed supersedes state law. I was speaking in terms of a druggie and how they would think of it like when Hunter filled out his.


FJB and Hunter and the ATF and anyone who supports the Biden crime syndicate.


with sand,and broken glass in the lube

Last edited 1 month ago by swmft

The Progressive New Left long ago recognized our legal system and the practice of law in general not as a means of conflict resolution but as yet one more weaon in their arsenal. Their weapons are all employed in Cultural Revolution. So it is no wonder they will resort to legal actions to silence those who all out the hypocrisy of the media and political classes. Anyone who dares speak truth needs to be prepared for attack. Strategically launched law suits are designed to stifle the conversation and thus suppress the pursuit of truth in the marketplace of ideas. Be… Read more »


I would like to think that truth, lawfulness, and logic will prevail but …politics


scotus may get a say, and at this point atf would get flushed

Dubi Loo

Atta Boy David


The Demoncrap can do no wrong particularly those in high office or those related to powerfilled who’ve been elevated above their capability and intelligence. And Rinos seem to accept these transgressions and wrongdoings without question. It is indeed a Sad State of Affairs exhibiting itself in District of Corruption. The big question is Is The Republic Lost? The answer may be Who Counts the Votes?

Last edited 1 month ago by bondmen

Okay I’m already worry


While I agree with everything you said Dave, I don’t believe for a second that Hunter Biden will ever be held accountable for his crimes. DC’s Judicial System is completely corrupted, and the DNC owns it.The Secret Service and DOJ havecommitted and will continue to commit felonious perjury to stop the truth from being revealed.
“Laws For Thee, But Not For Me” is the Official Democrat Motto.


Chuck,I sure agree. Biden will be held accountable for his crimes about the same time scumbags Obama and Holder are for F&F.

Last edited 1 month ago by Ope

Like most, I in no way believe HB will be charged with any crimes. As far as him lying on a 4473 there is potential incriminating and overwhelming evidence against him and he provided it himself. First, in his book released around that time he records his use and what he was doing. Second, he signed himself into drug rehab programs several times and did not complete them because he started using again, as detailed in his book. Third, he has video on his laptop, while holding a firearms while using drugs. Any of us would be sitting in a… Read more »


“Hunter-Hater”………Hmmm, nice catchy ring, easy to dance to.
I’m now a ” Proud Member of the Hunter-Hater Community.”
I have a sweatshirt…”Proud Member of the LGB, FJB Community”
I see a new shirt in the works.


Interesting that David Brock has a problem with ugly people. Like the imaginary character – Dracula, he must also shun mirrors. Like all Clintonites he imagines himself to be a thing of beauty.


What 4473 ? That form seen the waste bin long ago. lol