Prospects for States to Pass Constitutional Carry in 2023

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Prospects for States to Pass Constitutional Carry in 2023, iStock-697763612

U.S.A.-(– Alabama passed its Constitutional Carry bill or (permitless carry) in 2022. The bill does not go into effect until January 1, 2023. I consider Alabama’s Constitutional Carry to have been established in 2022. Including Alabama, there are 25 states, half the states in the Union, with Constitutional (permitless) carry laws in effect.

Constitutional Carry is defined by the state government as not requiring a permit to carry a handgun, concealed or openly, in most public spaces.

In 2023, there are two prime candidates to pass Constitutional Carry bills. They are Florida and Nebraska.

Two Decades of Constitutional Carry Progress

Governor Ron DeSantis in Florida has repeatedly said he will see a Constitutional Carry bill passed while governor. After his resounding success in re-election and the election of large Republican majorities in the Florida legislature, this appears to be plausible. Over the last several years, Constitutional Carry bills have been kept from passage by the Republican leadership.  Governor DeSantis has changed the equation of power in the Republican party in Florida.

At a press conference on at about 21:00 on the video, Governor DeSantis is asked if he is going to pass Constitutional Carry on your own. The Governor says he has been willing, and the Republicans have had a majority the whole time. Then he asks the new House Speaker, Paul Renner: “Are you going to do it?” and Renner replies: “Yes.” With Governor DeSantis and the new Speaker of the House on board, it will be the Florida Senate as a possible stumbling block.

Two of the three most populous states will belong to the Constitutional Carry club if Florida passes Constitutional Carry.

In 2022, Nebraska came very close to passing Constitutional Carry.  The stumbling block has always been senators from districts in Omaha and Lincoln. Legislative procedures are unique to Nebraska. It is the only state with a unicameral (single-bodied) legislature in the United States. Nebraska is almost surrounded by Constitutional Carry states, with just a fraction of its borders touching Colorado. Nebraska Senator Brewer, who has been a significant force pushing for passage of Constitutional Carry. Senator Brew thinks just enough changes happened in the 2022 election to pass the bill in 2023. From

Sen. Tom Brewer said that includes his gun rights bill, which would bring permitless concealed carry to Nebraska.

The proposal fell just two votes short of the 33 needed to overcome a filibuster last legislative session.

Brewer said in a column last week that November’s election made the
Nebraska Legislature slightly more conservative, so there are finally
enough votes to advance several priorities.

Other possibilities include Louisiana, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.

Louisiana is a state that is a strong contender to pass Constitutional Carry but is unlikely to do so while Bel Edwards is governor. In May of 2021, Louisiana passed a Constitutional Carry bill by veto-proof margins in the House and Senate.  Democrat Governor Bel Edwards vetoed the bill, as he promised he would. Governor Edwards is term-limited in 2023, and a new Governor may sign a Constitutional Carry bill or refrain from vetoing one.

Wisconsin has legislative majorities to pass a Constitutional Carry bill, but such a bill would be vetoed by Democrat Governor Evers. Pennsylvania is in a similar position to Wisconsin.

South Carolina will have a Constitutional Carry bill introduced in 2023. South Carolina now has open carry, which has not caused any problems this correspondent has found in recent searches. This is the typical experience. South Carolina might pass Constitutional Carry, but it is uncertain at this time.

In general, the Supreme Court’s decision in Bruen adds to the push for restoring Constitutional Carry in the states. The protection provided by the Second Amendment of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is now clear law from the Supreme Court.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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And this still begs the question: why would someone want to trust a government which does not trust them? Political classes in progressive utopias do not trust ‘The People” no matter what they say. Suppressing self defense and property rights both serve the purposes of progressive Jim Crow regimes and not the purposes nor the interests of The People. Half way there is no where good enough but it is a start.


It’s ok for a governor to have a police protective detail round the clock, but not for us to own weapons? I don’t think so..


I am happy to see the term “permitless carry” used alongside “constitutional carry”. Now, if we can just dispose of the term “constitutional carry” when it actually only applies to legislative carry, instead of the constitution, we will be closer to the truth.





I’ll believe it when it happens here in FL. This ‘rumor’ has circulated for at least 10 years.


Ron DeSantis is a chameleon and not to be trusted . He denied people with CCWs to carry at his fund raiser. Does that sound like he supports our right to carry ? It sure don’t to me !


Well our government has forced enough fake shit on us and having to take the JAB and then carry around proof is not only BS but it is against our constitutional rights. The PLANDEMIC is Exactly just that. Plandemic / BS


I wish our new Legislature and State Senate would overcome that ONE vote in the State Senate here in NC and pass CC…we now have a supermajority (will have in January) in Legislature and ONE vote short in our State Senate to overcome our Jellyfish Democrat Governor, Cooper’s likely Veto – he’s the soft spoken Gayboy that pals around with Lindsay Graham types – but, this state loves the revenue too much. I doubt it will even be presented until our Lieutenant Governor, Mark Robinson, gets elected in 2024.


Mitch and Lindsey are RINOs and voted with 16 other RINOs to pass clownshow Joe Biden’s bullshit bill that had funding for the ATF to deny Americans our second amendment rights. F☆ck them all .


Miss Lindsey was calling for the Capitol Police to murder peaceful Capitol tourists on January 6th. He’s a turd wearing a suit.


What pisses me off more than anything is that they are spending money on some road or path for Michelle Obummer. What the hell? We have people starving and living in the streets and we waste money on shit like this? getting dogs high on cocaine? Finding how to make parrots breed more? That is bullshit FJB and the demonkkkrattt party.


Montana… Reading an article on The Federalist Wire about george soros organization The Open Society Foundation infiltrating the fbi explains a lot ! Makes one wonder about batf also .

The other Jim

Yes, the Lindsay Graham gay-boy types are not to be trusted. Every time Lindsay Graham double crosses us and votes in favor of Joe Biden’s Destruction to America Bills, Sean Hannity doesn’t have him on his show for 6 weeks. Then Sean Hannity double crosses the American People and has Graham back on the show calling him a good friend for many years. Sean Hannity has become a member of the Cooper/Graham Gay-boy group.


He lost me when he backed Dr. Ozz. Now Fox is pushing Kevin Costner and Yellowstone. An anti gun Cheney supporting jerk. Fox has lost it with me especially on their demoncrat rules weekends. Dan Bongino, Steve Wilcos and Levin are it.

The other Jim

Yes, Sean Hannity likes his toast buttered on both sides of the bread. Don’t know why he keeps having double crosser RINO’s who vote for Biden’s Left Wing bills on his show. Maybe Hannity is a closet homosexual and alcoholic? He thinks we forget 6-8 weeks later that Graham voted with the Left Democrats, and he’s good to have on the show again? And then Hannity keeps playing us for fools in other respects like stating “I don’t know why I stay in New York City, I should move out…I pay too much taxes here” or a variation on that.… Read more »


Moving forward one state at a time.


“Constitutional Carry” is SO ridiculous! What does the 2nd amendment say? Why is there even a discussion about this? How did it ever happen that these states were ever NOT constitutional carry states?



Patriot Solutions

I’m thinking the military tribunals that Steve Bannon announced today on Christmas eve are going to help reduce communism. The failed results of the NWO are going to be found dangling from the end of a rope. Like Trump said, the fake government of the UNITED STATES Corporation has been captured.

Last edited 1 month ago by Patriot Solutions



Come on Pa. get off your ass, we used to be ahead of Ohio in gun rights laws ! If Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Harrisburg (Bidens bought and paid for FREE RIDE areas) vanished the Dems would be done in the state.


Yes, South Carolina might pass CC. SC is very slow to pass pro-Second Amendment laws. CC did pass the House last year, but sat in the Senate Judiciary Comm. with no action. Here’s hoping for this year if SC gun owners put more pressure on their “red” legislators.


This is a good initiative. Increasing the level of self-defense will reduce the crime rate.


Not unless he was directly involved or had knowledge of this scheme and was airdropping the cards on New Yorkers with government equipment?


USMC, you’re probably right. It’s hard to imagine how he wasn’t involved or at least have knowledge of what she was doing. It seems they might had jumped the gun on the termination though. They should conduct the investigation first and prove his involvement , if any. The presumption of innocence should still apply.


We really have to stop using the term “constitutional carry” when no state actually has constitutional carry. Using this term for states that have permitless carry just conditions people to believe that all the other arms laws those states have are somehow constitutional. Every state, no matter how pro-gun you think they may be, still has and enforces both state and federal arms laws.