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The AK63D an upgraded classic rifle from Century Arms.

AK63D: Upgraded Classic Fighting Rifle

Let’s face it, like it or not, the underfolder gets high marks in the cool category. Hollywood filmmakers love to insert the underfolder whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Laserlyte FSL-AK47

Top 5 Gun Accessories For Your Kalashnikov Rifle

Mikhail Kalashnikov’s iconic rifle design lives on, and will probably stick around longer than any of us currently walking the planet. Time to upgrade this classic design with cool gear…

Ak Rifle Ban Build

Top Five Tools For Building Your Own AK-47 Rifle

Building your own Kalashnikov has become quite popular, and will probably be even more so, now with Obama’s current ban actively in place. Here are the top five tool you need to complete your AK rifle build…

Is the C39 pistols from Century the ultimate truck gun?

Century C39 Pistol; The Ultimate Truck Gun?

For many of you northeastern Yankees, “truck gun” may be a foreign term. Please allow a moment for elaboration and clarification. A truck gun, by loose definition, is a long gun kept at the ready in the cab of your pickup truck for general shooting chores.

Arsenal SA RPK-5 S California Compliant Rifle

California Compliant Arsenal Rifles and Shotguns

California Compliant Arsenal Rifles and Shotguns The release of its “The Right to Bear Arms” series. Las Vegas, NV –( Arsenal, Inc. is excited to announce the release of its “The Right to Bear Arms” series of California Compliant rifles and shotguns. This long-awaited series consists of Russian Saiga model AK-74 type rifles in 7.62×39, […]

MGI Industries

MGI 7.62×39 Mag-Well Now Available

This is 7.62×39 mag-well drop-on accessory for the MGI Hydra modular lower receiver. This allows the operator to utilize standard AK-47 magazines when used with a 7.62×39 barreled upper receiver…

Mikhail Kalashnikov Inventor of AK-47 Rifle

THE GUN by C.J. Chivers

With THE GUN, award-winning reporter C. J. Chivers gives us a gripping, exhaustively researched, and far- reaching assessment of the most important weapon of our time…the AK-47.

Arsenal’s SGL12-03 12 Gauge Shotgun

Arsenal’s SGL12 12 Gauge Shotgun

Born out of a requirement for Military demands worldwide, Arsenal, Inc is proud to introduce the latest models of the SGL12-02, and 03 Shotguns…