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CalGuns Foundation

Five Gun Rights Cases to Watch… and Support

Will Californians soon be able to enjoy a real Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, or will our fundamental rights continue to be infringed by state and local gun control laws???

The Calguns Foundation: On Federal Background Checks

We’ve advocated for a simple, secure system for making background checks available to private parties and we are cautiously optimistic that Senator Tom Coburn’s proposed amendment parallels that idea…

Assaulted – Civil Rights Under Fire

When the subject of California gun control laws are discussed, rarely are they associated with the civil rights movement and the quest for equal rights for all…

CalGuns Foundation

Alameda County Runs Away From Nordyke Case by Conceding

While it’s certainly fantastic that the Nordykes are once again able to have gun shows on Alameda County property, it’s clear to us that the County was willing to stop at nothing to dodge the Second Amendment bullet…

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Calguns Foundation – 2011 Year in Review

Over the past twelve months we’ve made some significant advancements in Second Amendment issues and taken major steps forward in our fight for this critical civil right, including…