Disarming The People: How Dictatorships Used Gun Control

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USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Mao Zedong once said, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

Which is why he made sure no one in China could access that political power. Throughout history and well into the modern world, gun control legislation heralded the death of democracies. Usually, it preceded an attempt by the government to take full control of people’s lives. Weapon bans frequently led to human rights abuses, including massacres and sometimes outright genocide.

According to a 2022 Gallup poll, 66 percent of Americans surveyed support stricter gun laws and a sizeable minority advocate for a total gun ban. Most of these people base their opinions on recent tragic events like mass shootings and high crime rates involving firearms and refuse to believe the government would ever do anything to take away their rights.

It’s almost as if they don’t remember the lockdown. Granted, it was for the sake of public health ….in the beginning. Still, once the United States government began restricting travel and requiring the entire population to take a COVID vaccine designed in just a couple of days, as was the case with Moderna, many Americans began to view this as an abuse of government authority, especially when some who took the “life-saving” vaccine died from COVID anyway.

A government gets away with whatever its people allow. A recent attempt to ban semi-automatic firearms across the state of Illinois was met with widespread resistance. 88 percent of the state’s counties refuse to enforce the governor’s mandate, and they can because of the Second Amendment. Additionally, sheriffs work for their communities, not for the state.

Unfortunately, this has not always been the case. Many historical and current dictatorships had their start when they stripped firearms from their citizens and robbed them of their right to rebel against injustice.

Nazi Germany

In the 1920s, during Germany’s post-WW1 Weimar Republic, a law was passed that mandated every gun-owning citizen to register their firearms with the government. The bosses in the upper echelon of the republic authorized the confiscation of any arms considered “threats to public safety.” Although law-abiding Germans obeyed and registered their weapons, leftist thugs like the communists and the Nazis, who were yet to come to power, blatantly refused to comply.

When Hitler’s government took power, he used the Weimar Republic’s firearm registration list to track down and seize arms from every communist, Jew, and undesirable person in Germany. This left them defenseless when the Gestapo herded them into concentration camps to undergo the most horrific human tragedy the 20th century had ever seen.

Soviet Union/Russia

How Russians lost their own 2nd Amendment The right to bear arms
How Russians lost their own 2nd Amendment The right to bear arms

The pre-Soviet Russian Empire was a lot like the Wild West. The Cossacks, nomadic people who roamed the steppes and much of Ukraine, were servants to nobody but themselves. They repelled Muslim raiders from the empire’s heartlands and lived off of mercenary work, as well as occasional raids of their own. They were free to purchase guns and sometimes made firelocks of their own, occasionally even casting their own cannons.

The article “How Russians lost their own 2nd Amendment The right to bear arms” by Russia Beyond describes how even city dwellers had a fondness for firearms, especially if they were foreign. German Mausers and American Brownings were plentiful and cheap, and even the lowliest street sweeper, whose salary was a meager 40 rubles per month, wouldn’t need to break the bank to buy a new Browning Hi-Power, costing just 18 rubles and 50 kopeks.

This all changed when the Soviets took power. Similar to Mao, Joseph Stalin said, “The only real power comes out of a long rifle.” Communists said they were creating the purest democracy known to man and that everyone would be equal; however, during the Russian Civil War in 1918, only soldiers possessed guns. The Bolsheviks conducted a mass gun confiscation campaign, threatening ten years of prison time for anyone who concealed a firearm. Only members of the Communist Party were allowed to have a weapon; even then, it could only be a single firearm.

Civilians were only allowed to possess firearms for self-defense again in 2014, but only if they could get through the logjam of registration paperwork to get a gun in the first place.

The Chinese

In a case of supreme irony, the very people who invented gunpowder have some of the strictest gun control laws in the world. Under the Qing – the last Chinese dynasty before the communist takeover – ordinary individuals were permitted to own either .50 caliber matchlock muskets or foreign guns like Winchesters and Mausers for self-defense as long as they were registered. The Qing recognized their army and militias could not be everywhere all the time. Since bandits and criminals were everywhere, they permitted their citizens to use the same firearms issued to their military – this was common sense.

More importantly, the Qing allowed their people to bear arms because of past experiences. The last time they attempted to exercise gun control laws, only law-abiding citizens turned in their firearms, while outlaws and highwaymen kept using theirs. The Shunzhi emperor, lamenting the decision of his gun ban, wrote:

Recently, we have heard that the people have no weapons and cannot repel aggressors. Bandits on the other hand can profit, and the good people have to endure bitter and poisonous misfortunes. Now we think that the weapons and armor which the people originally ought not to have had, and which were strictly forbidden in the past, such as muskets, fowling pieces, bows and arrows, knives, spears, and horses, ought now to be retained in their possession and not forbidden. Return to their original owners those weapons which were initially turned over to the officials.

If only California, New York, and Illinois had the wisdom of the emperor…

Of course, not all good things last forever. 300 years after the emperor rescinded his gun ban, Mao and his communists took over.

He was quoted as saying, “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The Communist Party must command all the guns; that way, no guns can ever be used to command a party.”

During the revolution, Mao understood the power of the local militias and firearm-carrying bandits and convinced them to unite under the red flag to fight against nationalist forces in the name of communism. In the midst of their revolution, the communists required the masses to register their firearms and get permits to ensure they would only be used for self-defense.

With the information the communists received from gun registration, the confiscation began. Chinese propagandists were able to convince both peasants and landlords to hand over their guns to support the revolution, and the naïve people caught under the spell of Mao’s charisma complied.

Fortunately, the American people are too independent and too smart to trust anything resembling the gun registration laws of dictators past.

For many of us who practice our Second Amendment rights, we truly believe in the old saying, “You can have our guns when you pry them out of our cold, dead hands.”

Michael Valderrama writes about various topics in the field of firearms for websites like GunLove, Sightmark, Pulsar, BulletSafe, INFORCE, Kopfjäger, and Firefield.

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Sadly , We Still Have people like my In-laws that believe the government is only protecting us and would Never Harm its constituents! You Just Can’t Fix Stupid !


Yup. Plenty of those with their heads in the sand. “…especially when some who took the “life-saving” vaccine died from COVID anyway.” No. They died from the so-called “vaccine”, NOT from covid.


P7948 – since I likely do not know your in-laws I don’t know if they are “stupid” – or not. Most likely they are like far too many of sheeple, they simply do not know about how easily governments can become self-sustaining bureaucracies that are only concerned with maintaining power.
I’d surmise that they don’t know a lot about firearms as well.


I see a disturbing similarity between “All political power comes from the barrel of a gun” and “If you want to fight against the country, you need an F-15.”

Perhaps more disturbing is much of media reporting the quote as “You need an F-15 to defend the country”.


Fortunately, I think I can fly an F-15 if they are anything like an F-4 Phantom.


Dinesh D’Sousa sweatshirt….”This is the government our Founders warned about” Needs added tag line….”and, why they penned the Second Amendment”


History is an excellent teacher, unfortunately those on the left know it too. Society in general are easier to control when they’re dumbed down at the earliest possible age. Then all they have to do is wait. History has proven, it works every time.


and orgoneistan is one of the states in the lead. My niece who will be a teacher next year when she graduates UofO in orgoneistan thinks that Pearl Harbor is in Europe and that WWII was the Japanese American war. God help us.


So evidently they don’t teach American history anymore. That’s sad state of affairs.


Your right. What they do teach is that being white is a privilege, that scoring people is racist and that no one gets an individual grade, everyone that learns the new form of teachings and applies them passes. I asked her how does the person know if they are failing or not since the GOVERMENT, governor brown declared grades are racist and will no longer be used. Quote, “so long as they conform to what they are being taught they will pass”. Notice the most important word in that, (conform). Brain washing is what they get now days and the… Read more »


It’s almost as if they don’t remember the lockdown. Granted, it was for the sake of public health ….in the beginning. Still, once the United States government began restricting travel and requiring the entire population to take a COVID vaccine designed in just a couple of days, as was the case with Moderna, many Americans began to view this as an abuse of government authority,  It was nonsense from day one with just a bit of common sense. Which I saw did NOT exist. The mask was laughable. The closing of ALL small stores while big Corps remained open. Closing… Read more »


what’s even scarier is there are people still wearing masks, Baaaa, Baaaa

Dubi Loo

Just this morning, driving around the Chiraq area, I saw several folks, in their cars, by themselves, wearing a face diaper. You can’t make this shit up.


and they accuse you of spreading it if you don’t wear one. You can see them driving around in their car by themselves wearing the mask. I laugh and point at them so they know I think they are an idiot.


Baa baa black sheep,
Have you any mask?

Yes, sir, yes sir,
Glad you ask.

Not for me.


Yeah, I see people wearing masks when they are alone in their cars. It’s pitiful.


It was far worse than a scam, in my book. I firmly believe that the virus, AND the vaccines, were engineered to reduce the population, especially older people. The vaccines have been shown to be worse than doing nothing, yet they’re still being promoted, and the gullible are still getting them. The latest flavor of covid has been shown to be more contagious to the vaccinated. The rich and powerful don’t want all of us sheep overpopulating their world, and they’re determined to get rid of us. They’ve ruined our military by vaccinating all those who would comply and getting… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by TGP389

More to the truth, the “pandemic” was/is, nothing more than gross government overreach in the form of social control. And it’s going to happen again, this was just a warm up.


Yep, and I predict this time it will be an accident that happens in Russia only China will probably give it to them to release and we will never know the truth.


Did you not see the latest from Project Veritas ? lol


Nope, to be honest with you I don’t even know what that is nor have I ever looked it up. I think I have seen reports on tv and they always wear a strange looking white mask but I could be confusing it with something else. The reason I believe what I do is because China wants to rule the world and everyone that supports them agrees that China is a perfect example of what all countries should be like including one of their buddies Vladimir who thinks together, they will be it. WRONG> I’ve heard the Chinese propaganda and… Read more »


My father was born in the part of Poland which in his younger years was part of Tsarist Russia. He recounted that there were small arms present among some of the populace, even among the Jewish minority. However, I never asked what happened after 1918, when Poland was reconstituted.

Last edited 1 month ago by Wass

My mother was born in Germany and was 12 during WWII. Hated guns and the Jewish people, voted democrat and was supposedly a good Lutheran Christian so the congregation thought.


Our rivers and streams should now have iron bottoms if all the boating accidents ,with the subsequent loss of firearms they were carrying, as all my accident prone buddies say is true.


SHHHHHH……Hush yo’ fingers on that keyboard.

Buddy Redneckisus
Founder & CEO,
River Dredging, Inc.


Bhaaaaaa!!!! Stock options?


They just don’t make boats like they use to.


Ope … Specially when one forgets to tie down cargo !


Oldvet, you got that right brother.


Oldvet, sure good to have you back. I haven’t seen you around the last couple days.


Oldvet, sure glad you’re better. I’ve been dealing with sinus hay fever related issues myself lately.


they don’t make anything like they used to. It’s all china crap.


anyone who berry’s there guns in the back yard or were ever has already given up there rights and lost


For me, they are the spares that I can go get later if they catch me off guard and disarm me and I live or most importantly, they are for the family when they clean up the mess after I die.


Thank you for some very good information. You read the broad summary of weapon confiscations but the details are less forthcoming.


Mystic Wolf

Look at thecway the byden is doing things, the guy is nothing less than a full dictator, he even said that his intent is the total confiscation of every last gun in the country, he also said that he will do anything towards those means. You can bet that all the shootings of late had to have something to do with the byden machine and his want to disarm this country. Every dictator that ever was confiscated every weapon then killed tens of thousands just to cement his power and authority over the people, bet yourself that if the byden… Read more »


MW – I hope that you and I are not the only ones who find it ‘interesting’ that there always seems to be a ‘spike’ in mass shootings any time that the gun control crowd is pushing for further restrictions. slow joe immediately called for a ban on “assault weapons” after the slaughter at the dance club even though the murderer used a pistol. I still haven’t seen/heard what gun the mushroom farm killer used but I suspect it wasn’t an evil “assault weapon” either.


Off topic, of course. Has anyone else seen the released body cam vid of P. Pelosi and his very bizzare encounter with hammer man?


OV, did you hear the 911 taped call that pelosi made to the fuzz??


I heard the whole thing. It seems as though Pelosi was pretty messed up by what he was drinking or whatever. I look at it now that he did a pretty good job of sounding vague and saying what he needed to say without antagonizing his soon to be assailant. They both acted surprised when Pelosi opened the door. All the rest of it, in my mind was a whole bunch of conspiracy theories. I don’t think much of him or his bi##h wife, but he was smarter than the weirdo that broke in, IMO. Too bad he didn’t have… Read more »


Maybe, but I saw the video of the perp breaking through the glass door with the hammer. so if the pair were lovers, then I would have to say that the perp had been jilted…..or?


I did not see the hammer strike him. It looked that way though.


Good history lesson. But unfortunately, not everyone is smart enough not to repeat the mistakes of the past.