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Wilson Combat AR15 Rifle

Wilson Combat 7.62×40 WT Cartridge and Rifles

The 7.62×40 WT (Wilson Tactical) is an all new powerful .30 caliber cartridge solution for the standard AR-15 rifle platform that is inherently accurate, low recoil and only requires one unique part – a new barrel Billet Lower Receiver Billet Lower Receiver

We firmly believe that it is the finest AR15 lower receiver in the marketplace, and that is a result of all of the different component manufacturers that we’ve worked with…

Ruger SR1911 Pistol

Ruger SR1911 Pistol All American-Made

Sturm, Ruger & Company is proud to announce the Ruger SR1911, an “All American” classic rendition of John Browning’s most famous handgun design…

Ruger SR 1911 Video

Ruger is now shipping the SR1911 from their factory in Prescott, Arizona…

Gun Ammunition Googling

Does Internet Access to Rare Ammunition Calibers Limit the Availability of “Replicas” to Qualify as “Antique Firearms”?